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Alcoholic Mom

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My best friend, Tony, and I were walking home from school. We had just finished final exams for High School graduation.

Tony asked, “Have you had sex with your girl friend, Betty?”

“No, but I did get my finger in her the other night when we were parked in my car. That’s as far as she wants to go. She tells me that we can go all the way after we are married.”

Tony then asked, “Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

I had never told him that my mom lets me fuck her when she is drunk Since Tony was my best buddy and we shared lots of secrets, I decided to tell him.

“Tony, I’ll tell you a secret, but you must promise never to tell anyone.”

“I promise.”

“You already know my mom is divorced and I’m living with her. Sometimes she is drunk when I come home from school. She hugs me and tells me she is so glad to see me. At times like this, she usually is dressed in a robe that often gaps. I can easily see her tits.”

“Do you ever see her completely naked?”

“Yes, I’m going to tell you what happens at my house.”

“I’m all ears. What happens?”

“The first time it happened, I was a little bewildered. I watched her in the kitchen pour another very strong drink for herself, then we sat on the couch together. Her robe was completely open and she leaned her head on my shoulder.

She softly said, “If you get a job and move out, I will be very lonely.”

I assured her, “Mom, I know you get lonely. I don’t plan to move out anytime soon.”

After her drink was about half gone, she started rubbing my cock through my pants. My cock immediately became very hard. Then she took it out of my pants and looked at it with her drunken stare.

She said, “I want you to be happy here and not move out.”

When she jacked my cock a couple of times, I thought I was about to cum. She quickly bent down toward my cock. Her mouth had just covered my cock when I exploded. She sucked and swallowed all of it as far as I could determine. I didn’t know a girl could do it like that.”

I could see Tony was very excited when he said, “Wow! That really is exciting. Did you like it and have you done it again?”

“Exciting isn’t just the word for it. It was fantastic and mom lets me fuck her, too. She will only do it when she is drunk. When she is sober, she acts as if it never happened and we don’t talk about it.”

“Wow! You are a lucky guy to have a mom like that. I envy you. We’re on our way home from school now. Are you going to fuck her?”

“I don’t know. If she is drunk, I probably will.”

Tony looked excited and said, “I wish I could go home with you.”

“Well, bursa eskort bayan maybe you could peek in the bedroom window.”

“If you are going in the bedroom with her, maybe I could come inside and peek from the hall.”

I responded, “Why don’t you come in the house with me and we’ll see what happens.

We entered the front door and I didn’t see mom. Tony and I walked into the kitchen to find mom sitting at the kitchen table with a drink in her hand.

Mom looked up to see Tony. “Hello, Tony, it’s nice to see you today.”

Mom got up to welcome him with a hug. When she got up, her robe was fully open down the front. Tony got a good view. Mom was a little unsteady as she leaned into Tony for the hug. I took her arm to assist her.

Mom said, “Now that we have company, let’s go sit in the front room.”

We sat down and carried on a conversation. I didn’t know if mom realized it, but her robe was completely open. Her pubic hair was in full view. I don’t think mom noticed Tony staring at her nakedness.

Mom said, “I think I’ll go in the bedroom to lie down.”

I could see she needed assistance when she started walking. Both Tony and I got up to escort her to the bedroom.

We assisted her to sit on the edge of the bed, “It’s so nice of you boys to help me. I feel fine now.”

Both Tony and I were standing in front of her. She reached out to feel my hard cock through my pants. I didn’t think she would do that in front of Tony. Then I was surprised to see her hand move over to Tony’s cock.

She looked up to Tony, “I believe you are very hard. Did I turn you two boys on? I’m sorry.”

Tony was very embarrassed and didn’t say anything.

She started fumbling with Tony’s zipper but couldn’t get it unzipped. “Take it out, I want to see it.”

Tony quickly unzipped and pulled his cock out.

Mom looked at it, “This is a nice big one.”

She then leaned forward to take it in her mouth. Tony started groaning and his body soon shook as he started cumming.

When she had sucked the last of his cum, she pulled back to say, “Tony, you are a good boy. Did you like that?”

All he could say was, “Wow!”

I had my cock out hoping she would take mine. I was disappointed when I saw her lie back on the bed. Her legs still dangled off the side of the bed. The robe had completely parted to show her full body. Tony was staring at her crotch and I noticed Tony’s cock had never become soft.

I said, “Tony, maybe we should let her rest.”

Evidently mom heard what I had just said because she responded, “I’m bursa otele gelen eskort bayan OK, it’s time for me to get some food for you. I have some good leftovers that I can warm up for dinner.”

When mom sat up she saw my hard cock.

“Ops! I need to take care of my loving son first.”

She took my cock in her mouth and it didn’t take long for me to give her my sperm.

She said, “Now let’s go in the kitchen for some food.”

We assisted her a little as we three went into the kitchen to eat. I noticed Tony was so excited that he didn’t eat very much.

After we helped mom clean up the table, she fixed another drink.

I said, “Mom why don’t we have coffee instead of the drink?”

She quickly responded, “Coffee will rust your stomach. I need another drink.”

We sat in the kitchen while she sipped on her drink. I said, “Mom, do you want to lie down again to rest?”

“No, I’m just fine. Tony, stand up. I can see by your pants, you are still hard. I haven’t seen you without your jeans. Take them off.”

Tony looked a little embarrassed as he stood up and pulled off his jeans and shorts.

Mom said, “Come over here closer to me.”

Tony moved close to her. She cuddled his balls with one hand and took his cock in the other hand. My own cock was about to burst out of my pants.

Mom stood up and said, “I want to feel that in me.”

She turned around to face the kitchen table, then bent over to let her breasts press onto the table. Tony stepped up behind her while I flipped her robe up onto her back to expose her bare bottom.

Tony aimed his cock and pushed to spread her pussy. Mom moaned a little as he quickly shoved all the way in. Tony moved back and forth a few times, then plunged forward as he yelled and groaned. Tony’s hands clasped her butt on both sides as he spurted in her.

I dropped my jeans and shorts. I wasn’t going to let Tony have all the fun. I handed Tony some kitchen paper napkins so he could catch his cum as he pulled out. Some of the cum was oozing out of mom after he had moved out of the way.

I stepped forward with my cock in my hand. She was very juicy which allowed my cock to quickly plunge in.

Mom was saying, “Give it to me, harder”, as she was wiggling her butt.

Tony was encouraging me, “Do it faster and harder. Give it to her!”

I began pounding her very fast causing me to explode. I assumed she could feel my cock jerk with each spurt of cum.

When I pulled out, mom stood up to say, “Did you boys like that and have you had bursa eve gelen escort enough for one day?”

We told her she was very good to us and we liked it. That seemed to please her.

She said, “I think I’ll go lie down on the bed. Take my arm.”

Tony got on one side and I took the other side as we walked with her into the bedroom. She pulled her robe closer around her as she laid on her back. Both Tony and I had left our pants and shorts in the other room. I could see Tony’s cock was already hard again and mine was beginning to grow.

A few minutes later, mom raised up enough to look at our crotches. “Tony, I can’t let you leave here like that. Come up here on top of me.”

She opened up her robe to expose herself. Tony didn’t have to be asked a second time because he moved up on top of her as she spread her legs and pulled them up.

“Tony, let me aim it for you. Now, push it in.”

I could see Tony’s cock disappear in her. He started rapid back and forth movements.

She said, “Slow down a little and give me a chance.”

Tony started slowly fucking her as she was pushing up to his movements. She soon started moaning and I thought she would soon have an orgasm. Tony began to fuck her faster as her moans increased. I could see her body sexually shudder as her orgasm reached a high. Tony slammed into her and began shooting cum. His body was very rigid with short jerks before he collapsed on her.

I was already holding my very hard cock waiting for Tony to roll off. I replaced his body when he moved out of the way. Maybe mom wasn’t aware that I had taken his place, but she started pushing up to me as I started fast strokes. Again, mom’s body began to shudder as a second orgasm controlled her body. I quickly erupted in her before her body had a chance to relax.

When I got up, mom opened her eyes to see me, “Son, was that you? I thought Tony was still with me.”

“Yes, mom, it’s me.”

Mom said, “I’m going to take a nap. Pull the blanket up over me. Tony, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay and please come back to see me sometime.”

Tony quickly responded, “Yes, you are so nice to me. Thank you.”

We saw Mom close her eyes as we were leaving the bedroom.

Tony said, “You have a very wonderful mom. Wish mine was that good to me. I have to go home now.”

Mom slept until it was time to get up the next morning. I had the coffee ready for her when she came in the kitchen. She looked like she was hung over.

I said, “I hope you will get to feeling better this morning, Mom. Maybe the coffee and some breakfast will help.”

“Thank you, my loving son. You’re a big help for me.”

I hesitated at first, then said, “Tony wanted you to know he really liked what you did for him when he was here yesterday.”

She looked puzzled, “Tony? I haven’t seen him lately.”

I knew then she didn’t remember fucking and sucking Tony. Maybe, it’s just as well that she didn’t remember.

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