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Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 05

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Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.
Come on people, this is fiction! Some people, including myself, like to read this stuff. This does not mean I condone violence or demeaning behavior toward woman. So get off your high horse, and stop commenting at the end of the story and e-mailing me about how horrible I am.


After about seven years of really enjoying her sexual exploits, Addison began to feel she was not as attractive as before. She of course was crazy, men still turned their heads, and she was never without companionship. However, as they say, “You are as young as you feel”, and Addie had begun to feel old. At forty five, she had a few wrinkles, and gravity had begun to work its evil magic, so Addison began to research plastic surgeons in her area. She had enough money to afford the best, and she set out to find just that. Every time she spoke to anyone about it, she kept coming across one name. Dr. Ramesh Lakshmanan. Everyone claimed he was the best, a bit unconventional, but definitely the best. So she made a call and scheduled a consultation.
She arrived on the morning of the appointment and was seated in a general reception area for several different doctors and asked to fill out all the normal paperwork. When she was finished she turned it in and waited to be called.
Some time later a voice called out her name and Addie looked up. There stood the oddest sight she had seen in quite some time. A small girl, she looked like she was about 14, dressed in a micro mini-skirt, a glitter top and plastic shiny go-go boots. Addison followed her into Dr. Lakshmanan’s suite and into a room.
The young girl apologized profusely for the delay and informed Addison that she was Dr. Lakshmanan’s hostess. Addison found it odd that a doctor. would have a hostess, but she shrugged it off. The young girl told Addie the doctor would be in soon. Addie continued to look the young girl over the whole time she was talking. She had no sign of breasts at all, her hair looked like something out of the 50’s and she looked like a petrified child. Addison read her name tag, “April”.
“How old are you April?” she asked.
“22 ma’am.” She replied. “Is there anything I can get you while you wait for the doctor?”
“No, I’m fine dear.” Addison answered.
The door opened and in walked the doctor. Dr. Lakshmanan looked like a child himself. He stood 6’5” and was as thin as a rail. His dark skin almost shined and there was little sign of body hair, both signs of his Indian ancestry. In Addison’s opinion, he was quite handsome, and he carried himself with confidence.
“Can I get you anything Doctor?” April asked.
From the look on her face, Addie could tell she meant ANYTHING!! The doctor told her no, so she exited the room.
Before the doctor could even introduce himself, the other door to the “host” room opened and in walked the sexiest woman Addie had ever seen. She stood at least six feet tall and had the biggest tits Addie had ever encountered. Addie would find out beylikdüzü escort later her bra size was a 42DD. Her nurse’s outfit barley covered her curvy assets, her cleavage spilled from the zippered opening and her long legs went all the way down to her feet that were slipped into a pair of 4” spiked heels. Her face was stunningly beautiful and she wore her hair in a long blond ponytail. She introduces herself as Patty and told the doctor she would take Addison to the exam room and prepare her for the doctor’s inspection.
Patty led Addie into the room and asked her to take her clothes off, handing her a paper gown to cover up with. Addison began to remove her clothing, and as she pulled her panties down, Patty screamed, “No, he doesn’t need to look down there.”
Addison apologized, but as she began to pull them back up, she noticed Patty staring at her cleanly shaven pussy. Addie made sure to slowly pull her panties back up, giving Patty a long look. Addison put on the gown and sat on the exam table.
A few moments later the doctor walked in and started the exam. Addison had listed wrinkle removal from her face, breast augmentation and possible liposuction as the procedures she wanted. As the doctor looked over Addie, he dictated to Patty. He explained to Addie that he was not as young as he looked, and that he was only 29, but had graduated early from high school and college, and had been practicing for over 7 years. He asked Addison to open her robe and he starts to examine her breasts. Addison had nice “C” cup breasts, and the doctor began to squeeze and almost massage them as he spoke.
“Are you looking to actually make these bigger, or just lift them back to where they were when you were younger?” He asked, still squeezing her soft mounds. “The reason I ask is because with areolas as large as these, I could go, D, DD or even an E bag.”
Addison found his demeanor to be odd and his words likewise strange. His manhandling of her tits causes Addie’s nipples to begin to harden, and her pussy even got moist. She found his frankness arousing. This didn’t escape the doctor’s notice. He seemed to give Addie’s tit one more rough squeeze, and then told her to get dressed, and meet him in his office for the consultation. Patty told her to get dressed and she turned Addison over to April who escorted her to the office.
It was at least twenty minutes before the doctor arrived. He walked in and sat at his desk and the two of them discussed the arrangements. Addie told him she would like the DD augmentation, eye lift and the lipo around the tummy and thighs.
“That would be fine, but there will be no need to shave your pussy for that.” The doctor informed her.
Addison noticed he said pussy, not pubic area, and how did he know she shaved her pussy unless Patty had told him. Getting a naughty feeling between her legs, she answered back, “Oh I didn’t shave for the exam. I have been shaving my cunt for 8 years.”
With that comment, Dr. Lakshmanan stood up, walked to the door and pushed the lock button. He walked to his desk, just in front of Addie.
“We don’t get too many 45 year olds in here with shaved pussies.” He told her with a glint in his eye. “You really got Patty going.”
“Oh?” Addie replied beylikduzu escort seductively, leaning back in her chair, spreading her legs and moving her thong panties to the side.
“Niiiiiiiiice!” Dr. Lakshmanan said seeing the swollen lips of her pussy and the smooth skin around them.
“You’ve seen mine, now let’s see yours.” Addison told him.
The doctor unzipped his pants and produced a long skinny uncut cock. The ruby colored head peeked out from underneath the foreskin of the mahogany colored tube, creating a sexy contrast that turned Addie on. She had seen quite a few cocks in her time, but this one was one to behold. It was skinny, but as he stroked it while staring at Addie’s exposed cunt, it seemed to grow and grow without end. By the time it finally got completely hard, Addie swore it had to be 10 inches long.
“You like the large lund?” Dr. Lakshmanan. asked, still sliding his hand up and down the stiff shaft.
“What the fuck is lund?” Addie thought to herself.
“You want to gobble this?” he asked, pointing it at her face.
Addison slid forward to the edge of her chair, causing her skirt to slide all the way up, and she grabbed hold of the long thin snake he was presenting her and started stroking it with one hand and playing with her sweltering cunt with the other.
“Eat it!” he demanded. “With that shaved cunt of yours, I know you are a slut.”
Addison did as she was instructed. As the long thin hard muscle drove deep into her mouth, she got the distinct feeling that she was not the first woman to use this cock today. The pungent taste of pussy filled her mouth and she enjoyed it thoroughly. It slid down her throat further than any cock she had sucked before. She relaxed her gullet and took it all. Her tongue moved all over his rigid cock, licking up the taste that coated it and now filled her mouth.
The doctor roughly pulled her blouse from her skirt and began mauling her bra covered tits. He squeezed and pinched and fondled the flesh bags as Addie continued to devour his cock.
“You want DD tits you fuckin’ slut?” He asked her as he continued his manipulation of her stiff nipples. “These babies gave you away earlier, getting stiff when I was playing with them.” He said as he pulled her tits from her bra and pinched her erect nubs.
“I’ll bet that smooth cunt of yours is leaking all over my chair.” He told her. “You dirty slut, suck that cock.”
Addison did just that. It seemed to get even longer as she continued. Her gag reflex was not triggered as the long slender cock slid far passed that point. The doctor let go of her tits and grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth long and hard as he continued his verbal assault.
“Yea, you whore, suck me! Take it all. I love dirty old bitches like you.” He told her.
The doctor was right. Addison’s cunt was leaking all over the place. She was so turned on. “I didn’t expect this when people said he was a bit unconventional.” She thought, still swallowing his cock.
After about 5 minutes of fucking Addison’s face, the doctor stood and led Addie around his desk, pushing his chair out of the way. He pulled her thong down and she stepped out of it. He bent her over the desk, lifted her skirt high over escort beylikdüzü her pear shaped ass and sank his long rock hard cock deep inside her with one motion.
“You’re a hot little cunt aren’t you?” he asked. “You love the long lund in your pussy don’t you?”
Addie figured lund must be a slang Indian term for cock. So she played along.
“Oh yes, I love the long lund!” she moaned.
Dr. Lakshmanan now started pounding her like a jackhammer. His cock was longer than any in her past, and it reached places never reached before inside Addie’s love canal. The feelings were new and wonderful to Addie.
“Tell me how much you love cock!” He demanded.
“I live for cock and yours is the best!” Addie screamed.
“I’m a hot cunt that lives for cock. Give it to me!” She moaned again. “Harder! Deeper!” Addison was out of her mind with lust now.
Suddenly the doctor pulled his cock from her, spun her around, set her on the desk and plunged his cock back into her. Addie wrapped her legs around him and then without warning he lifted her off the desk with his cock still buried in her dripping hole. Like a rag doll he fucked her for five minutes, with her arms and legs wrapped around him and her feet never touched the ground.
“If you live for cock, then you’ll die on mine.” He told her.
Addison’s orgasm unexpectedly crashed through her. She writhed in pleasure as she continued to slide up and down his magnificent unit.
Then the doctor pulled his cock from her and dropped her in his chair. He shoved his cock in her mouth and a few moments later, his cock exploded in her mouth. The shear volume of it was incredible, but the overwhelming part was the force with which it erupted in her mouth and down her throat. Addison tried with all her might to swallow it all, but it leaked from her mouth and even came out her nose. The doctor just continued to erupt and almost drown Addie. When he was finished he pulled it from her mouth and watched as Addie tried to recover.
“That was quite a load.” Addison said as she looked up from his chair at the smiling doctor. “You must have been building that up for days.”
“No” He said with a pause. “There was my wife this morning, then April’s blow job during dictation and Nurse Patty just before I came in here. She really likes the sight of that shaved pussy.” He replied, chuckling to himself. “So, that would make you my fourth load today.”
“I knew I could taste pussy on your cock.” Addie said, recalling the taste on the doctor’s cock. “You have quite a staff.”
“Yes I do. If I know them, I would be willing to bet April is on her knees right now licking my cum from Patty’s sloppy cunt as we speak.”
Addison and the doctor got dressed and made arrangements for her surgery the next week. The day she was discharged by the doctor, Addison had his cock down her throat for another drink of his love juice. Then there was the follow up visit a few weeks later. More about that in the next chapter.
She continued to visit the fine doctor about every two years for a nip here and a tuck there, not to mention a fuck here and a suck there. All her experiences with Dr. Lakshmanan were memorable, but the first one was so exciting and raw that it triggered an even dirtier side to Addie that she didn’t even know existed. She now craved the perverse and taboo situations like the ones he had introduced her to, and sex would never be the same, the dirtier, the nastier, the more wicked, the better.

to be continued…………

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