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Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 13

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The men left Gus’ house before sunrise to get to Aaron’s favorite river spot. They enjoyed having a productive, and relatively clean, urban waterway that provided them an outlet for fishing close to their homes. Both Gus and Aaron were part of different conservation groups working to improve the health of the James River and had dedicated time and dollars to see it re-emerge as a healthy fishery within the last decade. Aaron’s spot was just a few miles west of town, at place called Flatwater, between a couple sets of rapids, it was only a 15 minute drive. Gus parked, the guys grabbed their gear, and Aaron led Gus down a trail for a few hundred yards to the river’s edge.

Both men looked out across the beautiful river and watched as the light fog started to lift as the sun made itself known. It was time to get some lines wet. Not noticing anyone on the water, or on their way out, they felt comfortable stripping down to their river shoes and fishing naked. The two men spread out about fifty yards from one another and waded in the shallows around some rocks to see what type of damage they could do in the pre-dawn calm.

“There we go!” Gus heard to his right and turned downriver to see Aaron hooked up on a nice fish. He watched him land the first fish of the day, a nice 3lb small mouth. “Hell yeah Marine, nice one!” Gus yelled. Aaron raised the fish up the air, kissed it on the head, and released it back into the river. “I’m winning, furry man!” Aaron chuckled and immediately threw a line back out into the water.

Gus hooked up on one next, it wasn’t a bass though, he could tell from the more gradual hit that he had a catfish on the line. He increased the drag a bit on his rod, as the fish started to run and resist the hook pulling it toward the shore. “Got one!” Gus yelled down toward Aaron who turned to see the bend in Gus’ rod upriver. “Looks like a big fish, Gus!”

“Feels like one, too,” Gus responded, keeping his focus on maintaining tension on the line and letting the fish wear itself out so he could land it. Aaron started making his way back toward Gus and watched him work the fish to shore. “Damn, that’s a nice catfish, Gus.” Aaron said.

Gus put his hand in the cat’s large mouth and held it up in the air. It had to weigh almost thirty pounds, he thought. The fish dangled from his hand held out at nipple height, down below his knee. It was flathead. Aaron picked up Gus’ camera, “Smile sexy fisherman.” Gus held the fish in front of him and put on a huge smile to compliment his furry nude body. Beams of sunlight reflecting off the clear water through the river valley announced the sunrise downriver to the east and Aaron snapped another picture of his handsome fisherman. “I must have a copy of that picture,” Aaron announced, as he turned the camera downriver and snapped a few more of the sunrise.

“Whatcha think, should we start a stringer?” Gus asked Aaron still holding and admiring the large flathead catfish he’d just landed. “Yeah, let’s keep some,” Aaron replied, “If we catch a few more catfish, we can fry them up for the party this afternoon.” Gus took the fish over to the bank and pulled a stringer out of his tackle box. He punctured the catfish’s bottom lip and ran the line through the open ring at the end of the stringer, and placed it back in the water near the bank, securing it around a small tree. “If we can get one more that size, or a few more smaller ones, we’ll have plenty to fry,” Aaron stated, “What are you using for catfish Gus?” Aaron asked.

“It’s one of my crappie lures, yellow, small grub, there’s a few more in there, feel free to grab one. I’m just bouncing them slowly across the bottom against the current, trying to get them in holes behind rocks. Seems to work okay.”

Within thirty minutes the men had five catfish on the stringer. Four smaller 3-4lb channel cats, which they both agreed were the best eating, joined the large flathead, and that task was complete, and it wasn’t even 9am yet. They then switched up their lures and started stalking large and small mouth bass again. No one had yet interrupted their peaceful fishing morning and they both stood naked, unashamed in the waters of their home river, admiring the scenery and each other as they enjoyed the morning.

Another hour passed and Gus had successfully pulled in two nice large mouths. Aaron had landed another smallie, and a large mouth as well. He and Aaron were fishing closer to each other and enjoyed making the other pose for a picture with each fish they landed. Their morning was filled with smiles and laughter. As the sun rose higher in the sky, traffic on the river began to appear. First, a canoe, then a couple kayakers, and then the tubers started making their way into the water. Gus and Aaron had both put on a pair of shorts after a woman in the canoe that passed gasped and scolded them.

Around 11:30 the men decided to call it quits for the day. They packed up their gear and fully reclothed. Gus grabbed the stringer and swung it over his shoulder and they made it back to the truck, tossing all their gear, and the fish in the back. Before Gus pulled out of the parking lot, Aaron leaned across the console rus escort and gave Gus a nice firm kiss, looking into his eyes, “Thank you,” he said, “this has been a wonderful morning.” Gus nodded and smiled, and headed back to his house.

Gus and Aaron made quick work of cleaning the fish in Gus’ backyard, and tossed them in a ziplock to keep them in the fridge until frying time. Gus retrieved his deep fryer from the fishing den and set it up in the backyard. Aaron prepared a fry batter and by 1pm the men had the fish fried, a cooler packed with beer, and were almost set for their cul-du-sac excursion.

“Come rinse off with me, Marine,” Gus commanded as he stripped off all of his clothes and left them in a pile in front of his washing machine. Aaron stripped and followed him up to his master bath steam shower. The two men took joy and pleasure from being able to lather up each other’s fur and clean all the hard to reach places on each others bodies. Aaron liked being able to run his fingers through Gus’ beard with shampoo and conditioner, stealing kisses throughout. Gus liked teasing Aaron’s nipples and grabbing large handfuls of his perky butt, massaging them with soap, and smacking them gently.

Each man got a couple fingers up the other’s ass, some nice weight inducing stokes in on each other’s cocks, and some good clean fondling of each other’s balls, enjoying the teasing nature of it all. Gus pulled Aaron into him and they slid their hairy chests and bellies against one another, using each other’s pelts as sponges while they kissed passionately and cleaned each other. Fully rinsed of soap, Gus and Aaron exited the shower and dried each other off. Both men put on a pair of jeans, without bothering with underwear, and a t-shirt. “You’re a fucking sexy man, Gus Wolfe,” Aaron said admiring each handsome feature of Gus’ body. “Thank you, I think you’re mighty handsome too, Marine,” Gus responded, “You ready for some suburban rowdiness?”

“Guess we’ll take it as it comes – let’s get to it.”

Gus and Aaron got in the truck and headed out to Willow Park, on the way discussing their preference for city living, and how they’d likely not see one willow in the neighborhood. Gus liked that Aaron shared his urbanist and conservation-minded views, they just added to the long list of reasons why he’d fallen head over heels for this married man in such a short period of time. “So, just to reiterate, I don’t know if Jake and Bill have anything at all in mind other than just hanging out, but if they do, and we end up naked, you’re okay with that?” Gus asked, with a seriousness in his voice. “100% Gus,” Aaron responded, winking at him, and placing a hand on his thigh.

“3627 Willowcrest Court, there it is,” Aaron pointed out the window to a house that looked like every third house in the neighborhood they’d been meandering through. Gus parked the truck out front – noticing Jake, Bill and a few other people standing just inside the open garage door up the driveway.

“He guys, hows it going?” Jake said making his way down to meet Gus and Aaron making their way up the drive. “Doing well bud, good to see you, this is Aaron – Aaron, this is my friend, Jake.” Aaron and Jake shook hands and exchanged hellos. Gus noticed Jake taking in Aaron from head to toe and smiling slightly as the men made their way up to meet all the others.

“We’re just about to pull all the stuff out into the cul-du-sac, we were having a couple beers up here in the garage before,” Jake stated, “You know Bill, this is James, Patrick, Preston, and Clark – guys this is Gus, my buddy from college, and his friend Aaron.”

Bill walked over to Gus and embraced him in a big hug, “Good to see you buddy, how ya been?”

“Doing great, we just got off the river this morning, had some luck, and brought some catfish to share with y’all,” Gus responded. “That’s awesome, I love some catfish, thanks for making it out here,” Bill replied and then turned toward Aaron, “Good to meet you, Aaron,” Bill said, extending a hand and then pulling Aaron in for a bro hug shortly after.

Gus noticed a definite ease in Bill’s demeanor from the bumbling and conflicted beast he’d met out in the wild and guessed it was probably the comfort of being in his own turf, and perhaps having been plowed a couple times a two weeks ago, that had loosened him up. Aaron noticed Bill from head to toe, and was impressed by this thick build, handsome face, and general kindness. He looked at Gus and nodded and smiled. Gus and Aaron assisted the husbands in moving chairs, coolers, tents and a couple grills out into the cul-du-sac, and the wives and kids began making their way out and about as well.

It was a very low key, comfortable environment, Gus and Aaron had beers, met a bunch of people, and became popular with the cul-du-sac when they shared their freshly caught fried catfish with everyone. They had conversations about fishing, threw some bean bags, and ate a fair amount of the pot luck food around them. Everyone was in good spirits.

Gus and Aaron met both Bill and Jake’s wives, which Gus thought might be awkward, but was yenimahalle escort the complete opposite. Jake’s wife, Susan, was a riot. A free spirited-type who enjoyed her white wine, and had an unmistakable and infectious laugh. Bill’s wife, LeeAnn, was drop dead gorgeous. A brunette, about the same height as Bill, with long slender legs, a nice set of perky tits, and a workout fit body. She was also charming, and talked with Aaron and Gus about how she wished that Bill would get out more, noting how relaxed and pleasant he’d been since returning from the fishing trip he’d taken recently with Jake. The afternoon turned into evening and people began taking their things back to to their houses while a small group of the men congregated again in Jake’s garage, Gus and Aaron among them.

By this point, the men were drinking for drinking’s sake. There was talk of sports, of politics, of the weather, of wives, of women in general and of the hassles of family life. Gus and Aaron were mostly passive listeners as the men, one by one, said their piece and exited the garage to call it a night. By about 9pm, it was just Gus and Aaron, who had both stopped drinking about an hour prior to sober up for the drive home, Bill, Jake, and of the guys they’d met when they arrived, Clark.

Clark was a little younger than the rest of the men, likely in his early thirties. He had dark red hair and a scruffy close-cut beard and green eyes. He was taller than Bill by an inch or two, but had a similar thick build about him. He filled out the polo shirt he was wearing nicely. His firm chest and perky nipples were visible through the mesh material and his arms stretched the sleeves of his shirt. He wore a pair of short khakis and some boat shoes with no socks, freckles visible through the red hair on his legs.

He was pretty drunk by this point, and Gus had learned through listening that he lived across the street with his wife and two young children and had been in the neighborhood for about two years. Bill and Jake seemed to have taken him under their wings a bit, and he looked up to them for marriage advice and enjoyed their company. Clark had mentioned that he was getting wasted tonight, because his wife and kids were out of town this weekend visiting her mother, who, through the conversation, Gus could tell, he did particularly not care for.

“Clark, remember when Bill and I took our fishing trip a couple weeks ago?” Jake asked.

“Yeah man, you fuckers left me behind and escaped for a weekend,” Clark replied.

“Well, we met up with Gus when we were out of the river, and I’m almost certain, he loves fishing more than you do,” Jake responded.

“It’s my thing, but anyone who’s fishing regularly is definitely doing it more than I am. I haven’t been on a proper fishing trip since my second daughter was born two years ago. That catfish was tasty guys, thanks for bringing it,” Clark replied, looking toward Gus and Aaron.

“No worries,” Gus replied.

The door to the inside of the house opened and Jake’s wife Susan stuck her head out, “Sorry to break up the party boys, but Jake, I need your help, Haleigh’s upstairs throwing up, and I’m trying to get Jacob to head to bed. It was nice to meet you Gus and Aaron, don’t be strangers.”

“I’ll be right in hon,” Jake responded, “Guess that’s it for tonight guys,” Jake said, looking extremely disappointed.

“Hell, y’all can come over to my place and keep drinking, nobody’s there,” Clark spoke up, “I’d rather not drink alone and Jake, if you get everything handled, just come on across the street.”

Jake nodded, and shook Gus and Aaron’s hands, “Good to see you Gus, and nice meeting you, Aaron – if I don’t see y’all later, hope to see you again soon.”

Aaron and Gus looked at each other, “Well, what do you think Marine, one more beer over there or call it a night,” Gus asked Aaron. Bill watched the conversation intently, hoping the guys would decide to stay a little longer. His thoughts about two weeks ago, and the addition of this sexy Marine to the mix, had him excited, and it started to show through his shorts as he stood up to make his way out of the garage. Aaron noticed and almost gasped at the size of Bill’s meat in his shorts. He nudged Gus who also took notice.

“I’ll head over to your place with you Clark. Gus, Aaron – wanna hang out in the burbs a little longer?” Bill asked the men, sliding his right hand into his pocket to make the outline of his monster cock a bit less pronounced.

“What the hell, why not,” Aaron responded. Gus nodded in agreement and the two men grabbed their cooler, threw it in the back of their truck, and walked across the street to Clark’s place.

Clark led them into his man cave that was a room off the back of the house not far from the garage which he’d left open in case Jake made it back over. The four men sat down on his comfy leather furniture and opened another beer. Clark started talking about all the things in his man cave and pointed out the different fish mounts he had up along the walls. He really liked large mouth bass and striper, it seemed, as he had multiple mounts of both fish around the room. Gus and Aaron were impressed with them, and with his gear that was stored in large glass front cabinet along one wall of the room. The room was set up to be comfortable, and Clark’s place of escape from the three women in his house. Luckily, for all of them, the women were out of town.

The men were seated across from one another. Bill and Clark in plush leather arm chairs and Gus and Aaron on a leather sofa, with a large wooden coffee table between them. Bill had his legs spread open, and his monster meat was visible to Aaron and Gus hanging down the right leg of his shorts – they were right, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Gus could feel the tension with Bill building in the room when Clark looked across the table and said, “So, what’s y’alls deal, how did you get away from your wives for a whole night without any nagging or a hundred phone calls?”

Gus looked at Clark, and said matter of factly, “We don’t have wives, we’re lovers.”

“You’re gay?” Clark asked, almost astonished.

“Yep, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that,” Bill piped in immediately, taking both Gus and Aaron by surprise. Clark looked at Bill, and then back to Gus and Aaron.

“That’s cool. I’m not gay, but I had some fun with guys during college.” Clark responded, “Couple of guys on the football team with me would all hang out, jerk off, I’ve even sucked dick before, I had some fun with it. Sometimes I think it would be a whole lot easier and a lot more pleasurable than my current situation. You know my wife hasn’t sucked my dick in over a year. A fucking year,” Clark said.

Gus and Aaron could see that Bill’s cock had gained a lot of weight and was now poking out oh his shorts attentively. Aaron put his arm around Gus, making physical contact with him lovingly for the first time since the afternoon began. Gus looked at Aaron and the two of them kissed each other, and then looked out at Clark and Bill to see how their audience responded.

“I’ve never kissed a guy,” Clark said, as he reached down and grabbed his crotch with his right hand, “Have you, Bill?”

“I have,” Bill said, “And if anything goes one bit further this evening, can I trust you to not mention it to anyone out here, Clark?”

“Yep, you can. Can you guys kiss some more?” Clark asked looking at Aaron and Gus across the coffee table.

Enjoying being the objects of attention and fantasy, Gus and Aaron latched their beards together with fierceness, making out, grunting and gripping each other tightly. They kissed for about a minute, and then broke to check on their comrades across the coffee table. Both Bill and Clark had removed their cocks from their pants and were stroking. Aaron, getting his first full sight of Bill’s thick dick was astonished. Bill’s hand couldn’t even fit all the way around it. Clark had a nice cock too, it wasn’t fully hard yet but it was quickly getting there, and appeared to be about 6-7 inches in length. Clark was also enamored by the size of Bill’s cock. “Doesn’t that think hurt LeeAnn?” Clark asked looking at Bill.

“She likes it, I’m patient, too, I don’t just shove it into her,” Bill responded.

“Can I touch it?” Clark asked, reaching over with his left hand, still seated in the chair next to Bill.

“Sure, go ahead, Clark”

Clark wrapped his hand around Bill’s throbbing cock, amazed that he couldn’t make his fingers connect around it. “Damn, buddy, I didn’t know they got this big,” Clark said, as he squeezed and then slowly started moving his hand up and down on Bill’s cock, working his with his right hand at the same time.

Gus and Aaron watched as Clark slowly stroked Bill. Clark was a handsome man too, Gus was curious if he was smooth or hairy and said, “Hey Clark, why don’t you take your shirt off, looks like you have a nice chest there, can we see it?”

Clark dropped the dicks in both of his hands and pulled his shirt over his head. He was ripped. Where Bill had a bit of a belly, Clark was cut, he must appreciate his sit ups, Gus thought. Bill removed his shirt in short order and Gus and Aaron acquainted their eyes with the two sides of beef across the table from them. Both of them had about the same amount of chest hair, not much, just a few patches around their nipples, a bit in the middle of their chests, and a treasure trail. Both men were very familiar with the gym, and it showed. Aaron looked at Gus and smiled, and the two of them pulled their shirts off too, exposing their glorious pelts for Bill and Clark.

“Damn, you guys are hairy as hell,” Clark said, looking at Aaron and Gus.

Aaron nuzzled under Gus’ beard and started licking and sucking on his neck. Gus closed his eyes and raised his chin toward the ceiling. Bill had had about all he could take and stood up, removed all of his clothes, and sat down on the other side of Gus and kissed him deeply as Aaron continued tonguing his neck. Gus kissed Bill back, and put his right arm around him, his left still around Aaron. Aaron came up from his neck and grabbed both Bill and Gus’s heads and pressed his mouth into both of theirs, entering a three-man kiss with tongues probing and roaming, and Bill moaning in utter delight. Aarons left hand found Gus’ massive meat and began playing with it while they kissed each other. Gus right hand slipped from Bill’s shoulder and made it’s way down his back to start toying with his ass.

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