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Acquaintance of the Family Pt. 02

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Ed and I sat in our post-explosive-blowjob glow for a while as we collected ourselves again. I was appreciating the level of intimacy that can only be achieved by having someone’s cum completely overtake your sense of taste and smell. While I was appreciating the essence of Ed, I paired it with the nice flavor of the wine we had been drinking and allowed myself to cool off a bit. Even though I would have loved to grab my cock and jerk one out, I knew that I would benefit from a much more intense orgasm if I could hold on until Ed’s refractory period was over and he was ready to have his way with me. All I had to do was distract myself a bit so my dick would stop being so hard

Ed, having just blown a huge load, was a little slower to come around than I was. Eventually he did, though.

“Holy shit, that was amazing,” he said with a smile as he lightly caressed me.

Feeling a little embarrassed by the praise for some reason, I blush and responded awkwardly, “Thanks..”

Ed laughed and pulled me in closer, “Don’t be bashful. You know your good.”

I laughed and agreed. I am good, by the way, lol.

As we came back down to earth, we resumed somewhat normal conversation. As normal as you can be when you’re naked and have just had a guys dick rammed down your throat, I suppose.

We started talking about the house, what had brought Ed up here (the outdoors), and just pretty boring stuff in general. We opened another bottle of wine and got comfortable and just a little drunk. Nothing too crazy. Eventually we ended up heading outside as it was a beautiful night. We were on the dock and Ed held me and we started to kiss, more tenderly than we had started with inside.

Suddenly Ed asked, “Hey, do you want to get in the sauna or something?”

I loved that sauna and had been in it many times so I agreed wholeheartedly. Never been in it naked, however.

Ed went and got it turned on while I stood naked on the dock for a little while considering what was going on. It felt strange to be here, with the scent and flavor of Ed’s cum still in my head, while also being so familiar with this place from a life of visiting it. It felt very good in so many ways.

Ed called to me, “Are you ready?”

“Oh, I’m ready all right!” I said and nearly ran in to get to the steamy sauna.

Ed laughed and led the way. The sauna was possibly the best thing we could have had at our disposal that night as we didn’t even feel the need to talk much, we just let the steam relax us and let us rest a bit. We were sitting next to each but not touching. Not everything is about sex! But soon, yeah, it turned a little more intimate. I suppose Ed began to get in the mood a bit more and was starting to unconsciously touch me on the leg and side. I had never really stopped being in the mood so before too long, my cock had begun to respond to his touches and was beginning to get hard. Ed noticed and raised his eyebrows to me when he did. I giggled a bit and leaned in for a kiss in response. I wanted him to know I was really ready to continue our explorations of each others bodies if he was. He was.

We began to make out pretty hard again and before long I was reaching out to tend to Ed’s ample manhood. It had already started to harden and it wasn’t long during our making out that he got back to being rock hard.

Ed pulled back from our kiss and asked the question that every natural born bottom loves to hear. “So, do you büyükesat escort want to head up to the bed room?”

“Yes. Yes, please,” I said with an air of need that made Ed grin confidently.

“Ok, let’s go then,” he responded.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the sauna, turning it off on the way out.

Sweetly, Ed held my hand the entire way up to the 4th floor, where his bedroom was. The windows were open and you could hear all the insects outside the house chirping. There was a skylight above the bed letting moonlight in enough so you didn’t even need to turn anything on to see. Once we got up there, we kissed and Ed motioned for me to get comfortable on the bed.

I got onto the mattress on my hands and knees, really focusing on keeping myself presented to him as I did so.

I was basically in full doggy style pose when Ed said suddenly, “Stop!”

At first I thought something was wrong but then he quickly followed up with, “That’s perfect, oh my god, you have such a hot ass.”

Relieved, I laughed and asked, “Perfect for what!?”

“To give you some much needed attention, that’s what,” he said, with another laugh.

Ed got behind me and I felt the heat of his body right up against my legs and exposed hindquarters. He grabbed both of my cheeks and gave them a little exploratory jiggle. I’ve always thought my ass was one of my best attributes and like many other people, it could shine in doggy style. It was firm and toned but also had just enough cushion that it would ripple while I am getting pounded.

Ed get real close to me and I felt him lay his cock on my ass, on top of my exposed, smooth hole. He grabbed his dick and lightly but firmly thwacked my asshole with his hard manhood a couple times. It was the most dominant thing he had done to me and I could tell he had reached a new level of excitement.

I was a little worried that he was just gonna try to stick it in though, even though I knew he was experienced in such matters, so I said, “Uhh..I’m not sure I’m quite ready for entry, if you know what I mean.”

Ed laughed and relieved my nervousness, “Don’t worry, Matt, I’ll make sure you are very relaxed and prepared before I do anything.” As he said this, he was caressing my back and lats while his dick still rested over my hole.

I felt Ed reach over to the night stand next to the bed and grab a bottle. I heard him open it and squeeze something out of the bottle. Then, as Ed moved his cock off my hole, I felt the magic feeling of cool lubricant being introduced to my ass.

I moaned as Ed slowly worked the lube around my hole and into the entrance. He swirled around my sphincter slowly to not only get my hole relaxed but to also drive me mad with lust as I anticipated the feeling of him entering me. I was gasping a bit and mumbling, “Oh yeah,” and “Oh god,” as I awaited my reward.

I heard Ed squeeze more lube out of the bottle and then I felt his finger begin to apply pressure as the lube was added to the equation. I was so ready that Ed’s finger broke right through my sphincter and entered my tight ass almost immediately.

I moaned loudly and Ed encouraged me, asking rhetorically, “Oh yeah, you like that? You love that, huh?” I knew he didn’t expect an answer really but I squeeked out an, “Uh huh, I love that so much..”

That was the last thing I remember actually saying for a while cebeci escort as I didn’t do much more than moan, grunt, and occasionally squeal or yelp for quite a while.

Before long, Ed was working his finger in and out of my hole. He added more lube and introduced yet another finger. He began to specifically massage my prostate with his magic, strong fingers which drove me crazy and got me to pushing back against him harder and harder as he fingered me.

Ed clearly got the hint that I was ready to proceed and he said sexily, “I’m gonna enter you now, ok?”

I moaned my consent as I felt Ed’s fingers leave my ass, leaving a space that was wanting to be filled. And get filled it would be. Within seconds I felt the massive, smooth head of Ed’s dick at my entrance and a stream of lube being poured onto it and over my hole. Ed quickly rubbed it over his dick to cover it and then began to push into me.

I was so worked up from the blowjob earlier, the sauna, and the anal play that I yielded almost immediately. Ed’s ample helmet pushed through my sphincter as I gave my body over to him. As he entered me I felt a fullness and a stretch that was intoxicating and that I love more than anything. That first penetration by a new lover is glorious.

I moaned loudly. Ed asked, “You ok? You feel good?”

“MMMhmmmm!” is all I “said” as I pushed back into him, swallowing up a couple more inches of his dick with my ass.

Ed laughed and got the picture. It was on. Ed pulled out slowly and began to slide in and out gently, each time he slid back in he went deeper. He had both hands on an ass cheek and he was giving me light slaps from time to time as I moaned with each thrust into my body. Before too long he had completely bottomed out and I could feel his thighs against the back of my legs. When he did this, Ed pulled me up, his cock still completely buried inside my guts, turned my face and planted a simply massive kiss right on my mouth before releasing me back to my presenting pose. Back in doggy style I settled in as Ed pulled almost all the way out and gave an exploratory long dick return all the way to the hilt. He did this several more times and I moaned and quivered each time he did so. Ed smacked both cheeks and appreciated the ripple that it created as he began to increase the pace and power of each thrust into me.

The dicking down, the rut, the fuck had truly begun.

Thwack, thwack, thwack. It went on as we moaned and spouted gibberish. I could feel electricity coursing through my nervous system as he crashed across my prostate over and over and stretched my hole out. I gave in to the feeling of submission and appreciated being a tight, hot, smooth, young man giving myself to an older stud.

Every part of Ed was bigger and more manly. He held me with his stronger arms, drove his bigger dick into me with his muscled legs, and eventually he pulled me against his huge chest as he maneuvered us onto our sides, without ever pulling out of me. Ed relubed and quickly began to thrust back into me with abandon. My thin leg being held high in his strong grip as he drove his dick home time and again. My smooth belly completely exposed, I imagined I could see his dick pushing it out slightly upon every thrust to the hilt but I knew it wasn’t true. That was just my body heaving with pleasure.

Soon, Ed pulled me into his chest again and rolled us over so I was kolej escort on top kind of in reverse cowgirl, my legs spread and splayed across to the side of his legs. Ed held me by my hips, just above my ass cheeks and proceeded to support me while he fucked away. I half ass tried to help but I was really almost motionless as I flopped around in response to Ed’s thrusts up into me. It was so fucking hot and I was mostly just a moaning, squealing mess at this point.

My cock had been flopping around this whole time, receiving no attention, which was for the best because I’m pretty sure I was ready to cum at any moment as it was almost completely hard despite it’s lack of stimulation.

Ed, who had cum earlier, of course, was still not quite ready to blow, despite the intensity of our fuck. This was soon to change, though.

Ed pushed me up a bit and pulled out for the first time, leaving my gaping hole gasping for cock and feeling a bit shocked at the feeling of air hitting it for the first time in a while. He moved me to the side of him, got onto his knees and pulled me into missionary position. He quickly put some more lube on his dick, I’m not even sure where he got that bottle from so fast and holding my legs high and spread, he sank back into me fully. It was amazing and I yelped, “Oh my fucking god!”

Ed leaned down into me and I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he pounded me down into the bed, our sweat intermingling and the intensity reaching a fever pitch.

Ed’s breathing was deepening as he concentrated on reaming me out but I could tell he was getting close. His thrusts became almost violent and full of need.

Holding on for dear life, I practically yelled to Ed, “I’m ready to cum! I want you to cum inside me!”

Ed, without breaking a stride pulled up off my chest, as he was still long dicking me over and over. He grabbed my cock, which was at about full mast and began to jerk it firmly while I held my legs back and fully spread.

In very little time from the point that Ed grabbed my cock, I began to feel that pressure in my balls building. Coupled by the intense feeling of Ed slamming into my prostate and deep into my body over and over again.

I yelped, suddenly and instinctively, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!!” as if there was any doubt what was happening, as I began to shake and buck my hips. I felt my first shot rip out of my cock and hit the mattress next to me. The next couple shots hit my face leaving me with a salty surprise on my lips and then down on to my chest as I cried out and practically blacked out from pleasure. Ed kept long dicking me while I came so each shot of my orgasm went along with a deep penetration into my willing body.

About halfway through my own orgasm, I vaguely noticed Ed was also yelping in pleasure. Lost in my own explosive orgasmic haze, I didn’t even realize that Ed had bred me while I was covering myself with cum. Ed collapsed down on to me as we both finished and rested himself against my cum covered chest, not caring, just exhausted. Once our orgasms had subsided and reality began to set back in, even if we hadn’t caught our breaths at all, I felt Ed pull out along with a stream of lube and cum, which deep down began to arouse me again, even if I knew I wouldn’t be ready to fuck for quite a while. The thought of myself allowing this powerful man to unload his seed into me after I had given him pleasure with my body all night was so fucking hot. With this thought, I fell asleep in his arms.

We woke up the next morning groggy (and sore, tbh), and covered in cum. We kissed and laughed but agreed with an even bigger laugh to get the fuck out of bed and get cleaned up. We went for a swim, ate a huge breakfast, and with a kiss, promised to see each other again real soon.

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