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All in… Ch. 09

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I fucked Beth on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday afternoon, just as I was clearing my desk to go home, I called my assistant/lover, Vicki, into my office.

“Close the door,” I said when she entered.

“Yes ma’am?” Vicki asked about being called into my office.

Ever the professional at work.

“Have you any plans for this evening?” I asked as I closed my laptop’s case.

“No ma’am,” she replied with a curious look on her face.

“I’ll be over at seven.” I said, sotto-voiced, as I walked past her and opened the door of my office to leave.

“Yes ma’am,” Vicki replied, a hint of gladness in her tone.

Ever the professional at work.

I was at her door at seven and in her bed by seven-oh-five. Our path to her bedroom could be followed by the trail of clothing along the way. I smothered her with kisses and touches, satisfying for her, indulging my need to make love to her, for me.

After countless orgasms, she literally begged to eat me, her pleas genuine and wanton, and of course, I let her do so. Afterwards, we lay tangled in each other’s arms, the scent of sex heavy in the air.

That’s when I told her of Beth.

And, as it was when I told her of my first fling with Marnie, she became aroused which led to more great sex for her and I.

One down, one to go.

“Marnie, I could use your help if you’re not busy,” I said when she answered her cell on Thursday afternoon.

“Be right there,” was her terse reply, hanging up afterwards. A few minutes later I heard the back-yard gate open and shut, followed by the sound of Marnie’s footfalls on my decking.

“They’re out to dinner with friends,” Marnie announced, referring to her aunt and uncle with whom she lived, “I left a note for them that I’d be late, that I went out with some friends who picked me up.”

“Good, I was hoping we’d have some time to enjoy each other,” I said/suggested, “interested?”

Marnie’s answer was to start the walk to my bedroom, shedding clothes along the way, her tight, toned nineteen-year old body, never looking so good to me as it did in that moment.

We spent the next three hours eating and fucking each other almost raw. Taking turns with my strap-on, she and I damned near wore out our pussies fucking each other with it. Exhausted, I took off the belt and threw the dildo to the floor, falling across Marnie afterwards.

“I’ve missed our afternoon quickies,” She said to me as she stroked my sweat-wet hair, nibbling on my ears and neck at the same time.

“Me too, baby,” I honestly replied, “I’ve missed you too, baby,” I continued, “and I need to tell you something.”

And then, I told her about fucking Beth a couple on nights earlier. I told her of my plans for the weekend with Beth, at her place in the foothills.

“Can I go?” She asked after I was through.

“With Beth and I? This weekend?”

“Yeah. Uncle Frank and aunt Jen are going to a trade-show or some shit like that, so that’s not an issue,” Marnie explained, “I think spending a weekend in the foothills is a great idea, and” she teased, “you know how much fun I can be in threesomes.”

“You’re fun all the time, sweetie,” I said before placing my mouth over her small titty to suck and lick, “But, I don’t even know if Beth is into that…she might not be,” returning my mouth to her thick nipple to suck on some more.

“Can’t hurt to ask, can it?” Marnie replied as she pushed me towards her playpen of a pussy so that I could eat her one more time.

“Suppose not,” I replied just before wrapping my mouth over her already well-eaten and well-fucked cunt.

Beth thought the idea a grand one.

“I’ve had threesomes before, so that’s not new,” She explained over the phone to me, “but, I’ve never had sex with anyone as young as your friend Marnie…actually, kinda’ gets me all tingly thinking about it,” she chuckled.

“Tingly is what she does best,” I informed my newest bed-mate, “she’s young but, damn, she’s good.”

“Good works,” Beth replied with a cheerful lilt, “See y’all tomorrow,” ending the call.

Hanging up the phone, I stared down at Marnie who had been nibbling on my pussy while I talked with Beth.

“Good to go, lover,” I said to my nineteen-year old neighbor, my fingertips tracing a line across her brow, moving her short hair to the side.

Looking up from between my thighs, Marnie just smiled…

The introductions went smoothly when Marnie and I showed up, on time, at Beth’s. Hugs were exchanged and Beth couldn’t seem to stop from touching me, fooling with my hair, that kind of thing. Beth was definitely a ‘hugger’ I’d decided.

Beth was dressed in shorts and tee, as were Marnie and I, not a bra being worn by any of us judging from the perky nipples that Beth’s air conditioning caused.

“Damn, you keep it cold in here, girl,” I chided.

“Yeah, I know but it’s only because I’m turning it off for the weekend and I don’t want the house to heat up too much,” She explained.

Marnie just smiled at the two of us, her eyes dancing Anadolu Yakası Escort between us.

“What?” I smilingly asked.

“You two are cute together,” Marnie observed, “and I’m going to have a good time this weekend…that’s what I was thinking, why I was smiling.”

“I like her already,” Beth said playfully, pulling Marnie to her in a hug that, at five-foot-nothing, caused Marnie’s head to sorta’ smash against Beth’s lovely rack.

Pulling her head back so that she could look up to Beth’s face, Marnie chuckled, saying, “If you like me now, you’ll love me by tomorrow morning,” her grin lasciviously skewed.

“I like your bluntness,” Beth admitted with a smile.

“Me too,” Marnie agreed, punctuating her statement with a ‘soft’ bite of Beth’s hardened nipple through her tee, which left a ring of wetness on Beth’s tee and a smile on Beth’s lips.

Beth’s place in the hills was about a three hour drive from the city which would have us arriving after dark.

“I’ve called ahead to the property management company so that they could have the place ready for us,” Beth explained from the back seat of her large SUV as I drove to the interstate that would take us up and up into the mountains. I asked to drive. I like driving, Beth doesn’t, so problem averted.

“They’ll air it out, check that all is well and working and even have the fridge loaded with the shopping list of supplies that I gave them,” She explained further.

“Good deal,” I exclaimed, “Hope you had wine on your list,” I joked further.

“Absolutely…you okay with wine, Marnie?” Beth asked/answered.

“I am…wine, beer, Vodka…it’s all good,” my teenaged neighbor replied, turning in the passenger seat to smile back to Beth, her smile a bit leery, I thought.

Looking into the rearview mirror of Beth’s car, I could see that Beth was exchanging eye-fucks with Marnie. Smiling to myself, I felt a tingle to my snatch thinking of how these two were already getting ramped up for some serious sexual playtime.

We stopped to eat at a roadside diner about an hour out of the city, all of us choosing to eat light, the sexual energy between us becoming palatable as time passed at the dinner table.

“Mind if I sit in the back with you?” Marnie asked Beth as the two of them trailed behind me on the walk back to the car after we’d eaten.

“I’d love the company,” Beth replied flirtingly, adding, “would you mind, Shari?”

“As long as the two of you don’t get us arrested for public indecency, I’d don’t care what you do,” I joked in response.

“Promise to make it up to you,” Marnie proclaimed as we reached the car, sliding her hand up my tee from behind, reaching for and cupping a breast with her small hand, “Won’t we, Beth?”

“Sounds like a promise to me,” Beth replied as she slid across the large backseat of her SUV while I got behind the wheel to drive us to the cabin.

“Just follow the directions of the GPS….” Beth’s words cut off by Marnie’s mouth suddenly on hers just as I started up the car.

Adjusting the rearview mirror so that I could ‘watch’ the action as I drove, I smiled broadly as I joined the interstate traffic, Marnie and Beth oblivious to all else other than their kissing and fondling of each other as I did so.

I didn’t really mind driving and letting them have some fun, I really didn’t. Kinda’ gave me some ‘me time’, allowing me to think about things.

Things like ‘What the Fuck now, Sherlock’?

Where do I take my life now? I remember thinking about three months after Jack passed. Stay working? Didn’t really need to if I didn’t want to, thanks to Jack and I’s financial planning…Find another husband? Become a permanent resident of Pussyville?

It had only been six months…I had a lot of shit going on in my head, not to mention that my hormones returned with a vengence, making me horny damned near all the time since Beth and I had fucked earlier in the week.

Body trying to catch up on missed orgasms, I reasoned unrealistically.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmmph, oh damn, damn….oh GODDAMN!” Beth suddenly cried. Glancing into my re-positioned rearview mirror, I saw that Marnie had gotten Beth out of her shorts and panties, leaned her against the seat/door and had just given her a world-class pussy-eating.

Marnie IS a world-class pussy eater….I should ask her, sometime, about her first time with a girl, you know, that kind of shit.

“Take exit 298 B in one mile, stay right,” intoned the electronic British bitch’s voice from the GPS system.

“Tidy up ladies, we’re heading up into the hills,” I called to my half-naked lady-friends in the back seat, “probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to put your clothes back on…at least for a little while,” I joked further.

“Ooooh Shari, this was so the right idea to bring Marnie with us,” Beth cooed from the back seat as she struggled to get back into her shorts, her panties having already gone into her handbag.

“Got to earn my keep, don’t I?” Marnie chuckled, agreeing with Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Beth. Leaning forward, between the buckets, Marnie reached around from behind me, saying, “Here babe, try some of this,” sliding two fingers between my lips and into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm, oh yeah, that definitely passes the taste test,” I teased after sucking Beth’s juices from Marnie’s fingers.

“Marnie wants to try a little kink,” Beth suddenly dropped into the conversation.

Say what?

“Kink?” I asked, turning to face Marnie in the other corner of the back seat as she slid into her own shorts.

“Yeah, tie me up, make me your bitch….use me. Need me to write out a script?” Marnie confirmed.

“Beth? Ever do that before? You know, bondage or that stuff?” I queried, sliding my eyes to look at Beth in the mirror.

“Some…we’ll talk,” was the mysterious reply, hinting at much but revealing nothing.


“Jack tied me up one time,” I suddenly blurted out, surprising myself when it rolled from my brain to my mouth. Oh well, can’t go into reverse now, I remember thinking.

“Oh?” was Marnie’s comment.

“He tied me up then made love to me along with a close male friend of ours,” I lied. He was no close male friend. He was a guy that Jack and I picked up in a bar one night and, lucky for me, just happened to have a donkey-sized dick.


“You and Jack were swingers?” Beth asked, her face in the mirror skewed in question.

“Yeah, we were, Beth, and Jack wasn’t ashamed of it and neither am I. We had a lot of fun during the time we were in the lifestyle, and I don’t apologize for it,” I said with firmness.

Marnie stayed quiet with a smirk on her lips.

“Oh, I’m not judging, sweetie, believe me…living in glass houses and all that, I’m not judging,” Beth quickly spoke up, “We should compare war stories some time,” she added just as I turned onto the county road that would lead us to Beth’s Shangri-la.

Oh yeah, this will be one fine fucking weekend I thought then, and I would be right as it turned out…

Like a pair of jackals on a gazelle I remember thinking as Beth and Marnie continued their sexual assault of me that first night.

I was the last to shower and get into some sleep gear, though I really didn’t expect to be in it long. I mean, we did come up here to play, right?

Beth had poured us all some more wine after I sat down, finishing the second bottle, and, Marnie being Marnie, she fired up a ‘fatboy’ after checking with Beth about smoking weed.

Turned out, she did.

We were seated out on the deck, the moonlit view of the valley below, mesmerizing, the air, refreshingly cool.

“Any ideas on sleeping arrangements?” Beth asked after taking another hit from the circulating joint, her words slow and over-pronounced. Clearly, I remember thinking, the wine and weed are producing the desired effect.

“I don’t take up much space…we could all sleep in your big-assed California King,” Marnie suggested.

“That’d work for me,” I averred.

“Done.” Beth confirmed, adding, “Its been a while…is this shit suppose to make you super-horny?” referring, of course, to the weed.

“It can, why?” Marnie replied with a snarky little smile on her face.

“I need to fuck…now. Who’s up for some serious pussy-eating?” Beth proclaimed/asked, standing, then walking towards her bedroom just off the deck, a ‘wee’ bit unsteadily it appeared.

“Wait for me…I want some,” announced Marnie, getting up from her deck chair to follow Beth.

Hmmph, I mused, two bottles of wine already finished, a fat-assed doobie of some really incredible ganja smoked, and an invite to eat pussy…what to do, what to do? I wondered for a nano-second.

“Hang on, don’t start without me,” I cried, springing from my deck chair quickly.

They didn’t.

That first night, Friday, was a night of playful, wine & weed-fueled, sex for the three of us. Daisy-chaining, butt-licking, titty-sucking was the play of choice that evening, and it lasted long into the night. Beth and Marnie made good on their promise to ‘make it up to me’ for driving so that they could fool around in the back seat of the SUV.

Sated of sexual desires, exhausted from the drive and the play, the three of us fell asleep in Beth’s bed, Marnie snuggled between Beth and I.

The Kink? Oh no, that would wait until Saturday evening…


It took two pots of strong coffee on Saturday morning to bring the three of us into the real world, chasing the hangovers away. Surprisingly, the three of us found that we could also work as a well-oiled machine when it came to preparing breakfast.

Breakfast eaten, showers taken, we jumped back into the car for a quick trip into the turn-of- the-century old mining town a few miles down the hills. Flatlanders drove here for shopping, perusing of antiques and the like, soaking up the ambiance of what once was, leaving the city behind.

I’m pretty sure Escort Anadolu Yakası we hit every store at least once, the three of us laughing, joking with each other all the while. Marnie openly flirted with a ‘youngish’ gal at one of the stores, amusing to Beth and I as we looked around the shop, the gal seemingly liking Marnie’s bold remarks and flirts.

“Pretty sure she’s not legal, Marnie,” Beth said in a low voice when we left the store to find another to shop.

“Yeah, I know, but still, I like to flirt, see if I can get them all hot and bothered,” Marnie replied with a smirk.

“Do you have any younger gals, you know, around your age, as girlfriends?” Beth asked as we casually strolled and window shopped.

“Don’t much like fooling with younger chicks, too many fucking head-games. Much prefer older chicks I found, after my first time with one,” Marnie replied.

“And here, I thought I was your first cougar,” I joked.

“You’re not my first, but you are the first that I wanted repeats with,” Marnie replied with a sweet smile, “No offense, Beth.”

“None taken, sweetcheeks…we’ve just met, I get it,” Beth replied, pulling Marnie to her in a small hug.

“Shall we head back to the cabin,” I suggested/asked, “crank up the hottub, grill some steaks…”

“Eat some pussy? Play with toys?” Marnie interjected.

“That too,” I laughingly agreed…

If I learned anything from living with Jack, it was how to properly season and grill steaks. I took care of the food, Beth took care of the wine, and Marnie, well, Marnie was being Marnie.

“Damn, that was seriously good,” Beth exclaimed when that last piece of meat slid down her throat.

“Second that,” chimed Marnie.

“Thank you, ladies, and the company was exceptional,” I teased.

“Hottub on?” questioned Marnie.

“It is, and it’s probably ready when we are,” confirmed Beth.

Unlike mine which is on my deck, Beth’s hottub was a sunken affair in a corner of their-oops, I mean, her-huge master bedroom, positioned to view out of the sliding doors to the deck.

“Another glass of Cab, first?” I suggested.

“Or, how ’bout we pop that bottle of bubbly I put chilling and sip some Champagne in the tub,” Beth countered.

“Or that,” I surrendered…

“Marnie, sit between us,” Beth said just before we entered the tub. It wasn’t what she said as much as how she said it. Her tone was a bit…not harsh, more like, ‘hard’, a bit hard, with an edge to it.

Marnie sorta’ tilted her head and squinted her eyes at Beth, as if she was trying to figure out something.

“You heard me, bitch,” Beth said, almost with a sneer this time.


This time Marnie smiled quickly then, dropping the smile from her face, she lowered her head and meekly stepped into the tub first, turning to help us both in afterwards.

“Pour us some Champagne, bitch and don’t spill a drop, if you do, I’ll have to punish you, understand?” Beth commanded after first roughly grabbing Marnie by the chin, her grasp so tight that it was showing red marks instantly.

“Yes ma’am,” Marnie meekly answered, then doing as she was told to do.

I got it.

Accepting the offered flute from Marnie, Beth nodded to me, indicating that I was next to be served. Marnie complied and was given permission to have a flute of the bubbly herself.

I was morphing into a viewer of performance art, seeing this ‘play’ from that viewpoint. And it was fascinating.

And, to my shame, hot…I found it to be very hot.

“On your knees, bitch,” Beth suddenly said to Marnie, pushing her down with a hand on top of Marnie’s head, pushing her hard, almost sinking her head under the water of the hottub.

I remembered wondering if Beth even remembered that I was here, hearing all of this, watching all of this. Beth’s demeanor was so convincing, I began to wonder just what she had meant when she said that she’s had ‘some’ experience with kink.

Pulling Marnie’s head towards her raised crotch just above the water line, Beth hissed, “Eat me, bitch and when you’re finished with me, you’ll eat Shari, got it?”

“Yes ma’ammmmmph,” Marnie attempted to reply but was cut off by Beth’s pussy slamming hard against Marnie’s mouth.

I stared at Marnie’s bobbing head and Beth’s humping pussy, stared hard and got soooo fucking turned on. I wanted so badly to be on the receiving end of that mouth right then that I ached.

“Raise your ass, bitch, raise it so Shari can play with you…but, don’t you dare cum…not until I tell you to, understand?”

Nodding her head to reply yes, Marnie caused Beth to pop her nuts that first time, Beth’s moans sounding more like groans.

Slipping to kneel behind Marnie’s upraised ass, I slipped a finger into her pussy just as I trailed my tongue across her puckered hole. Removing my finger from her pussy, I slipped it into her asshole while reaching around to play with her titties with my other hand.

All the while, Marnie kept munching away on Beth’s humping pussy while Beth held onto Marnie’s head with fistfuls of hair.

“Mmmmm….ooooooh,” moans and groans of varying degrees filled the room, the sound erotic and primal.

Suddenly stopping after her last orgasm, Beth pulled her pussy from Marnie’s mouth, saying, “Dry us, bitch, dry us and get in the bed, on your knees, hands behind your back.”

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