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Afternoon Snack

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Well, this is my first story, so leave comments and let me know what you think!


Tyler came back from practice to find his girlfriend, Liz, putting groceries away in the kitchen. He was standing in the doorway, admiring her as she put some flour and sugar in one of the higher up cabinets. She was wearing a flowing black skirt that went almost to her knees, and a yellow tank top. I love it when she wears the team’s colors, he thought to himself. When she finished putting everything away she turned around to find him leaning against the door frame, watching her.

“How was practice?” She asked him, walking over to kiss him hello.

“It went well. We’re all skating well, and doing alright with all of the drills. I think we’ll be kicking Montreal’s ass tomorrow night.”

He put his arms around her waist and she smiled at him, and kissed him a second time, lingering a bit longer. She loved when he talked to her about hockey, she had been in love with the game since watching with her father when she was very young. Tyler played for her favorite NHL team, and listening to him talk about games always excited her. When she looked up at him now she had desire in her eyes, and Tyler knew that look well.

He smiled down at her, and kissed her deeply this time, holding her waist against him so that she could feel his growing erection and dropping one hand to cup her round ass. He had always loved her voluptuous figure, and couldn’t get enough of her curves. When he gave her behind a gentle squeeze he heard her let out a soft moan. Then he lifted the hand that was around her waist to brush her light brown hair from her neck. As he kissed and licked her throat her breath came more quickly, and he knew he had her right where he wanted.

“You know,” he whispered in her ear, licking her lobe just slightly. “There’s more to do in a kitchen than cook…”

“Like what?” she asked him, fully aware of what he was getting at.

“Like eating.” he told her, his voice low and husky.

Just then he lifted her off her feet and began moving into the kitchen. Konya Escort He set her down, so that she was perching lightly on the edge of the table, and spread her knees apart so that he could stand between them. He kissed down her neck, to her chest and moved the straps of her top and her bra off of her shoulders. Kissing slowly downward he pulled the top of her shirt and the cups of her bra down, exposing her breasts. He teased her nipples with his tongue, and bit them gently while his hands moved down to her thighs. He got to his knees then, and looked up at her. She had never seen his eyes quite that dark before, and as he licked his lips she knew that this would be an experience like nothing else.

He lifted her skirt up then, moving his hands slowly up the insides of her thighs. Then he groaned, and looked up at her again.

“No panties today, Liz?”

All she could do was shake her head, and bite her lip. He started kissing her then, halfway up her thigh. Her skin was so soft, and he loved the noises she was making as her got closer to the top of her legs. One hand squeezed her thigh, eliciting a moan from her lips that made his cock strain against his jeans. He could smell her now, and he saw just how wet she was. She’s always so ready for me. He smiled as he thought this, and decided to tease her some more. He moved one hand up to her pussy then, sliding one finger down her slit.

“You’re so wet, baby.” he told her. “I’m gonna have to clean you up…”

He moved his finger between the slick folds then, and just barely into her hole.

“Please..” she begged him.

But he didn’t listen. He removed his finger, and slid it up higher until it brushed her clit, making her shudder.

“Please what, baby? Don’t you like the way I touch you?”

“Yes. But… please. Please don’t…” She said, breathing heavily.

“You want me to stop?”

“No! But… please, don’t tease me…”

“What do you want me to do to you then?”

“Just.. I…Please Tyler…”

He chuckled then, and she felt the vibrations through Konya Escort Bayan her core, making her even more wet. “Do you want me to lick you, baby? To suck on your clit, while my fingers fuck you?”


So he moved his face closer to her wet cunt, smelling her sweet nectar and licking his lips. as he kissed her he took the lips of her pussy into his mouth the way he would if he were kissing the lips on her face.

“Ohhh…” she moaned. “Just like that…”

Then he slid his tongue between the folds of skin and licked her from her hole up to her clit. Sliding his tongue around her pussy, tasting her, made his cock completely hard.

He pushed his tongue up inside of her then, and slowly pulled it out. He continued tongue fucking her until she she started squirming on the table, and finally his tongue went back up to her clit, and he pushed two fingers inside of her, pumping roughly in and out of her tight pussy. His other hand went down to his lap, to rub his cock through his jeans while the other hand fucked her pussy. Her hands went to his hair, and he continued like that until she came.

When she was done with her orgasms he licked up her sweet juices, and stood. He held up the hand that was still wet from her and she took it in both of hers. She licked his fingers, then took them into her mouth and sucked her cum off them. He loved it when she tasted herself, it was just so erotic.

She moved off the table then, and looked up at him with a devilish grin. “Now it’s my turn.” She turned them around, so that he was leaning against the table, and got to her knees. She unbuttoned his pants, and he removed his t-shirt as she pulled the zipper down. When she pulled his pants and boxer-briefs down his large, swollen cock sprung free. He groaned as she took it in her hands and looked up at him.

“Can I have a taste?” she asked him, with the most innocent look he had ever seen.

I’m gonna cum in her face if she keeps this up… he thought.

“Please, Tyler? I want to taste you so bad…”

“Fucking taste Escort Konya me then.” he growled.

Still holding his shaft in both of her hands, she began to lick the tip of his cock like it was a lollipop. Slow and deliberate strokes of her tongue. After a few minutes she took the entire head of his cock into her mouth and sucked it, making small noises with her mouth.

“Fuckkk…” he groaned, moving one hand to her head and gripping her hair.

She moved one of her hands to his balls and began lightly rubbing them. She took his head out of her mouth, and the other hand lifted his cock so that she could lick the underside from base to tip and back again. She changed her tactics then, and began planting hot, wet kisses all over his long cock, making small sucking noises. Then a small droplet of pre cum dripped from his tip, and she licked it up.

“You really like my fat dick, don’t you baby?” he asked, with that low and gravelly voice that turned her on so much.

“So fucking much…” was her quiet response. Slowly she took his entire length into her mouth. She sucked him lightly, moving her head back and forth. She swirled her tongue around him occasionally, and he massaged her head while her mouth worked him. As she felt his balls begin to tighten she stopped massaging them and simply cupped them, using one finger to gently rub that smooth spot right behind them.

“Ohh damn, baby…. I’m gonna fucking cum…. Ohhh…”

And she sucked him until she felt the hot streams of cum going down her throat. He loved that she always swallowed, and that she so often told him how much she loved to eat his cum. She may seem like the nice, plain girl you can take home to mother, he thought. But she’s such dirty little minx when you get her alone. It was probably his favorite thing about her that she was so adventurous sexually; she knew all the right things to say to bring him to the brink, and she’d always do anything he wanted.

Tyler pulled her into his arms after she stood up, and he just leaned against the table catching his breath, while she just leaned against him. After a while he kissed her on the forehead and lifted her into his arms.

“What are you doing?” Liz asked him, laughing as he walked away from the kitchen.

“I’m taking you to the bedroom. You’ve warn me out and I think we both deserve a nap.”

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