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All the Power in the World…?

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Sephiroth walked through the forest. He was 6’2″ with long silvery blond hair and golden eyes. Though he looked to be in his twenties or early thirties, he was really 152 years old. His longevity was due to the dragon’s blood inside him. He was a human with great physical and magical power; a Dragon Knight.

Upon initiation, a Dragon Knight had the blood of a dragon alchemically infused into their body. Sephiroth had already had much of his power before then and was chosen to be the first Dragon Knight. In his time, he had become a world-renowned legend.

Four years ago he had rescued a girl from a figure of great evil and adopted her as his daughter. Her name was Melissa, a beautiful girl recently turned 18. Emotionally distant, Sephiroth slowly became less cold because of Melissa.

“Sephiroth!” a familiar voice called. The Dragon Knight looked up from his pondering, casting his golden gaze on a beautiful, dark-haired woman. “Crystal. To what reason might you be wandering about?” Sephiroth inquired. She giggled a bit at his phrasing.

“I was looking for you. Melissa wishes you to return to the manor,” Crystal replied. “I see. I will return shortly-” Sephiroth trailed off suddenly. His golden eyes glittered, hand moving to his sword.

“What is it?” Crystal asked. He ignored her, focusing.

Like lightning Sephiroth moved and shortly thereafter three men fell to the ground.

“I told them not to carry out this plan. But young students are always eager,” someone said. “Hieu!” Crystal exclaimed, running happily to her husband.

Sephiroth returned his sword and glanced around. As his friend stated, three students from Hieu’s Academy lay beaten. “You three have a long way to go. You may have been accepted to such an exclusive Academy for unusual power Giresun Escort for ones so young.

“But power is nothing if you cannot harness it,” Sephiroth lectured. Without another word he walked away, heading for his manor. “For someone who refuses to teach at the Academy, he had a good lesson there,” Hieu observed.


Melissa sat at her vanity, brushing her long blonde hair as she watched in the mirror. She was about 5’4″ with a fair complexion and blue eyes. The girl was very beautiful though she thought her small breasts could have been bigger. She heard her father’s voice and ran to the door.

It was quite a distance from her room. The manor was large and she had to go down hallways and stairs. Finally Melissa made it and hugged Sephiroth tightly.

“Welcome home daddy!” she greeted excitedly. He stiffened a bit, not as much as he used to but still noticeable.

“Greetings Melissa. I hope you were not overly lonely in my absence,” Sephiroth said. “I was fine, Daddy. But I’m still happy you’re home.” Melissa waited until he sat then climbed into Sephiroth’s lap, nestling her head against his chest. He did nothing at first, not used to his daughter’s closeness.

After a while Sephiroth held her, remembering from past discussions on showing affection that this was proper. “I was with Scarlett today,” Melissa said suddenly. “Indeed? Our wayward young queen’s irresponsibility continues to astound me. Though actually no, I am not surprised,” the Dragon Knight replied.

Melissa giggled.

“Anyway, we talked about you. We’ve agreed it’s time you learned how to love.” Sephiroth looked down at her.

“Really?” he inquired stoically. “And just who is supposed to teach me?” Melissa smiled, blue eyes sparkling.

“Me! Giresun Escort Bayan Yay!” she exclaimed, kissing her daddy’s lips.

Sephiroth did not react. At least not physically. As a master strategist he was accustomed to analyzing any situation. So that’s what he did. It felt good enough and clearly it’s something Melissa wanted. That was good enough. Sephiroth kissed her back and Melissa squealed happily.

They sat there for quite awhile, just making out. Melissa discovered her daddy was an amazing kisser. Eventually though, she got off of his lap.

The young girl sat between Sephiroth’s leg. She quickly stripped off all her clothing and then removed his.

Melissa gasped. There, between her sexy daddy’s legs, was a huge 10 inch cock.

“Wooow. It looks just like Scarlett described in her fantasies of you,” she observed.

“I thought I had put an end to such fantasies,” Sephiroth remarked.

Melissa held her daddy’s cock, stroking it as she slowly licked from base to tip. Gradually she began to stroke harder, swirling her tongue around the tip. After kissing the head of Sephiroth’s cock, Melissa took it into her mouth. She began sucking, moaning softly.

Continuing to stroke, the young girl took more of her daddy’s delicious cock into her mouth. She sucked hard, massaging the tip with her tongue. Then she began thrusting it inside her, moaning louder. Sephiroth’s large cock kept hitting the wall of Melissa’s mouth as she thrust it in, repeatedly deep-throating her daddy.

She took in as much as she could, gagging slightly. She quickly got used to the size and began sucking hungrily. Her stroking of the rest of Sephiroth’s cock was hard and fast. Eventually, he ejaculated, flooding Melissa’s mouth with hot semen. Escort Giresun She swallowed as much as she could but there was just so much.

The semen poured past the girl’s lips, covering her face as well as her little breasts. Melissa pulled Sephiroth’s cock out of her mouth.

“Do you love me, Daddy?” she asked innocently. “Yes.” Melissa smiled.

“Then you need to have sex with me,” she said. Taking his hand, she led him up to her room.

“Daddy, are you able to…um, make children?” Melissa inquired.

“No. As a limiter to my power, the gods took away that ability when I became a Dragon Knight. Otherwise, beings of great power could have run around unchecked,” Sephiroth explained.

“Oh good. Then I can take as much as you can give me without worry!” Melissa exclaimed.

She laid down on her bed. Sephiroth sat above her, pushing his cock into his daughter’s tight virgin pussy. He began thrusting steadily and she screamed in pleasure.

“Oh yes Daddy, you feel so good in my little pussy,” Melissa moaned. Sephiroth continued thrusting, eliciting sounds of pleasure from his little girl.

Sephiroth pushed in more. About 7 inches of his cock was taken in by Melissa’s little pussy. She screamed loudly in pain and pleasure as he thrust hard. The walls of Melissa’s pussy were being torn but she didn’t care. This felt too amazing!

“Oh gods yes Daaaddyy!!” she exclaimed.

He thrust faster, Melissa’s virgin pussy impaled on his cock. His cock thrust relentlessly against his daughter’s g-spot. Eventually she screamed as loud as possible, an incredible orgasm ripping through her body. Melissa came hard and nearly passed out. Sephiroth ejaculated, filling her pussy with two long streams of semen.

Sephiroth pulled out and Melissa used what little strength she had left to pull him down beside her. She kissed him deeply and he kissed back.

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered.

“I…love you too Melissa.” She let out a little squeal of delight and snuggled up to Sephiroth, quickly falling asleep.

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