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A Surprise Visitor

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There is a sharp knock at the door, that snaps me out of my daydream. The report I am working on lying across my bed with the laptop and a pile of books is about as dull as it gets. I am not expecting anyone as staying out of town for a couple of weeks in an old house with a few other busy professionals that never seem to be in.

I slip a cardigan over the top of my vest and jeans and quickly make my way to the door. When I open it I can’t believe what I am seeing. It is Michael, my boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in 2 weeks, not since I first came out here.

“What are you doing here?!” I say with a look of shock on my face.

He says nothing and strides across the threshold and takes hold of me. Pressing himself into me tightly as his lips met mine. I melt at his touch and hold him closely. He closes the door behind him and pushes me up against the narrow hallway wall. I am now pinned between him and the wall, his tongue parting my lips and kissing me hungrily. His hands holding me tightly began working there way over my body. First under my clothes and across the small of my back, then round to the front, forcing its way up between our bodies to find my breasts.

His kisses crossed my face and down my neck in one motion he had lifted my vest and was kissing the naked exposed flesh of my breasts, not getting too close to the sensitive nipples, but covering ever inch with hard, powerful kisses.

“I want you naked.” He exclaimed into my ear as his mouth kissed its way back up my body.

“Not here,” I said fearful of someone else getting home, “Lets go to my room.”

He didn’t need telling twice and followed me as I made for the stairs. As I took the first step up I felt his hand coiled around my waist and started undoing the belt of my jeans. By the time we got to the top they were undone, and he was trying Escort Bayan to get my top off. Once inside the room I was stripped of every scrap of clothing within seconds, his being removed almost as quickly.

He pushed me backwards onto the large double bed that took up most of the room, pushing the books aside and placing the computer on the chest of draws at the end of the bed out of harms way. I started to complain about the treatment of my books when he pounced on me. Straddling my body and kissing me again. This time his hands did not need to fight against my clothes in order to find what they wanted and his mouth was soon clamped tightly around my nipple, the other being gently squeezed and pulled by his had. I arched my back and began to groan as the sensation took over my body, the pile of books lying in a heap on the floor forgotten.

His hand started to slowly make its way down my body, crossing my belly and down to the top of my legs. His hand softly ran over my smooth mound and I felt him draw breath as he realised I was freshly waxed, my lips soft, smooth and completely exposed. His hand reached further down and his mouth moved to my other nipple, leaving the first one wet and glistening, stiffening as the cool air hit it. I watch as his body slowly slides down mine, my second nipple being exposed in the same way the first had as he kisses down the curve of my body, closer to where his hand is waiting.

I feel his hand slowly, gently parting my lips as his tong slides along the exposed area. My hips buck forward involuntarily as the tip touches my clit briefly. His eyes look upward and catch mine as he smiles at me. He knows what he is doing is going to drive me wild and he loves it as much as I do! Quickly his eyes are down and he buries his face deep in my pussy. His hands reach around and Escort grip my hips as he pulls me into him. His tongue curves forward and circles my clit in firm quick strokes, I moan and run my fingers through his hair, pushing his face closer, I feel one hand moving down from my hip back to between my legs as I get closer to cuming. He uses the hand to push my legs further apart and then uses his tongue to repeatedly move from my clit right the way down my pussy and back up again, spreading my juices and his saliva all over, then back to my clit.

He begins to suck and nibble as my clit grows and swells with pleasure, and as I feel it getting too much he inserts a finger deep inside me. This pushes me over the edge and as my pussy contracts and squeezes he inserts a second and third and mercilessly sucks and licks my clit. I writhe around on the bed under him moaning and my hands grip the bed sheets. As I come down from the peak his movements slow and become more gentle. My body still twitching as he slowly lifts his body to lay next to me, I gaze into his eyes and smile. He brings his hand up to move a stray curl from my face and kisses me. This time much more gently, however as he shifts his body to get closer I can feel his cock against my hip. I reach down between us, enjoying the skin contact I have missed for so long, and gently take his cock in my hand. It twitches as I do so and I begin by slowly running my hand up and down.

He breaks the kiss and looks down at me, a half smile on his face as roles back onto his back to give me better access. My turn I think to myself. I quickly straddle him and kiss him while I continue to rub his cock, now situated between my own thighs, his hands move up and sit happily on the curve of my back as he gentle rocks my pelvis against him. I wriggle slightly and start to move Bayan Escort down his body, gently licking each nipple and following the line down from his stomach to his cock. Still with my hand around his cock I gently suck the end into my mouth.

I slowly run my tongue around the head, I know this drives him wild and I can hear his breathing changing as I pick up speed. Suddenly I take the full length as far in as I can, then quickly out again. He gasps and places his hand on the back of my head guiding my head into a gentle rhythm, as I come up I suck harder and then release as I go down again, slowly picking up speed till I sense he is about to come. I take my head away leaving just my hand gently squeezing the base of his cock. “Fuck you’re good!” He exclaims as his breathing begins to calm again. I look at his amazing cock, so big and hard and decide that’s enough with the oral and slide back up on top of him. Before he has a chance to stop me I impale myself on him and begin rocking back and forth.

He reaches up and grabs my arse to try and stop me, knowing he is so close. He growls at me as I smile and rock harder and faster, knowing I am driving him wild. Not liking the loss of control he flips me over onto the bed, pinning me down, leaving my pussy empty and aching for him. Quickly he turns me onto my belly and pulls my hips back to meet him. Before I can complain he has filled me once more and is slowly withdrawing and filling me. I shift to rest on my elbows as his hand reaches round to touch my clit. I gasp as he begins to rub gently, gradually building speed and pressure, just the way I like it.

As the climax rises in me push back against him forcing him deeper into me, his grip on my hips grows tighter as his hand frantically brings me off. I scream and throw my head back as I cum, pushing myself back hard and squeezing down on his cock. I hear him moan as he cums.

We both collapse onto the bed panting, beads of sweat roll down his body, as I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes. So much better than cyber sex!! I don’t care how good the web cam is!

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