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What in the hell just happen to me?

I am here at this hotel working a convention. I had to stand all day talking to customers and prospective customers. When the show closed for the evening, I wanted to go to my room because my body ached from being on my feet all day, but I didn’t go to the gym to work out yesterday and there is no way I can tomorrow because the convention closes.

I have seen it happen so many times to others, you skip a few days, even for a good reason, and then you stop going to the gym all together. How many times have I seen it happen? Hundreds.

Knowing that the only way that I will hit the gym at all is to stop by on my way back to my room, I decide that it is going to be my plan.

So as things closed down, I headed over so I could do some light reps even though I was still in my convention outfit. There was no way that if I went to my room to change to work out gear that I would ever make it to the gym.

The gym was on the second floor of the hotel. Using my card key, I entered. There was only one person in there and he was on the treadmill. I sized up the room. It was a better hotel gym than most hotels have. My legs had a workout all day so I thought that I would do a few curls with light weights so that I had done something in the gym.

“Now you are true company man,” the guy on the treadmill joked as he saw me doing some reps.

“That’s right,” I snickered back. “Didn’t you know that this is going to be the next big thing in workout gear-slack pants, a golf shirt with a logo, and dress shoes.” He laughed. “No, I worked the convention in the ballroom and am sore and knew if I didn’t come straight here, I would never make it back down. I am so sore.”

“Your back?” he asked.

“Back, feet, legs…”

The guys smirked, “So is the goal to work your arms to hurt just as much as the rest of you?”

Laughing, I responded, “No, I just don’t want to fall off of the wagon. You miss a few days at the gym and before you know it, you find yourself in a doughnut shop eating an apple fritter and looking like the next Pillsbury Doughboy.”

The guy on the treadmill smiled and said, “Yeah, the older you get, the more work it takes to keep the weight off.” He took his towel to wipe the sweat off his face. It was a handsome face. A good-looking man in his early thirties. I noticed how very blue his eyes were. His hair was a dark blond. Seeing no wedding ring I am sure that he must have to beat them off with a stick. He is a hot looking guy.

“It takes six months to get looking halfway decent and only a week to lose it all,” I complained.

Pulling up his t-shirt revealing a very nice stomach and chest, “This doesn’t come without work either.”

“Nice chest and abs.”

“Thanks,” he said as he let his t-shirt fall back down. “Alex.”


For the next bit we bantered back and forth. Then I informed him. “Hey, Alex, it was great to meet you, but my muscles are screaming. They need relief. I am going to go up to my room and soak in a hot tub.”

Alex asked, “Do you like massages?”

They are god’s gift to man. “I love them!”

“I am not a professional or anything, but I do give massages. I am an amateur, but they say I am good.”

Oh, that sounds so wonderful! My whole body needs it. “I don’t want to impose.”

“It’s not like I have any plans, plus it will allow me to work on my technique.”

Will he do this for me? This would be so great! “If you don’t mind?”

We continued our banter as we took the elevator up to his room which was on the city view side. It looked just like mine with a king size bed, a long set of drawers, fridge, computer desk, and a big, overstuffed chair in the corner.

“You can put your clothes on the chair,” Alex said pointing. “You can do it nude, draped, your underwear. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

“Okay,” I answered as thoughts raced through my mind. I didn’t know why, but I wanted Alex to see me naked. I wanted him to see my dick. It’s a great looking cock. The thing is a beauty, big, thick, and cut. I wanted Alex to know that I was packing. It was better than most and wanted to make sure that he saw it. He is better looking than me. I am cute, he is handsome. As I started to strip, “I’ll just do it nude.”

“That’s how I always prefer it myself,” he told me as he went into the bathroom to get some towels to lay on the bed. Continuing, “Back home, I belong to a massage trading group.”

Unbuttoning my belt and about to take my pants off, “I would love to be in a group like that. I am good at giving massages too.”

“If you don’t mind, I could use one too.”

“No problem, it’s the least I could do.”

Entering back in the room, he stopped for a moment and looked at me. I was standing naked before him. “You do work out. That’s obvious.”

A bit proud that he noticed how hard I work to keep in shape, “Thanks.” My body is nice and firm. It’s no weigh lifter’s body but is very toned.

“Why don’t Eryaman Escort you take a quick shower first while I set everything up.” In response, I nodded and walked my naked body by him as he slapped my bare ass. It was fun to have someone playfully slap my butt. It’s been so long since anyone has done that. “You got a nice ass too.”

I knew that, “Thanks,” but it’s nice to have someone remind you of it.

As I showered, I thought of Alex. He was gorgeous and fun. I was really enjoying my evening with him. I had to admit that I wanted to see him naked. His face was handsome and hoped his body would match. In the gym you see some guys who are really good looking and carry themselves well, but once they strip off their clothes you wish that they would put them back on. Their bodies had not been taken care of.

My mind wondered on what Alex’s dick would look like. Would it be big or small? Would my cock be better than his? Would he have a nice, trimmed bush, natural, or shaved? My rod became a bit hard. I thought it was best to think of something else.

As I came out of the shower into the room drying my naked body, I was being bad and did not even try to cover my privates, it was still a bit engorged. Honestly, I wanted him to see it that way.

He had the towels laid across the bed at the end crosswise to how you normally would lay so he could easily be able to walk along three sides. “You can just lay here,” he indicated. “Are you sure that you don’t mind giving me a massage too?”

“Glad to.”

“Great!” He said as he pulled off his shirt revealing his nice chest. It was smooth with quarter size nipples on nice pecs. Throwing the shirt over to the side, “If you don’t mind, I am going to take a quick shower too. Don’t want to get my stinky grime on you.”

“Go right ahead.” Am I going to get to see him naked?

Then he slipped his hands into the waistband of his shorts and underwear and removed them in one swift move. I was going to see his dick. I wanted to see it. He stood up and tossed the clothes on top of the shirt. For a minute, he did not move so that I could look at him. It was as if I was looking at Apollo. A Greek god stood in front of me.

“You see I work out too.” It was obvious he did, and he turned around so that I could see all of him. What a great ass that he has. He was beautiful. Then he walked by me and I don’t know what possessed me, I never do this, but I slapped his ass too. He smiled back at me as he rubbed the spot, “I will be right back.”

As I laid down on the towel, I thought how nice and firm his butt felt when I smacked it. I reached back and slapped my ass to see if it felt just as firm. It was close. His was a little tighter feeling but not much.

When he came out of the shower, Alex was naked. He had a bottle of oil which he showed me. “I am going to use this on you,” he informed me. “It’s great stuff but I don’t want to get it on any of my clothes. On the road I pack light. Do you mind if I massage you naked?”

I know I should have said no, but at that moment of being able to see Alex’s naked body as he worked on mine was so hot, I said, “No problem.” I said it and did not feel that I could go back and say no.

“If anything hurts, too strong a grip, you’re uncomfortable, just let me know.” With that, he went right to work. Oh, what wonderful hands he had. It felt like heaven as he started on my shoulders. I forgot how wonderful a massage felt. When he began, he was standing next to the bed. Alex could be a professional. Then he crawled on the bed to work on the other side of me. I was in paradise.

What he did next seem perfectly natural as he straddled my body to work both shoulders at the same time. I could feel his cock rub against my ass with each thrust of his strong arms. I should have said something, but I did not want it to stop. I was loving it.

Soon he was working my lower back with the same magic. We started talking about sex, “So how often do you and your wife make love?”

Now he was depressing me, “It has been four months, three weeks, two days and about 15 hours since we last did it.”

As he worked the right side of my lower back, he joked, “You forgot how many minutes.”

“Probably about 16,” I laughed. “The sad thing is if you asked her, she would say that we were having sex all the time. It’s hard because of her past, I can’t initiate it. She caught me jerking off one day and was all upset and crying. She doesn’t understand.”

“You are not alone there,” Alex informed me. “I think it has been about six weeks since my wife and I did it. It’s like she has lost interest.’

“It was different when we were young.”

“That it is.” Alex asked, “So what was your first time like.”

“I was a late bloomer,” I was a senior in high school when I got my first girlfriend. “I was eighteen when I lost my virginity to my girlfriend, Kim, pretty girl. I hadn’t planned for it to happen. It just did.”

At Sincan Escort this moment Alex moved down to my right leg and began working the thigh.

“A friend invited her to a party. She called me up and asked me to take her. The party sucked so we went to my house. My parents were out of town. We started making out on the couch. She let me get to second base and then my hormones kicked in. My little head began to rule the big one.”

“So, you hit the point of no return.”

“Oh yeah. I had no idea before that moment what hormones would do. Soon we were naked. I was so excited because now I knew I was not going to die a virgin-one of my great fears as a teenager. I remember I looked down to watch my dick make that fateful move into her. Soon I was fucking her with gusto. I was doing it bare and knew that I was about to cum. I told myself I should pull out.”

“Did you?”

“Hell no! At that moment I didn’t care. I decided that I would accept the consequence because my dick did not want to stop!”

“So, the first time was great?”

“It was everything that I hoped it would be until we were finished. You see no one ever told me about the fluids. I must have come buckets of cum. It was everywhere. It soaked two cushions on the top and bottom. When I lifted them up, the area under the cushions was covered too. I knew I was dead. I had ruined my mom’s couch with sex fluids.”

Alex said knowingly, “I think we all have some embarrassing sex story from when we were teenagers.”

“I cleaned it up the best I could over the next two days and then spilled Sprite on it as a cover.”

“You are a sly one.” Alex then pried, “Now a lot of guys experiment with a guy friend first before moving to the girls. Did you?

Can I tell him this? Would it freak him out? I have not shared this with anyone. What the hell, he doesn’t know anyone that I know. “There was Mark. He was a little shorter than me. He was a gymnast. I had tried to convince him to play with me, but he never would. There was this chemistry between us, and later learned that he was gay.”

Mark was so conflicted. “His family were strict Catholics. Part of him was afraid of burning in hell and the other part of it was his mother. I would pick hell over his mother any day. His parents knew he liked boys, so they gave him Playboys in hopes of making him straight. He is probably the only guy who truly was more interested in the stories than the pictures. We were seniors and this was just before I started going out with Kim.”

“We went to the movies. He brought up that all guys fool around with another guy at least once.”

Alex asked, “So what did you say?” Alex was working his way up my leg. He is so good with his hands.

“I told him I would try it. We drove around trying to find a place. When we did, I wanted to start out with foreplay, but he wanted us to go right to sucking. He had a nice dick. It was big about my size, 7 inches.” We had measured them against each other one time before.

“I sucked for a bit and then moved down to his nuts. I wanted to stroke his dick but thought that would be to gay. I am sucking his nuts and dick but was worried that jerking his shaft, would make him think I was gay.” We lived in a southern Baptist town and the worst thing in the world was to be gay in that place.

“I stopped and he sucked my dick. It was pleasant, but there were no fireworks. I was no where close to coming. We didn’t know what we were doing.”

Alex interjected, “I didn’t have that issue with my friend.”

“Unfortunately, we did. He wanted to fuck but I just didn’t feel it. A couple of weeks later I started dating Kim. He wouldn’t talk to me. I didn’t want our friendship to end. I even begged him to fuck me and take my cherry so we could still be friends. I think that he was in love with me. I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“Did you want him to fuck you?”

How many times have I thought about being fucked by Mark? “To be honest, I have always wondered what it felt like to have someone enter you like that. I would have willingly let him take it.”

Alex now had moved up to my ass, and was working my right side, it felt so good. “Do you still think about it?”

“To be honest, yeah.”

With that Alex worked both cheeks. Then he moved his fist down to the area between my hole and my balls. That was wonderful. I was already feeling horny. To be honest it doesn’t take much but talking about sex and Alex touching me had me hard. My dick was like steel.

The next thing he did was rub his hand on both sides of my balls with his fingers. It was like an involuntary action as I lifted up my hips so he could get a better access to my dick. His hand slid down and stroked my solid 7-inch cock.

Alex, “A buddy and I used to like to do this when we were young.” I took it to mean that they jerked and milked each other. “He was a twin, but they weren’t identical. We would help each other relieve Etlik Escort stress this way.”

“Well you learned well,” is what came out of my mouth almost in a moan of pleasure.

“We would go hiking at their farm naked. Loved to go skinny dipping together.”

“I love skinny dipping. The only way to swim.”

Then his thumb was on my anus and two fingers on each side of my tight balls that had pulled up into my body because I was so aroused. Desire filled me at that moment. All I wanted right then was sex. My little head had full control. I wanted Alex so bad. I had to have him.

He removed his one hand from my cock and the other from my hole. I was disappointed for only a brief moment because he climbed on top of me. His naked body lay on top of me. I could feel his big, hard, cock laying in my butt crack. He was feeling as horny as me.

His hard rod was hot against my skin. He grasped my hands and pulled them over my head stretching them as his pelvis thrusted his iron member along my crack. It was as if an electric charge was surging through my being. I had no idea how wonderful a man’s dick could feel against my body. He could have me. I wanted him to take me.

Then he pulled off the top of me. I hope that wasn’t all. I was not going to be disappointed, for he grabbed my hips with his strong hands moving me to be on all fours and then I felt it. It was warm, wet, and wonderful. His tongue began bathing my hole sending it into ecstasy. I didn’t even know that those type of feelings even existed before that moment. I could not help but moan.

I laid my chest down so that I could pull my cheeks farther apart with my hands so his tongue could delve even deeper inside of me. I was filled with lust for him. No one had ever filled me with such pleasure. What have I been missing all these years?

He kissed his way down from my hole to my balls taking one of my big balls at a time in his mouth. I wanted this to last forever.

When he started to move to my cock, I instinctively rolled over. He smiled at me as his mouth slipped over the top of my dick. At first, he only took the head, and swirled his tongue around the sensitive underside. My night with Mark was nothing like this. I heard that guys could give better head, this was way more than better. It was fantastic.

Alex soon was bobbing up and down on my dick taking it all the way down to my pubes. My wife only made it halfway on a good fuck. It was nothing like this. I was so glad that I had jerked off twice today already so that I didn’t blow my load at this very minute.

Next, Alex got on to the bed and laid in a 69 position. The boy’s dick was almost pulsing purple it was so in need of attention. It was so big, but I thought that I could try to do for Alex what he was doing for me. I wanted to please him. I owed it to him. I wanted him to feel what I was feeling.

Trying to mimic him, I first took the large head into my mouth and licked around the underside. Some of his precum leaked out. It wasn’t bad at all. I kind of liked it. I slowly worked my way down the shaft. Trying to go a little farther each time. I have to admit that I gagged a couple of times, but I was determined to make it down to his pubes. It took several efforts before I reached them. When my nose buried into his pubes, I could smell the musky smell of sex. It made me even hornier.

By this time, Alex was bathing my hole again. I wondered if he wanted to fuck me. He could have me. I wanted him to have me.

Giving him permission by opening my legs wide, “I am a virgin.”

“I will be gentle,” he promised. “Get on all fours.”

He was going to fuck me. I hoped it wouldn’t hurt to bad, but I had to have him in me. I had to feel his dick inside of me.

I think that he could tell as he lubricated my hole that I was tensing up afraid of the pain.

“You got to relax,” he said soothingly. “Just relax.” Alex slowly inserted his middle finger. It was gentle. I could feel him turning his finger slowly as he worked to open me up. Soon it was two fingers. Finally, there were three fingers. I knew his big dick was next, but so far this was not nearly as bad as I had feared. I could feel it, it wasn’t to uncomfortable, and it did not hurt.

Then I felt it. The head of his cock was pressed against my hole. He was holding that iron rod against it and I loved it. It sent shivers through my body. I moaned again.

Finally, I felt the pressure as Alex slowly pushed in. It was hurting, “Push like you’re taking a crap,” he told me.

When I did, the head of his cock slid in. Then he held it there as his hands rubbed my back relaxing me for a minute. Then he gripped both sides of my hips and slowly pressed forward. I was not seeing the stars and the magic that I had hoped. I felt something big in my ass and my body wanted it out. Finally, he was all the way deep inside of me. I could feel his pubes against my ass.

He again massaged my back as I grew accustom to his dick deep inside of me. Then he slowly started pulling out and sliding back in.

Then it happened. He hit it. He hit a spot that sent pleasure through my whole being. Now I was seeing stars, fireworks, and heaven. I cried out, “Oh Fuck!” Catching my breath, I screamed out, “Oh fuck me Alex! Fuck me!” And he did. “Oh…ah…. ah…oh…. Oh, Fuck me!”

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