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Adam? Yes, Matty.

©2019 by Gamin Paramour

Comments are incredibly welcome, and I intend to answer everyone.(ail)

1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

3) Please donate to Nifty if you possibly can.

Last time:

Ignoring Susan”s one-boy exemption.

Part 24

Matty and David came out publicly almost the minute they arrived at State University, about an hour from home. It had been an open secret back in high school and no one gave them shit about it because they were both so well-liked. They couldn’t come all the way out, though, because as members of the swim team they were technically jocks and had been quietly warned by the captain of the football team that if they did come out the rest of the jocks would have no choice but to denounce them, ostracize them and possibly beat the shit out of them.

Such was the jock code.

It was the eighties, and though social norms were changing rapidly it hadn’t yet filtered down to suburban high schools. As long as they didn’t flaunt it at school the jocks were willing to look the other way because they actually liked Matty and David. Keeping low-profile suited the boys too, because they weren’t flamboyant gays anyway. They were so normal they were almost boring, except for the part about sucking cock.

Susan and I were suddenly empty-nesters, which might have completely sucked if it weren’t for Lucas and Kyle, by then twelve and fourteen, and the cascade of boys they introduced me to. Let’s see: there was Jeffrey, who Lucas met at YMCA day camp that very first summer and sucked his dick inside an authentic Navajo wigwam; his friend Gerry, who already masturbated with a cucumber up his ass before I ever met him; Ronnie, who had been trading blow jobs with at least five other boys in his scout troop and introduced us to four of them; and Malcolm, the only non-white boy in this crop. Malcolm was from Senegal and had been ass-fucked the first time at age five. Apparently that was a tribal thing over there.

Not only was Malcolm an especially sweet kid but he was also my very first uncircumcised dick. Hey, it was mid-twentieth-century America and baby boys were circumcised, ankara türbanlı escort and that was that. Seems to me that they cut off half an inch before they knew if the kid could spare it.

Oh, and I finally found out what all that “perfect” stuff was about with Lucas. As you might have guessed it went back to his first sexual experience at age seven with his Mom’s youngest brother, Uncle Phillip. He was in college at the time and had been fooling around with Lucas’ older brother Aaron for a couple of years already. Phillip came over to stay with the brothers while all their parents were out for New Year’s Eve, and the older two didn’t want to wait for Lucas to fall asleep before they could fool around, so they recruited him instead. Phillip made a game of it to get Lucas involved; your ears are perfect, your nose is perfect, et cetera until they got to the naughty bits. Lucas knew it was meant as silliness, but it also turned him the hell on.

Up at school Matty and David joined the Gay/Straight Alliance, which turned out to be about ninety percent gay and nine-point-nine percent closet cases and maybe one or two genuine straights. (Hey, I’m not one to talk. I live in a tiny room full of clothes hangers, too.) Anyway, they met a surprising number of gay students with gay little brothers back home, including two in our town. Hence, Michael and Toby, thirteen-year-old secret boyfriends with a passel of like-minded friends ranging down to age nine.

These weren’t all active with me at once, mind you. They drifted in, they drifted out, but the net effect was that I had at least two or three Special Friends at a time for many years. Though we never talked about it I don’t see how Susan could possibly not have known. I suspect that, like the high school jocks, she simply chose to look the other way rather than beat the shit out of someone she likes.

Matty came home for the weekend once every month or two. He always arranged his classes to have Friday afternoons free – or at least a “skate course” he could afford to miss – so that he could have Friday evening alone with me and the rest of the weekend with both of us. He wasn’t on the diving team anymore, having not made the cut at the NCAA level, but he was still a handsome, athletic hunk who could throw me a fuck that curled my toes. A few times he even tuzla escort asked me to invite a Special Friend when he was feeling nostalgic for hairless cock.

Susan and I were devastated when Matty and David broke up, halfway through their junior year. There was no screaming fight or anything. David wanted marriage – “Civil Union” in those days – and kids right away while Matty thought they were too young and should wait at least until after graduation. We still get Christmas cards from David and his husband Max, a photo of them with their three adopted boys and two dogs. David jokes that all five were rescues. Their oldest is named Matthew, and is damn near pretty enough to honor his namesake.

Matty moved back to town after med school and residency to set up a practice. (Did I mention he’s a doctor? Sports medicine.) He lives in my old condo, in fact, which I never got around to selling. It was actually a great rental property for many years and made me a lot of money. Matty’s paying it off over time, like an informal mortgage, even though of course he’ll inherit it anyway when I croak.

Matty is still single as of this writing. He’s thirty-six now, exactly the age I was when we met. (If you’re slow at math that makes me sixty-two.) He’s dating a very nice man named Bobby who has two very nice kids from a previous marriage to a very nice woman who has a very nice new husband. Bobby is one of those who tried to play it straight and it just didn’t work. I was worried for Matty until Susan and I went to Bobby’s birthday party and met all of the very nice people involved and guess what?

They’re very nice.

The ex and her new husband are as liberal as they come and just love Matty because he makes Bobby so happy. The kids love their Daddy and think his friend Matty is a hoot. So far no problems with shared custody or anything, but I’m keeping a weather eye out.

My company went to shit when the owner died of a sudden heart attack and his heirs fought so bitterly over the estate they ended up selling the company off in pieces so they could split the proceeds. That threw about eighty people out of work, but it”s some consolation that the Boss”s son got a Lamborghini out of it. I was so worried for him. Around the same time Susan got offered Director of Emergency Services at a hospital in Mesa, avrupa yakası ucuz escort Arizona and off we went.

I took the opportunity of the move to let the whole Special Friends thing go. I’m not exactly ancient yet but I decided enough is enough. I have no network in Mesa, so I didn’t know how I’d find interested boys anyway. What was I going to do? Hang out at the park saying, “Hey little boy, wanna help me find my lost kitten?” Not in a billion years.

Susan has a great job and we’ve got some money saved so I’m retired at sixty-two. We fly back a lot to see Matty and when Susan can’t get away I go by myself. And yes, Matty and I still “do” sex. Apparently that whole “liking them older” fetish just keeps on going, though I’ve already decided that when I’m a hundred and he’s seventy-four I’m calling a halt.

It turned out that retirement in Mesa, Arizona is pretty fucking boring for an old geezer with no local friends who doesn’t golf, so I decided to find a volunteer position. I swear I didn’t seek it out, but when they saw CFO on my resumé and realized that I’m a numbers guy the agency asked if I would tutor middle school kids in math – get this – out on the Yavapai Nation reservation at Fort McDowell. We’re not talking adobe huts and long-haired guys drunk on firewater at noon; it’s solidly working class. But like in any neglected minority community the school funding is horseshit so volunteers try to take up the slack. I’m proud to be a part of it.

And this morning I met the cutest boy!

The End

I hope you enjoyed Adam? Yes Matty. It was a lot of fun to write, and though it”s not the Great American Novel or anything a lot of it feels like truth. Well, my truth, anyway. Thanks to those who sent such wonderful compliments, and even the criticisms. It does a writer”s heart good.

Some folks are probably disappointed that the story didn”t continue with Adam”s exploits with the Special Friends, but this was, from the start, about the adult-child love affair between Adam and Matty. Once Matty grew up that story was over. There”s been some small clamor, though, for more of the Special Friends. Stay tuned, because you just might see it.

First, though, please watch Nifty/Adult-Youth for my next effort, Out of the Woods, coming soon. This one is much darker, much more dramatic, with a lot more story. I know I”m biased, but I fancy that it”s pretty good.

Until then,
Gamin Paramour

If you enjoy my writing please let me know by emailing me at ail and I will do my best to reply quickly.

If you”re a glutton for punishment you can find my archived stories here on my Prolific Authors page.

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