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A Very Helpful Sex Toy Shop Owner

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Author’s Note/Disclaimer:

Dear readers, this is a short scene/flash erotica (around 1k words).

If you’re looking for a plot, realism, or longer stories, look elsewhere.

This story requires suspension of disbelief. You have been warned.


I explore the sex shop, nervously looking around at all of the different items on display. I make my way to the counter where a man is standing behind it.

He looks up at me as I approach him.

“Hello,” he says with a smile.

“Hi,” I say shyly. “I’m looking for my first sex toy, but I don’t know which one I should try.”

The man laughs, “Well, you’re in luck because we have just what you need right here!” He holds out his hand showing me two boxes. One has a picture of a purple dildo on it and the other has a pink vibrator on it. They both look like they are made from silicone.

“Which one would you recommend?”

“Both are made from high-quality silicone and are body-safe. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you try the vibrator,” he says with a smile. “It’s very easy to use and won’t hurt your vagina if you use too much pressure. However, if you want something for penetration, then the dildo will be perfect.”

“What about these? Do you think any of them are good?” I show him the pictures on my phone that I took from a website.

“Oh, those aren’t body-safe. The ones made from silicone are much better.” He takes the phone from me. “You can tell by looking at this photo that most of the products almanbahis sold on sites like that are not safe. You really need to buy from an official store instead.”

“Okay, thanks!” The owner seems knowledgeable so I decide to ask another question. “How did you get into this line of work?”

He smiles again, “I’ve been doing this for years now. I love it when people come in asking questions about sex toys. Always happy to give advice!” he says and points me toward the back of the store. “You can always try the sex toys before you buy. Most stores don’t offer this, you know.”

I follow him into a room labeled “fitting room”.

“Enjoy.” He turns to leave, but I stop him. “Wait, can you show me how to use these toys?”

“Of course!” He closes the door. “Okay, you can sit on that chair. I’ll take out the vibrator from the package.”

He removes the plastic wrapping and carefully opens the box.

“This is a bullet vibrator, small and discreet enough to fit inside your purse or even your pocket. It comes with batteries already installed. So just turn it on and start playing with yourself.”

I take the vibrator, sit on the chair and put the vibrator under my skirt. I slide it up and down my slit making sure I don’t touch myself anywhere else. I feel myself getting wet.

“Does it feel good? Too strong?”

“No, no… it feels great! But I still don’t understand how to use it well.”

“Well, let me show you,” he says taking it away from almanbahis giriş me and slides my panties to the side, exposing my pussy. “You just hold it against your clit and move it up and down.”

I do exactly as he said.

“See? That wasn’t too hard was it?”


“Okay, well keep practicing until you find the best position for yourself.” I try, and it feels so good when I rub the tip of the vibrator against my clit. I slowly increase the speed until I feel my orgasm coming closer. I lean forward and moan loudly when I finally cum. My legs shake uncontrollably.

“Wow…” I say breathlessly. “That felt amazing! I’ll buy this for sure!”

“Great. Do you want to try the purple dildo now?”

“Yes, please!”

He hands me the dildo. It’s much bigger than the vibrator but fits perfectly inside my pussy. I slide it in and out while watching the man. He seems genuinely interested in helping his customers. He smiles at me.

“You seem to enjoy yourself. Would you like to continue?”

I nod enthusiastically. I insert the dildo a little deeper into my hole. I moan loudly as it penetrates further. I keep sliding it in and out. I reach between my legs and start rubbing my clit faster. I am close to orgasming.

“Oh fuck, yes!” I scream as I feel the pleasure building. “I’m going to cum soon!”

“Go ahead,” he says while smiling.

My body starts shaking violently as I orgasm. I thrust the dildo deep inside me. I bite my almanbahis yeni giriş lip to keep quiet. The man watches me intently.

“Would you like to buy the dildo too?”

“Yes, please!” I reply quickly. “I’ll buy them both.”

“Alright, I’ll wrap them up for you.”

As he puts everything in a bag and asks “Would you like to try another toy?”

“Sure!” I answer excitedly.

“Okay, here’s a popular air-pulse clit licker toy. It’s pricier than the other toys, but really worth it. It works similarly to the vibrator but uses air pulses to stimulate the clitoris.”

I open the bag and take out the toy. It has a long shaft and a round silicone head. As I examine it, the man tells me how to use it. “Just put it on your clit and press the button. You can control the intensity of the vibrations by pressing harder or lessen it by releasing the button.”

I do what he says and immediately feel intense pleasure as the head stimulates my clit. I press the speed button repeatedly. I’ve never felt anything like it as I’m forced to cum within seconds. I moan loudly and almost fall from the chair.

The man laughs, “I see you’re enjoying yourself!”

I look up at him and smile. “That was incredible!”

“You should use some lube first, though. Otherwise, your skin might be irritated.”

“Oh okay.”

I set the toy aside and watch the man finish wrapping up the items. When he finishes, he gives me a bag containing all three items. I grab the bag and walk with him back to the counter.

“Here you go, $120 in total.”

I pay by card then thank him for being so helpful and tell him I’ll definitely return if I have any more questions. He wishes me a nice day and I leave the shop with a smile on my face.

The End

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