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Accidental Cruising

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Maybe if he ran faster he wouldn’t think about her.

It had been a year since Lisa passed, and even now, the memories came back sharp, sudden, a knife to in his chest. The smell of citrus, the sound of a stream, he’d turn to tell her something, and she wasn’t there.

Damnit. Jack blinked the moisture from his eyes and ran harder. He’d managed a few weeks of unthinking relief since he’d gone back to running in Myler Park. True, the park wasn’t exactly the safest, and there was no chance he’d run there when it got dark. But, further back on the gravel trails where it was lush and green, he could almost escape. Escape the sad looks, the empty house, and the memories.

Instead of his usual left, he took a right, up the hill. Damn, even a few weeks back into a routine, the incline left him winded. He passed a gravel parking lot, with a lone Subaru station wagon parked under a tree, and pushed on.

Up and up he went, past scrubby pines and faded wildflowers. Abruptly, the path died in a clearing. Shit. He’d been here before.What was it, twenty three years ago? Not long after they got the house, they’d gone exploring. And when a young couple finds a clearing…

Jack’s running shorts began to tent. Despite their painful edge, the memories of her on all fours in the sun, the heat as he pushed into her, his hips gave an involuntary roll. Christ, that ass. They had fucked until they had collapsed into the soft grass and clover, holding each other as the sun dropped below the trees.

Damnit, while his body ached to feel her against him, his cock stood at full attention. Jack had only fucked once since the funeral, and it had been a disaster. Pam was nice enough, and those tits had been fantastic, but having another woman beside him reminded him too much of Lisa. It was cold comfort. He hadn’t even been able to come.

But, his erection wasn’t going away. For a brief moment, Jack considered beating off in the clearing but, instead he made his way back down the hill. Maybe a cool down and a cold shower were what he needed.

As he crunched past the parking lot, the station wagon was still sitting beneath the tree. But now the back door was cracked open. The driver’s seat looked empty, and Jack couldn’t see anyone around. Shit. Had someone forgotten to shut their door before going on a hike?

While part of him, the tired sweaty part, told him to leave it be, he couldn’t. What kind of asshole would he be if he didn’t shut the door? Myler park wasn’t crime-central, but this was basically asking for your car to be robbed. And, after all, what would Lisa say?

Mind lost to memories of good-hearted jabs and grumpy replies, Jack jogged over to the subaru. Rounding the back past tinted windows, he grabbed for the door, and… Oh shit.

A young man was sprawled on his front across the back seat, absentmindedly swiping through pictures on his phone. While he wasn’t tall by any means, he had his legs bent and ankles crossed, to keep him from sticking too far out of the station wagon. It gave Jack a perfect view of his ass.

A very bare ass, lifted slightly into the air, framed with strips of blue elastic.

“Uhh..” Jack took an involuntary step back.

“Took you long enou–” the young man rolled over, and yelped. “Jesus fucking Christ!”

“Shit. Sorry. Shit. I didn’t mean…” Jack was stammering, who the hell lays around in the back seat with their ass pointed to an open door?

The young man seemed to relax and pull himself up, “Hey… it’s no problem. Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Uhhh…” istanbul travesti Jack was at a loss for words.

The young man grinned, Jack couldn’t help but notice the dimples, “So my friend kind of bailed on me… You wanna…”

“Uh… I’m not… I’m not gay.”

The young man rolled sky blue eyes, “Yeah neither are most of the guys around here. Besides,” he nodded, eyes going to Jack’s crotch. “Looks like you can use some help.” Despite everything, Jack’s cock twitched at the attention, it only made the young man grin wider. In a smooth motion, the young man pushed himself across the backseat to slide to the edge. He reached out and gave Jack’s cock a squeeze, which made Jack’s knees go a little weak. The young man sighed and ran his fingers across the length of him through the netted running shorts, “You’re pretty thick. Gotta give me a little time to work up to that, ok?”

Jack’s mouth went dry. This was insane. He didn’t like men that way, and even if he did, he wasn’t the sort to fool around with a stranger in public. Was he? For a moment he tried to think of Lisa, she always knew the right thing to do, but she was silent between his ears. The young man gave Jack’s cock a gentle squeeze, and continued to stare up at him. Jack swallowed and nodded.

The young man gave one last look around to check if the coast was clear, before he slowly pulled Jack’s shorts down, boxer briefs and all. Jack’s cock sprung outward from a thicket of dark hair (with more gray than he remembered). When was the last time he trimmed? Before he could form an apology, the young man tilted forward and ran his lips around his cock head. Jack shuddered, and the young man slowly leaned his head down, soft lips working their way down the underside of his shaft. The young man reached up and rolled Jack’s balls with one hand, while his other hand’s fingers ran through his pubes.

Kissing his way back up Jack’s cock, the young man took his head between his lips, and began slowly, almost delicately, to work Jack’s cock into this mouth, inch by inch. Jack let out an involuntary groan, as his hand instinctively began to work through the young man’s shaggy gold hair.

The young man let out a soft sound, before he finished making his way to the base. Just as slowly he pulled himself back, all the while giving Jack’s balls a gentle pull. He pulled himself off for a moment, sighed, flashed Jack another perfect grin, before sliding down his cock again, this time getting into regular strokes.

Jack groaned and felt his fingers tighten around the hair above the young man’s ear. Which earned him a view of bright blue eyes. He could practically see the shit-eating-grin in the young man’s expression, as he continued to rhythmically take him up and down.

Christ this kid is beautiful. Jack blinked, and shook his head. Why not admit the truth? Slim, golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and wide smile. He looked like he had rolled right out of a catalog. Jack ran a second hand through the young man’s hair, feeling his head bobbing up and down. The young man’s eyes had closed, and oh… there it was. His tongue was sliding up and down his cock as he worked, swirling his head on the way up and the way down.

“FUCK.” Jack groaned, and let his hips push toward the man’s face. The young man placed his hands on Jack’s and pressed them to frame his face. He stopped moving with as much purpose, and Jack–taking the hint–began to fuck him in the mouth. While the young man couldn’t help but gag a little, nobody had ever been able istanbul travestileri to suck Jack’s cock so well. Jack could feel himself knocking against the man’s throat, and the tightening was almost unbearably good. He felt a familiar sensation rise, and not wanting to end things too quickly, pulled himself from the young man’s mouth, leaving a line of pre-cum stretching from his lips. The young man gasped.

“Was getting close.” Jack rumbled.

“If you want to finish that way but,” the young man bit his still shiny lip, “I was hoping you could fuck me.”

Jack could only nod, which earned him another perfect grin. “Hey uh…” the young man ventured, “You ok with taking off your shirt?”

Jack answered only by peeling off the now sweat-soaked gray shirt and tossing it to the ground.

“Damn,” the young man whispered, “You are definitely hardcore daddy material.” With an almost hesitant hand, the young man splayed a hand across Jack’s chest. Jack wasn’t exactly cut anymore. Hadn’t been since his early thirties. But, he was definitely burly, and as the young man ran fingers through salt and pepper chest hair, Jack tensed his pecs, which earned him a little giggle. “Fuuuck. Man, you are hot.”

Jack chuckled, “Ok now your turn.”

Obediently the young man pulled off his tight red shirt. He had a dancer’s build, slight but all lean muscle. There was very little hair, save for some fuzz falling from his belly button to the wide-strapped blue jockstrap. Jack’s cock twitched again, to the notice of the young man, “So… how do you want me?”

“On all fours.” Jack’s voice was thick.

He nodded and turned back into the car falling to an all fours position in the station wagon. With its low seats, his ass was practically already at cock-height.

Jack just stared. The young man’s ass was round, soft, but Jack could see the muscle beneath as the young man gave a little wiggle. Jack stepped forward, and ran his hand over it. Fingers tracing the shape of him, and gingerly pulling the young man apart. For a moment all he could do was stare at the contrast between his rough hands, and the soft pale skin.

“Lube’s on the floor next to the seat.” The young man’s voice was thin with breath.

Jack wasn’t ready for that just yet. Instead he leaned forward and placed his lips on the young man’s ass, he kissed his way to the cleft and ran a tongue across the sensitive skin. The young man moaned, and jerked away.

“Want me to stop?”

“Nope.” Jack could see the young man’s toes flexing, “Just wasn’t expecting—OH God!”

Jack prodded with his tongue and kneaded with his lips, his fingers gripping the young man’s ass as he practically shook. For long minutes he was lost to it. He worked, feeling the heat and pressure as the young man shook and shivered. If anyone had approached the parking lot, it would be obvious what was going on, from all the noise he was making. When Jack finally pulled away the young man was panting.

“Wow, you sure you aren’t?”

Jack only bit him on the ass, which produced a soft giggle. Now, he finally grabbed the lube, and with a heavy dollop, he began to work his finger into the young man’s hole. After that rimming, he slid in easily, and even a second finger went in without too much resistance. He felt so soft, and so damn warm. When he pressed a finger down, the young man shook and rose to meet him. Jack fingered him slowly but as he picked up speed, the young man’s hips began to buck.


“If you want, condoms are by the lube. travesti istanbul But I’m ddf and on Prep.”


“Uh, never mind, bare or not, up to you.”

Jack placed his cock against the young man’s hole. Despite already being slick with pre-cum, he gave himself a few strokes with a handful of lube. He’d done anal enough times in his life to know the drill. Hands holding the young man’s hips, he slowly pushed forward. It took a moment for the tense and release, but soon he was moving in by inches. The young man dropped slightly onto his elbows, and moaned into the seat cushions.

After hitting the root, he stopped for a moment, letting the young man acclimate. When he felt a soft tap on his fingers, he began to move. Out, almost to the tip before moving back in. Long slow strokes. Jack couldn’t help but stare as his cock appeared and disappeared between the curves of that beautiful ass.

In minutes the young man was panting, “You can… go… harder…if… you…”

Jack needed no further invitation, a hand pressed onto the small of the young man’s back curving his ass up, giving him a perfect angle. He didn’t go directly to pounding, but instead built up speed. Soon enough, the parking lot was filled with the sound of slapping skin, and punctuated moans.

As Jack began to roll his hips, the heat of the young man was nearly overwhelming. It wouldn’t be much longer now. After giving a series of hard thrusts he pulled all the way out, plunged all the way in, and pulled out again, causing the young man to collapse into the seat. Beads of sweat ran down the taught muscles of his back.

“Flip over.” Jack said, giving a slight pull on the young man’s ankle.

The young man flipped, exposing a flushed face, and a strained jock bulge spotted with precum. Jack grabbed him by the thighs, and pulled him back to the edge of the Subaru. With flexibility Jack had lost more than a decade ago (if he ever had it all), the young man splayed his legs out, feet going past Jack’s ears.

While he was tempted to go in hard, he slid himself back in, and watched as the young man squirmed. Holding him by the calves, spread open, Jack began to fuck him again, building up speed, enjoying the sweet ‘Oh’ the young man’s mouth made every time he rammed home. While the young man had tried to move his hips, he eventually abandoned the attempt instead just trying to hold on.

Jack leaned in, pressing their chests together. The young man had begun a hot-breathed litany into Jack’s ear, “Oh-God-that-feels-so-good. Please-don’t-stop. Please-don’t-stop.”

Jack’s hands moved up to slickly trace across the young man’s chest. On instinct he grabbed up for the young man’s nipples and gave them a tug. In response, the young man gasped before biting into Jack’s shoulder.

Jack shuddered. He kept up the hammering pace, couldn’t stop if he wanted to. Soon, sparks were exploding behind his eyes, and he was coming harder than he could remember doing in a long long time.

“OH GOD I CAN FEEL IT, I’M–” the young man shouted, and Jack felt a tell-tale heat against his belly. The sensation set his skin on fire, and with a final juddering shake, he collapsed on top of the young man.

The pair of them lay like that for a long while, partially hanging out of the car, panting. Eventually Jack pulled up feeling dazed. The young man, whose pale skin had gone pink, slowly pulled himself up. He stared at Jack for a long moment, before placing a soft kiss on his lips. Warm joy bubbled up in Jack’s chest.

“Damn man. That was…” he giggled, still feeling the afterglow, “If you want to do this again, I’m usually up here on Thursdays.”

Jack smiled, nodded, found his pants and shirt, and made his way down the path for home, relaxed and lost in thoughts of the future.

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