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Chapter 027 � Truth or Consequences?



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Major, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington


“Can we at least adjourn to the comfort of your quarters to continue this discussion and hopefully you have something stronger than the single malt you have been serving”… The three of us adjourned to the lounge in our quarters and the door locks were set. I poured a double “neat” of the Vance”s moonshine and handed it to our “guest”… “NOW TALK”!


One of Ari”s former lovers was a major part of the Worthington cyber team that wrote the artificial intelligence code for a prototype of an ancient defense system. There was no attempt to steal the information from Worthington it was just “pillow talk” between two lovers. It didn”t take a genius to believe this system actually existed when the intercepts about the Alpha Zulu base Worthington was operating to protect their children could do so much destruction and not produce any physical remains. As for “Connor” it was just an educational guess considering the effort the Worthingtons and even Mama Bear put forth to convince the Department of Defense to designate this Alpha Zulu base as “Fort Connor”.


I don”t know the design specifics of “Connor” but considering the defense of this base he/it has provided I can only surmise it must be beyond anything any other country is known to possess. I”m happy to keep it a secret as it now protects the imps I love.


To be totally truthful, the imps parents were more than simply relatives. My half brother was a Mossad operative before he and his wife became head of Mossad Kidon. He received a substantial injury that left his sex life functional but sterile. They both wanted a third child and the cost of “in vitro fertilization” was beyond their financial means. Both parents knew I was gay when they came to me and asked if I would help them to become pregnant even the thought was a major turn off. As I worked with both of them day after day I saw how much they hurt not being able to have another child. Eventually, I agreed to help them.


It took my brother having anal sex with me to even get me hard enough to penetrate his wife. I was constantly on alert for when she was ovulating and prime to become pregnant. I was just “standing at stud” to help out two people I cared deeply for. It took about six months for her to become pregnant and my brother was elated to be able to have another child. Yes, he pulled some strings and had me made head of their protection detail and specifically assigned to protect their children. No one knows Uri is my biological child and I have no plans of marring the reputation of two wonderful people who gave their lives for the people of Israel.


Steven and I looked at each other and neither of us were expecting to hear what we just heard. I thanked Ari for his candor and trust guaranteeing him this would go no further than the two of us. (With one exception!) I am going to have Doc do an anonymous DNA paternity test of you and Uri. If it confirms what you just told me it will go a long way to cementing your credibility. The results of the test will be destroyed and even Doc won”t know the identity of the two individuals. I”ll have you do a cheek swab on Uri in the presence of Steven or I and we will do your cheek swab in private. Uri will have no idea of why this is happening so devise a good story to explain to him the need for this test.


I can understand your reluctance to divulge this information to us considering the narrow minded morals of the United States when it comes to sex. As for me I consider what you did admirable to help two people you loved greatly. I/We know you love all three imps equally and your dedication to them makes your story more believable.


As for your knowledge of Connor you are never to speak of him again. Few people know of his existence and fewer yet have access to utilize his protective powers. Connor isn”t something I use without a lot of soul searching. The more he is utilized the more someone will be wondering how their forces were defeated and as you can tell and probably have read in Mossad reports we have had some pretty intense incursion at Fort Connor.


Fort Connor is named for Connor Williams the man I loved as much as I love every imp Fort Connor has protected. Steven is secure in the love I have for him and he knows the love I had and have for Connor will always exist alongside the equal love I have for him in my heart, mind and soul.


I picked up two cheek swab DNA tests from Doc the next day and quick instructions on how to obtain the samples. I asked Doc not to ask any questions and how long I had to return the kits once the samples were obtained. I wanted the test done by a non-military lab and the bill to be sent directly to me, not to the military or to Worthington. Doc was always the epitome of discretion and understood this test and the results were strictly on a “need to know” and he didn”t need to know.


We all walked on egg shells for the 10 days it took to get the test results back. I didn”t put a rush on the tests because I didn”t want it to stand out to anyone. I just wanted it to appear as a standard test of which the lab does hundreds every day. When Doc handed me the test results in a sealed envelope he assured me even he hadn”t seen the results of the test. I thanked him and returned to our quarters.


I brought Ari up on our wrist com and asked him to join Steven and me in our quarters after he had the imps tucked in for the evening. A muted knock at the door as Steven opened it and invited Ari to join us. “Scotch or Moonshine” I asked of Ari and I wasn”t shocked when he asked for a “Moonshine, make it a double, neat”. The “moment of truth” awaited us.


I offered him the option of opening the test results and he deferred to Steven or Me to open the results. I handed the test results to Steven who had a broad smile when he opened and read the results. His smile continued as he congratulated the new dad and we both assured him of our discretion in the matter.


We now held a high degree of confidence that Ari was truly committed to the imps, all three of them even if Uri was his biological son. Ari had been and would continue to be the protector the three imps who trusted and loved this wonderful man.


The raging erection in Ari”s BDUs made it obvious how proud he was to have it confirmed he was a biological dad. As Steven and I held him in our arms we simply stated he couldn”t sleep with the imps with that hard monster needing attention. Steven and I dropped to our knees taking Ari”s BDUs with us till they were around his ankles and only his silk boxers covered the monster piece of hard flesh soaking his silk boxers with his pre-cum. A quick tug on the waistband and Ari”s monster hunk of Yiddish meat was exposed and ready for consumption. We were experienced at showing a man a great time with oral sex and Ari was about to have his balls emptied by two experts.


As I consumed the head of his cock and six to eight inches of his man meat through my mouth and down my throat my talented partner showed our guest how erotic tongue action and having ones ass eaten by bornova escort a pro can make for an explosive orgasm.


It wasn”t long and the desired results were obtained with the scream of his orgasm echoed through the walls of our home. As my mouth savored the flavor of his cum… Ari”s ass clamped on Stevens tongue letting him know this was pleasure he rarely had been given.


As we three returned to reality and helped our friend back to a normal state of dress we consumed the remainder of our drinks and Ari and I returned to the imps quarters so I could kiss them goodnight. I also wrapped my arms around Ari and gave him a kiss that night that assured him all was good between the three of us. Ari, Steven and I shared a secret that bonded us beyond our commitment to protect the imps. We had made an unbreakable bond of trust that would last the rest of our lives both now and in the hereafter.


I returned to our quarters to find Steven in all his naked beauty waiting for me with open arms. Tonight was a night for a long hot shower and having my every muscle massaged by a loving partner. I came close to my balls exploding as he tweaked my body in the shower. Steven was an expert at bringing me to the edge and not letting my balls explode. He did this continuously until my body was screaming for my need to fuck his sexy tight ass. He had accomplished his goal and now it was time for me to accomplish mine.


This was going to be a hard, fast, deep and powerful fuck. Plenty of lube inserted up his ass, around his sphincter and my cock lathered in lube. One fast powerful deep thrust and Mt. Meat was embedded in its willing victim. I could feel Steven”s muscles spasm as his balls blasted our sheets with his orgasm. As his ass muscles clamped on my love missile I hammered him to another explosive orgasm. I knew I was good for a long multi fuck, multi orgasm session of love with this man. He WOULD have a super sore ass in the morning which is nothing he hasn”t experienced before and definitely will again.


I can never get enough of his sexy ass which I have loved since the first night we shared our love and he offered me his innocence. Randy and Adam may have taken his virginity but Steven gave his love to me and committed his body to pleasure me in every way possible. This is a commitment the two of us have shared all these years. Our love is as solid as Randy and Adam and/or Luke and John have with their partners. Just thinking about the first night of love we shared made my balls explode and fill Steven”s ass to overflowing. This was going to be a major mess because I forgot to grab a towel when we left the bathroom. Oh, well… the men on “housekeeping” tomorrow will have no problems knowing what Steven and I are enjoying tonight and by noon the Jungle Grapevine will have the entire base buzzing about the sex life Steven and I share. The men are happy to have two commanding officers who are so much in love. They respect our privacy even if they get envious at times.


I made certain to put a tube of Doc”s super ointment in my BDUs to slip to Ari when he brought the imps around for breakfast. I knew he was going to have a sore ass and a sore cock from our “adventures” of the previous night. And, knowing our imps and how much they love to cuddle with their “Uncle” Ari just the thought of one of them climbing over his super sensitive cock makes me cringe with empathy. Just wait till they are a little older and he wakes up with one of them having his head between Ari”s legs giving him a pre-breakfast session of oral sex on his cock that is still super tender from its “workout” of the previous evening. Yes, “Uncle” Ari is in for some great experiences raising three imps when they become normal teenage sex monsters.


Fortunately for us adults Monday thru Friday are school days and that gives us some dedicated time we know we will have to address our professional responsibilities. I miss Steven all day as he is working with the Sergeants to determine which projects are addressed and in what timeline. Major Allen is buried in piles of paperwork which otherwise would be sitting on my desk and I”m always at the beckon call of Worthington staff and the Pentagon for their numerous needs. Let us not forget our old friends Randy and Adam who like to pull rank with those silver stars they now wear. At least for Randy and Adam it is usually a labor of love even when it is a task I hate. I can never thank them enough for bringing Steven into my life.


I discretely brought Doc and the Chaplain up on my wrist com and asked them to join me in my conference room as soon as they were available. They quickly joined me and were somewhat shocked when I locked it down into secure mode. “All right you two conspirators I need your help”… I want to keep Ari around here and that won”t happen until he finds someone to love so I need your help in finding the right man for him. You two are the “Brainiac”s” when it comes to people and personalities so help me to find the right man for him to fall in love and want to be part of Fort Connor and not Israel”s Mossad. We all know he has the hot body of a Nordic God and I guarantee you his sex equipment definitely would meet the standard of any God Nordic or otherwise. His mind hasn”t healed from losing the man he loved and I know how he feels being alone. If it wasn”t for the imps I”d be asking Doc to put him on a suicide watch. The imps are all that are keeping him sane and giving him a purpose in life. You two know the men of Fort Connor better than anyone else so put your minds together and let”s find Ari a man he can love the rest of his life.


After some discussion our meeting broke up as we all had other responsibilities to address which had to be done. This is a project that will be ongoing and doesn”t have to be done immediately. Finding the right man can be tricky and downright difficult. Not everyone falls head over heels like Luke and Billy Bob. We just have to find the right man and help give cupid a nudge in the right direction.


School was out for the day and our imps hurried to their home to finish homework so they could have free time to enjoy with the men. As Ari stuck his head in each bedroom to see what they were doing Jacob and Uri were engrossed in homework but David had his pants around his ankles and was stroking his cock watching a hot session of 69 on his laptop.


Ari coughed loudly enjoy to let David know he had indeed been caught with his pants down. (Literally and figuratively!) A very embarrassed imp tried to explain what he was doing and Ari assured him he was doing exactly what every young man in history has done growing up. You should be asking your older brother to help you out which caused David to blush a bright red. He was too shy to ask Jacob to teach him about sex. Ari just whispered to him keep the mood, he was going to take Uri for some ice cream and he assured him Jacob would be more than willing to help him.


As Ari walked into Jacob”s room, tapped him on the shoulder so Jacob would remove his earphones. Ari told him he was taking Uri for ice cream and David was in his bedroom with a hardon that needed some help going down. Take your time and make it a good learning experience as I heard you were great on your date (Which made Jacob blush bright red also).


Ari then walked into Uri”s bedroom, snatched him from his computer, sat him on his shoulders with his legs around his neck and hurried off to the Mess to liberate some ice cream from the freezer. As soon as the door to their quarters closed Jacob was in David”s bedroom and from the obvious state of David with his pants around his ankles and a raging hardon it didn”t take a scientist to know he needed his balls to explode. No verbal instruction was needed as Jacob knelt between his knees and the sounds emanating from David”s mouth made it apparent he wasn”t going to object to enjoying an orgasm from his talented brother. Jacob”s tongue was driving his cock wild, the warmth, the texture, the sucking was combining to make his balls ache and he was yet to learn about the explosion when his balls burst forth his youthful sweet cum. David”s hand suddenly grasp Jacob”s head in a death grip and it was obvious he was soon to experience a powerful orgasm which Jacob planned on savoring every drop of his brothers cum.


As David”s body finally quit convulsing Jacob was licking the residual leakage of the first orgasm they shared. Jacob licked his lips to get every sweet drop of his brother”s nectar. Jacob then sucked both of David”s balls into his mouth and his tongue lavished them with the overdue attention he desired. It only took a few minutes and David”s balls exploded with his second orgasm provided by his older brother. His body was exhausted even if his dick still stood at full mast. The brothers held each other securely kissing as only two loving brothers can kiss after their first moments of enjoying sex together.


As they left their BDUs on the floor they crawled into bed naked and in each others arms unashamed of the love they showed for each other. They had an hour before retreat and their evening meal and they wanted to use it to bask in the afterglow of the most intense moment two brothers can share in their young lives. A moment that will be burned in their memories for all eternity.


All two soon Ari and Uri returned and roused our naked sleeping lovers who quickly dressed and Ari with the three imps headed off for their daily retreat. As they stood in the serving line for their meal Ari leaned over and whispered in David”s ear if Jacob had helped him to understand his homework. David nearly dropped his tray of food and assured Ari he was now well versed in that chapter of his homework. Although, he may require assistance with additional chapters. Now it was Ari”s turn to have his tray clatter as he almost dropped it on the floor. Ari was getting turned on and the bulge in his BDUs was bostancı escort all too obvious to every horny man present. Any man present would volunteer to provide personal service to this hunk of a Nordic God.


As Steven and I watched from our table we looked at one another and knew we had to find someone who Ari could love and want to spend his life with… not to mention inherit a family of three imps who had yet to reach the devilish stage of being teenagers. We all knew it was going to get “worse” long before it got “better”.


I had to smile a few days later when the Chaplain came into my office and said he may have the solution to our mutual problem… Ari. The Chaplain was counseling a young man who had the hots for Ari but was too shy to approach our Captain. His rank intimidated this young PFC (Private First Class) as did the beauty of this man wanting some as plain and simple as this PFC. The Chaplain assured our PFC there was no harm in making his interest know to Ari.


Now that we had a potential victim we needed to arrange it so these two can be together and see if there is chemistry and their pheromones excite one another. Sometimes these scenarios just mesh together so beautifully. I got a video conference from Luke advising he wanted to send some techs to the Vance property in West Virginia and would I provide a security detail for the trip. As he expected me to resist sending men off base until we determined the source and rationale for this latest incursion attempt he was shocked when I readily agreed to a small detail.


I gathered my co-conspirators and I selected a small detail that included Ari and the “victim ala carte” our willing sacrifice on altar of incredible sex. I made certain Ari knew this soldier needed his personal attention and to let his good judgement rule but sometimes one has to be a man first and foremost and an officer second.


I had to hold a lottery to select four men from the nearly 100 men who volunteered for the security detail. I finally had the four squad leaders select one man from each squad to accompany Ari and the Worthington Techs. The techs, Ari and the squad received a warm welcome by the Vances when they arrived. No one had the guts to ask what was in the stew served for dinner but it truly was delicious. (Billy Bob had yet to convince his family to use the food stocked in their freezer.) After dinner everyone paired up for the evening and it became well apparent the Worthington Tech were well versed about how great the Vance boys were in bed because after everyone settled in for the evening Ari was left with one bed and the victim we had selected for him.


I knew word spread fast across the mountain the Army was back at the Vance farm and horny young mountain studs abounded keeping our techs and soldiers well satisfied. Ari and our young victim were surprised when they were invited into the hay loft the next morning and farm clothes and uniforms disappeared showing hard meat needing attention from all present. Our mountain boys wanted to top and Ari wanted to bottom this morning. As our soldier was screaming through his first of many orgasms he mutter how much he wanted Ari to fuck his ass. Ari was getting his ass reamed by a hard mountain cock who was showing him no mercy. Finally, our Mountain Boys reached their point of no return and their balls exploded filling the now loosened ass to overflowing with their hot mountain cum.


Ari and our soldier lay exhausted in the hay looking into each others eyes. Our young soldier was embarrassed to admit he wanted Ari to be the one to fuck him like what he had just experienced. Ari looked into his eyes and saw his need and feelings were real. His honest desires was like an aphrodisiac to Ari and caused his spent cock to have renewed life and rise to full mast.


As our two soldiers held each other their lips kissed and their tongues danced the dance of two men in love. There was no rush, only the desire to pleasure this young innocent soldier. Ari positioned him in a doggie position and saw the copious amount of cum that still leaked from his ass. There was little need for foreplay and entrance to his body would be simple. One massive thrust and Ari was balls deep as he held him through his first full body orgasm. When our young soldier”s mind and body returned to reality Ari proceeded to give him the hard fuck he so desired. Ari was a master at bringing a man to the edge and then backing off again and again until he was screaming to be filled with hot cum blasting into his body. Ari was more than happy to provide his wish and multiple times.


When it was time that evening to pair off Ari was the first to leave the table hand in hand with our now willing victim. From the screams of passion emanating from their bedroom there was no question as to why they were walking funny when they arrived at the breakfast table. It took a few days longer than planned for the Worthington Techs to complete their job and no one was complaining. Even a married mountain man enjoyed a tight ass when their wives were pregnant or “on the rag”.


Most mountain boys were really virgins on their wedding night but had plenty of experience with their brothers and male friends as to how to pleasure someone with their hard cock. We learned that Ari was indeed happy being a bottom as much as he was destroying a tight ass of a man who wanted to be fucked. He was the “wet dream” of every soldier on base even the married ones. (Marriage may mean one is committed to another but it doesn”t mean one can”t look and appreciate what is available.)


I have to admit just hearing the rumors of what our small group of men enjoyed during their trip to the hills of West Virginia gave me a raging boner that destroyed Seven”s ass and left him limping for days. When I asked Ari if he enjoyed his off base assignment he simply said it was more enjoyable than any gay resort he had ever attended. (Perhaps Pa Vance should open a B&B [Bed and Breakfast].)


I knew Ari was hooked when Uri came to him, crawled onto his lap, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him gently. Uri then told Ari to “MAN UP” and introduce the imps to this man for whom he obviously had feelings. If Ari felt he had to live with the imps to protect them then invite his friend to spend the nights and weekends he had off with him. The imps were old enough to know Ari needed a sex life and it hurt them to feel they were preventing him from enjoying life.


Yes, his “little boys” were growing up and all too fast. Ari had lost his virginity and innocence when he was 13 so it wasn”t any surprise that our boys were interested in sex and starting to enjoy sex as they reached the age where most boys learn how to enjoy their bodies. Ari couldn”t chastise them for doing what boys have been doing since the beginning of time. He really didn”t care if they were straight, bi or gay just so they were happy and content with their choice in life.


Ari ask the squad sergeant if he could talk with one of his men and it was all too obvious the discussion was personal and not about anything military or base related. Ari explained the event of the previous evening and if this is going to work we have to enjoy a nudist lifestyle with the imps and not be embarrassed about sex, having sex or enjoying sex. We have to show them what a healthy sex life is and that two people in love enjoy having sex.


That is the first time Ari had used the word love and it even shocked him. Suddenly, he was held tight and kissed passionately… all he heard were the words… Yes, Yes, Yes repeated. This is my weekend to be off duty and I hope you”ll invite me to spend it with you and the imps.


Ari was concerned if he could get an erection and maintain it with the imps in an adjoining bedroom. He didn”t want to fail this man he loved and he didn”t want the imps to feel they were preventing him for having a lover in his life. This week would be a test for all of them and the entire base was rooting for their success.


Friday night retreat was finished and our off duty squad had 48 hours to relax and enjoy life unless we get a surprise attack. Ari now had to face the reality of introducing our PFC to his imps and try to show his “family” how to have an enjoyable sex life with three imps in residence.


Ari, his new love and the three imps had barely settled in their quarters Friday evening when there was a knock at their door and the Mess staff wheeled in a beautiful decorated cake and enough ice cream to guarantee three young upset stomachs come Saturday morning. Ari knew the entire base was in on this conspiracy and talk about performance anxiety. Ari hadn”t felt this much pressure with having sex since the night he fucked his first boyfriend.


Ari thanked the Mess staff and was told they could pick up the cart and utensils after breakfast in the morning. As the blast door closed and the Mess staff exited our five conspirators enjoyed a desert treat which rarely got served in their quarters. After the imps consumed far too much ice cream and toppings Ari informed them it was time for bed so hit the shower, wash all the food off their face and hit the beds.


As they scampered off to their rooms to undress they then made a naked dash through their living quarters and into the bathroom for their nightly showers. Of course, from the sounds emanating from the shower plenty of horseplay was also on their agenda. Our imps weren”t noted for their good behaving for too long without their true colors shining through.


As the three imps at least had the modesty to wrap a towel around their now clean bodies they filed past Ari for their nightly inspection. Faces were clean and they even washed behind their ears. They were indeed trying to be on their best behavior.


As our three imps scampered off to bed Ari excused himself saying he had to tuck buca escort them in and kiss them goodnight. Ari was showing the tender loving compassion which rarely came through when he was in full military mode. When Ari kiss Uri good night he was asked if they had been good enough to which he replied: “You three were wonderful”.


Ari returned to his guest and simply asked: “Shall we retire to my quarters” which didn”t require an answer. Our PFC rose, wrapped his arms around Ari, kissed him passionately and said: “You really do love them”! “More than you”ll ever know” was Ari”s simply reply.


As they walked hand in hand to Ari”s bedroom the door was closed but not locked. Jacob and David were candid with Ari about their sex life and Uri had the “brainstorm” for Ari to bring a lover home for the night to meet the imps. Ari turned to his new friend and said: “I”ll understand if you want to leave”… he wasn”t allowed to complete the sentence as he was wrapped in a passionate embrace and lips on his that had every intension of devouring his body inch by inch. “You aren”t wearing any rank so just consider us two horny men who care about each other and want to pleasure each other in every way possible.


Suddenly our PFC was in charge, on his knees and chocking on every inch of prime Yiddish beef he could get into his throat. There was no doubt his intention was to pleasure Ari and drain his balls multiple times this night. Ari was so turned on that without warning his balls started blasting forth filling the mouth of his young lover to overflowing. Before his balls stopped ejaculating a scream could be heard and Ari went racing out of his bedroom heading toward Jacob”s bedroom. Jacob was having another night terror remembering the deaths of his parents. As Ari wrapped his arms around his young charge it didn”t matter he was naked with his cock leaking cum… all that mattered was for Jacob to know he was secure in the arms of a man he trusted with his life.


A few hours later Ari returned to his bedroom to find his guest wide awake waiting for him to return. “While you were with Jacob I made sure David and Uri were fine and then I stopped by the shower hoping we might have time for a quickie before getting the imps ready to face another day.


Ari was still naked and the thought of a quickie definitely had the blood racing to fill his manhood for action. As he took the lube from the nightstand he applied a copious amount to his guest, put him in the doggie position, suggested he might want a mouthful of pillow as he buried every hard inch between his legs into his lover on the first powerful thrust. Ari”s balls ruptured and he filled his lover to overflowing with his hot seed. As his lover returned from Nirvana he only muttered: “Fuck me, make love to me until you can”t get it hard again”! Ari was more than willing to oblique.


The sound of skin hitting skin vibrated through their quarters and Jacob and David had no doubt as to where the sound was coming from. Uri didn”t know exactly what they were doing he just hoped they were enjoying themselves and that Ari would invite his guest back again in the near future.


Jacob apologized profusely to Ari”s guest as they were preparing to leave for morning “Colors”… He was assured no apology or explanation was necessary as he had a younger brother who would become terrified during the night. He had spent many nights holding his brother in his arms guaranteeing him he wasn”t alone. Even now we video conference all we can and I hope someday you”ll want to meet him.


After Ari turned the imps lose for a day of seeing who would help them with their PT, some swimming, soccer, exploring the nooks of Fort Connor and just doing what imps do Ari actually had some private time with his guest. “Do you really have a brother you helped with night terrors?” And Ari was shocked when the answer was YES, I”d never lie to you or the imps about myself. “And, before you even think of apologizing for what you might think was a destroyed night… believe me it showed me how much you care about your three imps and I”d never fault you for those feelings.” Whether or not you invite me back is your choice but don”t think I don”t understand what happened last night.


Ari simply took the hand of his new lover and took him to his bedroom… It was now time for Ari to get his ass destroyed as he stripped naked, lay on his back, hooking his hands behind his knees drawing them tight to his chest and simply said: “If you really love me then give my ass that hard meat that is bulging in your BDUs. Yes, Ari could take as well as he could give and when the imps finally returned from their day of fun and games around Fort Connor their home smelled like a “locker room”. They simply went to the supply closet and liberally applied a can of the heavy duty air freshener that was left over from the previous imps. Ari just smiled at his three young companions in life knowing that the disaster of the previous night had been adverted.


Sunday night after all the events of the weekend had finished, the imps were tucked in bed and Ari was comfortable thinking of how wonderful it was to have someone in life to share his body and love… a quiet knock at his bedroom door requested admittance. Jacob shyly entered and asked if they could talk. Ari threw back the sheet and blanket and reached out with his arms to hold him tightly. “You are always welcome 24 hours a day.” “I”m sorry I ruined you night with your friend. From as hard as your cock was and leaking like a garden hose I must have really interrupted you mid orgasm.” Ari held him, kissed him and said: “Actually, you only helped me to understand what a great person my new friend is and between us he got his ass destroyed the next morning and he destroyed mine while you three were out and about yesterday”. No harm, no foul and you three are more important to me than anything and that includes my sex life. Ari and Jacob slept together the rest of the night both secure in the knowledge of the love they shared. The three imps had a protector that would give up his life before allowing any harm to come to them.


Well before sunrise two additional imps came running into Ari”s bedroom complaining they weren”t invited to a cuddle night with Ari. As Uri bounced into bed he landing on Ari”s morning erection which caused some major pain. Uri said: “Oops, someone hasn”t gone to the bathroom yet this morning” as he scurried back to his room and got dressed for the day. Jacob and David went running after Uri as Ari massaged his bent Penis and bruised balls which Uri also managed to land on when he jumped in bed. Ari only hoped the pain eased up so he wouldn”t have to admit this to Doc. Doc may be discrete but it would be so embarrassing to be put on the “injured and disabled” list by ones kids.


Ari was still limping when he entered the conference room for the daily briefing. A few snide comments were made that Ari had a great weekend from the condition he was in this morning. Ari”s only comment was: “I should be that lucky. If the truth be told you can blame this on Uri who jumped into bed this morning and landed on my nuts” to which everyone in the room cringed. Doc simply said if the pain doesn”t clear up by this afternoon come see me and that is an order! Steven and I had similar occurrences with our sons and the previous imps. We could feel our nuts crawling up in our scrotums just from the thought of what Ari was experiencing.


After the meeting was completed I asked Ari to stay back and I told him both Steven and I had similar experiences with our sons so we could empathize. You are off duty till noon. Get a supply of chemical ice packs from medical, get naked, go to bed and pack your nuts in ice. (Yeah, one of the fun things they don”t tell you about being a dad.) If you aren”t much improved by Lunch you are to see Doc and that is an order! Besides, I understand the new friend you have in your life greatly enjoyed the time he spent with you and the imps so we want to keep you fully functional. I didn”t think Ari could be any more embarrassed so welcome to the elite club of “Fathers of Fort Connor”. Besides our two sons, there was Luke and Billy Bob raising Logan and Aiden, John and Connor raising R.A., and of course Randy and Adam raising Luke and John. We all had our “sons” land on our cock and balls jumping into bed to cuddle while we were asleep. You can always order the Kevlar add on “Jock Cup” for your body armor. (My comment failed to lighten the mood of our conversation.) When I thought he couldn”t turn any redder he simply asked: “May I be excused”? To which I replied: “You have your orders, dismissed”.


Time to face another day of paperwork when I”d rather be destroying Stevens ass all morning, afternoon and night but I have to ration myself or Steven will be on the “injured and disabled” list and I”ll have my nuts in the wringer with Doc. Doc has taken care of many asses I have destroyed over the years and I do have to admit everyone was consensual. And, frankly… Mt. Meat never met a tight ass he didn”t want to fuck. Steven knows I”d never cheat on him and that he is the one and only man in my life I love (Not counting the imps.).


The silence was broken when OPS advised I had an urgent call from Randy and Adam… “And what good news do you two have for me this morning” as I cheerfully answered the phone. “You are in deep shit” came the reply. We know why everyone is so interested in your imps. Somehow one or all three of your imps learned the master launch codes for Israel”s nuclear arsenal. Mama Bear has already told the President that she won”t turn the imps over to anyone regardless of who orders it. So, to protect you and Steven you are hereby ordered that only the President of the United States can authorize anyone to remove the imps from Fort Connor and that includes Luke and John. If it comes to a court martial I”d rather have my stars in jeopardy than your birds. FYI… It will take Israel six months to change over the security and codes on their complete nuclear arsenal. In the meantime… Do what you do best… “PROTECT THE IMPS AT ANY COST”!





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