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After Work Surprise

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Hello everyone, my name is Caleb and this is my story. I am a twenty-five year old male, I am of average height and well built, and I have dark brown hair that is just past shoulder-length.

I have always been a bit shy around women. I am not bad looking, but self-confidence has never been one of my strong points. After seeing the way women reacted to guys riding motorcycles, I decided to buy one for myself. Damn, am I glad I did! In the first week of ownership, I had been honked at, whistled at, and even gotten a couple of phone numbers from some very nice-looking women. Holy shit was I amazed.

I work as lead cook at a top-rated seafood house, and I work with lots of good-looking women. Some are tall, and some are thick. There are blondes, brunettes, and redheads. There are some multi-colored heads, too. There are women of all different nationalities and ages. I love them all! More often than not, I am drawn to tall and big-boned women.

This particular day was a busy one, and I had been sweating my ass off. When my shift was over, I headed down to the employee bathroom to clean up a little and change out of my work shirt, as I smelled of garlic and fish. YUCK! As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that one of the newer hostesses was there and on her phone. Her name is Karen, and she is a tall, fine looking woman. She is about twenty-one and well built. Damn, this woman had legs that seemed as if they would never quit. She has light brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back. She looked upset, so I asked her if she needed any help. She said she needed a ride because her roommate was not able to pick her up. Of course, I obliged a beautiful damsel in Konya Escort distress. I told her we would take off after I got cleaned up. She thanked me and I went to wash up.

As I came out of the bathroom, I saw Karen hang up her phone. I asked if she still needed the ride and she said yes. I told her that she had to wear the helmet and that she should put her hair into a ponytail. Mine was already in a ponytail. She was smiling broadly now. She grabbed her bag, which was large and bulging. This puzzled me a bit, but I didn’t question her about it. We went upstairs and out to my bike. I strapped her bag to the luggage rack, got on, and held my hand out to help her get behind me. I handed her the helmet and asked her where she lived. She said she didn’t want to go right home but wanted to go the dam. The dam is the local forest preserve and is about one hundred acres of woods, picnic areas, a river, and several small ponds. I started the bike and told her to hang on. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed her breasts into my back. I was smiling now, and she held tight as we took off. As we got onto the road and started our trip, her hands slowly moved down to my waist. She loosened my belt, unsnapped my pants, and asked if I was feeling all right. Bingo! My cock was getting harder by the second as I thought about what this beautiful woman had in mind. My thoughts were racing and my pulse was pounding as I tried to stay focused on the road, so all I could do was nod my head in answer to her question. She felt my manhood getting harder and asked if everything is all right. Damn! I thought to myself, “Does she have any idea what she is doing to me?” Her hand Konya Escort Bayan then slipped into my pants. She grabbed my hard cock and softly rubbed it for the rest of the ride.

We drove to the park and headed to the rear parking area. We passed the local stoners on the right, then the Mexicans playing soccer and drinking on the left. The family picnic area is up ahead, on both sides of the drive, where there are gazebos and picnic benches scattered about. The river is to the right, and the forest surrounds the rest of the area. She suggested that I drive to the parking area at the very back of the park. She snaps my pants back as I park the bike. We got off and I unstrapped her bag. She grabbed my hand and headed toward a path that leads into the woods away from the river, and, it seemed, the rest of civilization. We walked for several minutes, and I was very anxious and bewildered. “Where was this beautiful creature taking me,” I wondered. We walked for what seemed like a mile or so. We are deep in the woods and there is nothing but trees around. We finally come to a large clearing and there is a small pond on the east side of the clearing. She heads in that direction, pulls a blanket from her bag, and lays it along the edge of the water.

Then she comes up to me, grabs my belt, and pulls me to the blanket. I don’t realize that, while pulling me to the blanket, she has again unsnapped my pants. She pulls me close and plants a hot, passionate kiss on my stunned face.

She tells me to sit down and be quiet. Curious, I do as she says. She pulls an MP3 player out and turns on some soft jazz music. She starts to sway to the rift and slowly lifts Escort Konya her shirt, and then the other strap follows. I am full of anticipation and desire. She is putting on a hell of a show. She seductively reveals one breast and covers it again as she turns away from me. On her next rotation, she has unbuttoned her pants and they have slipped, ever so teasingly, down to reveal the crack of her lovely ass. She pulls her bra completely off and shakes her tits in my face. I am just a few inches away, and I can smell her womanly scent. I am hypnotized now. Soft music is playing, and this fine woman is spinning and gyrating in front of me. In one smooth movement, she slips her pants down and off, revealing a skimpy g-string. My cock is standing at full attention now! She sways in front of my face, rubs her crotch into it, and asks if I want to see any more. My head is racing, my cock is hard, and I ask her, “What do you think?” She slips off the g-string, brings her neatly trimmed pussy to me, and rubs my face into it. I can’t take it anymore, so I grab her waist and thrust my tongue into her hot, wet pussy. She is smiling and gyrating to my touch. I continue to lick and nibble on her swollen lips and clit, which brings a soft, guttural moan from her throat. I pull her down onto the blanket and she takes off my pants. She grabs my cock and starts to lick it like an all day sucker. Then she puts my hard cock in her mouth and starts suck like there is no tomorrow. Up and down, in and out, all the while I am licking and biting her pussy. I feel her shudder and as my precum leaks into her mouth and she drinks it down. She moans and I pull away and turn her around. I rub the head off my member on her swollen pussy. I slowly enter her wetness as she moans in ecstasy. Slowly we gyrate together and in unison building momentum and rhythm. We both reach an exploding climax together. Breathing hard, we fall into each other’s arms and lay there satisfied and comfortable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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