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A Witches Story Ch. 04

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We sat across from each other in the tub and enjoyed the quiet moment. The underwater blow-job that she had just performed on me left me almost a bit dizzy. It was hard — no impossible — to believe that less than three hours ago I was trying to catch a glimpse up her short skirt as she bent over the oven taking out the pizza.

Now I had a full view of her naked facing me in my master bathroom’s king-sized tub. The water was deep and warm and floated her tits just a little bit about 6 inches under the surface. When the water got still, I could see down her belly to her mound and just make out her labia almost two and a half feet underwater.

I looked up, met her eyes, and bid her to continue her story.

“As you remember before I was so wetly interrupted,” she said, “the ‘underwater witches’ had shaved my pussy and now I was a bald as they were. It is interesting how exposed you feel when the hair on your snatch keeps prying eyes from casually looking up your crack. When it is gone you really feel nude.”

“I hung there in the pool and all the women reassembled at one end of the pool standing formally facing me on the side. They were a ‘sea’ of perky tits and naked cunts. It was a sight to behold I can tell you that.”

At this point I grunted my tacit agreement. I could only imagine. Or maybe NOT imagine. My cock tingled again. This was incredible!

She smiled and continued, “I was now wondering what they had planned for me next but I did not dare ask. The Grand Master Witch walked over and stool towering over me. She looked down and said; are you ready to undergo our most personal ritual?”

“I said that I was. She told me to lie on my back on the cold tile of the pool and close my eyes. She took my knees in her hands and spread them apart until my vagina was fully exposed and open a tiny bit. One of her helpers brought a leather pouch like the ones peasants use to carry wine and she filled it with water from the pool. Bending between my legs, she put the wooden nozzle on the bag into my pussy and filled my cunt with warm scented water. She told me to hold it in as long as I could! One by one the witches walked up and put their face down between my legs and touched their tongues to the water that was dribbling out.”

“When the last one was done, I was empty. They helped me to my feet and told me to dive into the pool to purify myself. I dove in and swam to the bottom and surfaced in the center.”

“I had been expecting physical challenges like trying to tread water holding up a ten pound weight or something like that but so far they had not materialized. The head witch spoke to me and asked me how long I thought I could hold my breath underwater. I told her that I was pretty sure for at least a minute and maybe a bit more.”

“She seemed satisfied and told me to immediately submerge and swim to the bottom of the pool. I was to stay under for one minute before I surfaced again. If I came up before a minute was elapsed a ‘swimming witch’ would restrain me underwater until the time was up.”

All this pussy and water talk was getting me horny again. I asked her if I could just pull her closer to me as she recounted her mysterious and erotic tale. She agreed and I took her by the thighs and pulled her legs over mine so we were both facing each other in a sitting position. Our genitals were all but touching as she continued Van Escort her story. I turned on the water and the warmed up and refilled the tub. There was nothing I could do for the drowned candles and the sea of soaked towels on the floor…

“I dove to the bottom and held on to ring by a drain that I found here. I counted the seconds and when I thought about fifty five seconds had elapsed, I started floating slowly to the surface. I waited about three feet down- still naked you know — and tried to stay as long as possible. Finally one of the girls dove in and took my hand and swam with me back up to the top.”

“The head witch said that I had done well! She asked me if I could do the same thing while locked inside of a trunk or another dark enclosure. I said that there was no reason why I couldn’t but I was not that wild about enclosed spaces. I said that I would do it anyway. They brought an ornate steamer trunk and I lowered myself into it. It was quite old and obviously very heavy. I waved at the girls and for the first time, some of them smiled back.”

“They carried it with me in it (and with the top open) to the edge of the pool and set it down in floating in the water. It rocked but it actually floated quite well! She told me that there were two drain plugs in the inside and I was to pull the top closed and remove the plugs when I was ready to go down. The trunk would latch and could only be opened from the outside!”

“My heart was beating fast as I folded myself up, pulled the top closed, and felt the lock snap shut. The trunk rocked back and forth and I was almost dizzy for a few minutes. I waited for it to settle down and float without rocking. I pulled the plug out of the bottom and then the one out of the top. The water rushed in from the bottom hole and the precious air exited from the top hole. I TRIED to gauge in the darkness when I would have to take my last breath. The water was rising fast! It was really hard to tell!”

Katie lay back in the tub and I pulled my feet out from under bottom. She stretched out in the tub on her back and I swam up so that I was floating in our deep water tub right next to her. I put my hand on her cute mound and pushed it down to the bottom of the tub.

Just the ends of her nipples and her face were breaking the surface. I floated up on top of her and let my torso sink to the bottom covering hers. My erect penis was just an inch from her waiting, waterlogged, and (I hoped) open pussy. I asked her if this was a good time for a brief intermission from her story. She replied that I had better not be wearing any ‘briefs’ and an intermission was long overdue!

I gazed for a long time into her crystal blue eyes. The water was filling quietly and was over the overflow and up to the very edge of the tub. Reaching around, I turned it off. I kissed her softly on the forehead and entered her from the front (mermaid missionary position) while gently pushing her head underwater with my left hand. She sank to the bottom and I pushed my cock into her opening as far as it would go! The feeling was indescribable; her pussy was so soft and tight, like my penis was made for the singular purpose of filling her up.

I kept my head just above the surface and felt her sunken tits with my hands as I more or less floated above her as we fucked. Little spurts of bubbles came up from her nose and mouth and Van Escort Bayan I could see that she had her eyes open looking at me from the shimmering depths. She had a calm smile on her face.

I began to move my penis in and out of her, with a very slow and deliberate pace as she calmly held her breath while floating underneath me. She clenched my cock with her vaginal muscles to the point that it almost hurt. Gradually I increased the pace and moved a bit faster – Katie’s hips bucked to meet my every thrust. She had been under for over a minute (this time I looked at the clock next to the sink out of impulse) but we kept up the aquatic love making. If she needed to come up, she would tell me.

We keep going for what seems like forever. I put my face in the water once to give her a kiss on the lips but then came back up to breathe pretty quickly. I did not think that I could hold my breath that long. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that two minutes had now elapsed. I started to feel Katie’s pussy spasm as she started to have her (first) underwater orgasm — at least with me. Two minutes from cock in to a woman’s orgasm must have been some kind of record! But considering the circumstance … it was a miracle!

I looked into Katie’s submerged eyes and right at that second and I swear that I could see deeply into her soul. She completely trusted me and I trusted her. I could also tell that she was cumming and cumming hard! It was lasting quite awhile!!! She trembled as her cunt clamped onto my cock and more bubbles spurted out of her nose.

I wanted to pull her up and kiss her — or go under and kiss her again – but the rippling and clenching effect of her cunt on my penis pushed ME over to orgasm this time! No time for kissing — my mind warned me! I begin to shoot cum deep into her! She looked like she was still doing ok so I kept thrusting into her wide open vagina! I could feel the water pumping around my “piston’ in her ‘cylinder’ and it felt great! Beyond great!

Still holding her underwater, my massive cock caused Katie to orgasm for the second time less than thirty seconds after the first. This was a much bigger orgasm this time and I was still hard and possibly getting harder as I drove my cock down into her! On about the tenth stroke this time she opened her mouth and started to squeal underwater!!! It was a long bubbling cry and I did not know what to do. Bubbles obscured her face but I could clearly hear her gurgling blubber and feel her chest shaking as she yelled out most of her air!

I was still deep inside her as she started choking underwater. At first she just stopped and seemed to look up in alarm and then she coughed up another big bubble of air to the surface. This did not look good. At least I didn’t think so.

She shook her head as the water boiled and resisted my efforts to pull her up. She INSISTED on staying underwater while her pussy milked the last remaining squirts of cum out of my still rock-hard dick. She clamped one of her hands over her face to keep the water from drowning her and placed her other hand on my ass pulling me inside of her even deeper. She had to be VERY low on air — if she had any at all.

Water was everywhere as I pumped her twat. Now more bubbles were coming up from her mouth and nose between her fingers – I couldn’t take it any longer! I grabbed her – this time Escort Van more firmly and pulled her up to the surface whether she liked it or not! My cock came out of her and jetted the last of my semen into the water. This was some kind of record for me!

She gasped and coughed for almost a minute and could not talk at all. Whew, that was a long time on the bottom! I have never seen anything like that in my life.

She sneezed out a spray of water and blinked her eyes. I sat between her legs held her close to me as she gasped in my arms. Her tits pressed against my chest and I loved the feel of her nipple getting tangled up in my chest hairs.

After a minute or so her breathing started to return to normal and she lay back and floated on her back with her longs legs wrapped around me just under my armpits. Her pussy was oozing cum and I could see that we were going to have to refresh the water again soon or we would be getting out with sticky eyelashes (at the very least) when we got done. Sticky everything!

As she floated in the water on the surface catching her breath, she reverted back to her story like nothing (much) had happened. It was ok with me — I was enjoying the view of her adorable pussy floating next to my hairy chest!

She continued, “The water rose to my chest in the pitch black trunk and then to my chin. I took a deep breath and felt the steamer trunk sink below the surface and the pressure growing in my ears. It seemed to go down a long way and the pressure grew to a painful level. I never thought to look in the really deep end of the pool so I had no idea how deep it was.”

“I could still feel myself in the ersatz coffin sinking and sinking! I had swum to depths of 20 feet in the past but this seemed far greater! After over thirty seconds of sinking I felt it bump to the bottom of the pool. I was alone in the dark trapped deep underwater. I could feel the air in my chest compressed to less than a third of its original volume.”

She looked at the ceiling as she told her story. “I now was pretty worried the pool was VERY deep and that it would be hard for the other girls to get me up. I crouched there folded up in the water filled trunk and waited with my eyes tightly closed.”

“I ran my hands around the insides and found a false compartment. I pulled it open and could feel a large rubber shaft-like object that had two round egg-like objects on the end. Yes, it was a huge dildo. It was clear that they wanted me to find it. As shudder ran up my back as I started thinking what would have happed if I had not gotten a good breath in the darkness of the trunk just before it filled up and sank.”

“As I held my breath deep underwater trapped in the trunk, I put the dildo between my legs to hold onto it. I kind of let it slip inside of me — I thought it would pass the time.”

I scooped some of the semen out of the bathwater and moved her around so that I could cradle her in my arms as she floated on her back in my lap. The cum was sticking in her hair but I did not tell her. She spoke calmly and I liked feeling her bottom and back as I keep her from sinking. She had been underwater enough for the time being. She was 100% relaxed.

I turned on the water very low to refill the tub again and closed my eyes to listen to her story. I wanted to get hard again but that last one was a dozy! It might take a few minutes — or hours. I wondered what she had in mind for our next watery sexual position. I hoped that I could live up to her considerable skills and imagination. Clearly she was working up to something – something that included me.

To be continued…

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