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Airport Parking Garage

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This took place before all the added security procedures at airports and you were allowed to meet arriving passengers at the gate. Everything happened as it is told here.

He stood near the arrival gate at the airport awaiting the arrival of his sexy fiancé. The plane was late, as usual, and as he stood there he thought back to the last time they were together. It had been nearly a month ago now but his thoughts flooded back like it was yesterday.

She had once again come to visit him and one evening in late February they decided to take some blankets to a nearby hill overlooking the golf course. Now February in central California is not the warmest place to be and the air was chilly. The sky was clear and there was to be a full moon.

They walked hand in hand just beyond the apartment complex to the little hill and laid out one blanket. He helped her sit down and he joined her and immediately they kissed. At first it was soft, gentle, but as the kiss lingered the fires of passion were lit. Tongues danced together and hands roamed all over each other. The air was filled with soft moans from the both of them.

He slid his hand beneath her sweatshirt to find she was braless, his breath caught at this discovery. Kissing her again, his hands slid to cup her 36C breasts to find her nipples already stiff and erect. She also slid her hands beneath his t shirt and lifted it up over his head, then lightly caressed his chest, kissing and biting his nipples.

She then unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down. He had gone commando that day so his cock sprang up to her delight. She removed his pants and kissed up his legs and kissed the head of his cock then licked the shaft. His moans increased at the pleasure she was giving him.

He reached for her and lifted her sweatshirt up and off, revealing those perfect breasts. The night chill stiffened her nipples even more. His cock was swelling and hardening even more at the sight and he couldn’t wait to get her naked. He slid her pants down her shapely legs, bringing her tiny panties along at the same almanbahis adres time. She was as naked as he was, and they embraced and kissed pulling together tight.

He leaned over and sucked on her nipples as she stroked his rigid shaft, gasps filling the air. His hand slid from her breast downwards to her mound and trimmed pussy. His fingers slipped between her lips to find her completely soaked.

As the kiss continued, hands roamed and caressed. He rubbed her clit and she about jumped out of his arms, the shock was so great. She pushed him down and straddled him, guiding his thick cock to her hungry pussy and slowly sank down on it. His breathing stopped as he felt her satin glove enveloping his manhood, the tight walls gripping, sucking and pulling him deeper into that incredible cavern. She settled completely down on him, sitting on his pelvis, his cock as far inside as possible and she threw her head back and moved her hips around and around then back and forth.

The moonlight shining on her naked body was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The silvery light that bathed her curves was breath-taking. Her breasts bounced and swayed as she rode faster and faster. She wanted to fuck him silly as that was a standing joke between them. How would they know when they had been fucked silly?? What then?

He reached up to cup her beautiful breasts, rolling her nipples as his hips lifted up to meet her movements. They moved as one, one with a purpose of complete satisfaction. He moved his hand down and using his thumb, rolled her clit as she continued her ride on his pole. Breathing became fast, shallow and the sense of urgency deep within them caught fire and exploded. Her hips were moving at lightning speed and he tried to keep up. She moaned, groaned, and cried out, ‘YES YES, right there!!”

His balls were on fire, almost there…”I’m cummmingggg!” His body tensed and he filled her tight shuddering pussy with load after load of hot cum. The electricity that she generated shot from her pussy through his cock, raced up his spine and exploded on the back of almanbahis adresi his head like fireworks. She exploded shortly after his first load and they clung together kissing and shuddering as their bodies completed riding the waves crashing over them. They collapsed together and held each other, trying to catch their breath, kissing, looking into each other’s eyes. Holding tight, his cock still buried in her still quivering pussy, they kissed again and the smile that covered their faces could be seen for blocks had anyone been looking at that moment. They pulled the other blanket over themselves and soaked up the warm afterglow.

He was brought back to the present by the announcement of the arrival of her flight and his heart quickened. He noticed that his cock was hard and the bulge in his pants was more than obvious. He took off his jacket and held it in front of himself, hoping his erection would subside soon.

Finally, he saw her. 5’4″, honey blonde hair, dancing green eyes and a smile that lit up the room. She came directly to him and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him to her, their bodies pressing together tight from lips to knees. This did not help his erection! The kiss was deep and passionate, they didn’t care that the room was full of passengers being met by others. Breaking the kiss, he held her away from him to look at her. She had on a raincoat, high heels on her feet and a seductive smile that said “Wait till you see what I have for you!” She once again threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body tight against him, kissing deeply once more. She felt his hard cock against her tummy and whispered,

“It feels like someone is happy to see me!”

She giggled, kissed him again and they walked arm in arm to the baggage claim never taking their eyes off of each other.

At last they saw her luggage and he grabbed it and they headed for the car, holding hands and talking and laughing like teenagers. When they got to the car in the parking garage, he put the suitcase in the trunk and then let her in the passenger side.

By the time almanbahis adres he got around to his side and slid in she had opened her coat to reveal matching bra, panties and thigh high stockings, all in Periwinkle Blue. Her smile was captivating as he sat there and stared! Her breasts mounded up by the demi bra, her nipples straining at the thin fabric. His breath caught and his eyes devoured her tight body then moved up to her sparkling eyes.

She said, “I want you, now!”, and they kissed again.

She expertly opened his pants and got them down and tried to get on his lap. The front seat was too small, the back seat was too small, and the whole car was too small to have sex in!

He got out and went around and opened her door, she got out and pressed her body to him, once again reaching for his cock. He knelt down, kissing her soft skin as he went, then sliding her panties aside, he lapped at her soaked pussy like a starved man.

She pulled him up, kissed him deeply. He lifted her up, her legs wrapping around him. She reached between them, grasping his cock and guided it to her warm drenched tunnel. They both gasped as his thick shaft stretched her as he slid deep inside and she looked at him with a smile and said:

“Welcome home, Sweetheart.”.

As she gripped and squeezed him, the electricity that only she had ever caused in him began to shoot throughout his body, exploding in his extremities like those fireworks again. He bit and sucked at her nipples, their hips grinding together and bouncing. He felt his orgasm fast approaching and they increased their pace, wanting to give all to each other. He pushed as deep into her as possible, pulling her buns tighter and erupted deep inside her again and again, bodies shuddering, his knees weak and wobbly. Kissing again, they stood there, the car door wide open, and caught their breath. This time, the kiss was soft and gentle.

She slowly unwound her legs from him and he pulled out, their mixed cum flowing from her pussy. They both moaned, not wanting that special connection to be broken. He helped her into the car, buttoned his pants, noticing the puddle of cum on the floor and hurried around wanting to get this lady home as quickly as possible.

As he got into the car, his gaze went upwards and he saw the security camera for the first time.

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