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A Strong White Mistress

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Whenever I browse through online erotic stories, I see a lot of interracial sex stories. And they’re almost all the same. Black men fucking eager White women in front of their limp-dick White husbands. Or Black women sexing up and dominating horny White guys or meek White women. Well, I love interracial sex too but the kind I’m into is definitely not for everyone. I prefer the kind of interracial sex featuring Black submission. Is that strange? Maybe you should know a little about me. For starters, I am bisexual. Second of all, I’m into BDSM and I’m a lifestyle submissive. Are you scared yet?

My name is Raymond Welch and I’m a big and tall Black man living in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. This right here is my story of getting by in the South. I’m a Georgia State Police Officer, by the way. I am recently divorced and quite hell-bent on exploring my repressed sexual fantasies. For twenty years I was married to a tall, beautiful Black woman named Jacqueline Monroe. She’s a professor of literature at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I loved her very much. We have two sons and a daughter together. Jeremiah, Jacob and Wanda. Jeremiah and Jacob are studying business and law ( respectively ) at Morehouse College. Wanda is taking up Criminology at Georgia State University. I love my family. They mean everything to me.

For most of my life, I’ve been aware of the fact that I had sexual feelings for both men and women. I liked guys and gals of all races. Of course, I hid it. When I was a student at Morehouse College more than twenty years ago, I found myself attracted to a young Black man named Tyrone Jenkins. He was a closet bisexual like me, though he had a güvenilir bahis girlfriend named Michelle or something. We had a passionate affair which he ended because his religious beliefs conflicted with his emerging bisexuality. Our breakup shattered my heart. I was in love with Tyrone, you see. That’s why I vowed never to get involved with another man again.

After breaking up with Tyrone, I met someone else who interested me. A tall, good-looking Irishwoman named Mildred O’Connell. She was sexy, with blonde hair, a curvy body and a big butt. I had never met a White woman with the total package before. Mildred moved to Atlanta straight from the Irish City of Galway and she wasn’t like most of the White women I knew in the South. She wasn’t a racist or a fake person. She was genuine, open and friendly. We dated and I was in love with her. She introduced me to all kinds of things, including kinky sex and BDSM. She was quite dominant in the bedroom and I liked that about her. Mildred and I planned on getting married. I thought she was the woman of my dreams. You see, she was okay with my bisexuality. Unlike every woman I had ever met. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. The day we were supposed to get married, Mildred fell off a balcony and died. The police ruled it an accident but I knew better. Mildred met a grisly fate because she broke one of the cardinal rules of the South. She was a White woman who dared to love a Black man.

Three years after my beloved Mildred’s death, I met my future wife Jacqueline Monroe. A deeply conservative young Black American woman from a prominent family. Her father was a Judge and her mother was a schoolteacher and social activist. güvenilir bahis siteleri I loved her very much. Even though we were mismatched sexually and emotionally, I tried to make it work. I wanted to have a normal life. Now that we’re divorced, I am free to explore my bisexuality. I am damn near fifty years old, folks. Isn’t it about time I started living for me? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m an openly bisexual African-American police officer living and working in the Dirty South. Got a problem with that?

I hooked up with this young White couple in the suburb of Buckhead which finally made my forbidden sexual dreams come true. Jason and Moira O’Neill. They’re in their early thirties and really kinky. Master Jason is tall and lean, with red hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. His wife Mistress Moira is short and plump, with blonde hair and green eyes. They’re both schoolteachers. And I find that really funny. Because they are teaching me wonderful things. Right now, I’m sucking on Master Jason’s dick while his wife Mistress Moira is drilling her strap-on dildo into my ass. I’m absolutely loving this. Mistress Moira is absolutely vocal while fucking me. She calls me a filthy ghetto punk and a slave while slamming her dildo into my ass. I am so happy I could almost cry. But Master Jason’s big White cock in my throat makes that kind of impossible.

Master Jason smacks my face while ramming his dick down my throat. I love sucking on Master Jason’s dick. It is so wonderfully long and thick. His wife Mistress Moira’s dildo is long and thick too. It’s stretching my asshole nice and easy. She spanked my ass and called me names while fucking me. I sucked iddaa siteleri Master Jason’s dick until he came, and then drank his cum. He then sat down and watched his wife Mistress Moira fuck me. The big White woman berated me while fucking me. She called me a fucking slave and smacked my balls while slamming her dildo up my ass. I can’t you how excited I was. Getting fucked in the ass by a strong White woman wielding a strap-on dildo is an idea that turns on many Black men. I simply think that I’m just the first Black man to admit it!

Mistress Moira flipped me on my back and raised my big legs in the air while slamming the dildo up my Black ass. Mistress Moira laughed and told me she always wanted to fuck a big Black man like myself with her strap-on dildo. I stroked my long and thick, uncircumcised cock while she fucked me in the ass. The chubby blonde-haired White chick slammed the dildo up my ass like a prospector drilling for gold. I screamed. I moaned. I whined. I squealed. I howled. I whistled. It was that intense. After fucking my ass with the dildo, Mistress Moira made me suck it. I could taste my ass on it. Yummy. Only a truly strong White Mistress could make me do that. I thanked Mistress Moira for all the twisted and wonderful things she did to me.

Afterwards, Master Jason slid his cock in my ass and fucked me while Mistress Moira watched us, fingering her pussy. I screamed as Master Jason’s thick White cock filled my Black ass. Mistress Moira joined the action, silencing me by stuffing her thick strap-on dildo deep into my mouth. Such an awesome way she has of silencing me. I’ll have to thank her for that later. Sandwiched between a sexy White stud and my gorgeous, truly dominant White Mistress, I was happy. Truly happy at last. Getting serviced at both ends is definitely the most intense sexual experience I’ve ever had. A Black submissive like myself couldn’t ask for anything better!

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