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A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

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Day two:

She awoke to a gentle nudging, followed by a not so gentle nudge.

He was already up, and slightly sweaty, she noticed. He prodded her foot again, “Time to get up, there are kayak’s awaiting.”

Still a bit muddled by sleep she swung her feet down and rubbed her eyes. “Kayaks?”

“Yeah, I signed us up for a kayaking and snorkeling trip and we have to be there by 8:00,” he said as he pulled her up and kissed her forehead.

She grumbled a second then headed for the bathroom. She emerged 15 minutes later, hair and teeth brushed, and looking as radiant as ever, he thought. He kissed her again then guided her to the door and down the elevator and out to the street. A few minutes’ walk brought them to a small beach on a calm cove. Black sand patches interspersed with outcroppings of black lava stretched out along both sides, dotted with palm trees. On the road a trailer with six kayaks was parked. The couple howdied the man and helped him tote the remaining plastic boats to the water.

Over the next few minutes another two couples arrived, thus filling the group. A short briefing by the guide followed and they were out on the water. As they paddled the guide would point out certain trees, plants, etc. and tell them the Hawaiian names as well as which trees were native. It turned out that Maui was, at one time, covered in Koa trees.

The sun was warm, the water clear, and the air calm and they covered a few miles when the guide announced it was time for a swim. Masks and fins were quickly (more or less in the rocking boats) and they rolled one by one into the water. Below them spread the best aquarium in the world. Colorful fish swam in and around equally colorful corals. The curious shapes of the corals gave a surreal effect, some looked like giant spiked mushrooms, others appeared as huge grey brains and still others looking like tiny trees. The guide pointed out the goatfish digging in the sand with their whiskerlike barbells, the longnose butterfly fish and the raccoon butterfly fish with a black band across its eyes.

A little further on they found a turtle floating on the surface. As the group swam closer it raised its head and took a gulp of air then leisurely swam through the group of humans and headed for deeper water in search of its next meal.

After about 30 minutes in the water the group remounted their kayaks (not as easy as it sounds) and paddled to the next snorkeling spot halfway back to the beach. The sun was high and several more groups of kayakers were on the water when they finally rebeached their boats and helped carry them to the trailer.

The couple walked back up the road to their hotel and had lunch overlooking the ocean. It was early afternoon when they made it back to their room. “I could do with a nap,” he said, yawning expansively.

“And a shower, methinks,” she added.

“Doth me odor offend thee, my faire?” he asked as he grabbed her and planted a kiss on her delectable lips.

“Tis true, an odor, unpleasant in nature, does about thee hang,” she laughed, pushing him into the bathroom before turning and going back into the bedroom. He showered quickly and they passed in the doorway as she entered the bathroom upon his exit. After pulling on a pair of loose shorts he stretched out on the bed and quickly dropped into a shallow doze.

The doze was ended when he felt a bounce on the bed and found her sitting on the bed near his knees. She was wearing the terry robe from the bathroom and sat with one leg tucked under her, facing him, a Cheshire cat grin on her adorable face.

“Having Escort Bayan a good nap?” she asked as she ran her little hand over his knee and upper leg. He slowly nodded.

She continued, “I think you took advantage of me last night. You know how I get when you … restrain my hands.” He reached for her but she batted his hand away, “No, you keep your hands over your head.” He did as he was told. She watched her hand moving up and down his leg then looked up at his face and smiled when her fingertips touched the bottom of his balls, elicted a small gasp from him.”Oh, you like that do you?” Her fingers moved up and stroked the bottom of his shaft as her playful blue eyes remained locked on his. “You know another thing I like is being charge, like now, so you just keep your hands where they are and everything will work out OK for you.”

Her eyes strayed back down to his shorts where her hand toyed underneath. “I think it likes this,” she said as his erection made itself know through the thin cloth. She pulled the leg of the shorts up, fully exposing his swollen member. She cupped his balls with one tiny hand while she stroked up and down the rigid shaft with the other hand. “Oh, yeah, he likes it,” she teased.

She leaned forward and kissed his balls then traced further kisses up the bottom of the shaft. Standing his cock straight up she looked into his eyes as she licked his cock like a dripping Popsicle. She sat back up when he closed his eyes and moaned.

“No, no, no, keep your eyes open or I’ll stop.” She giggled when his eyes popped open. “I think you like it, too.” She said, leaning forward. With her eyes staring deeply into his she took his cock into her mouth and, sucking gently, moved her head up and down. One fingered traced a circle below his balls as she sucked for a minute or two.

She released him with a audible ‘pop’ and sat back up, then rose from the bed, “That should be enough,” she stated, then laughed at the look on his face. She allowed the robe to drop from her naked body, “OK, maybe a little more.” She got back on the bed, straddling him, her sex directly on his, her hands on his chest. “Make sure your hands stay put,” she warned as she slid her sex up and down his now twitching shaft. “I may be a little wet still … from the shower.” Her eyes closed as she rocked her hips and continued sliding herself along the shaft, leaning forward slightly to put her clitoris in contact with it. He watched her face closely as she bit her lower lip in concentration; her hip motions became more specific as she maximized her own pleasure, which also maximized his.

She stopped and closed her eyes, regaining control, then slid forward and kissed him, her hair falling around his head as her tongue darted through his lips. Her hands moved to his biceps stretched over his head and he felt the damp heat of her sex on his abdomen. “You were very bad last night,” kissing him, “taking advantage,” she licked his lips, “of me,” deep kiss, “in my,” deeper kiss, “moment of weakness.”

She pulled her face back and they stared deeply into each others eyes then she stretched up, placing one very hard nipple in his mouth. He greedily sucked it in and licked it, bringing a moan from her. She offered the other nipple to him and he repeated the performance, adding a gentle nip to the enlarged tip. She slid back down and kissed him again, her sex sliding down his belly then raising slightly when she touched his erection. The look of concentration crossed her face again and she aligned her dampness with him, a look of victory Escort appearing on her lovely face when the head of his cock slipped into her.

“But,” she slid down an inch, “when you are very,” she pulled off an inch until just the tip was in her again, “bad … you are,” back down another inch, her eyes closed again, “are … pretty,” down another inch, “darn good,” as she slid down, taking his cock completely within her. She sat back for a second and they stared at each other, reveling in the sensations. Then she started rocking her hips, placing her hands in his, ignoring the fact he had removed his hands from over his head. He loved the look on her face as she rode him, rocking her hips front and back, then side to side, then thrusting up and down.

After a few minutes she collapsed down onto him, offering no complaint about broken rules when grabbed her amazing butt in both hands and began thrusting himself up into her. He wasn’t sure when her orgasm started but she began whimpering, “don’t stop, just like that” and shuddered uncontrollably, her pussy clenching his shaft and initiating his own climax.

Afterward she lay on top of him as their breathing slowed and they recovered. As he was about to drift back into his nap she propped herself up on her elbows and asked, “So what are we doing this afternoon and tonight?”

A little while later, rested and relaxed, they left the hotel and dawdled about the garden while they waited for the hotel bus to take them to town. With his hand in hers they took the time to admire the foliage, ohhhh’ing and awww’ing over the hibiscus flowers, the incredibly sweet smells of the plumeria, and otherworldish look of the ginger flowers. When the bus was ready to leave they dashed aboard and watched the island life pass by along the highway. Pale tourist families, the kids clutching boogie boards under their arms while the parents carted umbrellas, towel, and blankets scurried across the street and onto the amazingly beautiful beaches. Locals hung out in the parks, riding their rusty cruiser bicycles slowly alongside of the road.

The bus stopped in the middle of a historic town center and the driver informed them he’d be back every hour until 10:00. They departed and began wandering in and out of the stores and shops. Many of the shops offered non-descript T-shirts and others had shelves filled with island souvenirs made by the mainlanders of China. There were a few shops, however, offering items handmade by local artisans. Fierce and funny tikis, hand-blown glass art and jewelry, and baskets.

After an hour or so of this he led her into a tiki bar. Decorated with bamboo and thatch, tiki masks glaring from the walls, and minimal lighting, he guided her through the gloom to the back of the bar where large windows opened onto the ocean. He ordered two fruity rum drinks, complete with wee paper umbrellas and watched the sun sink into the ocean behind Molokini.

“How big is Molokini,” she asked.

He extended his arms out, palms facing each other. “My arms lack the length to suitably explain,” he said. He stopped her playful slap, catching her at the wrist. Rolling her hand over he kissed the back of it then continued, “From the bottom of the ocean here it’s a fairly substantial volcanic cone. From the surface of the ocean it’s rather small. The water is about 300 feet deep here between the islands, go five miles offshore and the water is 3000 feet deep.”

He kissed her hand again, then pulled her forward and brushed his lips across hers. “Anyway, you’ll see tomorrow. We’re going snuba’ing Bayan Escort out there.” He answered the excited look on her face with, “Kinda like scuba diving but the air comes down a 30 foot hose from the surface.”

They ordered dinner and ate as he tried to answer all of her questions. ..

Back at the hotel they both undressed and showered. Once dried and ensconced in their fluffy bathrobes he led her out to the balcony then sat down in one of the lounges, drawing her down with him so she leaned against him. They sat for a spell in a companionable silence, watching the moon slide through the cloudless sky and listening to subtle sounds of the ocean against the shore. She reclined her head on his shoulder and breathed in the clean air, incredibly relaxed, and enjoyed his occasional kisses on cheek, and ear, and neck.

His hands slid under the robe, first stroking her tummy then moving up to cup her breasts. She settled back into him more. Fingertips stroked and massaged, causing her underlying arousal to rise to the surface. She made no complaint when he untied her robe and opened it, exposing her fully to the dark sky and the sea. Gentle pinches on her areolas brought her nipples to full hardness and he felt her hands tighten their grip on his legs. He murmured in her ear, nibbling it and nuzzling into her neck.

“You have … exactly… all night … to … stop.” She said.

Both hands moved from her breasts and rubbed circles down her tummy and onto her thighs. A gentle outward nudge and her legs parted. “I may be a little wet,” she said.

His fingertips moved up the inside of each thigh and she arched her back in ecstasy. His hands repeated the motion, each slow trip bringing a moan and a soft exhale. Another trip up and the fingers moved farther, just touching her labia then moving up, exploring the soft skin on each side of her sex. He spent several minutes in this pleasurable endeavor and watched as she released the grip on his legs and began rubbing her own breasts. They tantalized separate parts of her delicate body and she rhetorically asked, “You like watching me?”

He grunted in the affirmative and after a minute she continued in her sexy, teasing voice, “You’d probably like to watch me after I read one of your stories, too.” The thought crossed his mind and on the next trip along her inner thigh a fingertip slid between her labia and glided through the wetness it found there, eliciting a moan from her and she relaxed back into him a little more. The index finger of each hand slid up and around her sex, toying with the sensitive skin along each side of it.

“Does the lady find this … pleasing,” he breathe in her ear.

A murmur and a slight nod answered.

“And, perhaps the lady finds this pleasing as well,” he said as he rubbed the lips of her sex together. This was repeated several times along the length of it until her pleasure nub was sandwiched between and he rolled it between his finger tips.

“Oh, my, yes … ” she almost whimpered, “the lady finds that pleasing.”

“Thy pleasure, fairest, is of the greatest import,” as he continued up and down. Her lips spread apart when he stopped, inviting his deft finger to slip in and curl forward, rubbing her G spot. The other hand, not to be left out, swirled over her clitoris, pulling her lubricating moisture up over it.

Her hands left her breasts and she arched her back in the ecstasy of the moment, bringing her hands behind her head to grip his and pull it forward. Both his fingers increased their intensity on her until the muscles in her thighs shuddered and she came. Her legs spread wide as he timed his ministrations with the bucking of her body, keeping her orgasm going for as long as she could. She collapsed, pulling her legs tightly together and he wrapped her in the robe and his arms.

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