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A Wife’s Tail Ch. 01

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After reading my husband’s two stories that he had submitted, I told him that I was going to write this one about a get away weekend that happened just a month ago. My husband John surprised me with a weekend trip to Cancun for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. He told me he was trying to keep up with what I had given him for his recent fortieth birthday. Knowing that I had set him up with a friend of ours for some hot sex, I did not know what lay ahead but I was getting hot thinking about it. Arriving late Friday night, I slept late the next morning and awakened to find John gone. After taking a shower, I walked out of the bathroom to find him back in the room with a package. With a towel wrapped around me, I asked him what he had in the sack. Grinning from ear to ear, he pulled out a swimsuit that he had bought that wasn’t much more than a couple a strings! Telling me to try it on, he handed it to me with a hopeful look in his eye. The bottom was a thong that was about two sizes too small. Knowing that he loves my ass, I turned my back to him as I pulled it up into the crack of my ass, acting like I was making adjustments to it as I worked it in and out of my crack. Turning back around, I put the top on as I tried to keep my breasts from spilling out, which was a hopeless task as there was only enough material to barely cover my nipples. Looking at myself in the mirror, I asked John where he expected me to wear this. With lust in his eyes, he told me on the beach of course! I like to try new things but I didn’t know if I was ready to go parading around in public with practically nothing on!

Putting a swimsuit cover on, we went out on the crowded beach and found a small place under a shade cover to lay out our blankets and lay down. Next to us were three young couples and one guy by himself. They looked to be in their mid-twenties and were having a good time. As we got comfortable, we got chatty with the couples around us and became increasingly aware of their constant flirting with each other. The guys would watch all of the girls in bikini’s walk by, making their wive’s jealous as they did so. Deciding to get even, they got up and decided they were going to walk up and down the beach to give some other guys a show. Pulling on their bikini’s to let more skin show, I could tell they would get plenty of looks. Looking at me, they asked if I wanted to go along. Looking at John, I could tell he was daring me to go. Getting up, I took a deep breath and pulled my cover-up over my head. Even though I was turning 35, I try to take care of myself. With my 36D breasts hanging out and only a 2 inch strip of cloth covering my freshly shaved pussy and ass, the guys mouths dropped wide open and stared, not saying a word. Looking at John, I could tell he was proud of the way I looked.

Walking down the beach, the girls and I turned plenty of heads as we put on a show. One of the girls finally got up the nerve to ask me how it felt to walk around in a suit like I had and I told her that as they got older they would find they would do more risky things to keep their sex life spiced up. They nodded their approval, perhaps knowing what I was talking about.

Walking back up to the guys, I could still feel their eyes staring at every move I made. Deliberately bending over to straighten out my towel, I gave them all a good look at my tight ass, what my husband loves so much. Ken, the guy that was by himself, got up to help me since John was gone to get some drinks. Knowing that Ken was getting an eyefull, I took my time. As John walked up, Ken turned around to go lay back down but he had a big bulge in the front of his pants that was very obvious. As he walked by me, his hand grabbed one of the cheeks Cebeci Escort of my ass and gave it a little squeeze. I guess my teasing was working.

As the day wore on, John decided to rent a sailboat for an hour and go sailing. Everyone thought that was a good idea and decided to go along except for myself. Making my excuses not to go, Ken decided not to go either, saying he would keep me company. As John and the rest of them left, he looked at me with a knowing smile and said they would be back in one hour and winked!

As I laid on my back, I could feel Ken’s eyes all over me. Rolling over on my stomach, I asked him if he could rub some suntan lotion on my back. He was up in a flash with a big bulge still sticking out of his trunks. Kneeling over me, he started working the lotion onto my shoulders and back, nearly sitting on top of my ass. I could feel his swollen cock between the crack of my ass as he worked the lotion slowly into my skin, slowly rubbing his cock against my ass. Sliding down my legs, he brought his hands to my asscheeks and started to slowly massage my ass. Feeling his hands on me, I could feel my pussy starting to drip with wetness as I was turned on to a fever pitch. No other man but John had felt of my body in a very long time. As a moan escaped my lips, I heard John and the others coming up the beach. Seeing them, Ken hopped off of me and laid down on his stomach to hide his erection. Complaining that all of the boats had been rented, everyone decided to leave and go their own direction. As I gathered up my things, I saw John talking to Ken and then he came over and said lets go cool off in the room. The way I felt, things were going to get a whole lot hotter in the room!

Getting into the room, we decided to take a shower to wash the sand and saltwater off. Waiting for John on the bed, I watched him dry off as he looked at me, knowing that I needed to be fucked. Watching him dry off his already erect cock, I thought how lucky I was. I was a virgin when I met John and though I had fooled around some, his cock was the only one I had ever had. I can still remember the first time I saw it, it nearly scared me to death! Measuring it later on after we were married, it is 8 inches long and 7 inches in diameter, God what a thick piece of meat! Laying there watching him stroke it, my pussy was dripping just thinking of the fucking he was fixing to give me.

Laying down on the bed, I started stroking his big rod with my hand as he kissed me deeply and passionately. As he worked his way down to my erect nipples, flicking his tongue over them and teasing me, he looked up and asked me what Ken and I had done while they were gone. Telling what had happened, he grinned and said ” I wonder what would have happened if we had not come back so early?” Thinking about it and moaning with passion, I pushed him down on the bed and worked my way down to my husband’s cock. Slowly stroking it with my hand and licking up and down it, I tease him as I look up at him, staring eye to eye with him as I take his rod into my mouth, slowly going down about halfway and pulling it back out as I let my drool hang down from my mouth to his cock, looking up at him with lust in my eyes. Working it in and out, I get it good and wet so that my hand slides smoothly up and down the whole length as I tease him, knowing what he really wants. My pussy is dripping wet as I can nearly make myself cum just by giving my husband the pleasure he loves as I slowly go past the halfway point, relaxing my throat muscles as I feel his cock slowly go down my throat until his pubic hair is against my nose. If a woman ever wants to see her man in the throes of exctasy, Kolej Escort just deepthroat his cock. They will love you for life!

Working his cock in and out of my throat, I gasp for air as this thick cock completely fills my throat. Continuing my onslaught, I sense my husband is about to cum, which is what I want. After making him cum once, he can still get another erection almost immediately and then fuck me all night long if I want him to, wearing me out! Picking up the pace, he puts his hand on the back of my head and fucks my mouth with his cock as I feel the vein in his cock bulge out, he starts to cum as I take him all the way down my throat and he holds my head all the way down as his cock spasms in my throat. Pulling his still semi-erect cock out of my mouth, a coating of cum is on his cock as I gently clean it off with my tongue.

It is at this instant that I look up and see Ken standing next to the bed without a stitch of clothes on! I find myself eye to eye with only the second cock I have ever seen in person. He is stroking it as I start to visually inspect it. He is uncircumcised I can tell as the foreskin rolls over the head as he strokes it back and forth and it looked to be just a little bit shorter than my hubands but the big difference was in the diameter of it, Ken was only about half as thick. The one really different thing was that when it was fully erect, his cock had a slightly downward bend to it which was completely opposite of John’s cock. Seeing the doubt in my face about what was fixing to happen, John got up and sat down in a chair next to the bed.

” Baby, you gave me another woman for my birthday so I thought I would return the favor and let you have another cock, since you have never had one besides mine. What happens from here on depends totally on what you want.” As I thought about it, I remembered watching John fuck my good friend Karen, which I had arranged. I remembered I had felt a pang of jealousy watching another woman enjoy what my husband could make them feel. But I also remembered the look on his face to get to fuck another woman and knowing it had not hurt our marriage one bit, in fact it may have helped it. So looking up at this strange cock and seeing that John was hoping this would happen, I knew I had to try it!

Asking Ken what he wanted to do first, he laid down and told me to ” take his cock all the way down my throat just like I had done to my husband.” Coming face to face with his cock, I was amazed at the difference , the way it felt, the way it moved when I touched it. Slowly taking it into my mouth, it even tasted different as I took it deep into my throat on the first stroke. I found out very quickly that I could take it much easier than John’s, not being so thick but also the downward curve of it made it go down my wanton throat much easier. Working on his cock, Ken was almost delirious with desire as he told us that his wife would only take a few inches into her mouth. This was the first we had heard about him having a wife but it didn’t really matter at the moment. All of a sudden Ken started moaning and he almost drowned me in cum as pumped load after load of cum into my mouth and throat.

Rolling over, he put me on my back as he dove down for my pussy, not wasting any time. Pulling my bare pussy lips apart, I felt his tongue run up and down my lips and gently bite my clit , working his tongue in and out of my fuckhole. Massaging my own breasts, I looked over at John and licked my lips. His cock was rock hard again and he got up and came over and offered it to me. Putting it in my mouth, I gently caressed it as Ken continued his assault on my pussy. Approaching my Rus Escort first orgasm, John pulled his cock from my mouth as I came hard, pulling on my nipples as Ken held on for dear life!

As I calmed downed, Ken raised up and I could see that he was hard again. Bringing my legs up over his shoulders, I could see that my pussy was about to be entered by only the second different cock ever. John stood there and watched as Ken sunk his cock all the way in on the first stroke. Pulling almost out he would slam it back in, fucking me like I like it. As his pace picked up, I couldn’t seem to cum as his cock didn’t seem to hit the right places. Thinking it was the angle of his cock, I pushed him off of me and got on top of him, facing away from him. Oh, I hit the jackpot!! In that position, God his cock hit just the right spot and set me off into orbit! Bouncing up and down on his cock, going from one orgasm to another, it was to much for Ken as he came into my hot pussy.

As his cock softened, pulling out of my drenched pussy, I laid down on the bed beside him. Looking at my husband sitting in the chair, he had a big grin on his face. Sitting up on the bed, Ken looked at me and said ” damn, you were hot outside but you are something else in bed.” Looking him in the eye, I said ” I’m not through with you yet!” Attacking his cock once again, I wanted it hard one more time before we were through. Stroking it in and out, it slowly regained its strength as I cleaned my own juices from it. Sliding up on him, I guided his cock into me once more as I leaned over and let Ken suck on my nipples as we began a slow fuck. I noticed that John had disappeared but thought nothing of it as Ken attacked my tits like a young baby. He gradually managed to slide us down to the edge of the bed so he could put his feet on the floor and get better leverage. He then reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide as he drove his cock home. His attention to my tits had set me off again as I came again. Laying still for a moment, collapsed on top of him with my ass still in the air, I thought I was just about fucked out.

At that moment, Ken reached behind and spread my ass wide with his hands, his cock still hard and buried inside of me. Then I felt a cock rub up against my asshole. Jerking my head around, I see John with his hard cock in his hand and I know what is on his mind. ” Oh my God no!! Oh my God no! no! no! ” I say as I feel his huge cock slightly enter my ass. Looking back at him with fear in my eyes, I tell him ” I can’t, I can’t do this baby, pleaseeee no! ” as I feel that huge piece of meat slide slowly into me. I feel both cocks in me now, rubbing against each other through the membrane that separates them. Almost panicking, I plead with John to stop. ” God no! Oh my God nooo! please! Stop! pleaseee!!” Ignoring my pleas, I feel John’s cock reach it’s full depth. ” Oh my God no! Oh my God no! Oh my God yes! oh my God yes! yes! yes! I scream as they both begin to fuck me, filling me up with cock like never before. Sensing my change in attitude, John begins to slap my ass as he sodomizes my ass as another man fucks my pussy. God, I couldn’t believe what was happening! A nice girl like me being fucked like a slut! What a feeling! Just as they were getting a good rythymn going, Ken’s face became contorted as I felt him cum in my pussy one more time. As his cock slipped out of me, he crawled out from under me and got behind me to watch as my husband savagely fucked my ass! Pushing me flat down on the bed, John began to pummel my ass, knowing that pushing my pussy into the edge of the bed would set me off. As I began to cum, I could feel his cock swell in the tight confines of my ass as he pumped his sperm deep into me. Collapsing on top of me, he turned my head and kissed me deeply. God how I love this man!

As Ken got dressed, he asked if we could do this again tommorrow. We looked at each other and said ” We will see.” After he left, we lay cuddled in each other’s arms. John asked me how I liked my present, like he didn’t know!

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