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A Stallion Affair Ch. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Outdoor Pursuits

Cool and quiet, the stable yard was perfect for going for a ride on that calm summer afternoon. The chestnut stallion fur, Jason, trotted energetically across the yard, hooves clattering noisily against the paved surface outside the block of stables; he was feeling exceptionally good that day. He did love the faint warmth of the sunshine upon his fur – it seemed to shine so rarely in this country and the pleasant, light rays were far better than any scorching heat wave, in his opinion.

He bounded over to one stable where a broodmare stood with her head drooping over the door; sadly, this mare had given birth to a stillborn foal a few weeks ago. Jason had taken it upon himself to give her special attention after the devastating event and the white-grey mare was growing quite plump with the number of treats he supplied her with. Due to her previous unsuccessful pregnancies, the boss had decided not to put her in foal again and train her for the conformation classes of the shows instead. This meant that Jason was the one to receive the rare honour of taking her out for regular exercise.

“Hey there, beautiful,” he cooed softly, rubbing the horse’s nose with the flat of his paw. “What do you say you and me go out for a ride, hm?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” a teasing voice came from within the stable.

Jason jumped back, staring at the mare in shock for a brief moment before doubling over in laughter and thumping his fist against the stable door, startling the mare.

“Daren! You pest, you scared me!”

The black stallion poked his head comically over the black painted half-door and grinned with apparent pleasure at his small practical joke. For a second, with only his head protruding above the door, he almost looked like a non-anthro stallion, if not for the wicked grin spread across his muzzle.

Jason couldn’t begrudge him the joke – he had to admit that he had practically set himself up for that one, talking to the horses as he always did. He smiled and shook his head good naturedly, instead leaning against the wall of the stable block as Daren let himself out and then came up close, nuzzling into his neck affectionately. Jason wouldn’t have thought very much of this, maybe just pushed the playful joker of a stallion off him, but Daren pressed his lips to Jason’s in an unexpectedly lustful and passionate kiss.

“Daren?” Jason whispered frantically, feeling his back pressed up against the cool stable wall. “What are you thinking? There’s others on the yard! It’s not just us here this time!”

“Shush,” Daren breathed and slipped his paws underneath Jason’s thin shirt, slowly pulling it up to expose his defined abdominal muscles to the cool air. “I want you. Now.”

The shrill ring of the alarm clock was obnoxiously loud. Jason sat bolt upright in bed and half threw the sheets off his naked fur in his urgency to slam a fist down on the clock, knocking off the banshee shriek. Blearily, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and then eyed the clock, seeing with not an undue pang of annoyance that it was only six.

Daren must have set it, he grumbled inwardly, falling back on the bed and yanking the sheets snugly under his muzzle. He had no reason to get up so early…and he was having such a good dream…

He blushed hard, remembering the dream in vivid detail – it was as if he and Daren had been really standing in the stable yard, the scene had been so lucid. The black stallion and he had become extremely close over the last couple of weeks, staying in the boss’ house next to the yard while she was away. After Jason had caught Daren stimulating himself with a dildo shaped like a stallion’s member, things had become extremely heated between them and they had become casual mates in a reasonably short period of time. Jason sighed, his thoughts still upon the dream.

“Aww…hell…” He groaned, rolling over and hugging a pillow tightly to his muzzle. “That dream was too good to wake up from… Maybe I can slip back into… SHIT!”

In a split second, Jason had ripped the sheets off again and hurled them away, where they landed in a disorderly heap upon the carpet. But Jason didn’t care – he was out the door, grabbing his jeans as he went and yanking them roughly up his legs while he was moving.

“Damn, damn, damn!” He cursed. “How could I forget?”

What he had forgotten was the fact that today was the day that the boss would be returning, so everything on the yard had to be absolutely perfect with everything looking immaculate. It was likely that Daren had roused himself from bed much earlier to start on the yard and feed the horses, but had not wished to wake eryaman escort Jason up when he left.

Glancing out the window as he rushed past, he saw with a stab of guilt that Daren was indeed already on the yard, fully dressed and carrying a precariously leaning tower of feed buckets to the stallions’ stable block. It looked like he was on the last row, Jason thought guiltily, dashing out the door to join Daren as quickly as he could. Daren turned slowly, his ears swivelling and picking up Jason’s hoof steps, but tried to carefully balance the unsteady buckets that he was grimly holding on to.

“Hello there, sleeping beauty,” Daren called, flashing a bright smile to Jason, who gave a rather embarrassed one in return.

“Hey, mate,” he greeted him, taking the top few buckets off Daren’s shaking tower to relieve him of the greater load. “You should have woken me.” The black stallion merely chuckled lightly, swishing his lengthy, dark tail to bat it playfully against Jason’s side.

“Aw, but you looked so sweet lying there, how could I ever have woken you?” Daren teased while they dished out the feed buckets and Jason snorted derisively in return. He had become much more at ease with Daren’s teasing of late and could give as good as he got when it came to the teasing. However, by the time he opened his mouth to shoot back a reply, Daren was speaking again.

“We have a lot to do today, but not so much that we won’t manage it between us. I figured, if we got all the stables cleaned and the yard tidied by midday, we could take Alice and Kira out for a hack round the woods. What do you think?”

Jason considered for a minute, questioning whether or not they could finish the yard between them by then, so that they would only have to tidy the yard up for the night when they returned. Sure, it was quite possible that they would be able to fit in the ride along with their most pressing jobs. He nodded in approval of the idea but hesitated when a thought, which had been niggling at the back of his mind for a couple of days, pushed its way forward, demanding immediate attention.

“Daren, did you think about what we’re going to do when the others come back? Are we going to tell them about us…or not?” He asked cautiously, deliberately looking to the side of Daren’s muzzle and avoiding eye contact.

They had talked about this the day before, Jason knew that already, but they had not come to a decision about what they would say to the others about their so far casual relationship. Jason didn’t want everything to be exposed to the world just yet. Even though it pained him to admit it, he was still unsure of how much he was willing for his friends and colleagues to know about his sexuality. He didn’t even know if his boss would allow her employees to have more than a friendly relationship with each other! What if they lost their jobs? Daren rubbed the underside of his muzzle thoughtfully and took his time before replying.

“I don’t want everyone to know everything just yet,” Daren mused, dropping one last feed bucket over a palomino stallion’s half-door. “I don’t know how the others will react and although I never will care much for the opinions of others, I care about keeping my job here. I can’t afford to lose it and the boss is the type to send us packing for this.”

“Especially because we had sex in her house, right?” Jason teased gently, trying to lighten the atmosphere somewhat.

It had the effect he wanted, as Daren gave a half-embarrassed whinny of laughter, imagining what the boss would have to say if she knew what the stallions had been up to in her guest bedroom.

“She’d want to join in the fun,” Daren sniggered, snaking an arm casually around Jason’s waist and turning back to the house. “But I rather think that my mind’s on my stomach right now.”

“Breakfast,” Jason uttered a one worded agreement, jogging forward in a sudden show of eagerness and energy, towing a chuckling Daren behind him.

As the two furs sat down for breakfast together, a small but satisfying few rounds of toast as they wished to leave the other breakfast foods for the boss when she returned that day, they discussed rather mundane topics, mainly about what jobs on the yard needed to be completed first. Soon, Jason was bored and his mind was wandering to other, more interesting topics. There was a lull in the conversation, during which Jason munched a burnt crust of toast thoughtfully and Daren dumped the plates in the sink, leaving them there to wash later on. A smirk spread across Jason’s lips as he formed an idea and speculated if Daren would acquiesce to it.

“We should make this last day something…something to remember,” Jason began with a sly suggestion, doing his utmost to keep his expression neutral. Daren, on the other hand, pricked up his ears in interest.

“You remember that you owe me something after last night,” the stallion continued, reminding Daren of their sincan escort activities in bed the previous evening, in the course of which Jason had given several intense orgasms to his partner. Daren chuckled and ran his fingers through his forelock repeatedly as he relived the memory.

“Alright, yes, I daresay I remember,” he snickered, looking at Jason rather cockily, evidently believing he was going to be asked to perform some sexual act upon him. “What are you gonna have me do for it then?”

“Hmm… I think you can go without clothes today, to repay what you owe me,” the chestnut stallion answered evilly, eyeing Daren’s body from muzzle to hoof.

“What? No, come on, you can’t make me do that! We’ve got work to do here today,” Daren replied in shock, crossing one arm over his body as if to shield himself from Jason who was starting like he wanted to pounce on Daren and rip his clothes off for him. He shifted uneasily under Jason’s steady gaze, a rippling shiver running through his body when Jason traced his tongue over his upper lip in a fairly predatory fashion.

“So? Who’s going to see you but me? There will be nobody else here,” Jason persisted. “What’s stopping you?”

Daren lowered his ears to the sides, quite unsure about what Jason wanted him to do. But after all, he thought, he would not have to parade naked in front of any other fur and there would certainly be no other fur around the stable yard today – no customers were due to bring mares or collect any others. Hesitantly, he dragged his loose, grey t-shirt over his head, folding it carefully and placing it on one of the kitchen stools. Jason’s tail swished happily back and for as Daren did as he asked and he couldn’t resist hopping to his hooves and dropping kisses all over the older but shyer stallion’s velvety muzzle.

“Good boy,” Jason murmured, hugging Daren tightly against his bare chest. “This will be a session, like the ones in the bedroom, but changing the location. Same applies as always. Daren, will you choose to submit to me in this?”

It was a question that had grown to be very familiar to the two male furs over the course of the two weeks they had spent together. Despite his position as the dominant fur in the tentative relationship they had, Jason always remained respectful of Daren and his needs. He made a point to never take his submission for granted and openly treasured the time they would share together in the special state of Master and pet. But this would be the first time they would have taken the play outside of the bedroom – a new experience for Daren especially.

In Daren’s mind, he had given his answer when he began to remove his clothes; he had come to trust Jason more and knew no harm would come to him if he did this. Hell, he might even get some fun out of it!

“Yes, Master,” he whispered submissively, paws drifting lower to unbutton his jeans, sliding them quickly down his long legs and stepping out of them; they soon joined the meticulously folded shirt on the stool, as did his boxers. When Daren stood fully uncovered and panted softly from excitement, Jason smiled warmly to him, planting a soft, passionate kiss upon Daren’s lips.

“Thank you,” Jason murred softly, tracing his fingers delicately over the defined muscles of Daren’s chest and arms. “Although I see that you don’t mind all that much,” he added as an afterthought, referring to the dark tip of Daren’s stallion hood, which was extending beyond his sheath in his blatant arousal. Daren couldn’t help but flush warmly, knowing that he was strangely turned on by the concept of going nude about his daily work.

“Let’s get to it then,” Jason grinned broadly and slapped Daren’s rump playfully, eliciting a startled whinny from him.

The first step outside into the quiet morning atmosphere was a shock to Daren, like he had taken a ridiculously deep breath of icy, winter air and inhaled it far too quickly, delivering a stab of pain to his lungs. He resisted the urge to cover himself with his paws, though that would be quite difficult with the size of his growing erection. Taking short, sharp breaths, he inhaled the crisp air, willing his racing heart to slow its pace just a little. Despite only being nude outside for a few meagre seconds, Daren already knew that he loved it. From the faint warmth of the sun on his fur to the soft breeze, which seemed to circle and caress his hardening member with a feather-light touch, everything appeared heightened in this state.

Jason watched all of this from his position in the doorway behind Daren, studying him carefully. He didn’t wish to force Daren to do something he was uncomfortable with, but he had guessed that Daren may enjoy something akin to open nudity by the way he had been strutting around the house lately, stark naked and flaunting his body openly until Jason had pounced on to him.

Daren snorted softly as Jason’s strong arms slipped around his waist etlik escort and Jason propped his head up on his shoulder, pressing his bare chest against Daren’s back. The stallion huffed a little, trying to show some pretence of being indignant at being unclothed, even if he was aware that Jason could see right through his facade.

“Come on,” Jason breathed, running his tongue along the edge of Daren’s quivering ear and seeing his member twitch faintly at one of Daren’s most coveted stimulations; he had always loved having his ears played with. “We have work to do.”

Releasing the stallion, Jason flashed a crooked smile and sauntered off, picking up a pitchfork and a shovel from where he had left them the previous day, leaning half-forgotten against the stable block closest to the house. Daren shook his head slightly, balled his paws into tight fists at his sides and then followed, remembering the amount of work they needed to get started on.

To Daren’s surprise, they didn’t interact much as their busy morning began. He had predicted that Jason would follow him around or at least seize every opportunity to take advantage of his nakedness, but it seemed to him that the chestnut stallion was near uninterested. Of course, he didn’t see the furtive, lusty glances Jason cast his way whenever his back was turned, especially when be bent his body over to pick up a dropped lead rope from the ground. Unknown to Daren, Jason just couldn’t keep his eyes away from his muscled backside.

Once the sun had risen higher in the sky, it shed more warmth over Daren’s black fur, something which was grateful for because it eased the nervous chill from his body. There were plenty of jobs on the stables to keep both the stallions occupied and apart though, so they didn’t see much of each other until the air had warmed considerably. As the sunlight grew stronger, Daren became increasingly paranoid that someone other than Jason was around, causing him to glance nervously over his shoulder at the shadows, which remained coldly silent and never revealed any other to him.

Jason came to find him when he had finished his section of stables – the two had split the work evenly between them, as normal. He had been sure to tidy up after himself as he went, so there was very little work left to do on his end, apart from bringing in the horses from the fields in the late afternoon. Everything was neat and in its place, although he was sure that Daren would not have done the same. The black stallion did his job quickly and efficiently, but was not the tidiest of furs, usually leaving a trail of straw and discarded tools in his wake.

Stealthily, Jason crept up behind Daren, who was bent over at the waist and rummaging through a tub of grooming brushes placed on top of a low work bench. His tail was raised high over his rear – he was certainly enjoying some of the freedom of working naked – and Jason could see the gleam of sweat on his dark coat. He padded up to Daren, placing each hoof down slowly so that he would not make the slightest bit of noise. Then, with a satisfied smirk, he reached out and grasped Daren’s buttocks firmly with his paws.

Daren yelped in surprise and spun around, knocking the laughing stallion’s paws away in his shock.

“Jason! That’s not funny!” He neighed, shaking his mane off his damp neck and rubbing his knuckles, waiting for his pounding heart to slow.

“Aww, getting a little nervous now?” Jason joked lightly, pecking Daren on the cheek. “Don’t worry so much. And are you finished here?”

Daren nodded his confirmation, making a mental note to get the stallion back for that joke sometime more convenient.

“Pretty much, just tidying up and then I was going to clean out the feed shed,” he replied, nosing at Jason’s cheek gently, brushing his nose against the short, soft fur.

“No need to do that,” Jason smiled, reaching out a paw to softly fondle Daren’s sheath, where his previously erect member had receded to. “Go sweep the straw away from where you were working and I’ll go tack up the two horses. We may as well head out on that ride before lunch, since we have time.”

Daren nodded, his spirits lifting considerably at the thought of going out for a ride; while Jason had been exercising one mare on a regular basis, he had not had the chance to hone his skills for a long while. A long, relaxing hack in the nearby forest would do him the world of good.

“Sure thing, I’ll do that,” he answered happily, his tail swishing back and for in testimony to his delight when he picked up a long handled brush to sweep the loose straw into a pile.

By the time he had finished the whole area, which, to be fair to Daren, was an extensive area, since he needed to rake the gravelled area too, Jason had tacked up both of the mares with the standard tack and had them tied on long lead ropes to the metal rings set intermittently into the outer stable wall. Daren nodded his thanks to Jason and slipped loose the quick release knot on the tattered lead rope, unclipping it from the horse’s bridle so that he could attach it to the saddle ring instead, just in case it was needed when they were out. He had led the mare to the mounting block – a sturdy plank of dusty wood resting on a couple of breezeblocks – when he became conscious that he was still nude.

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