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She thought the best way to get Stephanie would be to invite her over to walk their dogs together and catch up, then they would drug her when she arrived so that they could take her to Max’s sex dungeon without any resistance. “Yeah, that should work” Katie decided as she picked her phone to call her.
“Steph, It’s Katie. Wanna bring Shadow over tonight and we can take him and Toby for a walk, maybe get a coffee?” she said when her friend answered. “Sounds good, haven’t seen you for ages. I’ll see you around 6?” Steph replied “Ok cool, see you then” Katie said, hanging up the phone. She found herself grinning as she thought about the payback she would give to Steph. A few years ago, her friend had fucked Katie’s crush – whom she was going to ask out that week. Even though Steph knew she was going to do it, and although Katie had supposedly forgiven her, she was actually still angry with her.
“Ok, I had better tell Max and my mum the plan so they can get ready for tonight” she said aloud as she wandered around the house looking for them. Katie found them in the kitchen and told her the plan so that they could be ready for when Steph arrived at their house.
“I like it. We’ll let you take the reins when we get to my dungeon. The audience will love that” Max said with a smile.

Stephanie arrived just before 6pm with her 4 year old black Labrador, Shadow. She was wearing yoga pants and a singlet with fluro pink and green running shoes. Her long brown hair tied in a ponytail. Katie had thought she was beautiful from the moment they met in high school. She weighed around 135lb, had super perky DD tits, a nice tight round ass, perfect skin, and a models face.
“Hey Steph, come in for a sec while I finish getting ready. Take a seat on the couch if you want” Katie said to her before walking off to grab her mum and Max.
Max snuck up behind Steph as she sat on the couch and carefully injected her with a strong tranquilizer. Almost immediately she slumped over – she had about 5 hours until she woke up.

“Ok, lets get her and the dog to the car. I think Shadow can get in on the action as well” said Katie. They picked her up and carried her out to Max’s car – a big black SUV. Julie, who had been silent almost the whole time said “Katie, your friend is fucking sexy. Look at these tits” sliding her hand into Steph’s singlet and fondling her large breasts. Katie laughed and slapped her friend in the ass as they lifted her into the back seat of the car. Shadow was following them closely. They opened the back of the SUV and motioned for the dog to jump inside.
“Lets do this” Katie said cheerfully, and Max and Julie nodded in agreement. Max started up the car and they drove to the place where his dungeon was. On the short journey, Katie blindfolded and plugged Steph’s ears. She wanted her to be able to feel everything, but not hear or see anything.
They arrived at their destination, Katie let Shadow out of the back while Julie and Max lifted Stephanie out. They went inside and Katie pondered where she wanted her friend to be put. “Hmmm, I think she can go in the thing that suspends her from the roof with her legs spread. But I want her low enough so Shadow can reach her”.

Max had also prepared a strong muscle relaxant as per Katie’s request. Julie undressed the young girl and got a look look at her body, and had a good feel. When they had finished fitting the harness and restraints to Steph’s body, and raised her several feet in the air, Katie injected her with the muscle relaxant.
“Before we do anything else, we need to give her an enema. Don’t want any interruptions to the broadcast, although I am sure there will be a few viewers who would prefer it dirty.” Max said, walking over to the toy cupboard to grab a douche.
When they were satisfied she was properly clean, Katie got up and had a look in the toy cupboard for herself. “Holy shit there are a lot of toys in here” she exclaimed. There were dildos and dongs of all lengths, butt plugs, inflatable toys, lubes, rubber fists and feet, sounding toys and anything else you could think of. She grabbed an 18 inch dong, an inflatable ass stretcher, and a blow up butt plug that was the width of a 2l Coke bottle.
“Are you ready to start broadcasting Katie?” asked Max. “Yep, lets do it” Katie replied.

Katie made her way over to Steph armed with her fuck toys. She lubed up her own hands and her friends ass well. “I still haven’t forgiven you for that rumour you spread about me being a lesbian, bitch” she said to her, and slapped her hard in the face.
“I’m going to enjoy this” she said as she slipped a finger into her friends ass. It was strange being on the other end of the abuse this time, she remembered how she had felt when it was her in that position. Katie finger fucked Steph’s asshole hard then slipped another finger in when it had stretched enough. The muscle relaxant allowed her to insert more fingers a lot faster than it would be have been without it, and when Katie took all of her fingers out, her friends asshole didn’t spring back to normal but instead stayed gaped.
“That is fucking hot” Julie said as she watched her daughter sodomize her sexy young friend and Max nodded in concurrence. “Talk dirty to her, baby” Max added.

“You fucking slut” Katie said to her, shoving her entire hand inside Steph’s ass. It slid in really easily, and she violently jerked her hand around before ripping it back out again. Her asshole was gaping wide now and Max moved a camera closer to get a view inside. Katie began punch fisting the gaping ass in front of her, she really liked the feeling of her hand being inside someone else. It was warm and comforting.
She ripped her hand out again and held her victims ass open with her hands, showing the audience the pink ass meat poking out. Katie grabbed the ass stretching toy and rubbed some more lube on it before inserting it into Stephs ass. She gave it a few pumps and could hear it expanding inside her friend. She kept pumping until it wouldn’t get any bigger and then left it inside for a minute, before slowly pulling it out, still fully inflated.
“Mmm, you like that don’t you cunt?” Katie moaned as she looked into Stephs gaping hole. “It really is beautiful” she thought to herself. She was finding that abusing her friend was making her very horny. Katie reached down and stuck a finger in her pussy to find that she was dripping wet. “Shadow!” she called out ” come here boy”. The dog came trotting over and sniffed Steph’s fingers before giving them a lick. She gave her pussy a pat and the dog buried his snout between her legs and began ravenously licking her wet hole. She moaned and shuddered as the dogs smooth, long tongue snaked up inside her cunt.

“Good boy” she said, patting the black lab’s head. “I wonder if anyone I know is watching this?” she wondered aloud. “Who knows baby, does it matter if they are?” Julie responded.
“I guess not, and even if they are, they are sick fucks like us so I doubt they would do report us or anything” Katie answered as she shoved the toy back in her victims asshole and began inflating it once more. Once it was full capacity she pulled and it ejected with a loud wet pop.
“I think it’s time for something a bit longer, don’t you think, Steph?” she asked her unconscious friend. “I think we can skip the 12 inch and go straight to the 18 incher. Mum, would you pass it to me please?” Katie asked Julie.
After quickly rubbing some lube on the 18 inch double dildo, she stopped for a second and asked Julie “Mum, her pussy is looking a bit neglected. Do you want to play with it?”. “Oh yes, I would love to” said her mother in reply.
Julie stepped in front of Steph’s cute body and squeezed her tits hard before giving her pretty pink lips a kiss and plunging her tongue into the young girls pussy

“Hmm, and Max, how would you like to fuck me while I fist rape this sluts ass?” she said to her mothers boyfriend. He didn’t even reply, just took off his pants – revealing his big cock. He moved behind her and asked “Ass or pussy?”. “Ass first, Shadow is still licking my cunt like a good boy. You can switch holes when he gets bored” she replied.
“I’ll need some lube in that case then. Julie – would you do the honours?” Max asked his lover. “Mmmhm, OK” Julie said as she begrudgingly tore her mouth away from her tasty pussy treat. Max shoved his cock into Julies mouth and she expertly deep throated it, covering it in saliva before letting go and spitting into her daughters ass. When she had finished she returned to her meal of wet teen pussy.
Max positioned himself behind Katie and spread her cheeks before guiding his thick cock into her juicy ass. “Mmm, that feels good” she said when Max had finally buried the entire length of his manhood inside her.

Katie quickly inserted the 18 inch monster dildo into Stephanie’s asshole. It went in very easily, thanks to the abuse it had already received. It was still gaping wide open, thanks to the muscle relaxant.
Max pulled himself out to the point where her almost popped out and waited till Katie inserted more of the toy into her friends depths. After a few more inches of the toy went in, he thrust hard, burying his cock once again. She had about 10 inches inside the poor girls ass and was now fucking her steadily with it. He matched his pace with Katies so that he was fucking her in time with the toy rape she was dishing out.
“How long till she wakes up do you think, Max?” Katie asked. “I would say about 2 hours, maybe 2 and a half – at the most” he replied, still fucking the girls ass. “Plenty of time to ruin her fucking ass before then” she stated.

Katie mercilessly shoved the rest of the dildo inside of her friend until it completely disappeared. She looked up at the girl to see that the end of the dong was bulging her stomach, which brought back memories of it happening to her just days earlier.
“Actually, I’ve been thinking.. would it be possible to have a video of what we are doing, playing when the whore wakes up?” Katie asked her 2 accomplices with a grin. “I changed my mind about having her blindfolded and earplugged when she wakes up”.
“I’m sure we can arrange that” her mum replied, taking a step back and licking the pussy juice off her lips.
“OK. I think I want to see how deep I can get my fist in this bitch now” Katie stated. She reached up and started inserting her closed fist. It slipped in with ease, and she started started jerking her arm around inside, trying to stretch the hole as much as possible before moving to the massive inflatable butt plug.
“That is so fucking hot Katie” Julie said. She had taken a seat near them to watch, and her hand couldn’t help but make its way to her own sweet cunt. Katie’s mum started furiously fingering herself as she watched her boyfriend fuck her own daughter, while brutally destroying the ass of her drugged, unconscious friend.

Max was now pounding Katie’s ass hard, he was close to cumming. She could tell, he was breathing heavily now, and forcefully pulling her body onto his big cock.
“Cum in my ass please… Please?” she moaned. “Please daddy, shoot a big load into my slutty asshole.”
Saying this sent Max over the edge. He found it so hot that he came almost instantly. “I’m cumming” he said, shooting a huge load of sticky cum into the depths of his Julies daughters ass.
“Fuck I am so lucky to have found you two wonderful girls” Max exclaimed. He was just standing there with his cock still buried in the young girls ass. He pulled out slowly to reveal a huge creampie waiting to be released.

Julie was over there in a flash. She knelt down beneath her daughter and let the white cum flood into her waiting mouth. Katie squeezed the remainder of it out for her mum and returned to fist raping Steph. She could insert her fist up to her elbow with ease, thanks to the drugs her victim had been administered with. It was so hot being able to feel the dildo inside, and she wanted to be able hold the buried end of the huge dildo with her hand but it was too long.
“Hey Mum, check this out” she said to Julie. She stood up and turned to face their fucktoy and saw that Katie was pushing her hand towards the girls stomach and lifting up the skin around her belly button. When she had had enough of bulging the girls stomach, she removed her fist and slid the long toy out so that she could move onto the massive inflatable butt plug that was up next in her arsenal.
She picked it up and stared at it. This thing was big enough as it is without being inflated. At its widest point, the girth was similar to that of a 2 liter coke bottle and it tapered off to a smaller tip.

“This toy is perfect” she said as she grabbed the lube and squirted some on. Katie slowly lifted the toy up and positioned it under the girls ass. “Well, this is as bad as it gets, whore” she muttered to Stephanie before pushing the tip of the toy into her hole. She was met with little resistance, that is until she reached the true girth of the toy. It got stuck and wouldn’t go in any further, so Katie had to force it quite hard before her victims ass stretched enough to let it slip past.
“Lovely” Max said. Julie was sitting on his lap watching from the chair that she had brought over before. Max had his fingers deep in his lover’s dripping wet cunt, massaging her g-spot methodically.
Katie gave the toy a huge push and somehow it slid all the way in. “What a good little whore you are Steph” she said as she stepped back to admire her work in progress.

The toy was so big that her friends ass was almost at breaking point. Unfortunately there was no way that she could inflate it without seriously hurting her. She wanted to teach her a lesson, not kill her.
“I think it might be time for Stephanie to have some fun with Shadow, before she wakes up. Don’t you agree?” she asked her mum and Max. “Shall we bring her down then?” Max questioned.
“Yeah lets get her down, I want her on all fours on the ground for her pounding. But leave the toy in her ass if possible” she replied.
Julie got up so that Max could lower the girls limp body to the ground and remove the restraints that were helping suspend her in the air. She looked so helpless laying there that Katie had to laugh.

“Lets turn her over. You might have to hold her up so that Shadow can access her cunt” she said. “Here boy” Katie snapped her fingers and called out to the dog who until now had been napping nearby.
Shadow wandered over and stood wagging his tail in front of Katie. “Good dog” she said and scratched his ears. Katie got down on her knees and moved her hand towards the dogs cock. “I guess I had better get you hard first right?” she asked him as she stroked his belly near the opening of his sheath. It didn’t take long before she could see the tip of his cock poking out.
“That’s it boy, bring that dick out for me” she said quietly to the dog, as more and more of his red cock was revealed.
When she had coaxed enough of her furry friends member out to play, she led the dog over to his unconscious master and patted her pussy as she had done previously to her own. The dog started licking the juices out of Steph’s cunt hungrily. Katie allowed him to lick for a minute before helping him mount on his owners body. She stroked him as she guided his large doggy cock into it’s destination. He was humping manically when his dick found its way inside her.

“That’s a good boy Shadow. Fuck your ruined slut of a master” Katie said joyously. She had to hold the dog on otherwise he started to fall off thanks to his furious fucking.
“I actually wouldn’t mind fucking a dog” she thought out loud. “Maybe I’ll try and get Toby to take me when we get home”.
It didn’t take long for Shadow to cum inside Stephanie, Katie hadn’t realized that dogs knotted when they sprayed their seed, so his cock was firmly stuck in her friends cunt and was struggling to pull free but couldn’t. After a minute or so the big bulb on his dick grew small enough for him to escape and his penis withdrew with a satisfying pop. A large load of cum spewed out of her fuck hole onto the ground. Katie dipped her own finger into her friends sloppy cunt and scooped out some k9 cum. She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked it off.
“Very salty. I kinda like it, its quite different to your cum Max” she said after she had tasted it properly.
“Alright now…lets get her back in the air, and remove the blindfold and ear plugs” Katie commanded. Max and Julie flipped their victim back over and fixed the hoist to her once again. Once she was suspended several feet off the ground, she motioned for them to stop.

Katie grabbed the toy that was still somehow buried in her fucktoy’s ass. She wiggled it around one last time before quickly whipping it out. Out came the toy with a loud wet pop, and with it, the walls of her ass. “Oh that is satisfying” Katie said, as she set the huge toy to rest on the ground.
She reached up and pushed the cute rosebud back inside her friends body and stepped back to admire her handiwork.
“Lovely” Katie said to her Mum and Max. They both nodded, agreeing.
“Now, can we get that video set up while we wait for her to wake up?” she asked Max.
“Sure thing hun. Will only take a minute” Max replied and walked over to the laptop that was sitting on the counter, to get the video of their abuse ready to play when Steph finally woke up.
“We can watch her reaction live from outside as well, Katie” Max said “Oh, and did you want that part to be broadcast as well?”
“Excellent, and yes. Let’s broadcast that too…but maybe charge extra for it?” she said greedily.

Katie, Max and Julie took Shadow and retreated to a surveillance room outside the main area to wait for Steph to wake up. After waiting for 20 minutes or so, they finally noticed her moving slightly. “Get ready to hit play” Katie reminded Max, although she need not have bothered, as his finger was already hovering above the button.
The second that her eyes slowly opened, Max hit play and the footage of her rape began to show.
Her gaziantep escort asshole was fucking destroyed. It was gaping so wide that it looked like a blown out tyre, and it was slowly dripping out ass juice and lube. “I could probably fit my head inside that ass” she thought to herself.
Stephanie was crying as she watched the screen that displayed the sodomy at the hands of her captors. “What the FUCK Katie?” she shouted as she watched on. She found herself unable to look away as the footage of her friend gradually destroying her asshole played.
Watching Steph being tortured like this was making Katie so horny and her hand started to make its way down to her soaking wet cunt. Her mum stopped her and lowered her own hand to her daughters pussy, slipping 2 fingers in and searching till she found the g-spot. When they had found their target, she slowly finger fucked her as they watched their victim come to terms with what she had just gone through.
When Stephanie saw the part where Katie called Shadow over to lick her pussy, she began crying even harder. Katie had a big smile on her face now, “If that’s her reaction for him licking my cunt, then I can’t wait to see how she is when it comes to her being raped by him”.

They watched on quietly, and all that could be heard was the squelching of Julie’s fingers working in her daughters pussy. “You are gushing wet, baby” her mother exclaimed as she took her fingers out so that she could see the grool on her fingers.
“Oh that reminds me, you promised I could taste your squirt this time.” Katie said to her mum. “Can we fuck later on tonight when we get home?” she asked. “Of course we can baby girl, you don’t need to ask. Just come to me whenever you want” Julie replied as she buried her fingers back inside her daughters pussy.

“This is taking too long, lets speed up the playback so it gets to the dog rape faster” Katie said, sounding annoyed. Max hit a button and the video started playing at 2.5x speed.
Stephanie gasped and her jaw dropped when she saw the size of the monster butt plug that Katie had held.
“Max, put it on normal speed now, quick” she demanded. “I want to see this part properly”.
Stephanie was shocked at the size of the toy. “Surely that can’t fit inside me” she thought to herself as she watched Katie jam the smaller end into her poor asshole. She winced as she saw Katie force the huge plug deep inside her body. Stephanie now understood why her ass was so fucking sore.
“Surely this can’t get any worse. It looks like I am about to be torn open” she thought to herself.
When the video showed them finally letting her down, she sighed with relief as she thought the abuse ended there. That’s when Katie called Shadow over again and started rubbing his dick. She gasped and whispered “No, no, please no”, then watched on in stunned silence at her own dog furiously fucking her cunt. She felt so dirty when she watched Shadows knot pop out of her, letting a river of doggy cum spill to the floor.
When Katie heard the sound of the dogs cock popping out of his masters pussy, it sent her over the edge. She came hard on her mums hand which was still buried inside of her. Katie pulled Julies face to hers and kissed her passionately as the finger fucking slowed.

“Um…What do we do with her now?” she asked her 2 accomplices. Max and Julie both shrugged and said “It’s up to you”.
“Well lets wait for the video to finish first, then we will go in and take it from there”. Katie said. “Actually Max, do you have any drugs that can cause memory loss? We might need them if she doesn’t cooperate with us”.

When the video finished and the trio had re-entered the main room where Stephanie was, she was hanging there crying and sobbing hysterically. She couldn’t believe that this had happened to her.
“Hi Steph. How’s it hangin’?” Katie said to her friend, with a crazy grin on her face. She looked up and stared at Katie.
“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, still sobbing. “Well, remember that time you slept with the guy I was going to ask out the next day? This is payback for that” Katie explained.
“You are fucking crazy, you will go to jail fo-” Stephanie was cut off by Katie placing a finger over her lips.

“If I find out that you have told ANYBODY about this, you will regret it. Everyone you know will see the footage of your ass being used and then being raped by your dog” Katie told her. “That is, after we have our faces blurred out”.

Steph slowly answered with a nod. “I promise I won’t tell anyone”.

“Good girl” Katie said, and slapped the bitch hard in tits. “Alright, lets take her home then. We will just have to take her word that she will keep quiet”.

As they drove Stephanie back to her house, Katie sat close to her in the car, stroking her leg. Steph sobbed the entire time, and when they let her and Shadow out finally, Katie said “I hope you don’t forget this is a secret..” with a crazy look on her face.

Stephanie didn’t reply, instead she walked straight inside, undressed, and sat under the shower. She reached down and felt her sore ass. It was still gaped open, she realized. “How could she do something like this to me?” she asked Shadow, who was sitting inside the bathroom watching her.

No matter how much she scrubbed herself, she felt like she would never be clean again.

“Wonder how Stephanie would feel if we told her that thousands of people watched her torture live?” Katie asked her mum and Max.
“She might kill herself if we did” Julie answered with a concerned expression on her face. “True. Maybe I will tell her then” her daughter responded with a smile.

“You really are sick, Katie” Max exclaimed. “Can we watch if you do decide to tell her?”.

“Of course. It might not happen though. I’ll have to see how I feel” she responded.

The end.

Is there a part 3? Does Katie turn out to be even more fucked up than we imagined? Does she treat her with mercy?
Let’s wait and see.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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