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A Toy Boy for Gemma

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When Jason came into my life I realised something had positively changed my direction, and my way of looking at things. Jason is my Toy Boy

But that is only part of it, for as much as he gives me all the wonderful wholesome sexual gratification I need he has turned me into a real woman again. A woman who is no longer confused, who had lost her confidence in most everything and who almost chose to be a recluse.

For Jason also gratifies my emotional needs, like really being wanted for the real person I am and not just a toe rag for other guys I have tried hard to form for a committed relationship.

My name is Gemma by the way.

After stinker Joe cheated on me five years ago – and after we’d been together for ten years too, he gave me up for a younger floosy the sod he was. I was 37 then and still won the admiration of friends around me for the way I looked after myself and my figure.

At first it was all systems go with Joe. He was a wonderful lover and a real cracker in bed. He was a real bombshell who taught me what it was all about. But then about six years later the bombshell exploded and his ardour too. He claimed he’d lost his libido because of health problems which never really seemed to sum up somehow. It wasn’t like he had cancer or anything like that. The problem was probably more physiological – or so I imagined at the time, when he’d start but couldn’t finish – no matter how much time I spent spurring him on with endless blow jobs and I don’t know what, they are too numerous to mention.

But of course the root of the matter was his floosy called Sharon with whom I caught him with in our bed when, one day I left work at midday because of a woman’s problem, and there they were – locked together in frenzy; as if not aware I was there at the bedroom door.

No more need to be said about that. I would rather forget and think ok my new life with Jason who regularly serves me well on a brand new bed -having got rid of anything to do with fucking Joe who tore me to pieces emotionally until I was a nervous wreck.

I can tell you that once in the arms of darling delicious Jason I change into that extremely passionate woman again, who has been trapped in her skin for so long. All inhibitions disappear and I deliriously suck his warm pliable and succulent ripe cock to my heart’s content. He is a right darling too, knowing how I want to make it last, the neat penis ring clasped around the base to be released when I give the word go, and I am smothered in his so warm adorable cream which spurts out of that delightful; p-hole a Love to tease and suck so much. From the word go, teasing back the warm and elastic foreskin I sniff the odour of his ex and with the tip of my tongue eke out the first bubble of pre-cum which herald’s what is to come. I sense the sound of his joy and mine as I take him so deep, feeling his stiffness grow as my cheeks bulge with darling Jason’s magic shaft. The generous part his anatomy, that keeps me happy, and very grateful and contented, and never bored.

Before I was with Jason, friends spurred me on though, they helped me through it and I developed an attitude that for me it had to be sink or swim. I chose to swim and registered my name with an online dating agency, with whom Jenny, my neighbour found the guy of her dreams and is now as happy as can be.

“Try it Gemma. No harm trying – you never know, it worked for me.”

I was primarily reluctant. I had this thing about guys, who could one trust?

“There are some good’uns out there Gemma; lots are looking for on-going relationships. It is up to you really and what you want. There is someone out there to suit each and every one of us, that is what I believe, and it worked for me.”

Jenny’s my best friend as well as my neighbour and she has found a real nice guy in David. I became very envious hearing their regular antics through the bedroom wall and Jenny always had a rampant smile on her face. She was happy with David and that was fine. But could I discover happiness like that. And I had to ask myself what exactly I wanted was. True I had been without the comfort of a guy in my bed for so long. True I had become addicted to my plastic friend rabbit who ‘did the job’ with beautiful vibrations only the Japanese sex toy makers could design.

For a busy working girl the toy kept my passion at bay but all the time I was hoping for the real thing.

Then one night, having reached a not so satisfactory orgasm with rabbit I had to be absolutely candid with myself. What I wanted was a good man, or a bad man – or something between. I didn’t want to make the same mistake as I did with Joe when I went for the ‘bad boy’ image.

I started to imagine my expectations were very particular and was there a hope in hells chance of finding the guy of my dreams online?

Jenny said the things are to give it a try and moderate my aims a little. She rightly advises that it is impossible to measure a prospective mate like one would when shopping or choosing a dog. We are all very diverse and that is how it should be. To make it work, Mersin Escort and given the right chemical attraction, all else could be compromised according to ones likes and dislikes and the rest of it.

“What is it they say about not really knowing what a guy is like until you sleep with him?,” Jenny added wistfully.

“If only I had the opportunity,” I replied laughing.

“Try the dating site and, with looks and figure like yours, you will have the choice, take it from me.”

I needed to submit three recent pictures to meet the dating site requirements. I had the choice or stating if I was looking for dating or just making friends. I chose the latter; playing it cool and Jenny was dead right. The responses came in thick and fast and I was spending ages looking at pictures and details of profiles and the like.

I did not have to do any hunting for a prospective mate. I had forty guys contact me in one day, saying they liked my picture! It was a hell of a job deciphering who I liked from a picture and a brief résumé of a profile. I just went for how they looked and picked out several maybes. It turned out that three were out of order b eventually, it came down two two guys who looked sincere; like they were genuinely looking for someone to share their lives. Adam who looked very good – I gave a rain check because a 51 old guy called David took my eye, a tall and very hunky guy who had a top notch job and looked very smart wearing a gabardine working suit.

I guess I was well and truly impressed by his manner and chose to meet him in a local bar/restaurant.

He had a posh car which was very impressive and the first time I saw him I felt a very strong chemical attraction and it wasn’t long before I invited him to my place and we fucked like teenagers. It just happened mutually and seemed the right thing to do at the time.

I realised I was so horny with David. To feel his body touch mine was a real spur which really brought the sex buds flourishing. One date led to another and then a third by which time he had fucked me each way and I was completely taken by him. He was smooth, experienced and wonderful in bed, we had so much fun together and he loved oral, and I must have had his cock in my mouth more times than I can count, It was so very nice and soothing and the perfect way to start a long and very romantic intimate session. I realised too when I was sucking him I was in a deep frenzy and when he exploded I felt his heat spurt deep into my mouth and trickle down my throat as I swallowed all, it was so very intimate and seemed right at the time.

The third time we met and as he was leaving I asked if he was a married. He said he wasn’t but that was the last time I ever saw him. What a bastard! I reckon he was married and used me as an occasional treat, he always said how I sparked up his boring working day, when somehow he managed to get time off to pop over to see me during the day. And I fell for it. I guess I was so infatuated by the idea of finding a brand new partner who seemed to be, at the time, the answer to my dreams.

A few weeks passed and I never heard from him again, and I was not about to do the chasing or text him. Although to be quite honest I did miss him terribly, his manner his sense of humour, he seemed so natural and genuine.

Jenny said it is what guys do when they want their leg over, they will go to the ends of the earth just to get it, and I had to assume that she was possibly right about David. Yet, the remarkable thing about David is that when we were so very intimate his manner said that he was utterly crazy about me, that I was the only woman ion the world for him.

“I bet he says that to all his woman, Gemma, for all you know he could be leading on another woman right now and doing all the things you did.”

“It is just that he did seem so genuine Jenny, he really did. He poured out all his emotions to me and made me feel so part of him. How can a guy be so cruel?”

“Just forget and forgive. At the end of the day you had a good time huh? It was fun whilst it lasted; I know that seeing the sparkle in your face after that first date. Now try that other guy you rain checked, but the experience you have had with David will make you wiser.”

I took her advice. Although I could still feel David in my body I decided not dwell on something that was very unlikely to happen, that David and I could ever be an item. The sex was fantastic, he called me his sex bomb and said I was awesome because of my sheer extravagance fo enjoying every part of his form and especially that beautiful wholesome rise of his, that no girl in her right mind could resist. I often thought Davis was the sort of guy who could have any woman he wanted. Now I realised he was probably married but was playing the field during working hours, when he used to come around and see me for just a couple of hours. But what we achieved in those two hours was, as he said, awesome and his fuck was varied and beautifully stimulating, and when he took me in the ass, he did it with experience, gentle and Mersin Escort Bayan slow at first with lots of lubricant, and then he’d go to town pressing it deep up inside me taking my breath away, but always wanting more when the next date came up.

Jenny always phoned me when she saw David leave, asking me if it was a right.

“More than alright,” I said, “he is a dream, he really is.”

“I guessed as much seeing the way you walked after your first date with David.”

“How do you mean Jenny?”

“Well you were walking decidedly bandy,” Jenny laughed.

But Davis was in the past. Now I contacted the guy I put aside for David called Adam. He was nice and easy on the eye and had a physique to die for. He visited the gym regularly and hinted I should try too.

“Are ou saying I need exercise Adam?”

“Not at all, you have a real sexy figure. I reckon sexercise would be more fitting,” he said with that look in his eye.

He was flirting of course, but I could give as much back. Especially to a guy I fancied the pants off!

“And who could give me that then,” I replied commenting too that he ought to put his tongue back where it belonged.

He laughed at that and we seemed to be an instant hit. I was as chemically attracted to him and I knew then I would be bedding him as soon as we had the opportunity to make it.

“How about in the back of the car,” he suggested.

” It’s quiet around and about, we can enjoy the privacy and each other?”

“I definitely don’t do it in cars, Adam, Sorry.”

He looked like there was hope. I guess I had given the signal that by not doing it in a car I was willing to do it elsewhere.

Those eyes again very deep set and very sexy, the way he looked at me. I could tell what he was thinking and I had no problem with that. A woman like me knows when to go and not to go. With Adam the signal was green and with the flash of an eye, like women do, I liked the way he hung, beneath those tight blue jeans and his ample bread basket seemed to be wanting for the bread to be taken out. Of course it could have been my place for a quickie. I was limited because I had a young son by my ex who was due home from school.

“Who not come around to mine Emma? – I make a good cup of coffee. Tomorrow after your son has left for school? It is only a couple of miles away.”

“I bet you do,” she grinned and immediately submitted. Adam was nice, how could she refuse an invite like this. Or would it be just another David syndrome. No matter, I was up for it, David had set me off again I’ve missed the absence of what makes me tick.

He was warm and affectionate primarily and I did wonder for a while, when we got to his place and there we were sat comfortably watching TV He seemed to sense my longing though, not just for the sex thing but the comfort as well. This girl was in bad need of a good hugging and a show of real caring from someone like Adam.

We talked some more, the clock was ticking by. I really think he just wanted to show me he wanted someone to be close, like he’d been dumped or something. It soon came out that he had, that he was the same age as David in fact and had two grown up sons.

“I shall be honest in case you want to start something, I have been with three girls on and off recently but none of them fitted the score.”

“You met them off the dating site, Adam?”

“Yes but whether you need to know or not, I did not sleep with them.”

“It is none of my business if you did or not. I am all for the here and now, and if you have been unlucky in love, like I have too, we should still keep an open mind and then it may just work for us, don’t you think Adam?”

“You are some girl aren’t you,” he said looking straight into my eyes.

“No different from most other woman Adam.”

“Well I think you are and, with your help, I aim to find out”

“That sounds ominous, Adam. What do you have in mind?”

“Just you and me, together, in fact like we are now, But a little more closely.”

“I’d like that very much, Adam,” I said and pecked him on the cheek.

His responding smile was gleaming and I felt like the whole world had opened up for him when he asked if I would like to follow him up to the bedroom.

“I love the smell of your perfume by the way Emma. It is a real turn on.”

“It is very French, I adore French perfumes.”

When we arrived in his bedroom I was impressed by the way he kept it.

“So tidy for a man,” I complimented.

“It is not usually this tidy, but I thought that you just may be coming up.”

“I do hope you aren’t taking me for granted,” I teased

He looked instantly perturbed, I chuckled and said not to be silly. I was just joking.

He half smiled and said I was very nice, he had never known someone so outspoken and open.

“I usually say what is in my mind.”

“And what is on your mind now precisely?” He grinned; he was testing the water I guess.

“You, just you,” I replied provocatively, hoping he would get the message. Escort Mersin It just didn’t seem right, my being in bedroom with such a gorgeous guy fully clothed!

He came to me, slowly and very quietly. His deep set brown eyes set on mine and immediately I felt a certain warmth Cupping my face in his hands he kissed me, Not like David, This was a real affectionate kiss. A kiss which immediately drew my whole body to him and my hands caressed the back of his neck, as the kiss progressed into one of those so heavenly deep French ones.

He didn’t know it at the time but he could have dome most anything with me.

I suggested we get out of our day gear and drum up some passion.

“I love the way you put it,” he laughed and then he was kissing me again as we fervently started to strip each other and it was so good to feel the touch of a guy against my skin as he slipped down my blue jeans, whispering what great ass I have.

I wanted to tell him it was all for him if he wanted but first things first; I had the urge to touch that stiffness I felt against my thigh as he hugged me.

There is something so wonderfully soothing about touching a guy there. The sense of feel, the stiffness yet the softness combined with the sheer size of the gem when fully grown, and most of all the taste of sex. It was something I had grown up with since I had my first boyfriend as a teenager.

I r remember my girlfriends teasing if I had ‘sucked cock’ after my second date. I said I did not like it and they called me a wimp telling me that most girls do it and their boyfriends love it. Not to be outdone, during my third date with Kevin I keenly sucked him off and I have never looked back since. For me the oral experience has become a very important part and parcel of being with a guy I adore

But it needed to be done in a subtle way, to make it more sensual and thrilling for your guy. I had discovered that by trial and error; Just how to avoid a premature ejaculation. There was a way of holding, squeezing him back until the right moment, depending on if I was in the mood for a blow job or his fuck, or both.

In next to know time we were both just in our underwear. Me in my plum, red thong and bra and he in his really nice sexy boxer shorts which did him proud, his prominence obvious between his thighs.

Adam loved oral too. I was in for a real thrill when he had me bend over a table displaying my rear end in my tightest blue surge jeans.

“Do you mind Baby?” he asked stroking my ass so sensually over my jeans and sniffing me between.

How could I refuse, the air was electric and it was such a turn on. David’s fuck in my ass was lovely and beautifully executed but he never did what Adam was doing. He prompted me to sit on him, just in my jeans after getting himself in position of the settee and gently move my rear into his face.

Then he undid my belt and lowered my jeans asking me to continue what we were doing, wearing just by very revealing thong, and he absolutely adored it down there. The sensuality of feeling his mouth work on me down there was so good, especially when I felt his tongue slipping my thong aside so he could get it into my already very wet pussy.

Oddly though Adam had one unusual idiosyncrasy; during a very hot snogging session, sat on the settee and watching television, he would suddenly stop what he was doing, whether it was caressing my breasts, teasing my nipples or preparing pussy for his fuck. It was usually when he was watching football and it was most off putting. It was frustrating too and I felt I was a held in limbo until he was ready to resume. But the best thing of that was, when his favourite team scored a goal when suddenly he would take me, thighs wide and straight in with hefty thrusts as he yelled support for his team, and I yelled following the result of a very strong orgasm, his cum dribbling down my tummy when he quickly pulled out just before ejaculation.

“You don’t need to do that Adam,” I advised. I have no problem with birth control.

“Sorry Babe, it is just that is how I always did it with my ex.”

“Well you are with me now, and I want every ounce of what you have to give.” I sucked him after our fuck to show him what I meant but, unlike David, he did not want me to swallow for some unknown reason which I did not take up.

Adam was fun and we both enjoyed each other to the full. I loved being ‘his woman’ as he liked to call me and that made me feel good, He may have been rough and masterful when the occasion arose, like that beautifully sculptured crimson headed cock of his, and when I asked him to be that for me, but he respected me and that was important. He never took me for granted during our following two dates and that was lovely. And anyway he got the full benefit of all that I could give a guy – and more if he wanted it, he had talked about my being his slut in bed but we never got to that stage.

The thing was he was starting to get really possessive, and although I wanted a guy to be serious about an on-going relationship, it was a bit much when after just three dates he wanted me to move to Manchester and move in with him. I had my heart set on Blackpool, if I wanted to move anywhere and anyway, as much as I adored Adam and he was great in bed; I was not ready for that, I needed time and he would not go along with that.

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