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All Asian Sexfight 2008 Round1 Zhang Wu

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Seed 2 Zhang Wu


Zhang Wu Hong Kong 47 5ft6 105 34 CC 24 32

Seed 31 Fu Hai Shoon

World 122 Fu Hai Shoon Singapore 43 5ft4 98 32 A 23 32

Hong Kong or Singapore
Copyright Aussiegreg 2008

For those of you unfamiliar with the ALL ASIAN SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP the history is posted here in these stories and my site of free asian sexfight and catfight stories www.myfreeasianstories.com

I arrived late at the first round match between the number 2 seed, the 47 yr old Zhang Wu of Hong Kong and the number 122, the 43 yr old Fu Hai Shoo of Singapore. I was there not because I wanted to see the one sided event as the seedings predicted, but to see if Zhang Wu, who had held the title for 3 yrs before being beaten by 6 months ago by Nha Tran, was ready to reclaim her title. Late, because I was having to wait for Anissa my 15 yr old from Indonesia who was having trouble keeping up on her new high heels. And as you know I am a gentleman, and the fact she had our money in a waist belt in case we were robbed by Jakarta hoodlums who would think I had all the cash, had nothing to do with waiting for her. I tell you I would trust her with the money even if I wasn’t beside her.

As we sat down front row we could see the nude Zhang Wu working on the naked, slim middle aged Singaporean newcomer lying spread eagled in the black adjustable sex swing. And the body was in great shape. Her full tits stood out like grapefruit above her rock hard abs and firm arse and long shapely legs. I always said you could see if Zhang Wu was in top shape for a contest by the level of her arousal and her thick quivering nipples and swollen aerolea told the tale. She was primed and ready to go.

The fingers of her left hand controlled the depth and speed of a vibrating mushroom shaped arse plug while her left palm directed the 9 inch dildo buried in the Singaporean newcomer Fu Hai’s cunt. Her right hand held a lipstick sized vibrator that was giving some serious attention to the Singapore woman’s wet pulsing clit.
The event from both women’s top five that gave the best match was the time event (No 2 for Fu Hai and No 3 for Zhang Wu: a total of 5 points which was lower than any other combination of the chosen 5 events). In this event each woman had to passively accept arousal till she came, then make the other cum in less time. Best of 3 different arousals was the standard except being the Championship this was best of 5.

Zhang Wu increased the speed of the arse plug vibrating contractions with her finger tips, rapidly plunged the dildo in and out Fu Hai’s responsive cunt and used the lipstick shaped vibrator on Fu Hai’s clit tip with frenzied speed. The Singaporean’s slim body started jerking and suddenly the tendons on her long neck stood out like rope,


Like a winning swimmer at the Olympics Zhang Wu’s head swiveled to the large clock
Zhang Wu 18 min 05
Fu Hai Shoon 7 min 56
Winner Round 1 Zhang Wu

One Zip after the dildos. It looked like the Singapore Airlines Travel Agent clerk was out of her depth. Twenty six years ago at age 17 she had been taken to the Inner Lotus Sexfight Club for Singapore görükle escort amateurs and was hooked. With an average of over 300 bouts a year she had competed 10970 times and lost 6 times: the last when she was 25, but these were amateur part timers and with only six months in the big time it looked like she would be back to being champion of the Inner Lotus Sexfight Club.

As the winner chose starting order Zhang Wu confidently climbed into the red Sex Swing and Fu Hai arranged her in a prone spreadeagled position and started the manual external stimulation of the former number 1’s proffered slit. Her long fingers traced the outlines of her pussy lips, and then went deeper along her crack searching for, and finding the oozing moisture she needed. With Zhang Wu’s slit wettened she used the fingers of one hand to play with her entrance and slide along her slit while the other kneaded, stretched and teased the former champion’s clit. Zhang Wu’s face was contorted and the nipples on her still firm 34CC tits stood out light lighthouses on a cliff as she fought the oncoming orgasm relentlessly building up. And then it happened. Success, as the Hong Kong woman’s 47 year old body bucked in the swing but unfortunately the clock showed it had 16:09 minutes to achieve it.

And 8:18 minutes later Zhang Wu bought a howl of anguish from the small faced, long haired slim Singapore travel agent as she straddled Fu Hai in the sex swing, her cunt inches above her face. She held Fu Hai’s engorged clit in the V between her left fore and middle fingers, palm resting on Fu Hai’s entrance while her saliva covered right fingers worked a dance beat on the clit tip protruding above her 2 fingers.

Two Zip after the external massage, and a normal contest would have been over but the championship was best of 5 not three. Still, time to leave. I had seen what I needed. Zhang Wu was back with a vengeance and in top form. But I had to wait while Anissa did her face, adjusted her clothes, gathered her belongings and by that time the 3rd round had started so I sat down again and watched. Women, can’t live with or without them.

Zhang Wu rearranged Fu Hai in the swing. She obviously she wanted a to extract a quick orgasm by Fu Hai cum in say 5 minutes, then last that time and stop rather than lasting say 20 minutes herself and then making Fu Hai cum in 5 minutes. After all this was only the first round and she was planning on the grand final. Once again she advanced on the long necked, small headed Singaporean spreadeagled in the sex swing and this time prepared to use her fingers inside her as the rules for this round dictated.

Two minutes later she had three left hand fingers in Fu Hai’s arse and two from her right in her cunt. Rhythmically, alternatively pumping them deeply and withdrawing in turn. Squelch, left into the cunt, pop as the right came out of the arse, a groan from the prone 43 year old Singaporean. Squelch again as she withdrew the cunt slime covered left fingers, rasp as her right plunged into her arse, groan again. Relentlessly to this backdrop of sounds she continued her arousal of the naked Singaporean.

But Fu Hai didn’t cum. Some think it is easier escort bayan to draw another orgasm immediately after one, others feel that the woman is drained and doesn’t respond as quick. Whatever, Fu Hai lasted for 15 minutes 10 sec, her longest yet before she went rigid as her orgasm took over.

Licking her fingers Fu Hai soon had them inside Zhang Wu’s cunt but like many others she was restricted by the boa constrictor strength muscles of the confident 47 yr old Hong Kong woman’s cunt muscles. Zhang Wu smiled up at Fu Hai confident she would last when,

“Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”.

Fu Hai had rammed a thumb into Zhang Wu’s arse bursting through her sphincter muscle and causing her to relax her cunt muscles in surprise and shock, and the Singaporean was in like Flynn with four fingers embedded to the base of her thumb. She pulled back her hand suddenly and again as the pain and shock surged through the former number 1 she worked two fingers in to join her thumb in Zhang Wu’s arse. At the four minute mark she had her fist inside the writhing Hong Kong woman’s arse and was stroking and massaging it with her fingers in the cunt through the thin pliable membrane separating both tunnels.

Then through the membrane she wrapped her fingers like a glove around the fist, wrist and forearm she was driving it in and out of her arse. At the 8 minute mark Zhang Wu was responding and her hips were humping involuntarily. Her cunt muscles were no longer an impenetrable defence and Fu Hai searched for and found her G spot. She played with it bringing the sweat covered World number 2 to the brink of orgasm only to stop just short till at the 14 minute 10 sec mark she took Zhang Wu over the top.

“Ungh ungh Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, Zhang Wu’ voice trailed off as she lay spent in the sex swing, and Fu Hai withdrew her fingers allowing the crowd to see Zhang Wu’s juices spurt out 2 feet before gravity took them to the floor.

Quickly Fu Hai as the winner indicated Zhang Wu would receive fist and before Zhang Wu had extracted her self from the sex swing the Singaporean was kneeling between her spread legs sucking at her pussy. Zhang Wu’s only reply was a long deep moan. Fu Hai grinned. She took Zhang Wu’s clit in her mouth and licked on it. Zhang Wu went through the roof. She let out an ear-piercing scream. Then Fu Hai closed her mouth and bit on the Hong Kong woman’s clit. This set off Zhang Wu’s orgasm. She screamed even louder and then fell forward onto Fu Hai’s body. It had taken 47 seconds and Fu Hai played to the crowd teasing her nipples as Zhang Wu had to humiliatingly eat her for the 48 seconds knowing she couldn’t make her cum. Two all.

The fifth and final allowed the women to do anything to the other. This time as winner Fu Hai let Zhang Wu arouse her and it was obvious that Zhang Wu was both worried and still drained by the two shattering orgasms she had taken in the space of two minutes.

She arranged the travel agent and started to lick the small titted thin waisted 43 yr old woman. But the momentum had changed and it took some time before Fu Hai was responding. Slowly Zhang Wu gained bursa escort confidence as her tongue slid along and tunneled inside Fu Hai’s ever wettening cunt. The Singaporean was responding and writhing and getting close to cumming. Zhang Wu paused to drag in air before her final assault when suddenly her mouth was flooded. Not with cum but a stream of hot piss causing her to choke and pull away and give the smiling, gloating Fu Hai time to regroup.

Zhang Wu saw red. She had been made to cum so hard she had squirted in front of the crowd, then made to cum in less than a minute and now this. From an unknown. Swearing in Cantonese Zhang Wu attacked forcing her fist into Fu Hai and fist fucking her savagely drawing whimpers and winces from the challenger. Good for Zhang Wu’s rage but not for making Fu Hai cum. Four minutes passed before she came back to reality and by then it was like starting from scratch again.

Again she took Fu Hai close to orgasm and again the Singaporean deliberately flooded Zhang Wu’s eager mouth with piss. It took 24 minutes 12 seconds before the Singaporean came.

Fu Hai gave the spreadeagled Zhang Wu a kiss and then started to suck on her large nipples, before she put her head in Zhang Wu’s lap and started to lick her cunt. Long slow caresses from arse to clit. Then she moved onto fucking her cunt and arse using her curled tongue like a mini cock before concentrating on her clit, interspersing butterfly tongue kisses with gentle and no so gentle nips with her teeth. There was no need to hurry.

When she felt Zhang Wu’s juices pouring on to her eager face, she turned on a
vibrator and started to fuck her with it. The new sensation of the vibrator going in and out of her cunt, reduced Zhang Wu’s vocabulary to a succession of


Fu Hai started to speed up the fucking with the vibrator. At the same time she restarted licking Zhang Wu’s clit. This combined assault on her senses reduced Zhang Wu’s vocabulary even further, until she just chanted one word

“FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!”

Fu Hai attached a strap on with two cocks and knelt Zhang Wu in the sex swing, steadied her hands on the Hong Kong woman’s hips and slid both fake cocks into the 47 year old cunt and arse and fucked her. She reached around the writhing woman and her fingers trapped her clit. As she humiliatingly fucked her she played with Zhang’s Wu’s clit.

She increased her speed until the dong was hitting Zhang Wu’s cervix with each thrust. She was in complete control playing with her opponent until she withdrew and slid her long fingers deep into Zhang Wu again finding her G spot. Looking Zhang Wu in the eye she smiled as she deliberately slowly brought her to the final losing orgasm.

Tears welled up in Zhang Wu’s eyes as she faced defeat in the first round.

Fu Hai grinned. Zhang Wu’s only reply was a long moan.. Fu Hai took the Hong Kong woman’s clit in her mouth and nibbled on it. Zhang Wu went through the roof. She let out an ear-piercing scream. Then she closed her mouth and scraped her teeth along the clit. This set off Zhang Wu’s third and losing orgasm. She screamed incoherently and fell forward onto Fu Hai’s body, the number 2 seed a loser in the first round.

I will be posting other rounds here but their are also at my free site WWW.myfreeasianstories.com

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