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Absolute Beginners Pt. 01: The Risk

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This is the first story with a sexual content that I wrote. I am not an experienced writer and I am not a native English speaker, but I hope that I can give you a little joy with my story.


Recently I have been at the birthday party of Patty, a friend of mine. She invited the whole circle of friends and also an old childhood friend named Amy. First you might have to know more about our clique. Despite being fairly good looking and probably due to our shyness and some of us being prude, we are all a bunch of losers when it comes to love and sex. We never learned how to date since we were playing cards and tabletop-games as teenagers instead of going out. None of us ever had a spouse or even sex. And here we are, in our mid 20s, inexperienced if you don’t count porn and too afraid to make a first move. There is even a name for people like us: Absolute beginners or short ABs.

Back to the party: Patty invited everyone to her parent’s house, in which she still lived, to celebrate her 25th birthday. I always wondered why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, since she is such a beauty. She is 5”6 with an athletic body and B-cups. Her dark blond hair falls straight to her shoulders and with her cold blue eyes and her glasses I always imagine her as a strict secretary. She prepared lots of food and little games to entertain us in the evening.

After eating a little we played a truth or dare type tabletop game. Now you might think this leads to a typical erotic scene, but don’t forget that we are ABs. It went like that:

(btw I’m Matt)

Michael: “Ok, let’s begin. I got 3 on my die and the field is a truth-type. Let’s see… the rules say that I have to ask one of you a question which you have to answer truthfully. We give points from one to 5 about how interesting or embarrassing we judge the answer. This way we can gather addition points. The more you reveal yourself, the more likely it is to win. Ok, I choose Thomas.”

Here you can see what I mean. He could have asked an interesting and sexual question to Patty, Amy or Natasha and he probably wanted to, but he is too shy and asks Thomas. Let’s go on…

Michael: “Thomas, uhm, what is the most disgusting thing you ever ate?”

Kyle: “Let’s see… probably seaslug at the Chinese restaurant…”

Michael: “Ok, what points to you give for that?” Everyone was holding up fingers. “On average 1, you get one point, which means your answer was not very entertaining.”

Kyle: “Screw you too, dude!”

Patty: “Is it my turn now?” Her dice showed 3 as well. “Ok, question to Natasha. What do you dream about?”

Natasha: “My biggest dream is to hear more of those unbelievably shocking questions and answers.” Everyone laughed about her sarcastic answer and gave her 3 points average.

This is how it went on for a while. Points were gathered on the point fields instead from revealing secrets or doing dares like “Eat Ataköy escort 30 pretzels as fast as possible”. It was our usual innocent fun until that one round. I did not really concentrate on the game because I was trying to catch a glimpse of Amy whenever I could. I didn’t know Amy before the party. She was fun but also holding back herself since she knew only Patty. She could not be an AB though. Amy is about 5”8 tall, has a normal figure with big D-cup breasts and her dark brown hair was tied to a ponytail. She wore a wool jersey which tightly followed the line of her skin and of course this distracted me a bit, when I was about to get asked another truth question.

Harry: “Matt, what sites do you visit on the internet?” A knowing laughter followed the question.

Being taken off guard only trying to hide my lustful stare at Amy’s gorgeous boobs made me spout:

“Anything with MILFs and Rimjobs is fine…” Oh fuck, what did I say? My face froze as the laughter died off immediately. Only Amy started to giggle. The boys looked down and smiled a little, just Harry said:

Harry: “Well, if you need that.”

Patty: “What is a Rimjob?”

Amy: “That is when you get licked around your butthole.”

I was totally flushed when Amy answered. So were the others and a painful silence followed. At first Amy was smiling but then she looked down as if in shame. I had to help her so I turned the prudes to me again.

“Yeah, what can I say? I am an ass man. I want 5 points now…”

Another silence towards me was broken by Patty suggesting that we play another game and everybody thankfully switched over to her idea.


Later after the game when everybody was talking in different corners I went over to Amy.

“Hey there Amy. Sorry about earlier. It was me who put you in this situation. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing for you.”

Amy: “It’s fine. Thanks for taking the frost. But I don’t understand it. What is so embarrassing about knowing these things?”

“Oh, nothing really… I am sure that at least every guy here knows those words. We just don’t mention sexual stuff.”

Amy: “I noticed. The game earlier also was unusually sexless. Why is that?”

“Well, I don’t know but I guess that it is hard to talk about unfulfilled wishes.”

Amy: “What do you mean? Are you all as shy as Patty?”

“I don’t think that we are prudish, just cautious.”

Amy: “Well, you better stop being cautious and risk something, or you will look back at a life of regrets later.”

With that, Amy left me startled and thinking. She was right. What is there to lose?


After a lot of thinking and gathering guts I went back to Amy.

“Hey there again.”

Amy: “Hey there again, Mr. Cautious.”

“You are right. I need to risk more. And here I am. I would like to talk with you in private. Would you meet me Ataköy escort bayan upstairs in Patty’s room?”

Amy: “Sounds interesting. Let’s hear you out.”

We walked up the stairs and into Patty’s childhood room. I turned to Amy, with my heart bumping louder than my thoughts and stammered:

“Will… will you go out with me?”

Amy smiled at me, more pitying than nice, walked past me and stretched her arms above her head

Amy: “Oh my. I thought you were going to actually risk something. Now I am disappointed.”

Right into my balls. Here I risked more than ever and it was still not enough? And she turned her back to me stretching her back and moaning and just being ready to be grabbed from behind and… there I grabbed her. My left arm embraced her down around her waist and my right arm went around her chest with my right hand covering her left breast above the thin clothing. I pulled her close to me and held her tight. She didn’t even flinch.

“I want you. Now.”

Amy: “Now you finally man up.”

With that I swung her around, held her tightly again and we kissed wildly. Never could I imagine how wonderful a woman feels. My hand started from her neck, went down on her spine until it reached her butt crack, where it jumped to cup her ass cheek strongly, pulling her up. My hands researched her back, thighs and ass as if to make up for all the lost years. Meanwhile we kissed so furious that our mixed salvia ran down our chins but I didn’t care and she not either. That woman was fire and I was about to be burnt to ashes.

When I started to kiss her neck and bite her earlobes, she took control.

Amy: “Hold it, Mr. Cautious. We don’t have much time until the others will ask themselves, what we are doing.”

I stopped kissing her, fearing that this moment was over.

Amy: “I grant you a reward for taking a risk. I will either take all my upper clothes off and you can use my upper body however you want, for a few minutes OR I will strip down my pants and panties and you can take care of my lower half to your cock’s content for a few minutes. Your choice.”

What should I do? What would you do? There was no time to waste so I said what my feeling told me.

“Take down your pants and kneel on Patty’s bed.”

That is what she did. Without hesitation she flipped off her shoes, pulled down her jeans and her panties at the same time, jumped on the edge of the bed and positioned herself on all 4. She spread her legs enough to be fully accessible from the start. For the first time I saw a woman’s pussy and ass live in front of me. I came close and watched her pussy and ass carefully. I wanted this picture to burn into my eyes. There was this girl, ready and waiting for me. Her pink pussy lips glistered from moisture. Slowly I ran my finger above those lips, feeling them, parting them a little and back up towards her clitoris. escort Ataköy I tried to use everything I learned from porn, books and the internet and massaged her lips and circled around the clit.

Amy moaned: “Fuck, Matt. Why are you so cautious? We don’t have much time. Use me already!”

With that I closed my mouth on her pussy. Fuck, the taste was unbelievable. My tongue slid through her lips to her clit, circled around and pressed against it. Since I was behind her and she on her elbows and knees, my nose dove right into her pussy hole. Then I raised my head and slid my tongue into her pussy and was surprised about the amount of pussy juice.

But there wasn’t much time and my eyes already saw my next goal, so my fingers went to her asshole. When I touched it Amy moaned loudly and lost strength in her arms. She let her chest fall on the bed and bit into the sheet, in which she left another loud cry which would have alarmed the whole house if she hadn’t had muffled herself before. Then I moved my mouth from her pussy to her anus and kissed it. I couldn’t grasp at all that my fantasies became true all out of the blue. I moved my tongue over the wrinkles around her hole and dipped my tongue in.

Not wanting Amy to rush me anymore I slid down my pants to take out my by now painful erected cock thinking about which hole I should lose my virginity in to. I decided for her ass.

“Move up the bed a little and spread open for me.”

Amy: “Oh yes, fuck me already.”

Then I reached my fingers into her pussy juice well and moistured Amy’s ass, when…

Amy: “What are you doing? Don’t you try and fuck me there. I want you in my pussy.”

“But you said… ok.”

Maybe you think that she told me to use her and that is right. But I didn’t want to force myself on her and I speculated on something, but that I will tell you later.

Not wanting to argue to her I gave her what she wanted and shoved my dick into her pussy with one push.

Amy whimpered: “Oh my gosh. Fuck you. No, fuck me. It’s safe. Just fuck me.”

I pushed into her. And hard, so that my balls flapped against her clit and until she bit into the bed sheet again. Feeling my cock sliding in and out of her was great. I knew my life changed completely now and I knew that I was the greatest guy on the world in right that moment. I couldn’t wait to shoot my load into her knowing that the rest of the evening she would have my semen in her. I didn’t have to wait for long until I pumped endlessly into Amy and I got so dizzy that I almost passed out. But I didn’t care. In front of me there was my first woman, biting and moaning into the bed sheet with a filled up pussy.

After some seconds it was Amy who came to her senses and organized our retreat. She told me to walk down first, she would follow me later. I should say that I was in the upstairs bathroom and she waited to use it and therefore it took so long. Well, my friends would believe that… only later it came to me that walking down with the biggest grin ever, telling them I came out of the bathroom, probably wasn’t the best idea. But who cares, the evening held for more great surprises, but that I will tell you another time…

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