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Amber’s Fantasy

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My name is Amber Walters. I am 19 years old. I am in my second year of college. I have been coming home a little more often than I did last year, and probably will now come home even more often. This is my story.

I opened the door to my home after my two hour drive, from college. My dad was just inside, arms open. I ran to him and hugged him, and He hugged me back.

“It’s so good to see you, Amber.” He said

“You too, Daddy!” I said smiling.

I smell the aroma coming from the kitchen. “Is that your barbecue?” I say smiling wider.

Daddy Smiles back “Sure is, I know it’s your favorite.”

My dad is almost famous for his barbecue. It IS my favorite

“When is it gonna be ready? I want to shower, if I have time.”

“Sure, there is plenty of time…Unless you have something planned?”

“Nope, I’m here all weekend” What few friends I had in school have since moved off.

I go upstairs and take my shower then come down in my baggy shorts and tee-shirt. I find my dad in the kitchen pulling fries out of the deep fryer, putting them on a plate with barbecue sandwiches. He turns and sees me and smiles. “Perfect timing” he says and hands me a plate.

We eat, as usual, in mostly silence. We chat a bit about college and my dad’s law practice that he works at out of our house.

I eat until I am full. I start to yawn uncontrollably.

“I think I will go to bed, Daddy. I am exhausted.” I say

“OK. I am going to watch some TV in the den.” Daddy gets up and kisses my cheek. “Goodnight, Amber.”

“Goodnight, Daddy”

I go upstairs, dress in a t-shirt and panties, go to bed and fall almost instantly asleep. Around Midnight I wake up thirsty and go downstairs to get a drink. I see the den light still on and think my daddy has fallen asleep. I open the door slightly and the TV is not on, but I hear Daddy mumbling. I realized he wasn’t mumbling but moaning. I opened the door a bit more and realized that my daddy was masturbating.

I smiled and started closing the door and heard daddy saying “Oh, yes, Amber. Your pussy looks so beautiful. Come over here and slide my cock inside you. Mmm, yes.”

I was shocked at what I heard. Was my daddy jerking off thinking about me? Surely not. I heard his moans getting faster and louder. “Oh yesss”. I knew daddy had cum, and I quietly closed the door and made my way back upstairs to my room.

I laid on the bed thinking. Was he really fantasizing about having sex with me? I kept hearing him say my name, then haring him moaning when he finished. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I slipped my hand into my panties and rubbed my clit. Then slipped my finger inside myself. Thinking about my daddy jerking about me I brought myself to an orgasm quickly. I fell asleep with my hand still inside my panties.

Friday morning I woke and thought how silly it was for me to think my daffy was jerking thinking bout me. I had to have been someone else named Amber that he was thinking about. I went to wash up from my own self pleasure from the night before. When I was finished I smelled breakfast cooking.

Intending to workout this morning, I slipped on my workout tights and sports bra and went downstairs. Daddy was cooking eggs, sausage and toast. I stopped just inside the kitchen and looked at him. My daddy is a very handsome man. He has no visible fat, very fit. He works out almost daily. I move in behind him and hug him from behind. “Oh, good morning!” He says.

“Morning, Daddy. Breakfast smells good.”

“Its almost ready, grab a couple of plates.”

Daddy scoops the eggs and sausage onto the plates and I take them to the table while he gets the orange juice. He looks at me, “Oh, I was planning to workout too, after breakfast.”

“Mind if I join you?” I reply

“Not at all.”

We eat in almost silence again. We clean the dishes. I still have a slightly nagging feeling that he was thinking about me last night. He shown no signs of staring at me, even though my tights are, shall I say, very revealing.

In the workout room, I jog on the treadmill while Daddy uses the weigh machine. Daddy always keep this room colder than any other in the house. My nipples get very hard from the workout and the cold. They are visible through my sports bra. I watch Daddy bench press with the weight machine. He never looks my way. I figure it is just my crazy imagination that he was fantasizing about ME.

Our workout lasts a couple of hours using various machines. I too workout a lot so am used to long sessions.

Afterward we go upstairs and I shower in the community bath, and daddy uses the master bath for his shower.

The rest of the day is mostly uneventful. We eat lunch, watch a couple of movies, have dinner, then bedtime.

A bit before Midnight, again, I sneak downstairs. I see the den light on and quietly open the door. I see my daddy sitting with his back to the door. Again, I hear daddy mumbling and moaning.

I know he is just starting.

“Oh Giresun Escort Amber!” I hear him say in a moaning whisper.

I listen more closely. “You look so good in those tights and sport bra. I could see your little cameltoe and nipples.” I knew then that my daddy was fantasizing about me

“Was that the outline of a thong I saw from behind? I think it was.” I was wearing a thong.

“Come here and let Daddy feel your sweet pussy. Oh your already wet? Mmm. Here lets take those off. Now Let Daddy slip his cock inside you. Oh yes, baby, that feels so good.”

I listened for several minutes as Daddy talked about having sex with me. As he got closer to cumming I moved to the door, When he let out a loud moan, I left the den and ran upstairs.

By the time I got to my room, I was shaking. “Oh my God. My Daddy was fantasizing about having sex with me!” I think to myself. “Not just having sex, but ogling and fondling me. Again, I was very horny thinking about it. As I slipped my hand inside my panties I realized I was very wet. I closed my eyes and imagined my Daddy feeling me and as I slipped my finger inside my pussy I dreamed about my daddy’s cock inside me. I had a massive orgasm and fell asleep with my finger still inside me.

Saturday morning I woke, confused and conflicted. Not only had I found out my daddy was masturbating fantasizing about me, I was pleasuring my self thinking about him. I didn’t know what to do. If I do the wrong thing, it could ruin any relationship we have. I decided I was going to, somehow, make him admit to what he has been imagining.

I clean up from my fun from last night. I change my panties and t-shirt and go downstairs.

Sadly, having gotten downstairs so late, Daddy had gone for a morning run. He did leave me plate of breakfast in the microwave. I was hoping to catch him looking at me in my panties and t-shirt. Sitting alone gave me time to think up a new plan.

I finish eating and cleaned the dishes. I go upstairs and look through my closet and find a short dress I wore in High School. I tried it on. It fit, just barely. It was very tight, perfect. I decided on a pair of bikini panties instead of a thong. I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I looked very sexy. I raised my arms and I could see plenty of panty. I also bent over in front of the mirror, and most everything showed.

Daddy came back and I was in the living room, relaxing on the couch. I was, at least trying to relax, I was very nervous.

“Good morning! Finally decided to get up? Did you find the breakfast I left for you?”

“Good Morning, Daddy. Yes I found it. It was delicious.”

Daddy smiled. “Glad you are dressed, I need to go to Franklin to pick up a few things. Want to go?”

Not really what I had in mind, but I don’t want Daddy to be suspicious. “Sure. I’d love to go with you.”

“Good, just let me shower and we can be on our way.”

“I need to put some makeup on, if we are going out” I got up from the couch. I thought I saw Daddy’s eyes move down between my legs. Hopefully he saw my panties.

He looked at me. “You know you don’t need makeup, but I understand. I’ll just be a few minutes getting ready.”

I started up the stairs before him. I felt like he was staring up my dress. I didn’t dare turn and look, though.

As I put on my makeup, I decided on a couple of things I would do to see if Daddy noticed me. I listened the shower to stop. After a few minutes Daddy was done showering and dressed. We left to go to Franklin, which was about an hour drive.

We live in a very small town. Anything we need, we almost always have to go to another town to get it. Franklin is the closest bigger city.

After we pulled out of the driveway in Daddy’s SUV, I stretched and faked a yawn. My dress rode up and hoped he looked. Unfortunately, if he did, I did not see. “Guess I didn’t get enough sleep.” I said rubbing my eyes. I lowered to back of the seat and settled in. I saw that Daddy was watching the road and pulled my dress up a bit, just enough to let my panties show. I closed my eyes as if I were taking a nap.

I thought nothing was going to happen, and was almost asleep for real. I heard Daddy say quietly “Amber, are you asleep?” Then a bit more loudly “Amber?”

I didn’t answer. I felt my dress being raised a bit more. I opened my eyes slightly and see that my daddy is dividing his attention to my dress and the road. He never looked at my face, luckily. He continued to pull my dress up until there was a clear view on my panty covered pussy.

“Beautiful.” I hard him say. “Absolutely beautiful.” As he looked between my legs.

I adjusted myself and spread my legs a bit. My eyes still in slits, I see Daddy smile. I stayed like that for the rest of the way to Franklin. I didn’t know what I had expected him to do. He didn’t do anything except look.

We pull into the parking lot of the mall, and I open my eyes and yawn. “Did you have a good nap?” Daddy asked.

“It Giresun Escort Bayan was kind of nice.” I replied.

We walk into the mall together. “I have to go to The Men’s Store. I need a new tie. I took a client to lunch and ruined one of mine.” Daddy said.

I walked beside him into The Men’s Store. Daddy went toward the ties. I looked for something close by that I could bend over to look at in his line of sight. I couldn’t find anything close to the floor, so I knocked over a few plastic tumblers with The Men’s Store logo on them. They made a bit of a racket and Daddy looked as I was bent over picking them up. I could see him in the mirror staring and smiling at my ass. That confirmed it for me. I finish picking the tumblers, and tell Daddy that there is something I need to get. I will meet him at the food court shortly.

I meet Daddy, and we grab a bite to eat. We browse some other stores, pick up a few things then head home.We chat some during the drive. I have a plan for tonight. I only hope I have the nerve to carry it out.

We get home and I tell Daddy that I am going to shower and go to bed, and that I am pretty tired. “Sorry I wasn’t very good company today. I did have a good time though.”

“I did too, Amber.” Daddy replied

I go upstairs and shower. I go to my room and get what I bought when Daddy wasn’t with me out of my bag. A sheer nightie with lacy panties. I slip it on without the panties, Everything is visible through the nightie. I am very nervous as I put my cotton robe on. I go downstairs. Daddy is in the den, the TV is on tonight.

Instead of waiting by the door, tonight I came around the couch. Genuinely surprised Daddy looks at me, turns the TV off and says “Amber? I thought you were asleep. Everything OK?”

I swallow hard and take a deep breath. “Daddy, you and I have always been honest with each other.” He nods. “I have something to say, and please don’t stop me, I may not have the nerve to finish.” Without letting him reply, I continue. “I know what you have been doing in here the past two nights. You have been masturbating. I also know who you have been thinking about when you did. Me. You should know that I stayed in here until you, um, finished, then I went to my room and masturbated as well, thinking about you. I know that you raised my dress on the way to the mall and saw under my dress when I bent over.” Daddy’s head went down in embarrassment. I went to him and lifted his face to see me. I untied the robe and let it fall. I stood in front of my daddy with nothing on but a sheer nightie, nothing else. His eyes widened seeing me basically naked.

I sit down beside him. “Daddy, I want you to have your fantasy. It’s mine, too”

My daddy looks me in the eyes. “You can’t, we can’t, Amber. It’s wrong”

Not the response I expected. “We both want this, Daddy.” I reach for his crotch, he doesn’t try to stop me. I feel him starting to get hard, and rub him through his pants. “Touch me, Daddy. Please”

He doesn’t move. I take his hand. He pulls back at first. I persist. As I move his hand closer to my breast, I say again. “Please”

No longer resisting I put his hand over y breast and he cups it. We both moan lightly. Daddy tenderly kneads my small breast and rolls my hard nipple between his fingers.

I start to untie his sleep pants. As I reach inside, he says “Are you sure about this, Amber?”

I reply. “No turning back now!” And I push through the flap in the front of his boxers and touch his hard cock.

I try to stroke him with but it is difficult. I ask him to take his pants off. He looks at me again as if to ask if I am sure. I nod. He slides hi pants and boxers down and pulls his feet out.I hold his cock again and start to stroke.

Daddy continues to rub my breast for a minute. He slides his hand down my chest and pat my stomach. I spread my legs a bit to give him access. He rubs my clit softly. Every nerve seems to be on alert. He slides his hand down more and rubs my slit, then slips just the pad of his finger inside and rubs up and down like that and with his thumb he massages my clit. Now my nerves are on fire. I stroke him faster as I feel myself getting wetter.

We are both moaning loudly. I stop stroking him and pull his shirt off. “Lay down, Daddy.

He lays back on the couch. I straddle him, his hard cock in front of me, touching my pussy. I raise up and guide his cock to the opening. I slowly slide down filling my pussy with his cock. I keep going until I am sitting on his lap. “Oh, that feels so good, Amber.”

“What feels good, Daddy?” He looks at me puzzled. “I want to hear you say it. What feels good?”

Daddy smiles. “My cock inside my beautiful daughter’s pussy, about to have sex feels great!”

Hearing him say that, I start to move up and down on his cock, riding it. We both start to moan slowly at first then louder, panting and moaning. Soon daddy starts to moan even louder. “I’m going to cum, Amber!”

“Cum Escort Giresun inside me, Daddy! I’m on the pill”

I feel my daddy cock jerking as he fills my pussy with cum and an orgasm rushes thorough me, I put my hands against his chest and claw. I sit on his lap with his cock inside me until it passes.

I raise myself up shakily, and my daddy’s limp cock falls out of me. I lay down beside him. I whisper “I have never had an orgasm like that, It was…Great.”

After a bit of snuggling and holding on the couch, Daddy got up and lead my by the hand to his bedroom. He laid me down and laid beside me. He put his arms around me and cupped my ass with one hand and pulled me closer. He pressed his lips to mine. I didn’t resist. I opened my mouth and our tongues danced together,

I could feel Daddy’s cock starting to harden again and slipped my hand between us and closed my hand around it. I started to stroke it.

Without breaking our kiss, daddy raised my leg to give himself better access to my vagina. He pushed even close to me. I realized what he was doing an helped guide his cock to my hole.

We continued to kiss and Daddy slowly pushed his cock into my wet pussy. Our tongues still wrapping together, I start to moan into his mouth. I finally have to move my mouth from his to scream in pleasure. “Oh God, yes. Daddy, Yes. Ohhhh”

Daddy is very gentle, even when he start to move faster. His balls slap against my ass. He is panting and moaning. I know he is very close to cumming.

“Ohhhh, Amber. Mmm Ohh.”

I feel his seed shoot inside me. I tense my pussy around his cock, milking all of it out.

Daddy kisses me lightly. I am very close to falling asleep. Spent from the sex and orgasms. As I drift into sleep I feel Daddy’s limp cock pulling out of me.

Sunday morning, my last morning until I have to go back to the college. I have a test to study for on Monday. I wake just before sunrise, wondering if last night was just a dream. I open my eyes and see I am in Daddy’s bedroom. I realize I am naked. I hear snoring coming from behind me. I smile, it was not a dream.

I quietly get out of bed and to the community bathroom. I take a long hot shower. I towel dry, slip on just a tee shirt and nothing else.

I go downstairs to start breakfast. I have the sausage cooking when I hear the water from the shower start. I know Daddy is up. I get the eggs mixed in the bowl for scrambled eggs and I hear him come downstairs.

“Good morning, Amber.” Daddy says quietly. I look at him after I pour the eggs into a skillet.

“Morning!” I reply. He doesn’t make eye contact with me, I know something is on his mind. I am too hungry to talk about it right now.

I finish cooking and plate the food. We sit in silence as we eat. We clean the dishes. Finally Daddy grabs my hand and turns me to face him. He looks into my eyes for a moment then says “I have to know, Amber. Any regrets?”

This caught me off guard, Without thinking I said “Regrets? From last night? Do you have any?”

I could tell he didn’t expect what he said to upset me. “None at all, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t.”

I relaxed a bit at that. “My only regrets are that we didn’t do it sooner, and that I have to leave today. In fact I was hoping for more this morning.” I said as I reached and touched his cock through his boxers.

He reaches down between my legs and again slips just the pad of his middle finger inside my slit. He knows how to get me wet. He cups my bare as cheek and pulls me close into a kiss. We kiss as I rub his cock through his boxers and he fingers my pussy.

He pulls his finger out and cups my other cheek and lifts me and I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me upstairs to his bedroom, and tells me to take my shirt off. I do it. He lays us both down on the bed. I push his boxers down with my feet as he takes his shirt off. He raises up over me, smiles and says “You are beautiful, Amber”

I wrap my legs back around him and pull him to me. I look him in the eyes, He pulls back a bit to allow his cock to drop down to my opening and I guide him into me.

Just as he pushes his cock deep inside me, I put my arms around his neck, pull myself up to his ear and whisper. “Take me, Daddy.” And he does.

Daddy slide his member in and out of me. Even though he is pumping harder every minute, he is still gentle.

In a coupe of minutes I start to orgasm. My legs still wrapped around his waist I pull myself up and meet his rhythm. I start to shake and moan when I reach climax. Daddy continues to pump inside me over and over.

He begins to grunt with every push, I know he is about to cum. Another orgasm begins for me. When daddy shoots inside me I am almost screaming. We cum together.

Daddy falls onto the bed beside me, breathing heavily, I put my arm around his neck, pull him to me and kiss him on the lips. I pull away from the kiss and whisper, “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Amber”

I woke about an hour later to Daddy patting at rubbing my ass through the sheet I was covered with. “Wake up. You gonna sleep all day?”

Rubbing my eyes, “What time is it?”

“Almost 11:00. I have some lunch ready for you, you can eat before you go. I will go so you can get dressed.”

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