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A Walk on the Beach

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The plane ride across the ocean after our UK vacation was longer than when we went. This time we flew from London to Fr. Lauderdale because we could get a cheaper flight even with needing to get a hotel for a 24 hour layover. By the time we land and get to the hotel is almost midnight. Our flight to Kansas City the next day isn’t until the afternoon so we’ll have a decent amount of time to check out the town tomorrow. We planned on going straight to bed but we’re both lying there wide awake. The time changes from travel have gotten us all messed up.

“Let’s go walk on the beach,” I say knowing that the beach is only a few blocks from our hotel.

“It’s probably closed,” Claire replies.

“So?” I ask getting out of bed. “It’s not like they fence the whole thing of.”

“You’re right,” she says and gets up to. “It’s not like we can sleep anyway.”

“Put on your bikini,” I tell her as I put on my swim trunks too.


“In case we want to get in,” I say, but she stares at me not quit buying it completely. “Okay, I want to take some sexy pictures on the beach if the moon is bright enough.”

“Mmm,” she nods her head. “I can get behind that.”

She changes into her black bikini and I admire her body as she puts her clothes back on over top of it. We put on our flip flops and I grab a towel before we head out the door. The moon is full and bright and we can see perfectly even between street lights where it would normally be darker. It takes us all of five minutes to walk down to the beach. I hope over the short cement wall rather than looking for the actual entrance, and she climbs over after me. We take off our flip flops and carry them as I we walk through the cool sand. It isn’t overly cold on our feet as it gets so hot during the day that it makes the sand blazing hot. And the outside air temperature is still high even though it is passed midnight.

We walk to the water’s edge and the water is almost too warm as it washes over our feet. Then Claire grabs my hand and Tekirdağ Escort we walk along the shore for a while. Eventually the buildings fall away a little bit as the main road curves. There are still buildings to our right but now there are palm trees in between us. At night when there’s no one else out there, it feels more secluded here than it does by the road and hotels and restaurants. I lay the towel down on the sand and sit down pulling out my phone. I take a few pictures to test the lighting and determine that it is good enough.

Claire takes off her shirt and shorts and stands in front of me in her bikini once again. My heart races a little and my breathing quickens at the sight of her. Her big tits are barely contained by the thin fabric of her bikini top, and I can see the round tops and bottoms of her boobs. Her bikini bottoms expose all of her inner thigh and exposes her almost her entire crotch except for her pussy. She does a slow turn in the sand so I can also admire her ass as it hangs out of her bikini bottoms. They’ve wedged themselves in her ass a little so even more of her naked flesh is showing.

She turns back around and poses seductively while standing up. The first few are more classy erotic photos, but she quickly switches to dirtier poses because she knows I’ll love it. She puts her hands on her tits and leans forward while squeezing them together. She loops her thumbs under the string of her bikini bottoms and pulls up so that the fabric is now only covering her pussy in a thin streak of black. She turns around and bends over with one hand squeezing her ass. Then she sits on the towel and takes off her top. She cups her hands over her tits and I take a picture like that. Then I take several more of her naked tits in various poses. She begins to pull her bottoms to the side and flashes her pussy. She gets on her hands and knees and I take a few more pictures of her ass with her panties pulled to the side exposing her pussy more. Then she pulls the string and the Tekirdağ Escort Bayan come off and she’s completely naked. After a few more pictures, I switch my phone to camera mode and prop it up against the bag she brought with us. I double check that it is getting a good view of the towel before I join her.

As soon as I lay down next to her, she’s pulling my hard cock out from beneath my swim trunks. She works her mouth up and down my shaft until I’m rock hard before she sticks me in her mouth and sucks away. She moves her head up and down quickly gulping at my cock as she repeatedly takes it all the way in. After a few minutes, she stops and pulls my trunks off completely. I take my shirt of so that I’m naked as well. Then she climbs on top of me and guides my cock into her pussy. She begins to ride my slowly at first by just grinding back and forth on my cock. Then she begins to bounce up and down causing her tits to shake. She reaches down between her legs and begins to rub her pussy as she fucks me on the beach under the moonlight.

She picks up speed so that I can hear her wetness around my cock. I watch as her pussy repeatedly and eagerly takes my thick length into her. I love watching my cock go in and out of her pussy and wish I could grab the phone and give a close up view of her pussy being filled, but I know if I grab the phone it’ll ruin the video because I won’t be able to hold it still or put it back in the right place to capture the rest of the scene. I reach up as she rides me and grab her tits. Then I sit up as she stills rides me and bury my face in her tits again. In this new position, she can’t continue to ride me in the same way, but does still grind on my cock. I kiss her a moment and then she gets off me.

Next, she gets on her hands and knees on the towel and I position myself behind her. I push the tip of my cock into her pussy and she moans. Her hand is back between her legs rubbing her clit. I start slow and after every thrust I leave myself buried in Escort Tekirdağ her for several seconds before forcefully thrusting again. She rocks forward with each thrust and I can’t wait to watch the video and see her tits shake with each pounding thrust. I pick up speed as the waves crash behind us against the beach. Without a word, she begins to come with my cock in her pussy and her fingers rubbing her clit.

I feel her pussy grab at my cock with renewed energy as her body tightens and relaxes several times with her orgasm. She moans loudly and looks over her shoulder at me as I fuck her from behind. She shakes and shudders with the power of my thrusts combined with her orgasm. In a few moments, as she begins to relax from her release, I feel my body tighten. I continue to fuck her for as long as I can handle but then pull out at the very last second to short my load on her ass. I’ve come a lot more on her face and stomach and in her pussy a lot recently, but coating her ass in my come is something I don’t do as often and I enjoy the chance now.

Some of my load shoots onto her back, but most of it lands on her round ass. I admire the view until she lies down on her stomach. She lays her head down as well and breaths deeply as she tries to recover. I watch as my cum drips down and out onto her hips or down and in to tickle her pussy. I clean her off with the towel as best as I can and we get dressed just in time to see another couple walking hand in hand. We start walking back the way we came and as we pass them, I wonder if they’re headed to the same place we were just from and if they’re there to fuck as well.

By the time we get back to the hotel we’re both finally tired. And now, were too tired to even wash ourselves off. We climb into the hotel bed despite having sandy legs and sweaty bodies. Claire doesn’t even use a wash cloth to clean her ass of the cum I couldn’t clean of. In the morning I look through the pictures and speed through the video to see if they’re as shot in the daylight. I love the pictures of her and the video as well. I’m sure that it will get plenty of views as lots of people like outdoor and public sex and the beach is the sexiest place for it basically. I fall asleep thinking about how hot she looked in the bikini and how good her tight pussy felt to me.

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