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All of You

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CONTENT WARNING: Contains a scene with period sex. Look out for @$$@$$@$$ if you want to skip the scene. Thank you.


Chapter 1

(Present day)

My inner muscles contract reflexively from my orgasm. “Uh, yes…” Liam hisses. I feel a gush of heat as he finishes inside me, without a condom, as is his preference. Liam squeezes my ass once before pulling out and hands me a box of tissues from one of the drawers. I take a couple and press them to my pussy, catching the semen before it runs down my thighs or worse, stain the carpet. Liam tends to come a lot and my pussy can’t always contain them.

I toss the soiled tissues into the wastebasket and reach down to pull up my underwear, which is still hanging from my right ankle. I straighten my skirt and make sure I am properly covered. I look up to see Liam has already cleaned up and his pants and shirt are in place. He runs a hand through his hair once and smirks at me.

“Thank you for that, Ms. Keating,” he says.

I gather the documents from the table and give him a smile. “You’re welcome, Mr. Christensen.” I walk out of the office, closing the door gently behind me.

My name is Jessica Keating and I work as a secretary to Liam Christensen, CEO of Contrast & Camouflage Incorporated, a company that produces and markets its’ own line of mid to high-range fashion along with its’ own makeup and perfume line.

Yes, you heard that right. I had sex with my boss and have been doing so for the past nine months. The circumstance that led to this was as cliché as they come: I was just divorced and my self-esteem was in the gutter at that time. My then-husband had left me for a younger woman and there I was, thirty-four years old and suddenly single. I was extremely insecure and anxious, having to live by myself and doing things by myself for the first time in ten years. I had even forgotten how to balance my checks properly and to pay my bills on time. The only thing I have is my career, which I enjoy immensely, thank God. There are perks working in a fashion house, after all. Oh yeah, and I get to keep the apartment in Brooklyn; the bastard could leech off that bitch for all I care. And now, almost a year later, I have gotten used to cooking dinner for one and sleeping alone.

My boss, Liam, is forty-two and extremely hot. I have been working with him for five years and he is a great boss. He fills out a suit very nicely and although his dark hair is graying at the temples, he is not bothered by it, and it only adds to his sexual appeal. A lot of the women and some of the gay men working in the same building had a crush on him at some point or another and they are very intrigued by him, especially with his sex life.

Being Liam’s secretary, I have always been discreet wherever it concerns him. Even when he was fucking the fashion designer in his room, never once had I ever gossiped about him.

Fiona Lee-Gates was one of the in-house fashion designers, who also happened to be Liam’s girlfriend until very recently.

Yes, you heard that right, too. I had sex with my boss who, at the same time, was in an exclusive relationship with another woman. I guess I was not much better than the bitch who had stolen my husband.

But where was I? Oh, yes, I was talking about the ‘circumstance’ that started all this, nine months ago…


We were having a small pre-Christmas celebration in the office for the staff working on the administrative floor. We had a little cocktail party and by eleven, the people were dispersing. The stragglers, including me, were finishing off the wine and champagne and singing Christmas songs merrily. I was in a melancholy mood, having finalized my divorce three months ago and facing the prospect of celebrating the holidays alone. I thought bitterly of my ex and if he was still with his little whore. God, I’d hoped he had her pregnant by now and he’d be celebrating his Christmas buying baby things and getting weird food for his woman at all hours instead of out partying like we used to do before. Well, he could go to hell now. I took a hearty gulp of my champagne.

I stood to get more champagne from the table. The quick movement, coupled with my near-intoxicated state, caused me to wobble slightly on my feet. A hand caught my arm before I fell.

“Whoa, there, Jessica,” Liam said. “You okay?”

I looked up at him with a smile and tried to downplay my embarrassment for my drunkenness. “I’m fine, Liam. Thanks for that. I just felt dizzy for a moment.”

He raised an eyebrow. “I think I will have to cut you off. You have been drinking non-stop for the past two hours.”

Oh, was he paying attention to me?

“Take a rest in my office,” he continued in that tone of voice that he always used when he wanted something done.

I felt my cheeks burned with embarrassment that he would talk to me like that in front of all our colleagues. We were not working, damn it! I glared at him for a moment before my gaze swept around the room; everybody else was either singing or talking amongst themselves. Nobody was taking notice of us and Kastamonu Escort I would draw unnecessary attention if I started arguing with Liam. So, like a meek little mouse, I nodded and took off to the direction of his office.

I closed the door behind me and walked slowly towards the L-shaped couch that Liam used for casual meetings and entertaining guests. Slowly, I sank into the white leather cushions with a groan. My head was killing me; maybe sleeping it off wouldn’t be such a bad idea, even if it was for a few minutes.

I opened the compartment beneath the couch and pulled out a couple of pillows. Liam hardly ever used them so they were always clean and fresh. Toeing off my four-inch heels, I laid down, resting my head on the pillows. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Something brushed against my cheek, jolting me awake. Liam was sitting next to me on the couch, looking down at me with his hand still on my cheek.

“Hi, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said in a low voice. My breath caught in my throat by his close proximity and I was extremely conscious of his thumb near my mouth. As if my thoughts drew his attention, his gaze fell to my lips and I felt his thumb brushing against it. “You look so beautiful.”

My heart stuttered at his unexpected compliment and I cleared my throat and asked the first thing that came to my mind. “Um, how’s the party?”

Liam chuckled at my question as if he knew the effect he had on me. “Everybody’s gone, Jessica. It’s just you and me here.”

“What? How long have I been asleep?” I tried to sit up but he put a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“Relax,” he said and I plopped obediently back down on the couch. “You’ve only been sleeping for like an hour. The party’s ended ten minutes ago.”

“Oh, my God, it’s late,” I muttered, running a hand across my forehead. “I have to go.”

“How are you going home?” he asked. “You’re not thinking of driving, are you?”

“Um, maybe I’ll take a cab,” I replied, wondering if I could even get one at this time of night.

Liam sighed and shook his head slowly. “It’s dangerous to get a cab this late. Let me see you home. And I’ll get someone to get your car for you so you don’t have to worry about it.”

I blinked, surprised by his offer. “Oh, uh, thank you for that. I appreciate it. Let me go get ready.”

His hand returned to cradle my face. “I said I’ll take you home. There’s no rush to leave.” His hand slid down my throat to the top button of my blouse.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he asked and I felt the button came undone. It hit me then that my boss was seducing me. My head spun, making the situation seemed surreal. His face came down and I felt the first touch of his lips against mine. I should have stopped him then. He had a girlfriend, for God’s sake! I shouldn’t let him kiss me, let alone touch me. Somehow, maybe the divorce had left me feeling rejected and I felt humiliated by my ex’s cheating or maybe I was just a slut, plain and simple, I didn’t stop Liam. He kept kissing me and his hands were busy undoing the rest of the buttons on my shirt and I just let him do it.

I let out a sigh when Liam unclasped my bra and my breasts were exposed. My nipples puckered when they came into contact with the cool air. He immediately teased a hardened tip with his tongue before sucking it. My hands slid to the buttons of his shirt. I needed him naked, too. He reared back to take off his shirt before he returned to kiss me. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and with a few quick pulls, got my underwear off. I knew I was wet even before he slid a finger inside me. I opened my legs wider and raised my hips slightly. Soon, I was quivering and screamed his name when I climaxed.

“Liam, please fuck me, Liam,” I pleaded shamelessly.

“With pleasure, Ms. Keating,” he said as he guided his erection to my pussy and pushed in. I didn’t even realize he had taken off his pants. My inner muscles parted easily for his entrance. I let out my breath with a whoosh. I hadn’t had the chance to see his cock, but I could tell he was extremely well-endowed from the fullness within me. He stretched me to the point of pain, but I was feeling extremely horny and the slight bite only added fuel to my libido.

Liam didn’t wait for me to adjust to his size. He immediately started to pull out before pushing back in, stretching me again. He picked up the pace, rutting against me as I lay helplessly beneath him. He guided my legs around his waist and continued to fuck me ruthlessly until I was screaming with every thrust of his hips. I didn’t know how many times I came; it felt like they rolled and merged with one another, forming a never-ending wave of pleasure. Sweat formed on Liam’s forehead and he grunted with every breath.

“You like this, Jessica?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s so good,” I moaned.

“Who is fucking you, Jessica?” he asked.

I struggled to answer for a moment as I felt that tightening again. “You, Liam,” I gasped. “You are fucking me.” I was becoming Kastamonu Escort Bayan delirious from my orgasms. “Oh, God, Liam, please…” I was pleading for him to hurry at this point. I didn’t think I could handle another orgasm.

Liam let out a loud groan and beneath my fingertips, I could feel his shivers. He slowed his thrusts before gradually stopping. I opened my eyes then and for a moment we could only stare at one another. Liam was still breathing hard, but he smiled when he saw that satisfied look on my face. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. He joined me and soon we were laughing and giggling like we just shared a funny joke.

I just had wild monkey sex with my boss in his office and now we were laughing. Yeah, I was crazy.

As soon as our laughter subsided, he kissed me; a slow and sweet kiss before pulling away from me. Almost immediately I felt a dribble of warm liquid coming out of my pussy.

“Oh, shit, stay there and don’t move,” he said and got up, stumbling slightly as he made his way to his table. He returned with a box of tissue in his hand. “You’ll need to clean up.” He proceeded to do just that, his movements gentle and sure. I thought that was sweet of him. He took some more tissues to wipe up the couch, and I was thankful for the leather covering.

“Thank you,” I said in a small voice, feeling embarrassed all over again.

“You’re welcome,” he said and took the wad of tissues and threw it into the wastebasket. I sat up and got dressed, shooting furtive glances at my boss. He looked relaxed as he pulled on his shirt and pants. He ran a hand through his hair once and grabbed his jacket, looking at me with a smile. “Go get your things and let’s get out of here.”

I nodded and we exited from his room together. I went to my table to get my jacket and purse. Liam pulled out his phone and made a call as we walked towards the elevator bank. “Noah, yeah, I’m ready to leave now. Just wait for me at the basement… thanks.” He disconnected the call and turned to me. “Your keys, Jessica.”

It took me a second to comprehend his statement and I gave a start. “Oh!” I reached into my purse and dug out my car keys and put them on his palm. We entered the elevator and rode to the basement in silence. I didn’t know if we should talk about what had happened. I glanced up at him again, but he was staring up at the small screen that showed our steady descent. I admired his profile: dark hair with graying temples, blue eyes that sometimes flash with impatience when things were not going his way, a strong, straight nose and that defined jaw that could rival a model’s. He was tall, too, at least 6’3. I only came up to his shoulders.

“See anything interesting, Ms. Keating?” he asked suddenly.

I gasped, shocked and embarrassed that he’d caught me checking him out. I looked straight ahead. I had forgotten that the elevator doors had a reflective surface that acted like a mirror. I glanced at Liam’s face reflected on the doors; he looked amused as he returned my gaze.

I broke eye contact and settled for studying my own reflection instead. My shoulder-length red hair was a mess and I looked pale now that my lipstick and blush had faded. My hazel-colored eyes were bloodshot with runny mascara stains under them. Oh, great. I must be quite a sight when Liam fucked me earlier. I ran my fingers through my hair in an attempt to get them to behave.

Liam handed me his phone. “Here, put in your address on the GPS.” I took it and did as I was told and returned the phone to him. We reached the basement and a black Escalade was waiting nearby. Noah, Liam’s personal assistant cum driver, walked around to open the door at the back seat. Liam tossed my car keys at him and he caught it neatly.

“I’m going to drive Ms. Keating home in the Escalade,” Liam told him. “Take her car and follow me.” He gave Noah my address.

I showed Noah where I parked my car and apologized to him for the trouble. “Don’t worry about it, Ms. Keating. It’s my job,” he told me kindly.

I returned to the Escalade and closed the door, grateful for the heat; it was freezing outside. Liam maneuvered the vehicle out of the basement and soon we were out on the busy streets of New York City. I fiddled with the straps of my purse; I needed to talk to Liam about our sexcapade. I had to.

“Um, Liam, uh, I want to talk about what happened earlier,” I stammered out.

He gave me a quick glance before his eyes returned to the road. “Sure.”

His short reply stumped me. I’d thought he would launch into a speech about how it shouldn’t have happened or that we should treat as if nothing had happened. Hell, if he’d brushed it off I would be able to yell at him. I struggled to form a sentence.

“I didn’t use a condom,” he said. “Should I bring you to a clinic tomorrow?”

His straightforward and casual manner surprised me. It was as if he was telling me it was raining and he’d forgotten to bring an umbrella.

“No,” I replied in a small voice. “I have an IUD. And I’m clean.”

He nodded once. “I’m clean, too. Escort Kastamonu What do you want to talk about?”

I hesitated again. “Uh, about what happened, uh, are we cool?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. Confusion was evident on his face.

I took a deep breath. “I still get to keep my job, right?”

Liam braked suddenly and I jolted forward in my seat. Car horns sounded behind us. He glared at me for a second before continuing on our journey.

“Of course you still have your job, Jessica. Whatever gave you the idea that you won’t?” he demanded.

I shrugged, feigning the casualness I was not feeling. “You’re my boss and we had sex. I have to clear the air.”

He was quiet for a minute before taking a deep breath and releasing it. “That’s fair enough.” He drummed his fingers against the steering wheel as if contemplating his words. “I am not going to be a douche and fire you just because we had sex. I think I actually took advantage of you, to be honest. You were drunk and I… was not. I worry that you will sue me for sexual harassment.”

“I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous at first, but, I was into it one hundred percent,” I said. I appreciated his honesty so I thought he deserved mine as well. “I didn’t think you were taking advantage of me.”

He nodded. “Okay, good.”

I was glad that we had this discussion in a reasonable and calm manner. It was a good thing that it was a Friday night; we would have two days apart to process this so that we could put this behind us and continue to work together like before.


It was midday when I woke up with a headache and a sore throat. I felt miserable like I always did on weekends because I did not have work to distract me. My thoughts would inadvertently go to my ex, wondering if he was fucking his bitch right now.

I sucked in a deep breath and held it in. No, no, I must not think of him. I released my breath and repeated the breathing exercise until my mind calmed. I sat up, wincing slightly at the discomfort between my legs. Okay, now that gave me something to think about. A grin formed on my face as I thought about the events of the night before. Who knew my boss could fuck like an animal?

I got out of bed to take a hot shower and after some food and coffee, my headache was almost gone and I managed to do some chores around the house. Living alone had its’ own advantages. For one, I didn’t have to clean up another person’s mess, laundry was a breeze and I could decorate it however I pleased.

As usual, there was not much cleaning up to do. I turned on the TV and started switching channels restlessly; the events from last night kept running through my head. I groaned. I needed a distraction from these thoughts and the TV was not good enough. No, I needed retail therapy.

I decided to call my best friend, Bella. We could go shopping together and maybe grab some food along the way. Yes, it was a good plan.

Chapter 2

(Present Day)

I put the documents on my table. Taking the makeup kit from my drawer, I go to the washroom to fix my appearance. Liam is a rough lover and takes pleasure in making sure I look well-fucked, more than anything else. Normally I would use Liam’s private bathroom in his office, but he’s going to have a meeting in less than ten minutes and I don’t fancy anybody catching me coming out of my boss’ bathroom holding a makeup bag.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and suppress a groan. I had painstakingly styled my hair into a cute little chignon and now it’s ruined. And it’s not even lunchtime yet. With a sigh, I pull out the pins from my hair and run a brush through it. I re-apply my lipstick; thank God, my mascara still looks good, and I go into one of the cubicles to relieve myself.

Sitting on the toilet, I check my panties to make sure the bastard hadn’t damaged them. There is a hole in the seams in the crotch area. His fingernail must have torn the stitching. Okay, make that the third ruined underwear this week.

“Damn,” I mutter. I raise my feet in front of me, admiring the nude-colored Christian Louboutin heel that adorned them. These are my second pair of Louboutin, gifted to me by Liam.

I got my first pair of this finely-made and expensive brand of shoes just a day after I had sex with Liam for the first time; little did I know that those shoes would lead me into further trouble with him.


During my shopping excursion with Bella, I bought a couple of dresses that were suitable for work and a couple of nail polishes from a Contrast & Camouflage outlet. I was happy with my purchases and would have stopped right there when Bella said she wanted to shop for shoes.

“A Christmas present for myself,” she told me with a wink. Any occasion was the perfect excuse for her to buy new shoes. She headed straight for her favorite Louboutin shoes.

As the sales personnel attended to her, I casually browsed the shelves, knowing that I won’t buy a thing here. In all my years living in New York and working in a fashion house, I had never had the urge to spend my life’s savings on designer things. Sure, I owned expensive dresses and bags that were gifts from my ex-husband. Most of the things I’d bought for myself were from Contrast & Camouflage. It was not as if the company demanded that from the staff, though. I’d just made a habit out of it, sort of like brand loyalty.

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