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Afternoon Catnip

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Jeeezzz! It was hot!

I sat in my car reading and suffering from the heat. My wife was in an air-conditioned apartment of the Marriott Residence visiting her sister who was having cancer treatments at Carolina’s premier cancer facility in tri-city area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill.

After a three-hour drive, I was two hours into a four hour ordeal. I could have drove down to a local fast food joint or even to a car wash I had noticed a few blocks away, but I figured what the hell! The book was good.

Whenever I heard or saw movement I glanced up to scan the area. One instance, I noticed a young Hispanic girl opening the ground floor apartment directly in front of my car. She stared at me and I stared back. She had a ponytail, was slim in appearance and pretty enough.

She knocked and called out. Apparently getting no response she entered the apartment. After about 15 minutes, she came out of the apartment walked around bushes and passed by my open window smiling warmly.

“Hello! How are you today?” I greeted her.

“I am very well! Thank you.” She replied back.

I watched her in the side-view mirror as she walked to wherever. She wore dark blue pants and a white cotton shirt. I noted that her breasts were not overly large but her small bubble ass made her pants fit nicely. Her walk did not cause me to lift my eyebrows. Again, she was pretty enough.

After a bit, I happened to glance up to see her in the rearview mirror heading back my way. I watched her walk, in the side-view, approximately 30 to 40 yards and it appeared she was going to walk along side my car again.

“You must be waiting for someone?” She asked, stopping by the open window.

“Yes my wife is upstairs visiting her sick sister.” I replied.

“Why are you not up there? It is blazing hot out here!” She inquired.

“Well, I would like to be. Very much! But she is not exactly decent enough for male visitors. It will only be two more hours. I can make it.”

It should be noted here that my wife’s sister is Kate/Katie, the same one I have written about previously in this story “my sister-in-law, Katie”. I wanted desperately to be upstairs visiting with her and wishing her a quick recovery.

I studied the young lady I figured was in her late 20s and saw a bit of hesitancy in her manner.

“You work to here, I suppose? Cleaning the apartments?” I queried.


“But it’s Sunday. Are you married? Have children? Shouldn’t you be home enjoying the afternoon?” I proposed.

“I do! Husband and children.” She answered. “Two. But my husband is out of work and Sundays pay double-timeand we need the money.”

“That is very unfortunate.” I said. “But one must do what is necessary, I guess.”

“I am Angelina.” She said, offering her hand to me.

“I’m Press. Good to meet you, Angelina.” I replied, taking her hand lightly.

Again, I noticed her hesitancy to continue about her almanbahis adresi job.

“Press, since we know each other so well, would you be interested in a little Catnip this afternoon. It will not take long and the apartment there,” she said, nodding towards the apartment she had been working in. “is very cool. Anything you could afford to give would be fine. Just normal stuff!”

I have to admit I was totally dumbfounded being propositioned by this pretty little, petite Hispanic girl with a ponytail.

“Do you do this sort of thing often?” I asked.

“Occasionally.” She answered, obviously embarrassed. “But I’m very careful and very clean. I make them all use condom.”

“Angelina, I am one of those few who hate condoms.” I offered, hoping it would prompt her to leave.

“But I could become pregnant!” She offered back.

“Not with me.” I replied, actually surprising myself that I had offered to continue this lunacy.

The little lady stared at the ground pondering my latest confession.

“You are not that old.” She refreshed the conversation. “My husband is much older than me and he has no problem! Surely you can get it up. Or, maybe you could be content just watching me!”

“I assure you, I get it up fine.” I shot back. “I meant I have been snipped. That why I can’t get you pregnant.

“OH!” Her face brightened up and she seemed to be in thought. “I suppose I could make an exception for you.”

“Well, tell me something Angelina. Do you like to fuck?” I quizzed, making sure there was no mistake about what was being offered and trying to embarrass her into backing down.

“Yes!” She answered with a shy smile.

I looked at my watch and looked at the apartment upstairs where my wife and sister-in-law would be while I fucked this little gal in the apartment beneath them. I had to weigh the possibility that my wife might come down for some reason. That thought was weighted against the stiffness of my cock pushing against my pants.

I looked at my watch and opened the door of the car. I followed Angelina into the apartment, scanning the area for anyone who might see. Inside the apartment, I fumbled with my wallet and came up with eight 20s. My credit card could cover lunch on the way home. I handed the money to Angelina with a smile. To her credit she did not count it.

I followed her to the bedroom and she began to strip. I followed her example while studying her intently as she disrobed.

Her tits were perky with small dark nipples. I was pleased to see her mound covered with a lavish black bush, matching her hair.

Standing naked before her, I noticed her eyes studying my erection.

My erection was still a bit less than rock hard. Sad to say, the last couple of years my cock never reaches total hardness until a minute or two of foreplay or fucking.

Angelina backed up to the foot of the bed and sat down. She motioned me to her and without almanbahis adresi any hesitancy she took my cock into her mouth.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m very disappointed I do not have more time to get to know your body better.” I offered.

She did not reply back, of course. Less than a minute passed. Evidently, satisfied with my firmness, she scooted herself back into the bed and took position in the middle of it. I kneed myself onto the bed and maneuvered between her legs as she lifted them and reached for my cock. She placed it to her and we promptly couple. I happily heard her moan as I pushed deep.

She was small and I pushed my head into the pillow next to her head to support my weight as I grabbed her ass with both hands and started to pump into her with a hungry rhythm.

“Don’t do that!” I whispered commandingly as I felt her fingernails begin to dig into my shoulder.

“I’m sorry!” She offered in a breathless, aroused tone.

Her arms gripped me tightly as I pumped into her with little thought of mercy. It did not pass my notice that her little ass, while being gripped tightly, still tried to thrust with me.

I did not feel that her moans were artificial in any way and I began to consider her well-being and satisfaction. I restructured my position gathering her up in my arms. She was smiling up at me as I kissed her tenderly. I hoped my compassion would not lengthen the time I had allotted for this quick afternoon catnip.

Angelina seemed in her element and she was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her.

“Give it to me, sugar!” I coached. “Will you come for me?”

“Yes! Yes!” She whispered, as if knowing there was need for secrecy. “I will! Right there! Don’t move!”

Angelina was now holding onto my ass and guiding my thrust.

My limited minutes seem to race by as I was intoxicated by Angelina, the young Hispanic vixen at least 30 years my junior.

Her pussy was tight and she fucked with passion and I pondered if she fucked the other “johns” with such passion. Maybe I was not giving Angelina enough credit, as she probably did not spend the money on herself.

“OH YES! YES!” She moaned, unable to suppress her volume. “I’M CCOOOMMMMIINNGGGGGG!”

Her body jolted as the orgasm gripped her and her nails bit into my back once more. I did not scold her. Instead, I kissed her passionately and we embraced lovingly.

I had never had the pleasure of such a slim woman and desired a more provocative position.

I eased my cock out of her and easily turn her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Reaching for her hips, I pulled her to her knees.

The bed was rather high. So high, that inserting my cock into her was proving difficult.

I watched Angelina spread her stance until her thighs and belly touched the bed. I had no idea a woman could assume such a position. She reminded me of a frog preparing to jump. Amazingly, her pussy almanbahis adresi was right at the edge of the bed and a perfect height for the taking. I took it, pushing into her slowly until my cock was in totally.

Her position caused her small buttocks to be pushed together tightly. I placed a hand on each bubbled cheek as I began to fuck her with determination, to end this craziness. I was 25 minutes into a limit of 45 minutes I had set.

“Do it, damn you!” Angelina moaned commandingly. “Fill me with your cum! I want it! Do you hear me! I want your cum!”

My hands squeezed and massaged her tight buttocks. I was damn near out of my mind with the desire to fill her pussy with my cum.

I felt like I was going to split her open but I kept shoving my cock into her tight little pussy while she begged me to fill her.

Fill her I did! I felt like my head was going to blow off as my cock jerked spewing my sterile semen into her belly.

“AAAAGGGgggggggggg!!” I moaned loudly.

Angelina was pushing her torso up off the bed with her elbows and shaking her head like a crazed lioness.

I lingered but a few brief moments.

“I’m sorry!” I apologized, pulling out of her. “I’ve got to hurry!”

“I know! I know!” She replied. “Wash up and dress. I’m okay!”

As I hastened to the bathroom, I pondered whether to jump in the shower. I unwrapped a bar of soap and washed my cock in the sink and washed my face quickly. It was hot outside and a little sweat would be expected. I run my fingers through my hair, seeing no expression of regret on my face.

Returning to the bedroom, Angelina sat on the bed, having put on her panties, and watched me dress quickly. I noticed a few tissues on the bed beside her. After slipping on my shoes, I rarely wore socks during the summer, Angelina stood and moved close against me and kissed me passionately.

“My number.” She said, slipping a piece of paper into my hand. “I had never given it to anyone. I would like you to call me. It’s my cell not my home.”

“I will try. Soon.” I assured her.

I looked out of the window to check out the area and slipped out the apartment door. Instead of going straight to my car, a mere of 30 feet, I headed towards the back of the apartment building and walked the 50 or so yards to the left to the street. As I came around the complex, walking up the middle of the parking lot, I saw my wife waiving from the passenger side of the car.

“I was wondering where you had gotten to!” She said, as I closed on the car.

“Too hot to sit still! How is Kate doing?” I said.

“Very good, actually. A lot better than the doctors figured.” She answered.

As I backed the car out of the parking spot, I saw Angelina come out of the apartment and look our way. I would definitely call the little lady and show her the affection she deserved.

I pondered if she would expect money for our next meeting. I would give her something either way, but I did not think she would expect it.

Eating lunch, I pondered, if I could convince Angelina to swear off offering catnip to strangers, if I could add a line to the budget after I got to know her a bit.

The end

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