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After Hours

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I was working late again – that had become a habit. I was a year into this new job and I don’t think I’d come home before 11pm more than twice.

Sometimes I’d get a break and have to attend a function somewhere in the city, a few drinks talking shop with colleagues and perhaps a passing glance at a beautiful woman.

These days passing glances was about all the amounted to a sex life for me. Being single and a man who was determined to make it to the top didn’t really allow for much of a social life. My thoughts of late however, had been drifting towards a co-worker, Debbi.

Debbi worked downstairs as a senior account rep in our company. Besides being so busy, I never thought I had much of a chance with her. She was a few years older than me and absolutely one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She stood at about 5’5″ with shoulder length wavy brown hair. She was a petite woman with one of the best asses around. To complete the perfect package was a set of piercing blue eyes and a smile that whenever she looked at me, sent shivers through my spine and a jolt to my loins.

We had worked on a number of projects together and I admit at first concentrating on the job was difficult. Whatever she wears seems to fit her perfectly. Every article of clothing perfectly articulating her body, she never dressed trashy. Who knew that business outfits were very flattering?

Last night Debbi and I both attended a celebration party for one our accounts. We had both had a few drinks and enjoyed a great talk. One of the benefits of working together all this time was that we had become friendly enough that we could talk openly with each other. This recent project had become so intense that I had forgotten about the lust I always kept inside for her and really focused on the work.

It was almost impossible to catch a cab after the party so Debbi and I ended up sharing one. We talked for a while and as she got out at her stop she said, “Mike, I’m so glad you were there tonight. You know how much I hated this project and I know how busy you are, so thanks for taking the time out and keeping me company.”

I told her that the diversion from the office was welcome and that I would be happy to keep her company any time. She smiled and out of the blue told me that I was cute to be so polite and then leaned in for the customary kiss on the cheek – or so I thought. She ran her hand along my chest and kissed me on the lips, slightly licking my upper lip with the very tip of her tongue, winked and got out of the cab.

I was so shocked and spent the next fifteen minutes kicking myself for not leaping out of the cab and following her to her door. I spent the whole night tossing and turning wondering what would have happened if I had returned the kiss.

So there I was at 8pm, my thoughts drifting to the brief kiss from Debbi the night before. I was so into Kocaeli Escort reliving those 30 seconds that I didn’t hear her knock on my door.

“Got a minute?” She asked. As I looked up, I laughed at the how cliché the scene was. Here I was dreaming of her and there she was standing in my doorway in a white blouse, tight black pants, her hair down on her shoulders and the light from the outer hallway making a body halo around her.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing”, I answered. “You look like an angel in that light. The angel of the office – sounds silly doesn’t it?”

“Honey, you don’t know me that well. Angel is one thing I’ve never been called!” She replied with a wink.

“That wink always gets me.” I blurted out. “Sorry – What can I do for you?” I hate when the filter between my brain and mouth breaks down.

“Well Mike, we were both pretty buzzed last night and I just want to make sure that everything is ok between us. Sometimes I get a little carried away with someone I really like and tend to be forward.”

“Uh…no…it was fine. I mean I uh… no worries…um…” I stammered. Great, now the filter was working but my mouth had shut down.

“So you didn’t mind that I kissed you last night?”

I pulled myself together and said, “No, in fact I’ve been thinking of it all day. I was just replaying it in my head right when you walked in.”

She acted slightly shocked, “You’ve been thinking about the little kiss all day and you never came down to talk to me? You really do work too hard Mike.”

Debbi took two steps into my office, whispered, “I think we both need a break.” and leaned down and kissed my just like the night before – only much longer.

After what seemed like minutes we both opened our mouths and let our tongues dance together. Without breaking contact I stood up and embraced her so our kiss could be that much deeper. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was twirling these little circles around my mouth, occasionally licking my teeth.

I began caressing her back and arms as she moved her hands to my face and neck. We stood like that forever, locked in this kiss that would have made Venus jealous and finally we broke looking deep into each other’s eyes.

She spoke first, “We have been working together for so long and I go home every night just wishing that I could taste those lips. I have waited so long to see how you kiss. And after you didn’t follow me last night, I was confused. I had to come up and try again.”

I closed and locked my door and replied, “So, was that the only thing you wanted to research? Because I have been dreaming of tasting you from head to toe since we first met.”

“Well Michael, I think we need to continue this investigation. Right here. Right now.”

We fell back into a locked embrace kissing more passionately than I had ever kissed anyone before. The sexual Kocaeli Escort Bayan tension that had existed between us for more than a year was finally coming to a boil. I pulled her head back and started kissing her neck while caressing her breasts through her silk blouse and teasing the nipples through the thin bra.

She moaned a little bit as I gently undid the blouse and bra and licked each areola. I backed her to the credenza and sat her upon it, all the while undressing her and showering her with kisses across her chest.

Debbi pulled my head up and we kissed some more while she ran her hand along my growing erection. When she started for my zipper, I pushed her back.

“I’m not finished my research yet.” I said as I removed her shoes and undid her pants. I hooked my fingers around the waste band of her pants and panties and pulled them down in one motion. Then I took her left foot and kissed each toe and moved my way up her leg and thigh. When I got to her pussy, I lightly brushed my tongue over her clit and worked my way down her right thigh and foot.

“You tease.” She moaned.

After reaching the bottom of her right foot, I straightened up and for the first time took in her naked beauty with my eyes. The soft light from my office played upon her body and the lights from the city seemed to glow like her eyes. I leaned town and kissed her again while my finger gently rubbed her clit. Slowly at first, then as her breathing became more rushed, faster. I repeated that cycle – slower – faster – slower – faster while I went back to licking her nipples.

I stood her up and leaned her over the credenza and kissed the back of her neck and then down her arms and back. Planting kisses across that wonderful ass and down the back of each leg and eventually spreading her legs apart and stroking my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to the clit and back down.

I continued to lick her in the same slow then fast rhythm as I had done with my fingers until I felt her knees start to buckle. She was moaning and trying to keep standing with all her might, so to be nice I turned her around and sat her in my officer chair while I went back to eating her out.

By now she was very wet and had draped her legs over my shoulders and was pushing my head into her. After several more minutes of my tonguing her clit, she screamed out and came as I hurried the pace and lapped up all the juice that flowed from her. I kept on licking and sucking and her hips bucked off the chair. After a few minutes of my continued cunnilingus she came again and then again. Three times in a row! I was enjoying this as much as she was and didn’t want her ride to stop, so I kept on going until she screamed again. I thought I had gone too far and started to pull back – but then she rammed my face into her and growled – “DON’T FUCKING STOP!!”

What could Escort Kocaeli I do, except give her just what she asked for again and again? I thought she would get tired but each orgasm seemed more intense than the first and she was gushing like a beautiful tropical waterfall.

Finally she pushed me back and I sat back and said, “I think my research is complete.” With a smile went to sit on the couch in my office while she recovered.

To my surprise, she didn’t want to sit and recover. Debbi looked at me with a devilish grin and said. “Those were the most intense orgasms I have ever had from being eaten out. You knew right where to touch me and I want more! There is one spot, however that your tongue cannot reach.”

Debbi took three steps to my couch sat on me and hungrily kissed me like a woman who had been in the desert for days while she tore my clothes off.

My clothes were in a heap on the floor and my passion filled colleague slipped down and took my cock in her mouth and gave it a few licks – as if to give me a test drive. Just as I was relaxing and getting into the blowjob Debbi was expertly giving, she pulled her head away and pushed me back on the couch.

“I need your tongue one more time Mike. Lick me now!”

She positioned her pussy right over my face and I went back to my new favorite pastime – sucking this beautiful woman back into the throes of another shattering orgasm. This time I decided to use my tongue as fast as I could. She kept humping my face and moving her hips around.

Debbi came even more intense than before and while still in the midst of the orgasm, she moved off my face and lined that pretty pussy up at the tip of my rock hard cock. In one deft motion, she took all of me in and started fucking me like a piston on a racecar.

I had never been fucked by a woman who was still coming and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting at an incredible pace. When I started to try and match her rhythm, she told me to just lay there for a bit and just get fucked.

It was all I could do from exploding when she leaned forward and buried my face in her breasts and smothered me with her hair. It was pure heaven.

After a while, Debbi slowed down and we fell into a nice easy rhythm. Gently rocking back and forth on the couch staring into each other’s eyes. Then eventually we picked up the pace. Up and down on my cock her pussy slid until we were so worked up that I knew there was no turning back.

I grabbed her hips and moved us around so that she was sitting on me and my legs were dangling off the couch. That must have hit the spot Debbi was talking about, because her eyes widened and she screamed, moaned and came again.

We kept fucking and she kept coming.

“Come with me lover,” She cried.

That was all the encouragement I needed. With one final push, my cock exploded in her pussy in the most intense orgasm I had ever had!

We lay on the couch and rested, the room smelled of sex and we just stared into each other’s eyes.

“I think I need to move my office up here.” Debbi finally spoke, “We need to make sure that we do this kind of research more often.”

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