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A Virgin’s Story

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This is a departure from stories I usually write. There is no dialogue giving you, my readers’, freedom to supply your own insights into their dialogue. The players are unnamed, there is no hint of where this story may have occurred, and no back story until a final sentence or two at the end.


My labia separated as his cock head pressed into me. My hymen tore as he began to penetrate my virgin pussy. I couldn’t resist; I didn’t want to resist. I wanted what he gave me and he wanted what I gave him. He continued applying pressure as I accepted more of him in me. The pain of him ripping my hymen did not abate but it was a good pain. We loved each other.

Slowly, he slid more deeply into me. His cock felt like a rigid steel pole although he wasn’t that big. I didn’t have anything to compare with but seven inches long isn’t too bad and his one and three-fourths inch girth was average I guessed. I felt my pussy expanding to accommodate.

He reached his full length in me and stopped. We stared into the others eyes for a moment then fell into a deep passionate kiss. Involuntarily, my legs parted further as I wrapped my calf’s around his waist.

I felt him begin to withdraw. No, it can’t be finished already my mind screamed. When he had withdrawn about half way, he stopped and sank back in. He did this several times and my reaction must have told him it was time to pursue our sex more completely.

Now he pulled back until just his cock head remained in me before pushing back in with more force. The tingling in my pussy replaced the pain of my hymen tearing. I was on the way to an orgasm.

We sped our movements until we we a jerking heap of male and female flesh doing everything possible to satisfy the other. He rolled us with me now on top. I could see a little blood stain on his cock and on me, my virginal blood that can only be shared once.

He pinched my swollen nipples and that sent a shiver through my body that centered on my clit. My orgasm hit me hard but when I felt his sperm erupting into me, I became uncontrollable as another wave of orgasm swept over me.

A new sensation struck me as I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles. Something deep inside me caused me to scream and cum again. Was that a g-spot orgasm I heard about? How could I cum so much after the pain?

Now it was done. We lay spent in each other’s arms panting and recovering. I was turned on in a way I had never imagined possible. I slid down his torso until my head was near his lap. I could smell my cum and his on him. My blood was drying on his wilting shaft. I opened my mouth and began licking him clean.

He didn’t protest and rewarded me with his cock becoming hard again. I’d given him oral many times but this was different. How can I explain what I tasted, our combined sex on him was a treat. I wanted him to perform on me.

He kissed up one leg then up the other. I was exposed to him, our juices oozing from my recently violated pussy. When he began to take tentative licks of my pussy, I gushed into his mouth. His cum, mine, and some blood coated his lips and poured into his open mouth.

We were kinky and obscene. Anyone seeing us would call us both liars if they learned that just a few minutes ago I was a virgin. His tongue lapped at my clit sending shock waves through my body. He was going to make me cum more. I licked and sucked him with total abandon.

When I knew I was ready to receive him again, I knelt and turned my pussy and butt to him in doggy position. He knew what to do.

He began to enter me with his cock easing me open again. There was some residual pain but it felt good to have him pressing further and deeper into me. He placed his hands on my hips for leverage and pulled me tightly to him. I felt his pubic hairs tickling my virgin butt hole. His pole was touching everything in me I wanted touched.

Occasionally he would slap my butt hard with his hand. I knew he was leaving red hand prints and I felt the sting of his slaps. What I didn’t expect to feel is how the sting made me hotter and wetter where his cock was fucking me. I wondered how it might feel to receive a spanking from him before hot sex. I wondered if he would let me spank him.

We built to another wonderful mutual orgasm. He pressed hard into me and it felt as though he was tapping at my cervix. He held my hips tight, held me tight against him as he coated my interior with his sperm. My own cum was wet and loud.

How is it we reached Alanya Escort Bayan this level of satisfaction, how we became lovers is not an easy story to tell. However, tell it, I will attempt.

Ten years ago when I was just ten, he moved next door. He was wise and older than me at eleven years. We became inseparable friends. That we were girl and boy was not important, we had each other. We did everything together.

One day, the worst thing that can happen to a teen happened to me. In an accident that took my parents lives, I was left without family. But that was just another step toward a life I’ll not regret. Against the odds, his family took me under their roof and treated me like a daughter. He treated me like a queen.

Somehow we knew that dating others was not for us, we were for us. We went to prom together, we did all the things that boyfriends and girlfriends do and when the date was over, we went home together. Yet, through all those years and our closeness, we never went all the way. We knew that in time, we would have that chance and would wait for the perfect moment to manifest.

College was a big step for us but we chose the same school and set up housekeeping in a simple two bedroom apartment. We could afford better but I wasn’t ready to tap into the inheritance left me when my parents died. He had a nice allowance from his parents and I had a substantial college fund. Crazy us, we could afford to party like average college kids do, so we set out to get part-time jobs and study our butts off.

The first two summer breaks found us working full time in the campus town. We were the odd couple. People knew us as partners, thought of us as lovers, yet knew little of our background. We did all we could to protect our private lives.

I was just 18 that first fall in college and living with the man I loved, I presumed the first thing I would do is get on birth control and start my sex life. That was when we had a very personal conversation about sex.

When we reached the part of loving each other, we knew that we wanted more than just sex. That was the first time that we actually became passionate lovers without the sex. We kissed, licked, sucked, and stopped there. We had will power to spare.

When I turned 20, he came home from school and work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a promise to protect me as his lover and wife. Yes, he proposed and I accepted. Much more, I knew it was the right time for us to surrender.

We took a hot soaking bath together. It was the most erotic and sensual thing that seemed right for what was about to happen to us. We padded around naked afterward kissing and touching. He produced another surprise, promotion and pay raise meaning we could now take a better place to live.

Oh, he knew about my inheritance and knew I could tap it anytime I wanted; however, as he said it, he wanted to man up, pay the bills so we could concentrate on our two remaining college years.

As the night closed in on us, we sat quietly on our dusty old couch necking and groping like high schoolers, like we never had before. In a moment of breathlessness I sighed that tonight was the perfect night to consummate everything we wanted in life from the other.

How sexy is a Thursday night when we both had classes and work tomorrow? When I felt him lay me down on the couch and take his place atop me, I knew that this night changed everything. Then it happened.

We waited until Saturday to call home with the news. I wanted to have my parents hear the report but knew they heard the call from wherever spirits go after death. His parents shrieked with excitement.

We told them everything about Thursday night, and early Friday morning, and Friday night, and this morning. They were actually surprised that we waited until I was 20.

They thought it would be a better idea to stay where we were and save money. They said buying some nicer furnishings was a good idea. They said they would visit the next weekend and help us shop for a nice bedroom set. We turned the other bedroom into our study room.

Our classmates and workmates immediately recognized the changes in our demeanor and commented that we were different in some way. Since he hadn’t spent money on an engagement ring, there was nothing to tell and we kept our secret to ourselves until again the time was right.

Two weeks past since our first night as lovers. As we settled in for more love making, I decided to Alanya Escort reminisce about our first night. I reminded him of his hard spanks on my butt and the pain I felt before the pleasure. I even told him that maybe I might like being spanked before sex.

He told me that he was sorry for spanking me that night and didn’t do it again because he thought he was being abusive. Assured he wasn’t, I turned my butt to him.

He hand spanked me until I was bright red and sore. His cock was more rigid than I’d ever known and when he lifted me to my knees, he timed his penetration to match his next series of hand spanks. I went into instant orgasm that lasted for a long time.

He told me how hot my spanked butt felt pressed into him and he came hard. He did not stop his love making after he came, he continued to stroke me and giving me swats that stung deep in my pussy. I had another breath taking cum.

His spanks continued one every few seconds, he wasn’t giving me a beating, it was a very sensual spanking that drove me crazy. I came to the conclusion that tonight might be the right time to relieve myself of the final virgin territory of my body.

As he slowed his pace after my orgasm, I breathed a sigh of contentment and approached the subject of him taking one more piece of virginity. Since I was already wet from perspiration and cum, I knew he could probably ease into my tight butt hole.

I felt a loss when he withdrew from my well fucked pussy, I wanted more. Not sure if he would actually butt fuck me, I was worried that maybe I’d gone too far too fast. I felt his hands massaging my spanked butt and caressing my tiny opening. I gasped when a finger made penetration of that little opening.

Seconds later, the pleasure of his massage and poking at my butt hole ceased and was replaced with more spanking, harder this time. I cried in pain and begged him to stop. He did and replaced his spanks with kisses and licks to make me more wet.

The thick head of his cock made contact with my tight butt hole, he pressed into me. This was a different sensation than having my hymen torn, it didn’t hurt. It was uncomfortable at first but when his cock finally broke through my circle of muscles, I experienced a new pleasure. It may sound crazy; however, it felt like he was fucking my pussy from my butt.

My body relaxed, my pussy dripped our cum as his cock slid deeper into my butt. He was taking too much time, I took matters into my own hands and pressed into him hard and fast. He filled me where I had never been filled before.

He was like a deer in rut now. He was the conquering male and I was his prize female. When he came in my ass, I detonated in a numbing orgasm with him. We collapsed on the mattress completely wasted.

He suggested that maybe I could spank him but when he saw the slight bruising he left on me, he cried that he hurt me. His sobs were real and very touching. I took his hands and placed them on my butt cheeks reassuring him that he only did what I asked and he satisfied me in ways unimaginable. By morning there was very little marking on my butt.

He was sure I was angry with him for spanking me hard as he did. No matter how much I assured him I wasn’t angry and was, still am, turned on by the wonderful sex he gives me, he continued to apologize.

When I told him I would spank him if he didn’t stop saying he was sorry, he smiled. Now I knew it was on for him as well. We went about our daily activities and reached home together. We were barely inside before clothes started detaching from our bodies. There was heat in the room that no furnace can produce or air conditioner can cool.

We danced naked through the apartment listening to tunes only heard in our minds and when we embraced, sparks of excitement and passion leaped through us and surrounded us. Our auras combined when we fell to the mattress.

We joined quickly and my strong stag made me remember why I was his prize doe. Our fucking lasted only a brief time, we were full of want and needed to have this one done so we could spend more time in warm embraces, kisses, and love making.

I swatted him hard as I could on the soft tender skin of his butt just where his legs join, he reacted telling me I would have to make it hurt if I was going to spank him. He handed me his belt.

He smiled as I raised the belt over my shoulder. He stopped smiling when the crack of the belt connected with his butt. Immediately a red welt appeared Escort Alanya and he cried in pain. I gave him five more strikes just as hard. The redness deepened and the welts rose a bright crimson. I stopped there.

He turned to look at me, his cock was hard and he had lust in his eyes. He took his belt from me and smiled, I knew what was coming. The first strike was painful but not hurtful. I knew a welt rose on my butt as my hands instinctively reached to rub away the soreness. He delivered five more just as I did to him. My butt burned from the pain.

I turned onto my back, not to stop the belting but take him in me again. He knew what to do as he hooked his arms behind my knees and bent me almost double. His cock slid to full staff in a moment. I knew I was close to orgasm and rocked against his cock taking my pleasure from him. He took his pleasure from me.

After our lovemaking, we spent much time talking about spanking as part of our sex. We vowed to use spanking only occasionally and with duress words to stop. We agreed that tonight we would have another spanking. I began to wonder if he might like pegging.

As we lay together exploring our bodies and our senses, I reached my hand to rub his butt where I had spanked him. The welts were reducing and he did not react in pain to my touch; he edged closer. I began running a finger up and down the separation between each hemisphere of his butt and buried my finger deeper with each stroke.

When I finally reached the dark center, I probed cautiously. I heard a sigh and a slight moan as I pressed my finger into his backdoor. Perhaps, I thought to myself, yes, perhaps he might like being pegged. His cock sprang to life.

I wasted no time accepting him in me. We were deliberate about our connection now; we wanted to please each other fully. Awkward as our position was, I held pressure on his butt hole as he stroked in and out of my pussy.

He wasn’t going to give me an orgasm in this position as he was not touching the right places with his cock; however, I knew he would not cum quickly either. We had time to play and enjoy before we needed to give the other their release.

It was very erotic seeing his face and the expressions of satisfaction he displayed. All movement stopped as we just stared into the other’s eyes with deep affection, love, and commitment. Then he rolled me on my back.

We locked in this embrace with his shaft deeply embedded in my pussy before I began feeling the slow and purposeful sliding of his cock against the walls of my pussy. It was pleasurable beyond words.

In an interesting move, he withdrew from me and quickly positioned me, still on my back, with my butt exposed. He entered my rear and continued his slow stroking. I would feel his cum in my butt soon.

I was feeling pure satisfaction as he drove me closer to my release; however, he had another trick to play. My pants and moans must have told him I wanted to have my cum. He abruptly withdrew.

He ordered me to lie on my stomach, my butt exposed to him. I felt the sting, the instant burn of his belt across my butt cheeks, he was giving me another spanking that would leave me sore and orgasm forgotten.

Each stroke of his belt made me cry. Five hard stripes burned and welted my skin. Then he stopped. I felt him lie atop me and probe my butt with his cock, then he was in me again and driving hard into me. The pain of the spanks was replaced by pleasure of him in me again.

Again, he withdrew. I knew more punishment was on the way and I prepared for it by lifting my butt to accept his strikes. He didn’t stop with five, he gave me 25 and left me welted, crimson, and slightly blue.

He did not re enter me as I thought he would. Instead, I felt his palms gently rubbing my butt with his palms. The sting of his 25 belt strikes began melting into memory as he tenderly rubbed me.

He messaged down my legs, up my back, and back down. As his messages reached closer to my shoulders, his cock slid along my butt. He was still hard for his release and he knew I hadn’t had mine. I wanted him in my pussy.

This tale can go on indefinitely and in the reality of fictional writing, you are encouraged to let your mind wonder what happened next. Perhaps you prefer to let your mind wander. Either event is your choice.

We did marry after college, I did reunite with some relatives on my parents side after our first baby came into the world. It is a long story, they still resent my parents but are warming to us.

I fondly remember being ten years old and meeting the new neighbor. Now, 17 years since I met my new neighbor, we still feel the passion we waited ten years to experience. I felt the stinging burn of his belt striping my butt.

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