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Am I Still Sexy?

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Big Tits

Jake watched his wife with tears in his eyes as she slept peacefully. His eyes scanned the hospital bedroom, trying in vain to block out the thoughts of a month ago but the white painted walls, the clinical atmosphere and the ever present aroma of disinfectant could not hold his attention for long and he was drawn back to the sleeping figure of Ann, the IV drip still attached to her arm. She was still so attractive, even after the accident. The accident. The images of that night would still not leave his mind. It had been a lovely romantic night. A candle lit dinner followed by a club and dancing and a moonlit drive home along the coast road. “Who could have foreseen that truck pulling out in front of them?” he thought for the hundredth time. He remembered little else of that night until he awoke in this hospital. The medical staff informed him that he had been extremely lucky; a fractured arm and cuts and bruises, but Ann had been far less fortunate. Apparently their car had overturned leaving her trapped and despite the medics valiant efforts, they had been unable to save either of her arms. For the last four weeks Ann had laid in this very room, recovering from her operation and Jake had been by her bedside every moment that he could.

Jake was broken from his reverie as Ann began to stir and open her eyes.

“Hello darling. How are you feeling today?”

“Mmmmm….OK I guess” she said sleepily. “A little thirsty, maybe”

Jake immediately brought the beaker and straw to his wife’s lips so that she could drink.

“Thanks hon” she said as she swallowed some of the cool water “that feels better”

Almost immediately Ann began to cry. This had been happening a lot over the last few weeks. As soon as she remembered that simple tasks such as drinking a glass of water could not be completed without help, her feelings welled up inside her and she broke down.

Jake quickly moved to comfort his wife. He took her head in his arms and cradled her flowing blonde hair against his chest. As he stroked her hair and face he whispered words of encouragement and comfort. He loved her so much, perhaps even more now than when they married twelve years ago, and he kissed her forehead and kissed away her tears. After a few minutes of his love and comfort, Ann’s sobs subsided and her breathing became more controlled.

She tilted her head and look up lovingly into her husband’s eyes as she spoke.

“You know Jake, a glass of water can only satisfy part of my thirst.” she continued with more tears welling up in her eyes. “B..b…but how can you still find me attractive like this? You must be revolted by the sight of me.”

The Kastamonu Escort tears started to flow again as Jake resumed his comforting.

“Oh god honey, no!” he whispered “I love you so much….you are still the most beautiful woman in the world. You are my world, you’re beautiful, radiant, stunning and sexy.”


Jake looked into her eyes. There was something there…something that he hadn’t seen since the awful accident….a spark… a hunger! He smiled at her.

“You know you are!” he whispered quietly. “You always get my blood racing by just walking into a room”

“But I know you can’t still find me attractive. Not now”

“Honey, please trust me. I think you’re the sexiest woman alive!”

All trace of tears had now left Ann’s face as she stared at her husband.

“Then prove it. Kiss me…Kiss me properly!” she demanded.

Jake was unprepared for this turn of events. Before the accident they had both been a very sexual couple; experimenting in many different ways to make each other happy. He had seen this look in her eyes before. There was no doubt; she was feeling horny!

Jake lowered his head towards his wife and gently kissed her lips. Although his own body reminded him that they had not made love in over a month, (the longest time that he could remember them going without) he was fully prepared to go slowly here, to let Ann become acclimatised to the situation. He gently let his tongue flick sensuously over her lips, softly dragging her lower lip between his teeth. Ann’s response was not as he had predicted. He had expected a slow awakening but instead Ann had opened her mouth and entwined her tongue with his own, greedily sucking it in to her mouth. As they embraced passionately, Jake felt his wife shrug her body. He briefly looked down to find that the blanket had slipped down to her waist exposing her hospital gown. Her covered breasts seemed to heave and swell as she arched her back. Jake, like most men, had always been fascinated with his wife’s breasts. They were perfect. Nicely tanned from private sunbathing in their own garden, a full 36c tipped with beautiful pink nipples that seemed to harden at the slightest touch. Jake suddenly became aware of their situation. A nurse or doctor could walk in at any time.

“Wow honey!” he breathed as he reluctantly broke their kiss. “If you want me to go further, maybe I should lock the door?”

“Damn right, I want you to go further! Just lock it quickly!”

As Jake strode the few short paces and turned the key securing their privacy he had to make a little adjustment in his jeans. Ann Kastamonu Escort Bayan saw him and giggled “It must be something in the air!” she whispered. The door locked, Jake quickly returned his lips to his wife’s eager embrace. This time their kiss was harder, more urgent, more passionate. Jake gently and slowly moved his hand down towards a covered breast, pulling the blanket further away as he did. He cupped the swelling mound lovingly and let his thumb flick lightly over the hard, sensitive nipple beneath the material. Ann visibly tensed as she felt the familiar feel of her husbands touch and moaned deeply into their kiss.

“Mmmmmmm ooooo honey….that feels so good”

Becoming more daring, Jake quickly slipped the three buttons on the front of her gown and replaced his hand directly onto the bare flesh of her hot breast. His finger and thumb again sought out her hard nipples, squeezing and pinching them playfully. Ann was now becoming much more vocal; moaning and professing her love in breathless gasps.

Again, reluctantly, breaking the kiss, Jake lowered his head down to his wife’s exposed breasts. He could hardly believe how hot her skin felt as he took a nipple directly into his mouth. His tongue swirled over the sensitive bud and he could feel it harden even further. Ann was now moaning constantly. Her back arched, pushing her breasts upwards towards her husbands mouth and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the moment.

“Oh god…yes…suck my nipples…mmmmm…ooohhhhh yesss…..more darling..more…it feels so good”

Inspired by his wife’s encouragement, Jake let his hand wander lower, over her tight stomach and abdomen pulling the blanket lower and lower down her beautiful body. Lifting his head from her breast he could see that the gown had ridden up around her waist exposing her pretty yellow panties. His hands wandered lovingly over the front of the garment, stroking gently with a feather touch. As Ann’s legs fell open he could clearly see the damp result of her excitement staining the front of her panties.

“Oh yes..please Jake…touch me ….suck my tits …. mmmmmm …..I need to cum…please…”

Jake’s lips quickly returned to her nipples, sucking harder now and biting gently. His hand found the elastic waistband of her panties and slowly slid inside them. As his fingers eagerly parted her wet lips and touched her distended clitoris he felt her whole body tense and stiffen.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh godddddddddd ……yesssssssssssssssssss………aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….. that’s it………..I’m cummmiiiinnnggggggggggggggggg”

In the past, Ann Escort Kastamonu had usually needed some quiet time after an orgasm. But not this time. Her cries of encouragement were enough to keep Jake going. Moving from her breasts now wet with his saliva, he kissed his way down her body. Without letting her subside from the intense orgasm that was still coursing through her, he used both hands to roll her damp panties down her long slender legs. As they reached her ankles, Jake lifted both of her feet gently from the bed and kissing each foot tenderly in turn, pulled the garment clear and let it fall to the floor.

Ann’s breath was still coming in short, harsh gasps as her husband gently spread her legs and once again began kissing each foot. He licked delicately over each of her toes, treating them with adoration and reverence. He kissed her soles and her ankles and then began a slow gentle licking and kissing up her calves, beyond her knees to her thighs. As his ministrations approached her upper thighs, he could smell her excitement. He touched his tongue to her lips and once again felt her body tense in orgasm. Her legs trembled and her smooth, round buttocks quivered as the climax shook her body. Jake kept his tongue on his wife’s clitoris as the orgasm ran its course. He could feel her pussy contract as if trying to suck his tongue further inside.

“oooohhhhhh yesssssss……ohhhh darling how I need this……..mmmmmmmm sooooo good…..so nice”

Jake let his tongue slide tenderly up and down the folds of her pussy from her pink puckered anus up to her clitoris for a further five minutes and, although Ann did not reach another full climax, her moans and sighs of pleasure were enough to keep Jake happy. Finally, and if she was completely honest with herself, with some relief, Anne felt her husband moving away from her pussy and back up to her face. They smiled facing each other from just a few inches distance and again kissed lovingly. Jake felt his tongue being drawn into Ann’s mouth once again and knew that she could taste herself there.

“I love you so much Jake” she whispered “you always seem to know what I want…what I need”

“I love you too, hon” he replied as he carefully replaced the blanket over her. You look sleepy again, you should get some more rest. The doc said you should be ok to come home in a few days.”

Before he left, Jake picked up the yellow panties from the floor where he had dropped them earlier.

“Looks like I’d better get you a fresh pair!” he laughed

“Mmmm yes, darling. Some sexy ones please – If you think I’m still attractive enough to wear them………” Ann murmured sleepily as she drifted off with a smile.

The End

If you enjoyed this story feel free to check out my other offerings on this site. Please also feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions you have for further tales!

Photo’s from female admirers are always very welcome!!!

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