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Amanda , Her Father Ch. 01

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Eva Lovia

John Clark was sitting in his favorite chair in the family room. He had the television on, but he was not paying attention to it, he was waiting for his daughter, Amanda to arrive. She was his only child and the apple of his eye. While John was waiting for Amanda to arrive, he looked at all the pictures on the family room wall. There were many pictures of John and his wife Betty, some before Amanda was born and others after. He looked at the pictures and saw Amanda grow from a child to a teenager. He thought how proud his wife would have been of Amanda, had she not died of cancer when Amanda was ten years old. John raised Amanda by himself. He was her father, her mother and most important of all, her best friend.

John checked the time; she should have been here by now. He missed having Amanda around the house, but children do grow up, get married and move away from home. He looked at the wedding picture of her and her husband Bill. She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown. She had her mother’s hazel eyes and that beautiful smile. She had John’s brown hair, which fell over her shoulders and onto her wedding gown. She made a beautiful bride. She got married a year and a half ago, to Bill, whom she met in college. They moved about one hundred miles away from John. He wished she lived closer, so he could visit her more frequently, but that’s where Bill’s business was located. Bill was a great guy, John liked him from the first time he met him. He was handsome, dressed well, had money and best of all treated Amanda like a queen. Yes, from the very start, John was glad Amanda was seeing Bill.

Bill and Amanda dated for the last two years of college. During college, Amanda had lived at home and commuted. So John got to know Bill quite well, since he was always around the house. The longer he dated Amanda, the more John liked him. Bill was the kind of guy any father would like. Bill even asked John for his permission to marry Amanda. He even apologized to John for taking his daughter so far away from John. However, Bill’s mother was running the family business and Bill was going to help her. Bill and his mother relationship was like John and Amanda, at least they didn’t seem that close to John. His father was killed in an automobile accident when Bill was about eight. Bill did not talk much about his father, eventually his father was never home.

Bill had to be away from home for one or two weeks every three months. It was part of the business and part of his job. When he traveled, Amanda would usually come home to stay with John. She did not like to be alone. It had been almost three months since Amanda’s last visit. That was a visit John would not forget, that’s when Amanda told him he was going to be a grandfather.

She and Bill had wanted children and decided they might as well start. John visited them about one month ago, she had begun to show, and you could tell she was pregnant. He was too busy with his company to see them lately. In fact he worked long hours this month so that he could be at home the entire time Amanda was visiting. He could not wait to see her. She told him on the phone, she was getting bigger by the day, but women tend to see a gain of five pounds differently than a man. John remembered back to when he wife was carrying Amanda, she was huge by the time Amanda was born.

He thought he heard a car pull into the driveway, so he got out of his chair and walked to the door. As he passed the mirror in the foyer, he glanced at himself and thought he didn’t look like a grandfather, but then he was only forty-three. He only had a little gray in his brown hair and no wrinkles on his face. He still thought of himself as a young man. He got to the front door and saw they had arrived. Bill was helping Amanda out of the car when John opened the door and went to greet them.

“Hi, honey,” John said to his daughter. “You look fantastic.”

“I look like a beached whale.” Amanda said, with a smile on her face. “And I have two and a half months to go. Soon, Bill will need a crane to get me out of the car.”

Bill looked at John and laughed, “You know your daughter, exaggerating everything. I told her she looks sexier then the day I married her.”

“That’s only because my boobs have doubled in size, you sex maniac.”

Amanda stuck out her chest to prove her point. “See, that’s what he likes about me, Dad. That and my hormones are making me a sex fiend.”

Bill looked at John and shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, it’s a rough life, but someone has got to keep her satisfied.”

The three of them laughed at Bill’s comment. John kissed and hugged his daughter. She was right, her boobs were huge, and John enjoyed the feeling of them, pressed against his chest. I’ve got to get me a woman, if I’m enjoying my daughter’s hugs that much, John thought. He shook hands with Bill and then helped him unload the car.

“Can you come in and stay a while,” escort bayan bursa John asked Bill?

Bill replied, “I can’t John, I have to get back home and make sure everything is ready for the trip. My mother is going along with me on this trip since she is going to take my place on the next one. I told her I was not going to miss the birth of my daughter, so she would have to make the next trip.” Bill gave his wife a hug and a long kiss. “Take care honey, I love you. I’ll miss you. Good luck John, she gets into some crazy moods lately.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean,” asked Amanda. “Just because I wanted a Big Mac at three o’clock in the morning, I have moods?” Amanda laughed at her own statement.

“Honey, you didn’t want it, you demanded it. You even suggested I break into a McDonalds and cook one for you.”

John looked at Amanda, who just gave him her innocent little look. “I was hungry.”

“It is either wanting something to eat or wanting sex,” added Bill. “John, your daughter has turned into a sex fiend; I am worn out from being ravished by my pregnant wife.”

Amanda looked at her husband, “now you are complaining about too much sex? I thought you were a stud muffin.”

Bill looked at John and shrugged his shoulders, “What can I say.”

John just shook his head and laughed. “Sounds like you need this trip more than usual, Bill?”

Amanda pretended to be mad, “From my own father yet, you’ll pay for that.” And she laughed.

“John, you should have an interesting time,” Bill said to his father-in-law. “I hope you have rested up, because you are going to need it.” He kissed his wife goodbye, got back in his car and drove away.

John wondered about that comment, but didn’t say anything to his daughter. He thought to himself, Bill was probably getting me prepared for Amanda’s cravings. John smiled as he remembered his wife’s pregnancy. She also had some interesting cravings and demands.

John carried Amanda’s things into the house and set them down by the stairway. “I’ll take them up to your room later, honey. Come on and give your father another big hug,” and he held his arms out to her.

“I have to pee, Daddy. I’ll hug you when I get back.” After saying that, Amanda hurried to the powder room.

John was sitting on the couch waiting for his daughter to come out of the bathroom. As Amanda entered the room, he stood up and got the hug that was promised him. He loved having Amanda back home, even if it was for only a couple of weeks. They sat on the couch and talked for over an hour. Amanda told her father about her latest doctor’s appointment, how the nursery was almost finished and how excited Bill’s mother was about the baby. They would have talked longer, but Amanda had to pee again.

As she came back into the room John asked “What would you like to do tonight, Hon? Do you want to go out for diner or should we eat in? You decide; your wish is my command.”

“You better be careful with the wish stuff, Bill wasn’t kidding, and I have some crazy moods. Daddy, I don’t understand what comes over me. I just have to have certain things or be treated a certain way. Bill is so good to me. No matter what I want, he’ll try and get it for me. When I wanted that Big Mac, he got up and made me a hamburger at three in the morning. Then, when I told him I didn’t want a Big Mac anymore, I wanted Cookies and Cream ice cream; he got dressed and went out to find the ice cream. Daddy he is so wonderful and I keep demanding more of him. I think I’m going crazy.”

“Honey, he adores you. He treats you like a man who is madly in love with his wife. Don’t worry, these cravings for food will pass, he knows that and so do I. So what do you want to eat?

“Daddy, I have this craving for pizza, Leonie’s Pizza. I wish he had a pizza place around where we live. I would love to have his pizza, two or three times a week. Maybe, it’s better he only has this one. I’d be as big as a house if I had his pizza that many times a week. Speaking of huge, do you think I look too, uh, too big and grotesque?”

“Amanda, you look beautiful. You look as beautiful as your mother did when she was carrying you. In fact, I think you have never looked more beautiful than you do right now.”

“Oh Daddy,” she said and put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, first on his cheek and then on his lips. I love you so much.” She snuggled up in her father’s arms and stayed that way for a few minutes. “I feel so safe in you arms, Daddy.’

John kissed his daughter on the temple and put his arms around her. With her belly so large, his arms slid up her waist and rested under her large breasts. John enjoyed the feel of her boobs lying on his arms.

Soon, they were both hungry, so John called and got Amanda’s favorite pizza delivered. When they finished eating it was about seven thirty.

“What do you want bursa sinirsiz eskort to do now, Amanda,” asked her father?”

“Daddy, can we have a fire in the fire place. Bill and I don’t have one and I miss having a fire.”

Amanda. It’s a little too warm for a fire; I think it’s only predicted to go down to fifty five degrees tonight.”

“Please Daddy, I love lying on the floor in front of the fire, with your arms around me. When I was growing up, I always felt so safe in your arms. Can we have one? We can open the windows or just wear something light. I brought a few summer nightgowns just for that purpose. OK Dad?”

“Alright, you go change and I’ll build the fire.”

Amanda acted like a little girl that had just gotten her way. She giggled all the way upstairs. John could always make a good fire. He even went to the closet and got out the sheepskin rug he bought for her when she was twelve. She saw it at a farmer’s market and had to have it. They spent many an evening lying on the rug, watching the fire and talking to each other.

As the fire began to get bigger, John started to get warm. He took off his shirt so he was dressed in his tee shirt and pants when Amanda entered the room.

John was sitting on the couch, away from the fire as his daughter walked into the room. As she stood between him and the fire, John could see right through her summer nightgown. It was obvious she didn’t have anything on underneath, which was not unusual for her. They were not prudes. Even when his wife was alive, no one made a fuss about nudity. Amanda knew about the birds and bees before most children. Her mother believed it was important for a child to have a positive attitude about sex. She answered any of Amanda’s questions and John continued the practice after his wife had died.

“Daddy, the fire looks beautiful and you still have my rug. We spent many fires on that rug together. It’s so nice and warm in here.” Amanda looked at her father, “Daddy, you are all sweaty. Why don’t you take off your pants, it would be much more comfortable if you were in your underwear.

John did not think anything of her request; in fact it made sense to him. So John took off his pants and even his tee shirt. There he sat, dressed only in his boxers, enjoying the fire and the presence of his daughter,

Looking at Amanda, standing in front of him, John saw how truly beautiful she was. She had a glow about her that seemed to be found only in pregnant women, his wife had it when she was carrying Amanda. Seeing Amanda in her condition caused John’s mind to go back in time and think about his wife. She truly was beautiful, especially when she was pregnant with Amanda. John had to laugh to himself, recalling that Bill had commented on how horny Amanda was in her present state. John remembered his wife’s cravings for sex and thought, like mother like daughter. He was brought back to reality hearing Amanda calling his name.

“Daddy…Daddy……I was talking to you.”

“Sorry honey, you made me think of your mother, you look so beautiful, just like she did. Seeing you standing in there reminded me of her.”

“I miss her too,” and Amanda sat down on the floor next to her father and snuggled up close to him. John put his arm around her and pulled her tight to him. They sat that way for a long while, just looking at the fire.

“Daddy, could you do something for me? My back is hurting; could you give me a back rub?”

“Sure Hon, anything you want.” John started to rub Amanda’s back as she sat aside of him.

“Wait Daddy, I like it better on bare skin.” She stood up and pulled her nightgown over her head. She stood in front of her father nude. “I could use that back rub now.”

John looked at his naked daughter; he felt his cock begin to grow, after all his daughter was a very beautiful woman. Her breasts were huge. Her belly was fairly large, but it was still high up, the largest part of it was still above her belly button.

Amanda lay down in front of her father, on her side, like nothing was unusual.

He rubbed her back, first with the shoulders and then worked his way down toward her butt. When he reached the small of her back, he heard her sigh, “Oh yes, right there, that feels so good. Lower, still lower. Yes right there.”

John’s fingers were massaging her back right between her butt cheeks. He went as low as he could without having the message become sexual.

“That felt so good, Daddy,” Amanda said as she got up, “but I have to pee.” She walked out of the room without putting her nightgown on. John watched her massive boobs bounce as she walked out of the room. Then his gaze shifted to her cute butt. His cock was now fully hard. He adjusted his boxer shorts, but it was still obvious he had an erection. He hoped she would take her time and be gone long enough for him to come out escort bayan of his aroused state. His cock was just beginning to relax when he heard the toilet flush.

He looked up at the hallway; half of him hoping that she put something on and the other half hoping she didn’t. She came into the room just as she had left it. This was the first good look he had at her from the front. Her tits were huge, she was always well endowed, but she doubled her size. She had sun bathed topless the last time she visited him, she was a C cup then, she must be a DD or larger now, he thought. Her nipples were erect, probably from the coolness of the rest of the house. John noted that even her nipples got bigger and were darker. His gaze then went to her extended stomach; she was quite large for only being six months pregnant. Even though he knew he shouldn’t look, his eyes went to her pussy; Amanda had shaved it bare, just like her mother he thought.

Amanda saw right away her father was looking at her body. “I guess I’m not your little girl any more, am I?” She stopped in front of him, put her hands on her hips and said, “Am I still beautiful?”

“Yes honey, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are even more beautiful than your mother.”

“That means so much to me, daddy. I look in the mirror every day and I think I’m getting fatter and fatter. I need to hear I’m beautiful, it makes me feel good about myself.” She went over to her purse and pulled out a tube of something. “Daddy, would you rub this on my belly, it is supposed to stop stretch marks. Bill does it for me every morning and night and it feels so good. Would you please take his place?”

“I’d love to, Amanda, how should we do this?”

“Here, let me lean against your chest and you can reach around and rub my belly with both hands.” As she sat down and leaned against her father, she felt his erection pressing into her back. It felt good. “Here Daddy, reach around me and I’ll put the lotion on both your hands.”

John did as he was told. As his arms went around her, they brushed her breasts. She spread lotion on both his hands. “Now rub in small circles all over my belly, but especially below my belly button.

John rubbed the lotion into his daughter’s skin, it was so soft and it felt so erotic. She was totally relaxed, her back against his chest. He noticed her breathing was becoming deeper and he wasn’t sure, but he could swear she pushed back against his fully erect cock.

“Here Daddy, you need more lotion.” She squirted more on his hands. “You need to go lower. She grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands so far down her stomach, his fingers brushed the top of her vagina. “There, rub there.”

John did as he was told, trying to avoid touching her, but wanting to run his fingers up and down her slit. He actually touched her pussy two or three times, by accident. When he realized it he removed his fingers quickly. Amanda’s breathing was much deeper now and faint moans were coming out of her lips.

“Time for more lotion,” said Amanda. John held out his hands and Amanda squirted more lotion on them. “Rub higher,” she requested. John rubbed around her belly button. “Higher!” Amanda was more demanding. John rubbed the bottom of rib cage, the back of his hands brushed against her tits. John was moving his hands down her belly when his daughter grabbed his wrists again. She lifted his hands up and put them directly on her breasts.

“Amanda, what are you doing,” said a shocked John. He tried to remove his hands but his daughter mashed them even harder against her breasts.

“I don’t want stretch marks on my boobs, Please Daddy, rub the lotion on them. Bill does it for me and it feels so good.”

Again, John did what he was told; in fact he enjoyed rubbing her boobs. After spreading lotion over them, John started to remove his hands. Amanda grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands back onto her breasts.

“Daddy, play with my tits, please. I’m a pregnant woman who is hornier than hell. I can’t get enough sex. Please, Daddy!”

John thought about the situation for a few seconds, and then he did what Amanda asked of him. As he massaged her boobs, he began to pull and pinch her nipples.

“Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good, ….more, …….harder.” Amanda dropped her hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy. Her fingers made a squishing sound as she rubbed her pussy up and down. As she became more excited, John increased the pressure on her nipples. As he sensed his daughter was nearing her orgasm, he began to suck and bite her ear lobe. That did it

“Yes, Daddy, oh…. That….. feels …so gooooood. Harder…….. pinch my nipples harder. Oh here I cummmmmm.” Amanda’s body went into spasms for a few seconds, then it became rigid and finally it went limp. She fell back against her father and he held her in his arms.

When Amanda came back to reality, she looked back at her father and kissed him on the lips. “Thanks for helping me out. I don’t know what has gotten into me. The more I am into my pregnancy, the hornier I get. I need to have sex three and four times a day. I don’t know what’s come over me.”

John chuckled, “Like mother, like daughter.”

To be Continued

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