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Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 06

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This story contains multiple fetish themes and may not be for you. This series includes cheating wives, cuckold, Black cock superiority, small penis humiliation, female domination, incest, and humiliation. I appreciate feedback, it helps keep in invested in writing and is always welcome.

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to this story.


Just moments after watching Mike and my sister-law fuck on my couch Kat was calling and ordering pizza. It was a little after 1:00 pm and we realized we hadn’t eaten. Mike and Kat continued to sit around in their underwear while I was stuck in Shelby’s panties.

Kat seemed to have a renewed burst of energy and straightened up the house, dusting the family room and vacuuming the floor. Her full breasts jiggling and swaying about as she cleaned in her bra and my boxers. Even with the numbing cream on me, I could feel a stirring watching her.

“You like looking at her.” Mike stated almost like a question. And once again I realized I had been staring at her. “Don’t worry about it, she likes it. She likes being seen… hell she likes being watched, being the center of attention, and she loves being wanted.”

“How do you make this work?” I asked.

“Well, I guess when you love someone you learn to accept them, all of them, even the parts that are hard to explain. I’ve had to learn to trust her through this. Trust that she has a need for something that I can’t give her by myself. And, trust that no matter what, she’s committed to me.”

DING-DONG – the doorbell rang

“The pizza’s here!” Kat called out and immediately went to the door. My mind fluttered realizing she was answering the door in her bra and my underwear.

I watched as she flung the door open with no shame, answering as if all was normal.

“Hi!” She sang out. The pizza guy seemed speechless, taken off guard by Kat’s huge breasts.

“Pa… pizza.” He finally squeaked out.

“Shoot, I forgot my wallet. Come on in, you can put the pizza on the counter” She invited closing the door behind him as he stepped in.

Mike and I were on the couch, and as the pizza guy passed in front of us, he looked both of us over, and saw me wearing panties and arms in casts. I wondered what he was thinking as he made his way to the counter and put the pizza down.

Kat made her way back down the hall, her flesh making waves as she bounced with every step.

“Here you go,” Kat said handing him some cash and bahis siteleri escorting him back to the door. “Sorry, it’s not much of a tit… oh I meant tip” Kat feigned a flustered flub. “Can you believe that I said tit instead of tip?” She snickered and placed her hand on his arm.

“It’s fine.” The young driver coughed out.

“Well, would you accept a tit instead of a tip?” I quickly looked behind me.

“Wah what?” He stuttered

“What’s your name?” Kat asked

“Will… uh William” He answered trying to seem more mature.

“Will, take out you phone and record this,” Kat instructed and Will quickly fished his phone out of his pocket and fumbled with it.

“You ready Billy?” Kat asked, purposefully getting his name wrong.

“Yah,” He nodded

“Billy, I hope you enjoy this many times,” Looking over my shoulder to the door behind me I saw Kat pull her tits out of her bra and shimmy her torso. She stood with her back to me and little to the side, so I couldn’t actually see her nipples, just her left mound pouring over her bra and a look of complete desire on the pizza guy’s face.

“Billy, I want you to jerk off to these tits every night this week. In fact, I want you to go back to your car and jerk off in the driveway, will you do that for me?” She let him look at and record her boobs for a full 30 seconds or more before putting them away.

“Ya…yah… yes mam.” Will choked out as Kat opened the front door. The guy left and Kat busted out laughing.

“See what I mean.” Mike groaned. Kat went to the front window and pulled the blinds apart and watched as the horny pizza guy scurried to his car.

“He’s doing it!” She beamed, “He’s jacking off in his car!” She delighted in her power and jiggled her way to the kitchen before coming back to the living room.

Kat sat beside me with a couple beers and a plate full of pizza, one of the beers had a straw in it to make it easier for me to drink. She sat cockeyed with her leg underneath her and body pressed against my shoulder, her satin bra brushing against my upper arm every time she reached to the coffee table and I suddenly became aware that the numbing cream was wearing off.

We finished eating and Mike sprawled out in the recliner and turned on ESPN. Just then I realized I had to use the bathroom, and knew I was going to have to ask Kat for her help.

“Kat… I need to pee.” Kat got up and we headed to the bathroom.

“Wait” Mike called out, “what are doing?”

“I have to help; canlı bahis siteleri he can’t do it himself.” Kat explained, and just like that I felt like a child, a little boy needing his mommy to help him go tinkle.

“Damn! I honestly don’t know which one of you seems to like this more.” He chuckled and waved us off.

Kat pulled the panties all the way off and just as she had before and pushed my little dick down while I sat and relieved myself. As she handled me, I felt the warmth of her hand and quickly hardened after my stream subsided.

“Oh, your little guy is getting hard.” She teased.

“Really, I can’t even feel it.” I tried to play it off like I couldn’t feel it so she would touch it longer.

“Really?” Kat poked it.

“Nope, I can’t feel it.”

“Not even that?” Kat gave it a firm squeeze.


“That is so weird, what about this?” She stroked my dick lightly with the tips of her fingers.

“Not a thing.” I lied.

“Too bad, I did say I’d let you cum, but if you can’t feel it. No need trying yet.” She smiled calling my bluff and got up and went back to the other room.

I got up and laid down on the bed wondering and dreaming about what my life had turned into. At some point I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was waking up. I rolled off the bed and made my way down the hall. Kat was asleep on the couch laying on her side up against the arm of the couch with a couple pillows under her. A small blanket covered her legs, but her breasts were smushed together like two large lumps of dough stacked on top of each other. Mike was still in the recliner snoring as the tv continued to play softly.

I made my way over to Kat and leaned into her chest rubbing my dick across her boobs, trying not to wake her up. Horny and feeling brazen I knelt down and licked her cleavage, drooling between her flesh, then stood back up and worked my dick between her breasts. The feeling was electrifying and caused a shiver down my spine waking Katie up. She looked up at me and down to her chest and gave me a smile.

“Sorry” I whispered.

“About what? Oh, you mean sticking a tiny pickle between my boobs? Cause that’s kind of what it feels like.” She teased. “Have you been at it long?”

“No, I just started.”

“Alexa.” Kat called out waking Mike up too. “Give me a three-minute timer.” She commanded

“Okay, you have your three-minutes. One for every inch.” She smirked and held up the small penis sign canlı bahis with her thumb and pointer.

I started fucking her tits rocking back and forth and shoving myself deeper inside her cleavage.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had a guy fuck my tits like this before. I mean most guys slip it up between them, but you’re so small you can just go straight in and not even touch my chest.” She teased me again.

“Shit you’re not even really making them move.” Mike added. He was right, looking down I was fucking his wife’s boobs, but they didn’t move much, my dick just isn’t thick enough to cause much of a motion.

“Here let me help,” Kat suggested and sat up and spat between her boobs lubing them up for me. She pressed her flesh together making more of her breasts spill out of her bra. I slipped between her as she held her breasts together for me.

“Seriously, it’s like someone is pushing a finger between my boobs. You’re so small it doesn’t come close to poking out.” She teased and I picked up the pace feeling the pressure building.

“Kat” I huffed, “will you take it off?”

“What?” She leaned back causing me to slip out.

“Your bra… will you take it off please, you said you would.”

“When?” She grinned.

“Kat please, at the store… you said three-minutes topless.” I pleaded.

“Oh, I did, didn’t I.” She taunted. “Well, I guess if that’s what you really want?”

“Yes, Kat please.”

Kat reached behind her and unhooked her bra, I sat down on the coffee table trying to get as close a view as possible. I had been waiting so long to see her bare-naked breasts and now here it was, it was really happening. She held the cups in place as she slipped the straps off her shoulders.

“You ready for this?” She smiled biting her tongue. She peeled the cups off her breasts and…


The Alexa timer went off.

“No!” I cried.

“Whelp, your time is up.” Kat laughed.

“Please, Kat one more minute, please”

“No, I don’t think so… we made a deal and three-minutes is what we agreed to, so…”

“Please Kat, just let me see you. You showed the pizza guy! I’ll do anything” I pleaded.

“Anything?” Kat got excited, and that made me nervous. “Do you really mean anything?”

“I… I guess, what do you want me to do?”

“No. You either agree to anything, or there is no deal.” She huffed and pulled the straps back up her arms.

“Okay, fine, anything, I’ll do anything you want.” I caved. In that moment I must’ve been one of the most pathetic men on the planet. Standing in front of my sister-in-law, arms in casts, naked, with a small, pulsing, hairless dick begging to see her tits and willing to do ANYTHING for her.

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