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A Virgin Again

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Female Ejaculation

I had a friend once who wanted me badly, and so did her hubby, but I wasn’t into him at all. He would not allow it any other way but we went behind his back once. We were so close, like sisters. It was exciting; like being a virgin again. I was just as nervous. It made me understand what it is like for a man with a woman. Soft everywhere, silky skin; not rough. At times I couldn’t tell where she ended and I began; if I was moaning or if she was. Vertigo.

We were just hanging out, talking about her husband. Then she said, “But I really would love to kiss you just once to know what it is like.”

I was so shy. I turned my head from her, but I did say, “Me too.”

She put one hand on my shoulder and gently turned my head up to hers. She kissed me lightly, barely brushing her lips with mine. Then just simple pecks, lip to lip, until I started to respond. She pulled me closer and kissed me harder, her tongue found mine.

I don’t know which of us moaned first; it was really at the same time. Then she pulled away from me and looked into my eyes. She told me she really didn’t want to stop there.

I said, “Don’t.”

She smiled at me and pulled me so close our breasts were pressing. I felt a shiver. So different, so exciting. I could feel her nipples pressing into my breasts as she let her mouth wander. My eyes were closed. She moved up a little and kissed each lid, my nose, my mouth again, Acıbadem Escort and then my earlobe.

Since we were just good friends she knew, I had showed her, exactly the spot on my neck that drove me crazy, and she remembered.

Oh god!

Her breasts pressed against me when she turned my head and she licked my neck in exactly the right spot. I grabbed her back and my nails were digging into her as I made the most desperate noise. She was crushed to me now, our breasts pushing hard against each other, and she kept kissing and licking my neck. I was so unbelievably wet. Then she bit me, not hard at all, but when I felt her teeth on my neck I almost came right then.

She backed off a little and my head was swimming. I couldn’t think. My vision was blurry, but I watched as she unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a D and they were beautiful; snowy globes in a white lace bra. I had seen her naked before. We showered together sometimes if we were in a hurry but I never looked at her like that before. I never noticed how beautiful she was; not really.

I reached out to touch her, placing my fingers on the top of her breasts and lightly caressed her. I was in awe not only because of the way she looked to me but because of the way I felt for another woman. I bent my head and I kissed the top of each breast. I felt her shudder. She was just as wet as me; I could tell Acıbadem Escort Bayan by her breathing. My hands were shaking so bad but I nibbled a nipple through her bra and she cried out.

I was amazed. What a sweet feminine sound! I’d never heard anything like it in this way before and I wanted so bad to hear it again! I reached around her, un-clicking her bra in one hand while my mouth circled her nipple and my other hand skimmed over her other breast. Just the way I like it and she liked it too. So easy to make her pleased. I knew exactly what to do because I only had to think of what I liked. I slid her bra down into her lap and I suckled her. Her hands were in my hair and she was squirming like mad. In between it all, she said in this breathy voice I will never forget that she wanted to see me and touch me too.

I stopped and pulled off my shirt. Just that made her sigh in pleasure.

She was bolder than me. Lifted my bra right off my breasts and over my head; only person who ever took my bra off like that! I felt so shy again, but before I had a chance to get too shy she was already there. It felt like fire was running up my back in fingers. And I forgot to be shy. Yes, I forgot. I forgot I was half-naked. I forgot everything except her mouth and the feel of her against me. She alternated between my breasts, kissing one and rubbing the other and then switching. Escort Acıbadem Then she took her hands and put my breasts together. She sucked both of my nipples at once. God, I felt like I would die!

I was wriggling all over the place, rubbing myself against her. She didn’t make me wait long. She knew what I needed. She went back to my mouth and her hands were at my zipper. Then she was kissing my neck again as she slipped her hand inside my jeans. I don’t even have words for how I felt. I know I was crying out; tiny fingers so much smaller than a man’s rubbing my clit. I wriggled my hips and pulled down on my jeans and since she had more room to move, she slid inside me. Two fingers. I came instantly.

Then she took me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. She went to the closet. She had bought it just for me, hoping, she said with such a sweet look in her eyes.

And I wanted to, I really wanted to, but when I saw the strap-on it was like ice had just been poured over me. I don’t even know what I said; maybe I said nothing. She saw the look on my face and she knew I wasn’t ready. So she lied down beside me and she cradled me to her like a mother would hold her child. I cried because I felt so selfish. She kissed me soothingly over and over, telling me it was ok; that there would be another time. No need to rush.

I told her I felt horrible; I hadn’t made her feel the same way. She said I did, that what we had done had got her off too. But I still felt horrible. I was ashamed of my hang-up and ashamed that I hadn’t done everything I should have for her.

She cried with me; for me, and we stayed there. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and she held me until we both fell asleep.

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