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Affair of the Body 06

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“I’m going to shave your bush.”

“What?” Jeri’s hands flew between her legs. “Why?”

“Because I’m going to have my mouth all over your pussy and when I do I don’t want a bunch of hair in my mouth.”

Jerilyn shuddered at the image of Rain’s head between her legs. When they kissed, her tongue was soft and gentle. What would Rain’s soft lips feel like moving over her slick clit, into her opening? If this kept up Jeri was going to hump the furniture.

Rain got up and went to the bathroom. Jerilyn followed her but Rain stopped her at the door. “My bathroom is too small for what I’m going to do. Go sit on the coffee table.”

Jerilyn winced. “I hate sitting there, it’s too cold.”

“Here, sit on this.” Rain handed her a beach towel. “Spread it out so we don’t make a mess.”

By the time Jerilyn had the towel spread over the table Rain arrived with some clippers, a safety razor, and some shaving cream. “All we need now is some water.” Rain went to the sink and filled a bowl with warm water then grabbed a dish towel. She set the items on the floor next to her. “Okay, I think I have everything.” She plugged the clippers into the wall socket. “Lean back and spread your legs.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.” Jerilyn leaned back on her elbows to watch Rain.

“I can’t believe how open you are.” Rain stared into Jeri’s hungry vagina. “I didn’t realize you were this turned on.” She slid a finger inside Jeri.

Jerilyn sucked in a breath at the sudden penetration and gripped the sides of the table. The exquisite friction of Rain’s finger against her inner walls built her pleasure.

“You like that?” Rain grinned as she pulled her finger out leaving Jerilyn feeling empty.

“God, yes. Don’t stop.”

“I’m not sure I want you enjoying this so much. It’s supposed to be a discouragement.”

“You can’t believe how discouraged I am right now.”

“Good, maybe next time you’ll listen to me.” This time when Rain slid inside her, she used two fingers. Jerilyn felt fuller, more satisfied from the internal pressure. The friction of Rain’s dry fingers along her tunnel’s soaking walls made her nerves thrum. As Rain’s fingers penetrated her body, she felt her orgasm grow. She wanted to thrash about, work her hips to make Rain’s fingers plunge in and out of her, but her body was wound too tight for her to move.

Rain’s fingers stretched into her and her thumb covered Jerilyn’s clit. A jolt of ecstacy shot through Jeri’s body. Her pussy clamped down on Rain’s fingers. Her climax hovered so close.

“Hold still. I’ve got all your sensitive bits covered but if you move suddenly you might get poked.”

“I can’t.” Jeri’s body took over. Her hips moved, seeking more friction, craving the stimulation she needed to come.

When Jerilyn heard the clippers buzz, she froze. She burned beyond mortal need but imagining the damage those clippers might cause gave her a little control. Right up until Rain touched the clippers to her mound. As Rain dragged the tool through her hair, the vibrations sent shockwaves straight to her pussy.

“I’m going to come!” Jerilyn couldn’t stop her hips from bucking. Her whole pussy was stimulated inside and out. Rain’s fingers slid in and out in short violent strokes providing the friction Jerilyn needed. Her thumb worked little circles over her slick clit. And the vibrations! Oh god, the vibrations! She wanted to cry out but couldn’t get enough breath. All she managed was, “yes!” before her body thrashed in rigid ecstacy. Each spasm of her pussy spread through her body, increasing the force of her climax. The clippers seemed like a battery hooked straight into her body making her come forever.

Jeri gulped in air as her body came down from that incredible high as little aftershocks made her body convulse at odd intervals. She fell back on the table too weak to hold her weight anymore. She felt like she finished an hour long aerobics class.

“Are you finished?” Rain slipped her fingers out of Jeri’s vagina. “I’ve still got work to do down here.”

Jerilyn chuckled. “Finished? I thought I died!” She ran her fingers through her hair, lifting sweaty strands off her scalp. “I can get used to this.”

“Couldn’t we all.” Rain worked the clippers on her mound again. This time the vibrations on her oversensitive clit almost hurt. Rain finished clipping her mons then moved between Jeri’s legs. She managed to hold still for the few seconds it took Rain to clip away her hair. Now this whole stripping and doing dares game lost its fun.

Rain pulled her outer lips tight as she ran the clippers around her opening. Even though her body was spent, the way Rain stared at her naked, exposed pussy rekindled her interest. The way she manipulated the part of her body only one other person ever touched turned her on again. When Rain brought the clippers over her perineum she gasped and almost squeezed her legs shut; it tickled!

“There, done with these.” Rain looked up along Jeri’s body and starred Maltepe Escort into her eyes. “Form the way you reacted, I might have to find some other vibrating tool for you.”

Rain’s teasing grin and bouncing eyebrows made Jerilyn want to laugh and blush at the same time. She decided it was time to play the same game herself. “I don’t suppose you have a similar “tool” laying around, do you? Maybe you could give me a demonstration?”

“Maybe later.” Rain reached for the shaving cream. “I have something else to take care of first.” She shook the can and squirted some foam into her hand. “I think you’ll like this.”

“Duh, I like everything you do.”

Light as a feather, Rain touched the cool foam to her mound. The light touch felt odd against her skin. Rain made circles, bringing her hand closer and closer to Jeri’s skin. After a few seconds of this teasing Rain rubbed her fingers across the stubble. Her touch, lubricated by the shaving foam felt relaxing and arousing. The smooth glide of skin on skin made Jeri’s nipples harden again, her breasts felt swollen and she felt her body nearing another orgasm. Rain’s hand moved off her mound and slid around her opening, spreading the foam all over her intimate areas.

“Now you’ll want to be very careful.” Rain rinsed her hand off in the water bowl. “I’m going to shave away this stubble and you don’t want the razor to slip and slice into something tender.”

That brought Jerilyn out of the trance Rain’s foam slick hand put her into. “What? Wait. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

“Nonsense.” Rain put the safety razor on Jeri’s belly right above the shaving cream. “Hold still.”

Rain scraped the razor in short swipes starting at the top of Jeri’s mound and working down. It sounded like ripping paper and despite the foam lubricating her skin she still felt little tugs. Each little tug seemed to inflame her sex. She was lubricated again, and not from the shaving cream. Those short little swipes working their way to her vagina were a tease, like when Rain made circles around Jeri’s breasts circling closer to the nipples. Each soft little scrape, each gentle tug as blade separated hair from skin, increased her need. By the time Rain shaved around her opening and across her perineum Jerilyn stewed in an agony of lust. She needed stronger, faster stimulation. At the same time she dared not move in case Rain’s hand slipped and she cut into Jeri’s most tender flesh. She had to bite her lip to force the building tension centered in her core to stay away. It didn’t work, her thighs trembled with need but she still managed to hold her pelvis still. Her whole body strained against the need to come. If not for fear of the razor, Jeri would have come by now. Holding back, denying her body the release it craved was torture, but she couldn’t risk getting cut. She gripped the coffee table and forced her trembling thighs to behave. Rain tugged her lips to keep the skin tight. As the razor moved closer and closer Jerilyn held her breath.

“There, all done.” Rain tossed the razor into the bowl and wiped up the remaining shaving cream with a course towel.

“Rub me more.” Jeri’s head lulled back and she tired to spread her legs wider for Rain to stimulate her to orgasm with the towel.

“No need, you’re all done.”

Jerilyn moaned in protest and looked down her body at Rain kneeling between her legs. “Are you going to . . . you know.”

“Yes, I’m putting lotion on you.” Rain showed Jerilyn the bottle of lotion. “We don’t want anything bad happening to your tender skin.”

“I thought you said you were . . . ” Jeri trailed off as Rain applied the lotion to her mons. The slick friction on her hairless pussy felt like nothing she ever experienced before. Her skin was supper sensitive, like it had never been touched. Rain’s hand moved in slow, deliberate motions working their way down to her opening. As she moved closer and closer Jeri’s urgency built. Her need for release consumed her like an itch out of reach.

“You need to calm down.” Rain was very careful where she touched. She skimmed across Jeri’s outer lips but never touched them enough. “We have one more card to read.”

“I don’t care anymore.” With the razors trial over, Jerilyn couldn’t keep her hips still. She thrust around, chasing Rain’s fingers, trying to get Rain to touch her where she needed to be touched. The new smoothness between her legs was an erotic force she had no way to resist. If Rain kept stroking her, she might come despite Rain not touching her pussy.

“You don’t care? After what you put me through?”

“Put you through? I’m the one begging.”

“Hush, I’m the one doing all the work. Where was I? Oh, yes, after what you put me through to get me to do a reading of myself, you want to stop when we’re at the end?”

“I want you to . . . oh god! Yes. Right there.” Jerilyn lay down full length on the coffee table and clutched her breasts. They were too small to squeeze so she flattened Maltepe Escort Bayan them against her chest, rubbed her hands over them. She pinched her nipples and tugged at them.

“I think that’s all the lotion you need.” Rain got to her feet and held out a hand to help Jerilyn to her feet.

“No. Please, don’t stop now.” Jerilyn glared up at Rain. “You are a cruel woman.”

“You have no idea. Come on, get up. We have another card to read and another dare.”

“Just a minute.” Jeri’s lust consumed her. She slid her hand down her belly toward her pussy to give herself the release she needed. Rain could watch and critique for all Jerilyn cared.

“Oh no you don’t!” Rain grabbed Jeri’s hands and pulled them away from her body.

“I want to see what it feels like.”

“You can wait a while longer.” Rain tugged on her arms, trying to get her to her feet.

“No, I can’t.” Jerilyn hadn’t whined like that since childhood.

“Yes you can.”


“I have one last chore for you to do.”

“Will it take long?”

“Not if you get off the table and over to your chair.”

“Can I come when we’re done?”

“If I have my way, you’ll come before we’re done.”

“Fine.” Jeri levered herself off the coffee table and followed Rain back to the kitchen. When she sat on her shirt, she knew she was wet enough to leave a huge stain. She didn’t care. She intended to wear it home, proud of her new sexual identity.

“This card.” Rain drew a card with exaggerated slowness, deliberately taking her time to make Jerilyn squirm more. “Represents . . . ” She set it down above the other three carefully aligning the column.

“What does it represent?” Jerilyn squirmed, just like Rain wanted.

“It represents,” Rain grinned up at Jerilyn, she knew what she was doing. “The outcome.”

“Which is?”

Rain shrugged and looked back at the card. Her grin vanished as her brows knit together in concentration. After way too long she sighed in defeat. “I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense. You put it together and it doesn’t make sense. Half the cards in these positions don’t make sense.” Rain abruptly raked in the cards and replaced them on the deck. The smile she turned to Jeri seemed a little forced. “I bet you want the last dare now, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Jerilyn forced her worry at Rain’s odd behavior out of her mind. She fought the urge to touch her freshly shaven pubic mound for fear of her fingers dipping lower and bringing her the orgasm she desperately wanted. Even though the stimulation stopped and her orgasm subsided, she still felt aching tension between her legs and a desire to rub away the pressure. The slightest touch is all she needed to return her to the peak of pleasure. “What do you want me to do?”

“Get down on your hands and knees and find the buttons you popped off my shirt last night.”

Jerilyn slipped off the chair and scanned the floor for the missing buttons. “Can I come when I find them all?”

“Sure, if you think you can wait.” Rain stepped behind Jerilyn. “The problem is from here I can see your pussy and it looks even more naked without all that hair. It looks so open and ready to be filled.”

“Where are those damn buttons!” Jeri’s arousal went into high gear. She got wetter and wetter. “There!” One hid under the stove. She wrapped it in her fist, triumphant. Two to go.

“You look so wet and swollen it must hurt down there. The problem is you look so sexy bent over it makes me want to touch you.”

Jerilyn saw another one way over in the corner. She crawled over and added it to its sister. Knowing the view she gave Rain, listening to Rain describe how she looked, made her arousal skyrocket. Then she heard Rain slip her robe off, heard the material land somewhere near the couch. Her pussy gave a little spasm and she felt her arousal become manifest. A drop leaked from her pussy and slid down her thigh. She hoped Rain saw it, wanted her to see it. She clamped her legs together, trying to give herself the stimulation she needed to reach her peak and barely remembered to look for the last button. Her free hand lifted up to her tit, it felt like it swelled a full cup size. Her eyes half closed in bliss when she saw the last button. It rested under the table, almost under the couch. Releasing her breast, she frantically reached for her prize. Her ass stuck in the air as she stretched past the table legs and chairs.

“Wow, you’re dripping wet. You’re actually dripping. I didn’t think that was possible.”

Jeri felt Rain’s fingers touch her leg and trace the trail up to its source. Jerilyn moaned as the finger inched up her thigh. Her body convulsed as Rain slipped two fingers inside her. Jerilyn clutched her pussy around the welcome fingers, the squeezing muscles brought her climax closer.

The button caught her eye again just as she was about to give herself over to the climax. For some perverse reason she wanted to get that last button before Escort Maltepe she came. She stretched further, lowering her chest even more. When her nipples touched the cold floor, she cried out. The sudden shock of cold linoleum against hot nipples made her body clutch again. Especially her pussy, it clamped on Rain’s fingers and brought her even closer to climax. She clenched her teeth and concentrated on holding off the orgasm insisting on release. Her pussy fought like a caged animal. A guttural cry escaped as she clamped her will over her protesting vagina and managed to hold it off for a few seconds more. She clawed at the button as Rain slid her fingers out then back in. She couldn’t cage the passion Rain gave her any longer. She clawed at the damn button again, her last desperate attempt to claim her prize before Rain claimed her passion. Her fingernail caught it. It flipped back toward her. She slammed her palm down on it. She had it! Then Rain worked her fingers back into her and her climax ripped through her. Jerilyn pushed back on Rain’s hand as her lover took her from behind. Her pussy quivered on Rain’s hand like it was electrified. Her body trembled and if she hadn’t already been on the floor she’d have fallen. The keening cries of her passion echoed off the linoleum. Tears squeezed from her eyes. She lost control of her body unable to believe the pure pleasure Rain milked from her body.

When control finally seeped back, the first thing Jerilyn became aware of was the cool floor under her cheek. She levered herself up on all fours then backed out from under the table. It wasn’t easy, her muscles felt weak and her arms shook. When she cleared the table, she sat down. The cold floor hitting her hot flesh made her gasp and she tried to stand up. Rain had to help her.

“I hope that didn’t wear you out.” Rain helped Jerilyn to her chair. “Because in a few minutes I’m taking you to my bed where I’ll eat you out.”

Jerilyn shuddered at the thought of Rain’s mouth working her pussy. It would be good, but Jerilyn didn’t know if she could take any more. Being in such a high state of arousal for so long took its toll. Not to mention she was so relaxed she might fall asleep at the kitchen table. “Here are your buttons.” Jerilyn put the little plastic disks on the table.

“You actually found them?” Rain laughed, delighted. “You’re amazing.” She scooped them up and took them into her bedroom.

Jerilyn watched her naked ass sway as she walked away. She liked what she saw, Rain’s body was a work of art. When Rain came out of the bedroom Jerilyn had to smile. Rain’s hips swayed, her breasts bounced, and her pussy flashed in and out of view. The woman was hot!

“What are you smiling about?”

“I like what I see.”

“Good. I like what I see to. Are you ready to go to bed?”

“If I lay down, I’m liable to go to sleep.” She was too spent. Two mind-blowing orgasms in less than an hour would do that.

“I think I can keep you awake.” Rain held out her hand. Jerilyn took it and hand in hand they went into the bedroom.

When Jerilyn lay down on the bed, she stretched and moaned. She had never felt so relaxed in her life and knew she would drift off to sleep in a matter of seconds. Dimly aware of the strange bed under her, she closed her eyes and smiled.

“You look comfortable.” Rain sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Jeri’s thigh.

“I am. I feel like I’m floating.” Jeri stretched again and rolled on her side to face Rain. “I’ve never had sex like that before.”

“On your hands and knees on the kitchen floor?”

“No, silly. I’ve never been teased and tormented like that. I’ve never played games. It was fun.” Jerilyn tried to look at Rain but her eyes refused to stay open. “Exhausting, but fun.”

“So what’s it like with Antony?”

“Normal, I guess. Foreplay followed by sex. We kiss and touch, you know, normal stuff.” Jerilyn reached out a hand and found Rain’s hip. “Lay down and snuggle with me.”

“I’m not ready to quit playing with my new toy.”

“You wore me out! Let me rest for a while.” Jerilyn found Rain’s hand and tugged weakly. “Lay down with me.”

“That’s the plan. I’m going to lay down and make you come again. With my mouth.”

“Why can’t you wait a while?”

“Are you kidding? I’m so turned on right now I can’t stand it.”

Jeri frowned. She was so satisfied and content she hadn’t even considered Rain’s needs. “I’m sorry, I should have done something for you.”

“You will.”

“It sounds more like you want to do something for me. Why do you want to go down on me so bad?”

“I like sex and this is something new. I never thought about going down on a woman but now I’m excited to do it.”

“Then, after you do it to me you’ll expect me to do it to you.”

“I won’t expect it, but I’d sure like it if you did.”

“I don’t have the energy now, what makes you think I’ll have it after you have your way with me?”

“You won’t!” Confidence filled Rain’s voice. “Sooner or later you’ll recover. When you do, you’ll want to do it to me. You’ll think wow, that was so good! Rain made me come like crazy. I want Rain to know what that feels like. I want to make Rain feel as good as she made me feel. I’m going to go down on Rain.”

“That’s what I’ll think?”


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