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A Train Car Named Desire Ch. 03

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Love at first sight, a married man meets his dream, sexual fantasy woman on the commuter train to work.

Continued from Chapter 02:

‘Dear Diary,

Suddenly feeling horny, I imagined being triple penetrated with a cock in my cunt, a cock in my ass, and a cock in my mouth. Even though I’ve never had anal sex nor would I ever have anal sex, I was horny enough to have anal sex for the first time. In the way that it felt when I lost my virginity so very long ago, I imagined that it must hurt the first time having anal sex. Suddenly, I imagined being brutally and sexually ravished and raped by three, sex crazed men,’ wrote Susan.

As horny as she was sexually frustrated, she imagined being sexually assaulted and stripped naked as if it really happened.

‘No. Stop. Don’t,’ she imagined saying while feigning her outrage. ‘You’re tearing my clothes. No, not my bra. No, not my panties. Oh, my God, I can’t believe you’ve stripped me naked. I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t look at my naked ass, my naked tits, and my naked pussy. Oh, my God, I can’t believe you’ve vaginally and anally fucked me,’ she wrote while imagining being raped and gangbanged in her diary, again, as if it really happened.

Then, she imagined one of the three men leaning her forward.

‘Oh, you pig. How dare you? I can’t believe you’re trying to stick your erect prick in my mouth,’ she imagined saying with mocked outrage. She imagined them pulling her hair hard to force her to open her mouth to suck them. Then, dripping with cum, she imagined three men giving her a cum bath. ‘I never had sex with three men at the same time before,’ she thought while imagining being raped, ravished, and gangbanged and continuing to write her sexual fantasy in her diary.

Taking turns having her suck them and fuck them, she imagined sucking one man while another man fucked her from behind. As if sexually invigorated, as soon as they were done with her, she felt supercharged. Feeling sexually and lustfully desired, nonetheless, with her imagined, violent assailants taking care of their sexual needs, she was still horny, nonetheless. She needed a real cock to stroke, suck, and fuck. At the very least, she needed someone, anyone, to masturbate her.

‘I need a cigarette,’ she thought even though she doesn’t smoke. ‘Does anyone have a cigarette,’ she imagined saying after they were finished having their forced, sexual way with her naked body without taking care of her sexual needs? Now, still horny, she was so very sexually frustrated. ‘Someone, anyone, masturbate my pussy. Please! I need to cum. I need one of you rapists to give me a sexual orgasm with your fingers, your tongue, and/or your cock.’

Not quite done with her sexual fantasy, she returned to what happened to her on the commuter train on the way to work. The events that happened to her today made her so sexually frustrated. Combining both experiences, the commuter train with the imagined rape scenario, one imagined and one real, she continued writing her horny thoughts in her diary.

‘Knowing full well that the man sitting in front of me could see my pussy mound, my pussy slit, and my camel toe, deliberately exposing my bright, white, bikini panties to him was making me horny. Shocking him and sexually exciting him, I only wished that I wasn’t wearing panties. I imagined him stealthily reaching beneath my skirt and rubbing my naked clit while fingerfucking my wet pussy. I imagined him masturbating me and having a sexual orgasm on a commuter train,’ she wrote.

Again, she stared down at the man seated in front of her while wondering if he’d stick his hand beneath her short dress and finger her pussy through her panties. Allowing him to do so, she imagined him pushing her panties aside with his finger. She imagined him rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy. She imagined having a sexual orgasm and cumming on the commuter train ride to work.

‘Oh, God, I’m so frigging horny that if only he would, I’d let him finger my pussy. I’d allow him to rub my clit and fingerfuck my cunt. I’d allow him, a stranger that I didn’t know and have never met, masturbate me, anything to cum. I need to cum. I’m so sexually frustrated that I need to have a sexual orgasm,’ she thought while smiling down at the man with sexual arousal who was smiling up at her with lustful horniness.’

With so very many sexual thoughts to write, she continued writing in her diary.

‘Again, while having a sexual fantasy on the commuter train, I imagined him rubbing my clit, fingering me, and fingerfucking my pussy to the continual rocking motion of the train. As if he was a gynecologist, I imagined him leaning forward to put his head under my short sundress. After pulling down her panties to accommodate both men, I imagined one man licking my pussy while the man behind me fucked me from behind. Being double penetrated with a cock, a finger, and a tongue, once in a darkened tunnel, I imagined having a screaming orgasm over the sound of Alanya Escort Bayan the train,’ she wrote.

‘I’m so frigging horny. I need a cock in my hand, in my mouth, and in my pussy,’ she thought. ‘I need a sexual orgasm. I need to cum. I need to get laid. I wish someone, anyone, would fuck me.’

With still more to write, she continued writing in her diary.

‘Now, horny enough to take sexual control, when not deliberately rubbing my ass against the man behind me, I leaned forward to give the man seated in front of me a better and longer look up my short skirt. Really giving him something to see, I continually flashed him my blonde, trimmed, panty clad pussy. Again, it was then that I wished I wasn’t wearing panties. Instead of just seeing a patch of my white panties, I wonder what he’d do if I wasn’t wearing panties and he saw my glistening, wet, naked, blonde pussy.’

Making herself hornier and even more sexually frustrated, she continued imagining the two men on the commuter train having random sex with her and gangbanging her. With four hands groping her everywhere, she imagined them touching her and feeling her through her clothes. With the train so crowded and everyone staring down at their phones, she imagined them doing dirty and nasty, sexual things. She imagined no one noticing when they stripped her naked on a crowded commuter train.

‘If I wasn’t wearing panties, would he look? Would he stare? Would he reach his hand beneath my short sundress and having his wicked, sexual way with my moist, naked pussy with his fingers? She closed her eyes while imagining being sexually molested by both men. ‘I’m such a wicked whore,’ she thought. ‘What’s wrong with me? I’m so horny that I’m ready to have sex with strangers. Have I reached new depths of wickedness, depravity, and debauchery?’

Nonetheless her sudden burst of horniness and sexual frustration, she had good reason for feeling that way.

‘No longer having a man in my life, after my breakup when my ex left without saying goodbye while I was at work after I dared mention marriage, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid. Other than with my finger, my vibrator, and my dildo while masturbating myself, it’s been a while since I’ve had a sexual orgasm,’ she wrote. ‘I need to cum. I need a cock in my hand, in my mouth, and in my pussy.’

Now, feeling sorry for herself, she felt sad.

‘It’s been too long since a man made me cum with his fingers, his tongue, and/or with his cock. Desperate for some sexual action, even my stalker down at the other end of the car is starting to look good,’ she thought while looking down at him. ‘With him still staring, I wonder if he’d masturbate me if I sucked his cock. I’d even allow him to cum in my mouth and all over my face if he’d return the sexual favor and give me what I need, a sexual orgasm.’

# # #

‘Dear Diary,

Every time I glanced down the car, that weirdo was still staring at my arm as if I was topless instead of being fully dressed. He stared at my arm as if he was hypnotized by my naked arm and mesmerized by my naked armpit on display while holding the strap. Perhaps, it wasn’t my armpit. Perhaps, he was sexually attracted to my elbow,’ she wrote in her diary.

‘I do have sexy elbows, she thought, while thinking how preposterous to think that her elbows are sexy and her sexy elbows were the reason for him staring at her arm.

She wondered why he would stare at her in such a fixated way.

‘Who knows, with all of the perversions out there, maybe he’s into naked arms and/or armpits? With him making me feel so naked, he made me wish I was wearing a dress with sleeves instead of wearing a sleeveless sundress. He made me wish I was wearing a bulky, winter coat. With him making me feel so naked, he made me wish I was naked. I suddenly imagined pushing my way through the crowd of passengers to find someone who would fuck me,’ she wrote.

She imagined walking the full length of the commuter train.

‘Excuse me, Sir. Would you fuck me, please? I’ll suck your cock and allow you to cum in my mouth if you fuck me. How about you, Sir? Would you fuck me? Someone, anyone, please fuck me. I need a good fuck. I need a cock in my cunt. I really need to get laid. I need to be fucked hard and I need to be fucked fast before I reach my next stop. I need someone, anyone, to give me a sexual orgasm,’ she thought while entering her last thoughts for the night in her diary and driving herself mad with horniness.

# # #

Chapter 03:

It all started when Matthew saw his dream, sexual fantasy woman at the other end of his commuter car. Having searched for her all of his life, now that he was married, he couldn’t believe that he finally found her. Just his luck, he wished he had found her a few years ago. Now, a married man, who never cheated on his wife, he was relegated to sexually lusting over her from afar.

‘Even though I can’t see much more of her than the top Alanya Escort of her blonde hair, her shapely forearm, and beautiful underarm, I know she’s beautiful. I know that she has a sexy and shapely body and a beautiful face to match her magnificent forearm and underarm. I know that she’s the one that I’ve been searching to find,’ he thought.

Already tired, he wished he had stayed in bed and could go back to sleep. He could call in sick and after his wife left for work, he’d be free to watch porn all day while masturbating. Now that he was on the commuter train and only a few stops away from the beach, Matthew thought about ditching work.

He thought about going to the beach to ogle all of the nearly, naked women in their revealing bikinis while flashing them his naked cock. Something he hasn’t done in years, he used to love flashing his naked cock to unsuspecting women. Yet, with his luck, he’d be caught, reported, arrested, and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. How would he explain that to his wife?

‘Honey? I didn’t flash anyone,’ he imagined saying to his shocked wife. ‘I just needed to pee and there was no where to go. I turned my back on one woman but there was another woman who saw me,’ he said lying to his wife.

# # #

As much as he was a voyeur, he was an exhibitionist. After years of flashing hundreds of women, he always received the same, three reactions. Shock and disgust, a woman looking but not allowing him to see that she’s looking, and a woman who stares at all that he’s showing and all that she’s seeing. Only, he was no longer a twenty-something-year-old stud. Approaching forty-years-old, few women would want to see the not as hard prick of a middle-aged man.

‘Eww, gross,’ he imagined a woman saying when seeing his naked, erect cock. ‘Pervert!’

With the commuter car so very crowded, there were no more seats. Then, suddenly, taking his mind off of ditching work and forgetting about going to the beach, off in the distance, at the other end of the commuter car, there she was. The woman of his dreams and sexual fantasies. Rolled into one woman, she held onto the train strap in a sleeveless dress. In a panicked rush, knowing that he had made a foolish mistake in not waiting for her, ready to erase his prior life, he wished he wasn’t married.

‘Oh, my God. There she is. As if delivered from heaven especially for me, my blonde, sexy angel is standing at the other end of the commuter car,’ he thought.

Blocked from view because of the crowd of people, having not even seen all of her yet, just one arm and the very top of her blonde head, from that limited viewpoint, he knew she was the one. With him having kissed enough dogs, surmising that she was, he knew that she was tall, shapely, sexy, and beautiful. From only seeing her arm, somehow, he could tell that she was drop dead gorgeous. Having seen her enough in his dreams to recognize her in real life, he was finally seeing his sexual fantasy woman.

Even though he couldn’t see her body or her face through the crowd of people, it didn’t matter. He knew she was stunning and had the body of a Goddess to match. Just by seeing her arm, he knew that she had a body to go along with her imagined pretty face. Even from what little he could see of her; he knew that she was not only one-of-a-kind but also that she was the one. Having searched for her all of his life, he wished he had never settled. He wished he hadn’t married the wrong woman.

Without even knowing her name or anything about her, before even meeting her, already thinking about cheating on his wife, he was ready to leave his wife for her. In the way that he was married, he just hoped that she wasn’t married, already in a relationship, or (gulp) lesbian. Sad but true, such a waste of good pussy, aside from the butch dykes who go out of their way to look more like men than women, some of the best-looking and sexiest women are lesbian.

‘Why is that,’ he wondered?

By definition, with him loving women, and with him a licker instead of a sucker, indeed, he may as well have been born a lesbian, too. Only, his love for women and his preference for licking instead of sucking didn’t matter since he was born with a penis and not a vagina. Still, some of these beautiful, lesbian women, especially in the way that they had promiscuous sex with so very many women, had him contemplating a sex change operation.

‘And I want tits, big tits,’ he imagined saying to the plastic surgeon after his sex change operation.

Different from lesbian women, many gay men have sex with multiple partners in a night, while most gay women preferring committed relationships, and seldom have sex with more than one sexual partner in a day. Not knowing anything about her, complicating things by imagining the worst, he just hoped that she wasn’t married or gay. Yet, what did it matter if she was married, he was married. If ever he told her that he was married, he’d lose her forever. Even Escort Alanya if she was lesbian, maybe she was bi-sexual. Yet, no matter if she was bi-sexual, he was still a married man.

# # #

As if hypnotized, Matthew’s eyes were locked in place when he noticed her long and slender arm at the other end of the carriage. Mesmerized, knowing that she had a sexy body that matched her beautiful arm, he couldn’t remove his stare from shapely arm. With her holding on to the train car strap with her right hand and him facing her, even though all that he could see of her was the top of her head and her arm, he couldn’t remove his stare from her exposed, naked underarm. As much as he already loved her without even seeing her, he loved her underarm.

‘She has the most beautiful underarm I’ve ever seen,’ he thought. ‘I wish I could touch it, sniff it, and lick it.’

In the way that some men have a sexual appreciation for shapely asses, other men love big breasted women, and some men have a preference for women with long, shapely legs, Matthew had a sexual fetish for armpits. Gross to some but not to him, it sexually aroused him to finger, tickle, sniff, and lick a woman’s naked armpit. In her case, she had the perfect armpit to fuck with his erect penis. He’d love to fuck her armpit. He’d love to ejaculate his cum all over her beautiful armpit.

Even seeing her armpit from a distance, her exposed, naked underarm was one of the most beautiful and sexually exciting sight that he had ever seen. As if her armpit was an alternative pussy, he wished he could touch her armpit, finger her armpit, sniff her armpit, lick her armpit, and fuck her armpit. Indeed, with her having the perfectly shaped armpit, he wondered what it would feel like to fuck her sexy armpit.

Normally to other men seeing a woman’s arm, unless it’s the arm of a celebrity, a famous singer, or a movie star, there’s nothing interesting, sexually arousing, or sexy about the mere arm of a woman. It’s just an arm. Normally, unless it’s the underarm of someone you love, it’s just an underarm. Some women have short arms and other women have long arms. Some women, especially dark-haired women have hairy arms and some blonde women with light and translucent skin have little hair on their arms.

She had a long arm with light, lustrous skin. Yet, capturing and holding his attention, shocking and sexually exciting him at the same time, with her underarms nakedly exposed, this particular woman was wearing a sleeveless sundress, his favorite type of dress. As if sexually teasing him, without her even aware that she was sexually teasing him, with her arm fully extended while holding onto the train, strap handle, her entire, naked armpit was exposed, too.

‘Holy Hell,’ he thought to himself. ‘If her arm and armpit are that beautiful, I can’t imagine what the rest of her looks like. Somehow, I need to move closer to her.’ While wondering if she was as beautiful as he believed she was, ‘I need to see her face.’ While wondering if she was as sexy and as shapely as he thought she was, ‘I need to see her body,’ he thought.

With nowhere to go, boxed in with passengers behind him, in front of him, and on both sides of him, literally packed in like a sardine in a sardine, tin can, trapped, he couldn’t move. There was no way that he could get to her. There was no way that he could move any closer to see her face and/or her body. Instead, doing all that he could do under the circumstances, watching to make sure that she didn’t get off the train without him, he continued staring at all that he could see of her naked arm and her exposed armpit.

‘As if God is sexually teasing me, I can only see her hand, her arm, and her armpit. I can’t believe I’m seeing her naked armpit. If I had to pick to see any part of her, better than seeing her naked ass, her naked tits, or her naked pussy, I’d pick her naked armpit. Yet, I’d love to see the rest of her, too,’ he thought to himself. ‘Hoping the rest of her looked as good as her exposed armpit, I can’t wait to masturbate over her and her lovely armpit later.’

Normally, no one notices an armpit unless it’s a smelly armpit. Yet, Matthew, our main character, and the co-star of this story, had a thing, a sexual fetish, for a woman’s naked, shaved armpit. To him, a thing of womanly beauty and female, sexual delight, there was nothing more sexually arousing than a woman’s naked, shaved armpit. Matter of fact, adding to his sexual attraction to armpits, one of his favorite things to do for a woman while giving her a full body massage was to shave her legs, her pussy, and her armpits, too.

# # #

A true believer of to each their own or whatever floats your boat, or in his case, hardens your cock, he had never judged anyone’s sexual abnormalities, idiosyncrasies, or peculiarities. In the way that some men have an affinity for feet or fucking a women’s long line of sexy cleavage, with him finding every part of a woman’s body as beautiful as it is sexual, Matthew specifically and especially loved fucking a woman’s armpits. While cuddling in bed or on the sofa, he loved nuzzling a woman’s armpits while fingering her armpits, tickling her armpits, sniffing her armpits, licking her armpits, and fucking her armpits.

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