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All Tied Up

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The evening has been spent peacefully. A quiet dinner, lots of interesting conversation, a couple of drinks, relaxing, no interruptions. During the conversation I ask how you feel about being tied up. You just smile that beautiful smile you have, and give me the distinct impression that you might be agreeable, but you are going to make me work for it. I know that smile all too well, and I know it means the night could get very interesting.

I get up, and wiggle my finger asking you silently to follow me. I lead you back to the bedroom, and you are surprised to see the room lit only by candles. The soft scent of lavender in the air, just enough to immediately relax you. Lots of extra pillows on the bed atop a fur throw. There are several silk scarves laid out across the bed, and a bottle of oil on the bedside table.

I wrap my arms around your waist, and pull myself up against you. A wicked grin of my own on my face. I tilt my head back slightly to look in your eyes. My tongue darts out of my mouth, and I gently run it across your lips, as they part. You open your mouth to allow my tongue to enter, but it doesn’t, I start to flick it over your lips softly, and your smile broadens.

I reach up and start to unbutton your shirt, kissing your chest as my hands move down, and finally pull your shirt tail out and push it back over your shoulders. Slipping my tongue softly over your chest, and slowing around each nipple. I reach down and unzip your pants and let them fall to the floor. I kneel before you, and remove your shoes, your socks, your pants, and your shorts. My hands slowly moving up and down your back, as I continue to kiss your neck, your shoulders and your chest.

“I don’t think this is very fair.” You say, but the response you receive is only a giggle, and you have heard that giggle many times before, it means I am feeling particularly wicked.

I take you by the hand and guide you over to the bed. “Why don’t you lay down and get comfortable. I’m driving tonight.”

You laugh and say “ok.”

When you have gotten comfy, I take one of the silk scarves tie it around your wrist, and then to the bedpost. Going around to the other side of the bed I do the same with the other wrist. Then each foot.

As I stand at the foot of the bed, I slowing begin to unbutton my dress,pull it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Under the dress I have on a red lace teddy, sculpted to fit my body, and thru the lace you see my nipples are already hard with excitement.

I crawl up on the bed, and straddle you, sitting on your hips. I reach over for the bottle of oil, and pour a small amount into the palm of my hand, and rub my hands together to warm it. I reach up toward your face, and slowly begin to massage your forehead, your temples, across your nose, and your cheeks.

Your soft moans of pleasure tell me you are becoming content with your predicament.

I move down to your shoulder, and then move up one arm, gently rubbing each finger, then back down the arm. Following with the other arm in the same manner. As I lean over you to get to each hand, you feel the lace barely brush against your skin, and chills run up and down your back.

With some more oil, I massage your chest, kneading your skin, and applying only a little pressure, run my finger tips in circles from your neck down to your navel. Paying particular attention to each nipple until yours are almost as hard as mine.

I raise up, and move down between your spread legs. Adding more oil to my hands, I massage your thigh, your knee, your shin, the sole of your foot, and each toe. Then back up that leg, barely brushing over your swelling cock, and down the other leg in the same manner.

I pour a little more oil into my palm, and massage your stomach, your hips, and your inner thighs, being very careful not to touch your excited manhood.

“You are wicked, woman.” you laugh.

I barely run my fingertips over your balls, and then the palm of my hand up your cock applying pressure. You moan again and I feel your hips thrust up.

“Would you like something to drink?” I ask innocently. Your head comes up off the pillows, and you look at me like I’m nuts. I shrug my shoulders, get up off the bed and leave the room.

“Oh God Shannon.” I hear as I exit the room giggling.

You lay there waiting for me to return, and I do several minutes later with a glass of water “Sure you don’t want any?”

“No, thank you very much.”

I go to the side of the bed, and sit the glass on the table, taking my time. I am close enough to you that you can see I am already wet, and you inhale that familiar aroma. I go back down to the foot of the bed, and crawl back up between your legs. You are fully erect at this point, and you are getting more excited by the anticipation. Eryaman Escort I run my fingers back up the inside of your thhighs. And then lean over you and flick my tongue over your balls. You jerk involuntarily, and I start to lick getting your balls wet with my saliva.

Another moan. My nails move up your sides, softly scraping your hips and your stomach. My tongue goes to the side and runs up between your thigh and your hip, one side then the other. Your cock is jerking, begging for attention, but is completely ignored. You raise your head to watch for a few minutes, the lay your head back again and close your eyes relishing the sensation.

I continue running my fingertips over your thighs, stomach and hips, very, very gently, barely touching you, and I keep getting closer and closer to your massive cock, but still not touching it. I then start to follow the same pattern with my tongue, going in circles over your thigh, up over your hip, up to your stomach, down to the other hip, and then to the other thigh. Up the inside of that thigh, barely touching you, across your balls, to the inside of the other thigh, and then starting all over again. My tongue gliding gently, my touch barely a tickle over your skin. Going all around your cock, but never actually touching it. Your swelling dick jerking up at the slightest hint of a touch, and moans escaping from your throat, your breathing increasing and becoming somewhat faster.

Finally during one pass over your stomach, my tongue just barely flicks the tip of your cock, and your entire body jerks, you thrust your hips up, but I quickly move on, a very disappointed sound escaped from deep in your throat. With the next pass over your stomach I start to slide my body up yours.

You feel the stiff lace against your cock, and you raise your hips to increase the pressure. As I go higher up your body you feel the swell of my breasts against you, and my nipples oh so hard, pressed against your flesh.

My tongue moves up to your chest, and then from one nipple to the other, first just licks, then wrapping my lips around each, and sucking softly, then nibbling at first with just my teeth and the next time using my teeth and flicking my tongue roughly across each one at the same time. Your hips still pressing hard against me. I feel you strain to try and free yourself to be able to touch me, but you can not.

My tongue glides up over your chest to your neck, kissing, licking, nibbling gently, then to your ear. I raise up just a little, and run my tongue across your lips, you raise your head, and we kiss, our tongues dancing over each other, our breaths mingling, and our lips locked together as though they were one. But all too soon I move on, over to the other ear, nibbling and licking it for awhile, then back down to your shoulder, back to one nipple, then the other, and moving back down your body. Your hips keep pressing up toward me as you feel my body slide back down between your legs. I sit up again, and pour a little more oil into my hands. After rubbing them together, I wrap my hands around the base of your cock, and I feel your hips thrust again, and hear a change in your breathing. I run my hands up and down the shaft, softly gliding with the help of the oil. I lean forward and flick my tongue over the head a few times, my hands still moving slowly up and down the shaft.

I start to swirl my tongue around the head , and finally just under the ridge. I wrap my lips around you and sucking gently pull my lips up over the ridge and then back down, still swirling my tongue around and around. Every once in awhile scrapping my teeth over the ridge, and then just my lips again. One hand moves down and starts to caress your balls, as the other continues to move up and down the shaft, and my lips and tongue continue to make the head swell. I feel your hips moving to the same rhythm, and your body starting to jerk uncontrollably. Moans and “YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” coming from deep within your throat, very gruff sounding, animalistic.

As your hips start to thrust upward harder with more intensity, I remove my hand, and in one stroke swallow your entire length completely down. Feeling the head hit the back of my throat and then slip past, all the way.

Your hips thrust up again and you scream out. I very very slowly slide my lips back up the shaft, over the ridge, and with one last flick of my tongue over the tip, I sit up straight.

“Oh NNNNNOOOOOOO” you moan “Baby please don’t stop. That feels sssssssooooooooo good.”

But nothing else happens, you are sure that I have not gotten up off the bed, but you are not sure where I’ve gone. You raise your head, and look down at me. Kneeling between your legs. One hand separating my Sincan Escort pussylips, and in the other a dildo, circling my clit, down between my lips, and entering into my dripping pussy, just barely and then back up and around my clit. You lay there watching, and aching for quite some time. You have no idea how long. The dildo begins to disappear inside my pussy, and you see me fingering my clit with the other hand. You lay there helplessly, watching me fuck myself, my hips moving to meet the dildo, my breathing speeding up, you notice a slight flush to my skin. You moan again, very loud. I remove the dildo, and bring it up to my lips. I start to run my tongue from one end to the other, licking up every drop, and you know that smile on my face all too well. Your head drops back down on the pillow, and you moan even louder.

You feel movement and realize that I have removed the teddy. I kneel again between your legs, and begin stroking your cock slowly from the tip to the base. you feel me moving back up and straddling your hips again. With my pussy lips stil spread and dripping wet, I sit down on your cock, and move my hips up and down, slidding my witness up and down the length but not allowing you to enter. You feel the wet heat, and you feel me tremble every time my clit hits the head of your cock. You thrust your hips to increase the pressure, and for a very long time I continue to rub myself against you.

I raise up just a little, and with my hand guide your cock into my wet tight cunt. But just the head, again you thrust your hips upward trying to drive yourself deeper, but I move away from you, and won’t allow you any deeper than just the head. I move my hips in small circles over your hips, but will not allow you to go any deeper yet.

Still moving my hips in circles, squeezing my muscles tight, and moving agonizingly slow, I start to lower myself on to you. It takes what seems like hours before you are finally completely surrounded by my pussy.

For quite some time I just sit there very still, squeezing and then relaxing my muscles. Squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing. You try to thrust your hips up, to feel some friction, but my strong legs are locked, and there is little to no movement, except for the squeezing.

“Shannon, FUCK ME.” you cry out.

Instead I lean over on top of you, and our lips meet again. You suck my tongue hungrily into your mouth, and our tongues dance again. My hands on each side of your face, our lips locked in a powerful embrace. As we kiss I very slowly start to move my hips, again in circles, still squeezing and releasing. Your hips continue to move to try and drive your cock deeper and deeper. The kiss lasts for what seems an eternity, both of us lost in a world of pure pleasure. Our tongues each teasing the other.

My hips still moving in small circles and you thrusting up and back.

My breath quickens, and I raise up, my hands on your chest, my head back, my back arched, and my pussy tight against you, melting into you. My body stiffens, and then begins to tremble. My mouth opens with a silent scream, and you watch my face contort in pleasure. You feel a warm wetness spreading over your hips, running down over your balls, and between your thighs. You raise up just enough to be able to flick your tongue across my rock hard nipples, and my hips thrust against you harder as I scream out and begin to shudder. You feel the muscle spasms squeeze your cock.

After several moments, I lay back down on top of you, nuzzle my face into your neck, and then raise my ass just enough that you fall out.

You try without success to stay inside me, but I continue to pull away, and then lay flat on top you. Your cock throbbing intensely, your body shuddering with mine, you want to wrap your arms around me, and then roll me over and fuck me until I scream. You move your head down slightly, and whisper in my ear “Shannon, untie my hands.”

I raise my head, my face inches from yours, and I grin. “Not yet my love, I’m not finished with you just yet.” I say with an evil giggle.

I feel a moan of disappointment come from deep in your chest.

I straighten up, and slide all the way up your chest, my nectar running over you. I start to slide back down your body, the juices from my cum spreading over both our bodies. I start to lick my way down your body, lapping up the tasty liquid like a hungry animal. Not nearly as gentle as before, intensely, sucking, licking biting, across your shoulder over each nipple down the center of your chest, down your stomach, and my tongue finally flicks over the tip of your swollen throbbing cock.

As I settle down between you legs, I lick my juices from your cock from one end to the other, licking your balls, underneath them, the Etlik Escort inside of both of your thighs, moving almost frantically, with an intensity you have never seen in me before. Your body continues to trimble and shiver, you want to cum so bad, you feel as though you are going to explode at any moment.

After I have licked almost your entire body clean of sweat and my nectar, I wrap my lips around the head of your cock, swirl my tongue around, and slowly start moving my lips down the shaft. An inch at a time, all the way back up to the tip, and then a little further down, sucking, and flicking my tongue up and down the shaft. You once again feel your engorged head hit the back of my throat and your hips thrust upward. I slide my lips back up to the tip, and then back down, past the back of my throat, and I swallow you completely, my lips pressed against your skin at the base of your cock. Very very slowly back up to the top, and then a sudden, quick thrust to take your length completely down my throat. You hips press up again against my face, and you cry out “God YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

Slowly back to the tip, and then I let you drop from my mouth. “Oh NNNNNOOOOOOOO SHANNON GOD NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO Don’t stop”

I start to run my tongue back up over your hips, to your stomach, to your chest, you squirm underneath me, moaning loud, and starting to show your agitation. I straddle your chest, and you smell my aroma just inches from your face. You raise your head, and try to reach me with your tongue, but you just can’t quite get there. I slowly reach up, and pull one of the scarves, and the binding loosens, you raise your hand and grab my ass, pulling my pussy closer to your face, as I reach up and pull the other scarf. You grab me with both hands and pull me up onto your face. Sucking my wet pussy lips in between your teeth, nibbling, sucking, and working your tongue up to my clit. My hips move back and forth pressing my wet pussy against your mouth, and your delicious tongue. Within just a few minutes, my body shivers again, and your face is covered with my juices, you feel my muscles jerking, and my body tremble over and over. My fingers are tangled in your hair, and you just keep licking my clit, easing for only a few seconds and then burying your face again you suck my swollen clit in between your lips and nibble gently. My body starts to tremble again, and I scream out loud, pressing against your mouth. You ease off slightly, my clit still between your lips, but only sucking softly. I raise myself up off you and fall on top of you licking my cum off your face, our tongues once again teasing each other, the taste shared between us, I lick more off, and give you deep passionate kisses, licking, kissing, licking, kissing, over and over.

I raise up enough to move off you, and start to crawl to the end of the bed to untie your feet. As soon as both your feet are free, you grab me by the waist and pull me back toward you. You take your cock and rub it between my dripping lips, getting it as wet as you can. Then you gently guide yourself toward my ass. Your head enters, and my body stiffens slightly, until I feel that wonderful familiar pop, that means you have entered me. I look back over my shoulder “Yes, baby, fuck my ass, pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You start to slowly move in and out, a centimeter at a time, your hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me back toward you. I reach down between my legs, and start to play with my clit. My hips starting to meet each of your thrusts, as you slowly drive yourself deeper into me.

When you are buried completely, you pull back leaving just the head inside me, and then thrust forward fast. Pulling out slowly, and then driving into me again. “Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck me harder.”

Your thrusts get quicker, harder, driving your cock deep into my ass, feeling my muscles tighten around you, not sure how much longer you are going to be able to last. Your thrusts getting harder, faster, more intense. Your balls beating against my hot wet pussy. My body shivers again, and I throw my head back and scream out like a caged animal, rubbing my clit hard, and pushing back against you hard and fast. Muscles spasming, you can feel me cumming over and over again, you feel my juice spraying over your balls and your inner thighs, dripping down your legs.

Your body stiffens, and with one final hard thrust I feel you explode, your hands wrapped around my waist, pushing against me hard, our screams and cries blending together, not being able to tell one from the other. We stay suspended for several moments, neither of us able to move, as though ours hearts have suddenly stopped.

With one final scream, and one more plunge, we both fall forward, me on my face, you on top of me, still buried as deep as you will go. Your cum running out of my ass around your still throbbing cock.

Our breaths finally starting to slow. You pull my hair back and run your tongue up my neck to my ear. And you whisper softly. “Just wait for the pay back my lover.”

We both laugh out loud, and lay there completely spent, and exhausted.

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