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Alice Ch. 03

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(The continuing story of how 18-year old Charlie step-by-step lost his virginity to 22-year old Alice. A few parts of this are based on real life from long ago when I was young, including the part about the bathrobe in this chapter. Just like in real life, it sometimes takes a while to lose your virginity, and it doesn’t yet happen in this chapter. I’m now writing on chapter 4.)

Charlie’s dreams that night were swirling with images and thoughts about his new stepsister Alice. He awoke early in the morning throbbing, and headed to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. It was difficult to even pee because of his hard-on, but by thinking about icebergs, and then finally of freezing to death, it slowly started going down.

Charlie walked to the mirror and tried to see if he would seem attractive to Alice. The reflection wasn’t bad, he thought. He saw dark hair and a regular and smooth face that was handsome enough, although rather young and geeky. Since he’d started working out a little his pecks had developed slightly, but he was still pretty skinny. He tried to put Alice out of his mind, and started applying shaving cream for his morning shave with the razor. He tried to be careful, but he was still so excited about how Alice was flirting with him now, and had kissed him last night, and even felt his hard-on under the covers, that he cut himself a little just on his right temple.

Quickly stripping off his PJs, he got into the clawfoot tub with shower. Even though the door was locked, out of habit he still closed the mostly opaque shower curtains held up by an oval bar above. As he quickly washed his hair and body, he couldn’t keep Alice out of his mind, and was annoyed to feel and see himself stiffening, lengthening, and then standing straight up for attention. He soaped his hands, and then started rubbing his rod up and down—when heard the doorknob being turned. Since it was locked there was just a click back and forth, and then three desparate quick knocks on the door.

“Charlie! Let me in! I have to pee!” Said Alice in a loud whisper outside the door.

“Just a minute!” Charlie said in a panic, rinsing a little of the soap off, as he turned off the water, got out, and without even drying off his dripping hair wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Let me in,” she said again.

He opened the door, and there was Alice, dressed just in a white T-shirt and white undies, try to get in as soon as he opened the door.

“Sorry!” he said, trying to scoot by her and get past. As they brushed past her small to medium sized breasts with their little nipples sticking out of her t-shirt rubbed against his wet chest. It wasn’t intentional—she had to pee and she seemed quite annoyed—and Charlie felt guilty that he enjoyed it. He quickly got out, closed the door, and got into his room to dress.

Charlie realized he should have thought about this. The house wasn’t that big and had only two bathrooms—the one in the master bedroom, and then the bathroom for kids and guests. And so unless their parents were already out of their room, Alice didn’t really have a place to go. He realized she had a right to be annoyed. He hoped she wouldn’t stay mad.

As he dressed, he decided to try and make it up to her. In the past few years, after his father had left, and before his stepfather had moved in, he’d gotten pretty good at making breakfast for himself and his Mom. And so he decided to make breakfast for Alice in bed.

As he walked toward the kitchen, he could hear that Alice was in the shower now, and he hoped she’d take a long one so that he’d have time to make a nice breakfast for her.

Going into the kitchen, he saw that his stepfather was there already dressed for work, and soon his Mom joined them. They chitchatted a little while they ate and gulped their coffee, and then they quickly rushed off to their cars to go to work. Since it was late summer, Charlie didn’t have to get anywhere till he went in the afternoon to his job at the public library.

With the kitchen to himself, Charlie quickly whipped up for Alice a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs with grated white cheddar, some sauteed mushrooms, and a little salt and cayenne, some homemade oatmeal with butter, a little brown sugar, raisins and a hint of cinnamon, a cup of coffee with lots of milk (which he knew was the way Alice liked it), and lastly some freshly squeezed OJ. Placed on a tray, it looked pretty good.

He carried it carefully to her bedroom, with their little poodle Penny following behind, hoping for a scrap. The door was open, and Alice was in a short and thin bathrobe looking through her closet at her clothes, apparently picking out something to wear. Her expression still seemed annoyed, until she saw the tray.

“Oh wow, Charlie. Is that for me?!”

“No, it’s for me,” he said, joking, “I’m just trying to torture you with it. No. Seriously, get in bed and you can have breakfast. Welcome to your new home.”

Alice looked happy as she propped her pillows Gaziantep Escort and got into bed. The tray had legs on it to give the full experience of breakfast in bed without things tipping over.

“Wow,” she said, “This smells really good. Charlie’s special eggs and oatmeal. Mmmmmm!” She took a bite of the eggs with her fork, and closed her eyes and chewed, savoring the flavor. That was something he enjoyed about her, how much she savored any kind of sensual pleasure, even simple food.

“Ohhhh,” she said, almost like she was having a sexual experience, “this is so goood!”

“Glad you like it,” he said grinning with pleasure at how he’d made her happy.

“And not only that, I think it may be the only time anyone’s ever given me breakfast in bed when I wasn’t in a hotel or sick. Thank you,” she said with her mouth half full and chewing.

Charlie just stood there looking at her and smiling. Her robe wasn’t yet revealing much, but it was opening just a bit at the top, showing the swell of her breasts, although less than he saw when she was in her bathing suit.

“Don’t you have any?” She said as she wolfed it down, “Or are you just going to watch me?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll got get some for myself. I’ll be right back.”

He returned with a plate with just some of the extra scrambled eggs, and sat in a chair near Alice’s bed, as Penny, their poodle, whined and begged.

“Don’t worry, Penny,” Alice said in a sing-song voice, “I’ll save some for you.”

And, true to her word, Alice left one bite of her eggs for the dog, and carefully leaned over to put her plate on the floor. Charlie just watched as Alice robe opened, and the slightly pointy tip of one breast, with a brownish-pink areola and small nipple came into view. He saw this lovely sight while trying to seem to be only interested in his breakfast and the dog.

When she sat back up, unfortunately, she straightened her robe and everything was hidden again.

“So Charlie,” Alice suddenly said, shifting gears. “You can’t lock the bathroom door like that. You need to leave it open so that I can go if I have to.”

“Ok,” he answered, “but what about me? If I need to go, do I just walk in while you’re in the shower.”

“Sure,” she said with a smile, eating a spoonful of sweet, buttery oatmeal, “it won’t bother me. Mmmm. This is really good. Thanks again.

“You’re welcome.”

“And now I have a big favor to ask you,” she said, smiling sweetly and looking suddenly a little flirty.

“Anything,” he said, a little too quickly.

“I’ll bet I could ask you for almost anything, couldn’t I?” she said, almost cooing.

“Yeah,” Charlie said, laughing a little nervously.

“Well,” she said suddenly serious, “I need to borrow some money. Until I get a job, I’m flat broke. I could borrow again from Dad, but I owe him too much already.”

“Sure. How much?”

“$500?” she said, squinting her eyes in mock pain, wondering if it were too much.

“No problem. I’ll go to the bank today.” In truth, Charlie had plenty of money from his job at the library, because he just didn’t have that much to spend money on. There was more than $10,000 in his account, what with checks from grandparents he’d also gotten over the years. And the money was just sitting there.

That big question out of the way, Alice seemed suddenly happy and relaxed, and got out of bed to play with the little dog Penny.

As she sat on the ground, with her legs under her, she and Charlie threw back and forth the dog’s favorite toy, a stuffed toy bone. Penny chewed, growled, wrestled, and crawled up on them to get it.

As they played and tossed it back and forth, Alice accidentally separated her legs, at first a just little, and then a bit more as she caught the toy as it almost flew past her. And Charlie realized as he glanced between her somewhat spread legs that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her robe. He tried to look without looking, and he realized that what he was seeing in the shadow between her legs was the dark hair of her pussy.

Alice seemed not to notice, or pretended not to notice, that she was showing off, and that Charlie was looking. But then she saw him looking down between her legs, guessed what he was looking at, and started to get a sly smile on her face.

As they continued to play with Penny, tossing the toy back and forth to each other and the dog, Alice, acting like it was an accident, separated her legs some more, and her robe opened a little more. And now Charlie could really see her cunt almost completely. But Alice still pretended that it wasn’t visible, or that she had undies on.

He tried to look without looking at this marvelous thing that drew him so powerfully. It was a black-haired triangle of a vagina, and now that her legs were separated he could see that the hair was slightly thicker and stood out a little right at the slit. He could even see a hint of the mysterious clitoris he’d heard of, but had never Gaziantep Escort Bayan seen even in his old Playboys.

All the while this was happening, Alice smiled, laughed, tossed the toy, and still pretended to not notice that she was showing off. And Charlie still pretended that he wasn’t looking, while his hard-on grew in his pants. The barks and jumps and the playing of Penny mostly disguised what was really going on, as Alice gave him his first glimpse of her cunt as a little gift. Even though she could tell he was trying not to stare, he wasn’t doing a good job of it, and she finally decided that enough was enough for now.

She got up, straightened her robe, and said, “Well, it’s time for me to get dressed and go out and look for a job.”

“Oh, yeah,” Charlie said with his breathing not quite normal and still kneeling on the ground, almost paralyzed, “where are you going to look?”

“Well,” she said, walking over to her closet and picking out some clothes, “there’s that bookstore that we go to sometimes. As you know, I have library experience from working at the university library, and I hope that will count for something. There’s also a department store I could try. As an English lit major it’s not like I’m in high demand.”

Having selected her clothes, which she put on the bed, she’d looked down at him still petting Penny, and still seeming a bit stunned by his first peak at her pussy. She already realized that at some point she’d probably let him see it again, because it turned her on a little to see how excited he was, but for now she wanted to try to preserve some pretense of their stepsister and stepbrother relationship. And she knew their parents could never know. At some point she’d have to come to an understand with him about that.

“Well,” she said with her hands on her robe, seeming about ready to open it, “I’m going to get dressed now.”

Charlie was looking up at her, still seemingly paralyzed, while Penny tried to grab the toy from him.

“Would you like to watch?” she said sweetly with her sly smile.

“Oh, yeah, sorry, I’ll just get out of your way! Um, Thanks!” Charlie said, getting up.

“For what?” she said with a trace of mock innocence, although she knew he had accidentally thanked her for the accidental-on-purpose look between her legs.

“Oh, just, for, for being here,” Charlie said backing out of the room, blushing, and closing the door.

They didn’t see much of each other until that night. Charlie had a 6 hour shift at work, and Alice was applying for jobs all around town.

But that night, Charlie came into her room to give her the money she asked for.

“What’s up?” She said in a business-like way as he came into her open room.

“I have your money,” he said with a grin.

“Really! Oh that’s great.” She looked genuinely pleased.

He started counting out an absurd number of 20s onto her bed, before she interrupted him.

“That’s fine, Charlie, you don’t need to count it. I trust that there’s $500 here, just as you can trust that I’ll pay you back. Let me get dressed for bed, and I’ll come in and give you a kiss.”


Charlie went into his room, got in his PJs, and got into bed, already getting hard thinking about her. Alice came in with her bathrobe on, and and gave him another kiss goodnight on the lips, with a little more tongue this time, and again put her hand on his hard-on for a second while pretending she hadn’t noticed.

The next morning, Charlie woke up, throbbing as usual, and headed toward the bath, but this time Alice had beaten him to it. She was already in there, showering, but she’d actually left the door open a few inches, and steam was drifting out. He paused outside the door. He was in the same situation she had been in yesterday. He really had to pee, and didn’t want to go to his parents’ bathroom when they were in the bedroom. He decided he’d better go in before he peed his PJs, and so he knocked and said through the door, “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Alice said loudly through splashes of water, “come on in!”

He went in, looking at her blurry nude form behind the opaque shower curtain. He now wished the curtains were a little more clear. Even through the curtain though, he could see her blurry nude form, and even a dark area in the middle, which he knew was her black-haired bush. This made his throbbing even stronger.

He really did have to pee, but the question was could his boner relax enough for this to happen. The toilet was right next to the tub, and he hesitated a few seconds, and then pulled down his PJs and pulled out his hard on. It was frightening but kind of exciting to know that he had a boner out and visible just a few feet away from where Alice was showering. But this wasn’t helping him pee. He thought of icebergs again, the math test last year that he’d forgotten about and had gotten a C- on, and other cooling things until it calmed down to just a semi, and finally he could pee.

He Escort Gaziantep was holding his still halfway hard-on as the pee finally started, and then his heart sank as he heard Alice turn off the water. Without hesitating, she opened the curtains, grabbed a towel, and stepped out.

He didn’t dare look at her, but just said, “Sorry!” in an agonized voice.

As she dried herself, she looked at him with his cock in his hands peeing.

“It’s OK,” she said quietly and sensitively, as she got another towel and wrapped it around her waist, leaving her breasts still free, “it’s just the human body. It’s all beautiful. Don’t worry.”

He couldn’t look at her, for fear he’d miss the toilet, but she still didn’t seem to have any problem looking at him as she dried off her medium length brownish-black hair in a relaxed way with another towel.

But she could see that he was really quite embarrassed, and suddenly took pity on him and left the bathroom as soon as she could.

He was, in fact, very embarrassed and ashamed that she had seem him naked and so vulnerable, even though he’d already seen her pussy the day before. But that was an accident. And they could both pretend that it hadn’t happened. But there was no way to deny this. And he was a shy virgin, while she had had a lot of boyfriends, some of which she’d told him about. She no doubt had had lots of sexual experiences, and had seen lots dicks in her life. But for him it was all new.

Charlie felt very uncertain as he shaved, showered, and got dressed. He didn’t make Alice breakfast in bed, and in fact avoided looking at her for the next few hours, and then even for the next few days. He went over to his best friend’s Jeff house as soon and as often as he could so that he wouldn’t have to look Alice in the eyes.

Each night, she still came in to kiss him, but now he had some trouble keeping eye contact. He was still very embarrassed, but she didn’t have the energy to talk to him about it yet, stressed as she was by her job search, and uncertain herself how far she was going to take her flirting.

Charlie didn’t, however, have trouble thinking about her when he rubbed himself with a little vaseline each night. He thought of her brown eyes, and especially of that beautiful, dark, mysterious triangle between her legs, and soon the milk of his feelings for her would go jetting into the tissues each night.

And, in fact, each day he was hard most of the day thinking about Alice, and he had to up the number of times he released the pressure because of thinking about her from his usual twice, to four times a day.

Each day he had work a the public library (summer hours were much higher than during the school year), and Alice was out each day looking for a job. Somehow nothing unusual happened in the bathroom for the next few days.

Alice wanted him to get over the embarrassment of her seeing his dick, but wasn’t sure how to help him do that, or if it were even her job. It certainly wasn’t a very big deal to her. The difference between them was not just his innocence and her experience. It also that he lusted after her and, Alice admitted, probably loved her. In contrast, although Alice really liked Charlie, and loved him in a way, for her it was more of a flirtation and just fun, rather than real romantic love and lust. He did turn her on though, sometimes, she had to admit that, with his kisses and the clear intensity of what he felt for her.

Then, just a few days later, Alice came home to the empty house ebullient. By the time Charlie got home, she’d changed out of her professional clothes (which included a bra) into sweats and a black t-shirt.

When Charlie finally came in the front door from work, she ran bouncing up to hug him, yelling: “I got the job!”

Alice jumped up and down, laughing and hugging Charlie, who quickly got in the mood, smiling too. He was suddenly over his embarrassment, and watched happily the delightful bouncing of her breasts as she jumped.

“What job?! That’s great!” he Charlie, getting more and more into her mood and laughing.

“I’m going to be one of the assistant managers of Half Price Books!”

“You’re kidding!” He said, looking serious, and wondering if she was joking.

“No, I’m not kidding. The interview with the manager went really well. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But,” she said, putting her hands on her hips and striking a pose, pushing her chest out, and he could see the little points of her nipples through the t-shirt, “I’ve got a college degree, a great personality, and I know a lot about books!”

“Oh, Alice, that’s wonderful! Congratulations!”

“Come on,” Alice said, “celebrate with me!” And she walked him over to the kitchen where she had out a six pack of Heineken that she’d bought (with the money she’d borrowed from him), with one green bottle already opened and almost gone.

“Here, have a beer!” She said grinning and popping it open with an opener and handing it to him.

“Uh, I don’t know about that. Where are Mom and Dad?”

“They’ve gone out to dinner. Here!” she said, forcing the bottle into his hand, “Don’t you drink beer?”

He looked down at the bottle in his hand a bit uncertainly.

“You’re kidding me!” she said, “you’ve never even had a beer?”

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