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Airport Security

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I had been working at airport security for 4 years. You see everything in this job, desperate people, snooty people crazy people. No day is the same but every day was boring.

First about me. My name is Karen I am 32 single mother. I am 5’4, blonde hair, brown eyes. My body is not what I want, size 14 and wobbly but I look good in my uniform.

Today is going to be an interesting day. I have finally qualified to use the new full body scanners that allow the security to check for illegal items concealed on the body. It is controversial but in the name of national security needs must. I sat at the desk and waiting the first passengers to turn up. The outside teams randomly selected passengers for the full screening. They would step into the machine and we would either clear them from the terminal screen or radio the team to have them arrested.

Technically the screening should be done male/male female/female but due to staffing and as the passengers could not see us then we just looked at what was in front of us.

The beep on the intercom woke me from my daydream. I looked at the cctv and could see a young Indian couple waiting nervously by the scanner. Their passport data popped up on the screen they were married aged 24 & 23. The male stepped into the scanner and my eyes moved to the other screen. Within a second an image popped up. Unmistakably it was the man but the view was like a negative and his clothing was now transparent. I gave a short gasp. Although I had done this in training but it was different to see a real person who was standing the other side of the wall just 30 feet away.

My eyes were immediately drawn to his cock. It was long but a little on the thin side. His body was a little skinny. I rotated the image to make sure nothing was hidden. I rotated slowly past his buttocks. His bum was really cute. I pressed the ok button and an automated message played clearing him through the machine.

Very quickly he was replaced by his wife. She was also was very skinny. My eyes trawled over her small breasts, I was surprised to see she was not wearing a bra. She had a thick patch of dark pubic hair that was very clear on the monitor. I pressed the clear button.

As the morning wore on I became aware of the effect between my legs that seeing the naked people was having. I had two more in the queue before my break. The first was a lady dressed in a hijab. She stepped into the scanner and I was shocked at what I saw. Underneath her clothes she had beautiful underwear stockings Kartal Escort and suspenders the works. I was shocked and had a giggle. The guy who was working the scanner next to me lent over to look and chortled a laugh. What he did next shocked me though, he took out his phone and clicked a picture of the screen. He winked at me and said he would save it for later.

My break came and I left the room. As I walked down the corridor I was aware of the wetness in my knickers. I entered the toilets and lifted my skirt. My pink panties were wet with moistness. I pulled them down and they clung to me as I removed them. I sat on the toilet and relaxed my bladder as I peed my mind returned to my co-worker snapping the picture of the passenger. I imagined him looking at the picture. My pee tapered off and i took some toilet paper and started to dry myself. The paper rubbed across my clit and all the energy that was pent up came pouring out of me. I stood and stepped out of my knickers, turned and bent over the toilet.

My fingers stroked my pubic hair as my hand moved down towards my pussy. My fingers crept into my folds and I surprised how wet I felt. My middle finger started to flick across my clit. With my other hand I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and slipped my other hand up to cup my boob. I slid my hand under my bra and began to roll my nipple between my fingers,

I slipped two fingers inside me bending further forward to allow deeper penetration. I worked myself slowly building up the pace. I could feel my wetness running down my hand as an orgasm ripped through me.

At that moment my pager began to beep. I looked at the screen and I was being called to one of the inspection rooms. I quickly dressed and stepped out of the cubicle and quickly straightened my blouse in the mirror. I moved quickly downstairs to a small detention unit. I was informed by the supervisor that we had a suspected drugs issue and we needed to conduct a full search.

I stepped into the room. Inside were one of the senior officials. A large black woman named Sonia she is short, intimidating and has enormous breasts. The suspect was standing timidly in the corner looking very nervous. She had dark skin, short dark hair. She was very petite. Also present was a male staff Spanish interpreter which as this was a female search he was sitting behind a partition.

My job was to observe and assist in the search. As Sonia was reading the protocol to the suspect I picked up the Kartal Escort Bayan notes. I saw that the suspect was a 20 year old Spanish woman who had behaved suspiciously, when detained she had become aggressive and that is why a search was being conducted.

Sonia instructed the suspect to undress. She stood and started to remove her shirt and jeans. Her very small boobs were inside a white lacy bra. I was suddenly very aware of my earlier aroused state. I scratched my nose and the scent of my wetness was still on my hands. Sonia asked the suspect to remove her underwear. The words were relayed in Spanish by the male voice. From where I stood I could see him, he looked at me and blushed.

Goose bumps stood out in the girls flesh. she removed her knickers revealing a dark black thick bush. I noticed Sonia looking at her body. Sonia asked her to move to the table and lie down. The girl started to cry and ask to use the toilet. Sonia gestured to a bucket container in the corner and informed her that for security she could only use that and any “waste” would be examined. I started to pray I would not have to dig through that.

At that moment the suspect went crazy. She pushed Sonia and ran across the room bumping the table and started hammering on the door. I moved quickly and as trained pinned her arms behind her her legs kicked wildly connecting heavily against my shins.

I noticed that the interpreter had stepped from behind the screen to see what had happened. I gestured quickly for him to step back as any break in protocol could cause problems with a prosecution. I was not sure if the view horrified him or the sight of me wrestling with a naked crazy girl would have a different effect.

At that moment Sonia had got back up and came to help me detain the girl. As we started moving her to the table one of her hands slipped free and thrashed wildly connecting with Sonia’s cheek. I grabbed the hand again and we lifted her on to the table.

Sonia started strapping the restraints on the the girl. Normally I would just be standing in the corner of the room but I was now trying to help restrain the suspect. It was important that she could not hurt us or do harm to herself. As Sonia was restraining her leg it slipped and the girl kicked out again she connected square against Sonia’s chest knocking her backwards. I again moved and jumped on her leg. I was aware that my elbow was making contact we her hairy muff but I battled hard to restrain her. Sonia Escort Kartal recovered and completed applying the restraints.

She started the search as I tried to restrain her from thrashing against the restraints. Sonia promptly completed the outer search which as she was so petite was easy to do. It was pretty obvious that we were going to find something inside her. People scared of the process shout and scream but only people desperate start to fight.

Sonia fetched the lubricant and applied it to her gloved hand. She informed the suspect that she was going to search internally. I noted the change in tone of the interpreter as he passed on the message. Sonia squeezed the lubricant between her fingers and then nodded to me. Normally an officer will insert one or two fingers and sweep the inside. I winced with shock as Sonia thrust four fingers inside her pussy. The suspect wailed i wondered how that would feel in such a petite frame. There was anger on Sonia’s face so I was guessing she wanted to pay back for the hit and kick.

Sonia nodded and started removing her hand. a line of balls started sliding out of the suspects pussy. She wailed and groaned at the same time. The evidence was bagged and the suspect was given a jump suit to dress in. Once her secret was found she relaxed and became very despondent..

I looked down at my blouse and noticed that the top three buttons had been ripped off. I held my blouse together as other officers entered the room to take the suspect away to the holding cell. As Sonia updated the supervisor what had happened I made excuses and left.

I stepped into the ladies and looked at myself in the mirror I looked a mess. My blouse was wrecked my hair. The pain in my shins were beginning to ache. I slipped off my shoes and lifted my skirt to remove my tights. I peeled them off and inspected my shins, there were three huge bruises on my shins where she had kicked me. I lifted my leg to the sink and started to bathe them.

The door opened and in walked Sonia. She looked at the state of me and chuckled. “what a stupid bitch she was hey?” said Sonia.

I looked at her “yeah she wrecked me” I laughed trying to sound relaxed..

I was aware that My bra and boobs were on show and with one leg up on the sink I looked a bit wanton. I concentrated on bathing my wounds.

Sonia was inspecting her bruised cheek. She then leaned back and started unbuttoning her blouse. She slipped it off and started inspecting the bruise developing at the top of her boob where she had been kicked. I looked over at her dark black skin set in a lacy black bra. Her boobs were probably the biggest I have seen. She was applying water to the bruise on her boob and the water dripped down her breast. The sight was having an effect on me.

To be continued…..

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