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A Vacation Ch. 03

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That night they had had their traditional meal as prepared by that friend who was enrolled in Chef school. It had been delicious, though none of them could really admire the finer parts of culinary theory that went into the creation of his masterpiece dishes. But though there was no stunning criticisms or complements on textures and genius, there was no scrap of food left uneaten, and there was no better compliment for a cook.

They had watched movies. And he had watched her snuggled under the arm of her husband even as his friend, who had once been something more, but was now something less… had moved against him. He indulged her, glad for the contact, especially when he had never quite made it past what happened between them. But he was distracted. Sitting on that spot on the couch where both of his illicit trysts had occurred. She didn’t seem to be thinking about it as he watched her, but he was. He couldn’t over how sexy she had been with his cock in her mouth, or her skin against his skin, or her taste on his lips. Idly, he lifted his hand to touch his lips, remembering all of the places they had been that day. But in the end, the movie credits rolled and one by one they moved off to bed. He lay awake for a while, listening to his former girlfriend sleeping on the futon beside him, it was his turn on the floor. Then he heard something else, the slightest, faintest hint of a moan that he had ever heard, but after hearing them for the past two days… he couldn’t mistake it.

Hoping to catch her in the act again, he moved towards the source of the sound, realizing with a twinge of excitement that it was coming from her bedroom, and the door was open just a tiny crack. He grinned at that, she had left it open on purpose, so that he would be able to watch. And he had every intention of doing just that.

Pressing his eye to the crack he peered into the room, and saw them. She was on her hands and knees with his cock poised at her entrance. But he wasn’t moving, instead, he allowed her hips to work at him, taking him in, pulling away. They were quiet, far quieter than usual, he was no stranger to listening to them, but this was new. He bit his lower lip as he watched that dark cock vanish into her pale body, engulfed by that same warmth that he had felt a few hours earlier. Normally, seeing something like this would have brought jealousy to the forefront of his emotions. He was a Scorpio, possessive and jealous and intense… but also sexual. And she wasn’t his to possess, so watching her have sex with her husband served only to stir his cock into arousal. He reached down to stroke himself, sliding his hand over his turgid flesh as he watched the couple fucking in their bed.

His eyes were glued Ordu Escort to her hips as her back arched and bowed, each movement swallowing her husband’s cock. She swished her hips in a circular motion, letting her head rest on her forearms to muffle her moan. When she arched the other way, he popped all the way only to be swallowed back up. He stroked himself quickly, not wanting to get caught. It was hard not to make noise, and a gasp nearly escaped when he watched the husband grab her hips and turn her over onto her back. She lifted her knees up, bringing her thighs perpendicular to the bed and her calves parallel to it. Her husband settled between her thighs, his hands gripping her hips as they began to pump. She gasped, her tongue sliding over her lips, her hands creeping over his back to hang onto his ass as it flexed with each driving thrust.

Her head fell back against the pillow, and tilted, she was looking to see if he had found her invitation, and she smiled lightly seeing that he had. He continued to stroke even as he was discovered, but he made no acknowledgement of her. He pulled the skin up around the head of him, and pulled it back down around the shaft with each thrust of his fist, and she watched him, moaning softly as her orgasm snuck up on her.

“Oh…. Oh fuck….” She whimpered as the thought of his eyes on her as she was ravaged by her husband carried her over the edge. Her words triggered his own orgasm, but in his head he was buried deep inside her, not shooting ropes of sticky white all over her wall. He waited for them both to come down before he stole away to the guest room. He laid there for a long time, replaying the scene in his head, remembering every little detail. Until finally… he fell asleep.

The next morning he awoke to the smell of French toast, and he climbed off the floor and stumbled into the kitchen. He reached up to rub his head, confused that there was no one around, only her, flipping French toast in the kitchen. “Where is everyone?”

“Disneyland. We were all going to go, but I didn’t really feel like it, and you said you didn’t want to.”

“Yeah, I’m not a fan… moral reasons.” He laughed and moved towards the couch. “Disneyland. That was funny.”

“Its true!” She laughed as she came in with two plates and sat down. He took a careful bite and grinned.

“So… that was quite a show last night.” He said after he’d swallowed.

“Yeah?” She laughed and popped a bite of french toast into her mouth. He watched her gather a little spot of syrup that had fallen onto her lip and turned to concentrate on his food.

“Yeah… I couldn’t get it out of my head, and it took me forever to finally fall asleep.” He admitted a Ordu Escort Bayan little shyly.

“Mm… me too.” She set down her fork, and turned towards him. She had been sitting on the floor with her legs under the table and now she turned so that she was kneeling at his feet. He looked down at her, and felt a twitch in his shorts. She wasn’t even doing anything, but there was a look in her eyes. “I came so hard watching you play with yourself outside the door… it was crazy.”

“Yeah it was…” He continued to watch her as her hands slid over his legs and then the crotch of his shorts, she rubbed there, smiling as he responded to the touch. Growing firmer until his erection tented the cotton fabric.

“I was wondering what it would’ve been like to suck you while he fucked me…” She licked her lips as her hands slid back down his legs towards his knees.

“Really?” He asked shifting his hips a little.

“Mmhm…” She leaned forward and kissed his straining cock through the fabric before hooking her fingers in his waistband to pull down his shorts.

“God…” He whispered, lifting his hips to help her slide his shorts down over his thighs. His erection sprang up, standing firmly between his legs as she abandoned his shorts at his ankles.

“Hm.” She smirked at him, repositioning herself at an angle that was better suited to taking the head of his cock into her mouth. He reached down, fondling her breast through the fabric of her shirt with one hand while the other moved through her hair.

“Mmm…” His eyes closed as her soft, warm mouth enveloped the spongy tip of his arousal. She watched him as his head fell back against the couch.

Her mouth worked at that first inch for what seemed like an eternity. A gentle sucking kiss, the tip of her tongue gliding around the ridge of his crown, and up over the cleft on the underside before she sucked again. He groaned and lifted his hips in an attempt to push more of his girth between her lips, but her hand curled around his shaft and prevented his advances.

“Ungh.” He groaned, and his head rolled to one sides, she lifted her mouth from him with a loud pop. He hand continuing to stroke.

“So you like that?” She taunted with a coy smile, nuzzling her chin against the underside of the head of his cock, her breath was hot against him and he could only gasp and nod. She grinned but didn’t return to sucking, instead she stood up. Slowly, she pulled her tank top over her head. He watched in rapt fascination as she revealed her breasts to him, pink nipples firm from his toying while she sucked him. Then he bit his lip as she undid the button of her jeans, her fingers working the zipper down. She shimmied Escort Ordu out of her jeans and crawled towards him, straddling his lap, her sex separated from his by mere inches. His hands moved like magnets to her hips, following their curve over her thighs parted onto either side of his lap. Her arms looped around his neck and she brought her lips to his. They had never kissed before, but as he felt her firm nipples dragging against his chest, and her tongue pressing against his mouth, he relented, taking his time to explore the soft contours of her lips. He relished in the sensation of their tongues mingling betwixt their mouths, the taste of her, and the taste of his skin on her lips. He was so absorbed in it that he almost didn’t notice her lifting her hips and lowering onto his rigid shaft. He felt the velvety head push passed the barrier of her lips, but the shaft never followed.

“Agh…” He protested breathlessly into her mouth. She nipped at his lower lip and pushed down, driving him deep into her pussy, then she stopped again, leaving him buried in the warm, glove-like feeling of her. He groaned again in protest.

“Mmm?” She asked without words, her lips trailing over his jaw. Her hips remaining perfectly still.

“…Fuck me…” He pleaded hoarsely, pressing his hot cheek against hers as he whispered against her. His hands gripped her ass, spreading the cheeks apart lightly as he lifted her hips up.

“Oh…” She gasped, grinning as he took charge. Giving in, she slammed against him, rolling her hips, driving his engorged shaft deep into her wet core. He clung to her ass, his fingertips digging into the pale flesh. Her arms rested on his shoulders, bouncing with the rest of her body as she pumped herself up and down on his dick.

She moaned loudly when he pressed his lips to her breast, sucking and nibbling as it jiggled in his mouth. His hips pressing back against hers always trying to push his manhood deeper, drive it into her harder, looking to make her scream.

“Come for me…” He whispered against her chest, kissing over her throat. “I want to feel you come for me.”

“Oh fuck…” She whimpered, letting her head fall down, bringing her lips directly to his. They met briefly, and his tongue flicked across her lips as their eyes met.

“Yeah…good girl….” He whispered encouragingly as he felt his own orgasm building in the back of his legs. “Oh… oh God…. Ungh!”

“Yes!” She moaned as she felt him jerking inside her. She clamped down, even as they continued to slam together, his hands gripping her ass. “Oh yes! Yes!”

“Fuck.” The word was low and growled as he felt himself already coming down, but she continued to twitch, collapsing against him even as she kept working her hips. As she finally quieted, and he came back to the real world, their bodies sweaty and heaving, his head rolled to the side… and he saw her. Standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face… and then she turn and fled.

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