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Amanda Ch. 05

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It was just after four o’clock and sexy blonde Rebecca, otherwise known as Amanda’s mom, was leaving her third shoe store when her cell phone rang. It was a number she didn’t recognize, so she answered with a certain amount of trepidation.


“Hi Mom.”

“Oh, hi honey. Where are you calling from?”


“Downtown? I thought you were riding home with me. You’re grounded, remember? I know I’m a few minutes late, but you can’t just go running off whenever you feel like it.”

“I know, Mom. It’s not that simple. I—I didn’t come down here because I wanted to.”

“Then why are you there? And just exactly where are you?”

“The police station.”

“Speak up, sweetheart. I don’t think I heard you right.”

“The police station, Mom. I’m at the police station.”


When our young heroine reached the station an hour earlier, she was questioned and then allowed to call her mother. The five guys she had sucked and fucked in the mall parking lot were in a different part of the building. Amanda had actually saved them from being arraigned on much more serious charges by informing the arresting officers that no, she had not been raped, it was consensual sex. Considering the fact that Amanda was on her knees, her face plastered with cum, it is not too surprising that the police arriving on the scene believed that she had been gang raped.

As it was, the five boys were being charged with underage drinking and possession of a small amount of marijuana. Amanda was being released into the custody of her parents. No, of course it wasn’t fair. It’s just a fact of life that attractive, upper-middle class white girls get preferential treatment over Black and Puerto Rican boys from the wrong side of the tracks. After speaking to her mom on the phone Amanda was placed back in the holding cell to wait with two other women.

Now that she knew she wasn’t in serious trouble with the law, our sweet teen was able to take another look at her surroundings. It was not a pretty sight. The cell consisted of two bunks, a small wash basin, and a steel toilet with absolutely no privacy. A female police officer sat behind a battered desk a short distance from the cell.

Amanda also took in the other two women—girls really—and was shocked to realize they must be prostitutes. They were both quite young, perhaps in their early twenties, and pretty. They wore ridiculously short skirts, platform boots, and form-fitting midriff tops. One had on black fishnet stockings held up by straps that could be seen below the hem of her skirt. The sure giveaway, though, was the makeup. Both girls wore dark eye shadow, loads of mascara, and false eyelashes. One was a tall, voluptuous dark-eyed beauty with a cascade of curling black tresses. The other was a petite, slender blue-eyed blonde. Everything about her was small but her eyes: huge, cerulean blue orbs that looked utterly dramatic (well okay, slutty) with all that dark makeup around them.

The hookers occupied the only seats, leaving Amanda standing uncomfortably near the bars at the front of the cell. At first she tried not to look at them, but as time passed and they ignored her, the silence grew awkward. She turned to them and smiled.

“Hi,” she said after some consideration. No change registered on the faces of the hookers. When there was no response after a full minute, she tried again. “I’m Amanda.”

The tall hooker raised one eyebrow and said: “No shit. That your name?”

Amanda nodded eagerly, but before she could reply the girl went on: “What planet are you from?”

The petite blonde hooker guffawed. “C’mon now, Charlotte,” she said jumping to her feet. “Amanda here is a sweet little girl, aren’t you Amanda?” as she took Amanda by the hand. “I’m Tabitha. Don’t listen to Charlotte, she’s a little jaded. Been on the street too long.” The prostitute’s wide blue eyes took in Amanda’s long legs and her stupendous tits. “Hmmm. Maybe you’re not so little. What part of town you work?”

The teen was dumbfounded. “Work? I don’t have a job. I’m in high school.”

“No offense. I just thought you were a working girl, the way you’re dressed and all. Plus you look like a john might have roughed you up or something.”

Amanda felt her cheeks burn. They thought she was a prostitute! She was looking and feeling a bit scummy. She had been given a paper towel to wipe the cum off her face, but her hair was still sticky, her knees dirty, and her shirt was torn at one seam. Come to think of it, her clothes weren’t very different from the two hookers.

“Look!” said Charlotte. “She’s blushing! That’s so cute. You haven’t blushed like that since you were about twelve, have you Tab?”

“Very funny, Char. Say, Amanda, is it okay if I call you Mandy? It rolls off the tongue a little easier, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

“Uh, sure,” our young heroine replied, thinking of someone else who called her that.

“Good. See, we’re getting to be friends. And friends share stuff with each other, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Amanda knew this was Ataşehir Escort headed nowhere good.

“So you’ve got to tell me, Mandy: I’m dying to know. Are your tits real?”

Charlotte burst out laughing as Amanda felt herself coloring again.

“That’s none of your business!” she said hotly. Then, her anger mounting, she continued: “Yes, they are real, and they’re mine. I bet you wish you had boobs like this!” With that she lifted them with her hands and thrust them forward.

Tabitha had very small breasts. “Don’t be disrespectful to your elders,” she said with an air of mock distress. “Anyway, I still don’t believe those are real.” She smiled. “Show me.”

“No!” Amanda cried. The prostitutes struck her as coarse and vulgar. Was this hypocrisy from a girl who had just sucked off four guys in a parking lot? Perhaps. But Charlotte and Tabitha were so clearly not the sort of people she would choose to associate with…besides, who knew what kind of diseases they might have?

“C’mon, let’s see ’em if they’re real,” said Charlotte, approaching the bars where Amanda stood.

“No! Get away from me!”

Now Tabitha truly was offended. Who did this chick think she was? Did she think she was better than they were? “Officer Pennington!” she called. “This girl here offered us drugs!”

Amanda’s jaw fell open. She was too stunned to speak.

The policewoman strolled over from the other side of the room. “Is that right?” she said. The cop was a big woman with very short hair. Her shoulders were broad and her arms muscular, suggesting many hours in the weight room. “How old are you?”


“Dealing to the kids at school, probably.”

“No,” Amanda gasped. “I don’t…”

Officer Pennington cut her off. There was a wicked gleam in her eye. “No? Guess I’ll have to give you a strip search, just to be sure.” She unlocked the cage and stepped inside. The frightened teenager’s eyes fell on the policewoman’s belt. Thick black leather about three or four inches wide, it held a sinister looking pistol, handcuffs, a truncheon, flashlight, and some other things the girl couldn’t identify. It was a terrifying in and of itself and an unmistakable symbol of brute power.

“Officer, please. I’ve never…well, almost never…” Amanda remembered smoking dope with Dr. Scott the previous night, and again with the high school boys just an hour or two earlier.

“So you are a drug user,” said the cop.


“Lift up your shirt. You could be hiding something in there.”

“Pleeeeez, Officer…”

“Lift it up, or I’ll do it!” shouted the cop. Amanda was on the verge of tears. She couldn’t believe another woman—an officer of the Law—would humiliate her in this way, but her respect for authority, especially the police, was such that she felt she must comply. The buxom teen turned away from Charlotte and Tabitha. She wasn’t about to give them a show if she could help it.

Feeling defeated, she lifted her shirt up by the hem. Officer Pennington, a raging bull dyke of course, had never seen anything so perfect. The young girl’s tits, though huge, stood out from her chest as if gravity did not apply to them. They were the size of cantaloupes, perfectly shaped, and white as milk. The teenager’s narrow waist and slender frame only served to make them look bigger. Most amazing of all were the nipples. These were pale pink, hardly darker than the skin around them, and puffy. They pointed upward like super-sized Hershey kisses the color of lightly-chewed bubble gum.

The policewoman could barely contain her wonder. Only her eyes gave her away; her voice and facial expression remained those of the tough cop. “I need to see if you’re concealing anything under them,” she said, and grabbed Amanda’s breasts. She lifted them, but in truth the girl’s tits sagged so little that it would have been impossible to hide anything under them. Taking a firm grasp she turned the unhappy teen towards the center of the cage. “The light’s better over here,” she said.

“No, please…”

“Shut up, punk.” The policewoman kneaded and squeezed the young girl’s compliant flesh until it was obvious that this was no longer a routine search. The two hookers looked on excited disbelief. This was way beyond anything they hoped.

“Don’t,” Amanda begged, but the big dyke was enjoying this too much. She began to twist the teen’s puffy pink nipples, hard enough to hurt. The pain, somehow mingled with pleasure, went straight to the core of Amanda’s being. Suddenly she wanted very badly to touch her pussy. She groaned aloud. Officer Pennington knew the girl was beaten. She snarled with aggressive lust.

“You like that don’t you, you dirty whore.”

“No!” she pleaded. “I’m not a whore…”

“Then why are you dressed like one?”

“I—I… unngh,” she moaned as she felt her cunt juicing.

Officer Pennington released Amanda’s nips and pulled the handcuffs from her belt. “Time to complete the search,” she said, snapping one of the cuffs on Amanda’s slim wrist.

“What?!” Ataşehir Escort Bayan

“You heard me!” Raising the cuffed hand high over Amanda’s head, the dykey cop drew the other half of the handcuff over a crossbar, raised the girl’s free wrist, and snapped the cuff shut on it. Our sexy young teen was now utterly helpless as her hands were stretched over her head and fastened to the bars. Her snug-fitting top still clung high on her chest, fully exposing her magnificent breasts to the three other women in the cage. In fact, the raising of her arms accentuated her tits even more.

“Shit!” said Tabitha. “Those are some fucking nice tits. Are you sure they’re not implants, Officer Pennington?”

“They’re real, I swear. Come over here and feel them yourself if you don’t believe me.”

“No!” cried our heroine. “How can you do this? You’re supposed to protect people!”

“Shut your mouth,” said the cop. She went back to squeezing Amanda’s tits. “God, I just can’t keep my hands off these things!”

Tabitha stood next to the lady cop. “May I?” she asked.

“Be my guest,” said the dyke, removing her hand from Amanda’s left breast and concentrating on her right. Tabitha began to fondle the vacated breast, paying special attention to the sensitive pink nipple.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such perfect tits,” said the blonde hooker, almost to herself. “Charlotte—you have to come over here and check out these tits.” Amanda could hardly believe this was happening. In a police station, yet! Her face was crimson with shame. She hadn’t been so humiliated since…well, since earlier that day…but the pleasure, the incredible feelings that coursed through her when her melons were caressed that way…and she was beginning to admit to herself that there was something about being humiliated that seemed to arouse her more.

Charlotte was playing with her right breast now, and Tabitha was sucking on her left nipple, nipping with her teeth. God, that feels good! Amanda thought. Her pussy was getting drenched. She noticed Officer Pennington leering…and yes, it was true: being humiliated, even degraded by these women was turning her on even more than the physical act of touching her breasts. What is wrong with me? wondered the luscious teenager. I must be seriously disturbed…I should have my head examined. She didn’t even realize that she was moaning softly.

Tabitha and Charlotte glanced at each other in amazement. They had never seen a girl get so turned on just from playing with her tits. Of course, both of them had been having sex to pay the rent since they were very young. Most of their ‘clients’ hardly touched their breasts at all. The two hookers were getting excited by this young girl and her predicament. With her hands secured over her head she was completely powerless…and such a girl! Though her mascara was ruined and her hair a wreck, her face was still cover-model beautiful. And this body…

“You have really beautiful skin,” said Tabitha. “It’s flawless.”

Officer Pennington was enjoying the show, but ready for more. “Alright girls, let’s not forget the objective here,” she said in her most authoritative voice. “It’s time to continue the search,” she continued, stepping between the two hookers. Quickly unzipping Amanda’s skirt, she slid it down to the girl’s ankles. Amanda was so entranced by the attention to her breasts that she put up only a feeble protest. But when the lesbian cop yanked down her sticky white panties she came out of her stupor.

“No! What are you doing? Please don’t!” In spite of everything that had happened in the previous twenty-four hours Amanda was terribly embarrassed to be naked in front of the three women, especially as one was a police officer. They all examined her body as if she were a specimen rather than a person. Hands began to slide over her hips, her thighs, her ass. “Stop! You can’t do this! It’s wrong!” Her voice grew shrill, hysterical.

Officer Pennington lifted Amanda’s feet one by one to remove the girl’s skirt and panties. “Oh my God!” she said. “Her panties are soaked!” She held them to her nose and sniffed like a dog. “Mmmm, girl cum.” Amanda was horrified. Those filthy disgusting panties! She began to splutter incoherently and tears ran down her cheeks. “Wait, there’s something else,” the cop went on, looking closely at the soiled knickers. “Some guy’s nasty splooge has been leaking from your pretty cunt into these panties, hasn’t it?”

“No!” Amanda cried. “Please don’t do this!” It was true, of course. In addition to her own copious secretions, a large dose of Puerto Rican ball batter had been slowly draining from her vagina for the past hour or more. It was humiliating for the other women to know this. She felt so dirty…

“You little slut!” said Tabitha. “Who have you been fucking?”

“Nooo,” Amanda wailed. Her voice was choked with sobs. “Why…why are you d-doing this to me?”

“Fuck it,” said the cop. “I’m tired of listening to this shit.” And with that she wadded up the cum-drenched panties and shoved Escort Ataşehir them in the girl’s mouth. The lovely teen’s eyes grew wide with horror. Pulling a bandana from her pocket, the officer tied it around that lovely brunette head to hold the gag in place. “Now let’s get on with it,” said the dyke. She stepped between Amanda’s feet and pushed the shapely legs apart with her heavy boots. “Hold her legs open for a second, would you girls?” she said to the young prostitutes. They complied eagerly, getting more excited by the minute.

As Charlotte and Tabitha held her legs, Officer Pennington pulled two pairs of disposable plastic handcuffs from her belt and fastened Amanda’s ankles securely to the bars. With her silky thighs splayed out wide, the gorgeous teenager’s arms were stretched even tighter over her head, causing the cuffs to bite into her wrists. Her smooth pussy was opened just enough to show a hint of the pink inner lips. The cries of discomfort and shame that sprang from her throat were muffled by the sodden ball of cotton material in her mouth. The dirty cop took a step back to admire her handiwork.

“Beautiful,” she said. “Time for the body cavity search.” Amanda’s shook her head vigorously from side to side. Her stifled cries grew more insistent. Officer Pennington and the two hookers could see the terror in the wide green eyes of the helpless teen. The cop in particular delighted in the tears that streamed down the girl’s smooth cheeks. Lowering herself to the floor between Amanda’s legs, the cop sat with her face at the level of the girl’s crotch. “So pretty,” she said absently, stroking the teen’s slim hips.

Officer Pennington squeezed and stroked Amanda’s legs, starting at her feet and working her way up. The gorgeous teen cried out in protest, but her cries came out muffled and ineffectual. The dirty cop continued her exploration, feeling her belly and all around Amanda’s juicy snatch without actually touching it. “Too bad the little thing’s cunt is full of that disgusting stuff,” the cop said. “I’d love to eat her.” Officer Pennington hated men and the thought of sucking up sperm was repulsive to her. “Let’s see if she’s got any contraband up there.”

The big female cop removed the heavy black night stick from her belt and began to tease the opening of Amanda’s vagina with its rounded tip. The truncheon was over two feet long, and about one and a half inches in diameter. Made of solid acetate, the club had a knurled grip at one end while the rest of its length was straight and smooth. At the sight of it, the buxom teen began to thrash and cry with even greater urgency, but to no avail. Stretched between the cuffs at her ankles and those at her wrists, she was powerless to resist. Charlotte grabbed one of Amanda’s thighs to hold her steady while Tabitha placed an arm securely around her waist.

When Officer Pennington had got just the very end of the stick up the girl’s sloppy cunt she paused. Spitting on the thick shaft to lubricate it, the big dyke twisted it around for an even coating. Then she began to gradually work the stick into the gorgeous teenager’s shaven pussy. Amanda was horrified, outraged, revolted, and yet…oh my…the purely physical part of her senses said it felt good. The stick was very smooth and her pussy was plenty wet with cum, spit, and her own juicy secretions. Hence, the penetration didn’t hurt, in spite of the size of the invader.

As the sensations took hold, her resistance, such as it was, began to ebb. With the tears still wet on her face, Amanda’s muffled cries of protest slowly changed to groans of pleasure. Soon the big lady cop had six or seven inches of the long stick up Amanda’s sweet puss. It was heavenly. As the lovely teen got more and more aroused, a mixture of fresh cunt sauce and old seminal fluid oozed down the stick. Her hips began to rock in time with the insertions of the big rod, her eyes closed, and her head began to loll on her shoulders.

“Jesus!” said Charlotte. “She’s really getting into it!”

“I know,” said Tabitha. “It’s making me hot.”

The dyke knew what she was doing, dragging the shaft across Amanda’s clit with each stroke. She was getting close to a huge orgasm. “Keep your pants on girls,” the cop said. “And don’t let her get away.” Easing the big black stick from the quivering girl’s pussy, the cop stood up. Amanda’s eyes popped open. She couldn’t believe that her plastic lover had been taken away just when she was about to cum.

“Where the hell are you going?” asked Tabitha.

“I’m taking another view of the situation,” she answered mysteriously, quickly unlocking the cage door and slamming it shut behind her as she walked around to the other side of the bars.

“Don’t let her get away?” said Charlotte. “Must be cop humor.”

The officer took up a position on the floor directly behind Amanda just outside the cage. “What a beautiful ass,” she said and, reaching through the bars, began to probe the young girl’s pussy again with the club, this time from behind. She soon fell back into the rhythm she had established before, and Amanda quickly grew close to a climax. The three women could hear the girl’s moans even through the gag. When she was getting close to the critical point the cop again withdrew the stick, and the suburban cutie begged to have the dildo back. The others couldn’t understand a word, but the tone was unmistakable.

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