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A spying neighbour – Chapter 3

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My neighbour surprises me by orally stimulating Rocket but more surprising is when a woman from work appears on my door step. Has my secret been blown? What does she want?

I led Gloria out into the backyard. My boys got all excited. Did they recognise her? She patted them both and said how she missed them. There was no doubt that she had enjoyed one or both of them in the past. I was a bit annoyed that Justin had given Gloria my address. “So Justin just told you about me?” I asked. She scowled “no I had to suck the bastard off before he would tell me”. Obviously she must have been desperate. I was glad he didn’t try that with me.

Time was ticking by and I told Gloria I was expecting someone and perhaps she could come back tomorrow. Just then there was a knock on the door. Shit, too late. I let May in and she and Gloria looked at each other. “Ooh you have a friend” said May smiling “this could be fun. Hi I am May from next door. Are you a dog lover too?” Gloria blushed and nodded. “So Shasha are we ready to go love” May said and looked for the dogs. I opened the back door and they rushed in. They were ready alright. May didn’t hesitate. She sat on the couch and called out “lick” and Goldie came bounding over. Gloria sat in one of the chairs and called Rocket. “Lick” she said and Rocket immediately dived between her open thighs. I felt like a spare wheel and sat in the other chair. At least I would get them both after May and Gloria left.

Soon my two “guests” were on their knees and being humped furiously. I watched in awe as May and Gloria moaned and squealed and my boys grunted and growled. It was a new experience, watching the scene in my lounge room. I was so turned on that I began to finger myself as I watched Goldie and Randy unloading in their bitches. I came quickly. It was wild. Soon both dogs had withdrawn and retreated to their corner to recover. “Come on Gloria. We need a shower after that” May said and they bursa escort went off together. I sat somewhat despondent deciding if I should make myself available. May and Gloria came back into the room naked. They both looked so happy. I wondered what they had been doing in the shower.

“We want to thank you Shasha” May said “come and sit on the couch”. I got up and sat down. Immediately Gloria got on her knees and pushed her face into my crotch. “No Gloria” I cried but her tongue slid over my already aroused clit. “Please Gloria, don’t” I said and then opened wider. Meanwhile May sat beside me and kissed me. She slid her hand inside my top and bra and fondled my boobs. I surrendered to their advances. Rocket spotted Gloria on her knees. He didn’t need a command and mounted her. What a scene. May kissed me again and this time our tongues engaged in a dance. I moaned as Gloria’s tongue made me orgasm. She moaned as Rocket worked his cock inside her and May whispered “ever since that night I saw you through the window I wanted you”.

I was both shocked and excited at what May had whispered to me while she fondled my boobs. Gloria’s licking had become intermittent as Rocket’s cock seemed to hold more of her attention. Regardless I came twice and it felt wonderful. I had never considered lesbian sex but I was warming to it. Rocket disengaged and Gloria looked up at me and smiled. “Come with me May. I need another shower” Gloria said but May said she had to go home as Stan said he might be home early. “So it is just you and me Shasha” she said. She stood up and May also stood up. They kissed and May went into the bedroom to get dressed. Gloria and I followed her. “So May has seen you naked Shasha” Gloria said “I would like to see that myself”.

It was as if Gloria was setting me a challenge. I thought “why not” and began to undress. Both May and Gloria were watching me as I stripped naked. May finished dressing, kissed görükle escort both Gloria and me and left to go home. Gloria took my hand and led me into the shower. More kissing and fondling ensued as I found myself enjoying the attention. “I have to tell you that I am a lesbian” Gloria said. I was surprised “but you sucked off Jason” I said. “Yes” replied Gloria “he has been trying to fuck me for nearly a year. I only sucked his cock to get your address”. I giggled “my address or the address of my boys” I said. She smiled. “The truth? Both honey, both”.

After our shower we went back to the lounge naked. “What do you want to do Gloria” I said, as I wasn’t sure what she wanted next, me or one of the dogs. “I want Rocket” she said “I love his big cock”. She dropped down on hands and knees and called him. “Fuck” she said and he responded immediately. She squealed as he mounted her. I called Goldie with the same cry and he pounced. There we were, Gloria and I, side by side doing what we enjoyed most. Every now and then we looked over at each other and smiled. Goldie tied with me about the same time as Rocket drove his knot into Gloria. We both moaned as my boys filled us both with their hot seed. Goldie pulled out finally and Rocket a little while later. Gloria rolled Rocket onto his back and began to suck his cock. I looked at Goldie and thought I would at least give it a try. Several minutes later I was licking and sucking his cock and enjoying it.

A little later Gloria and I had another shower together and she “educated me” in the finer points of pussy licking and clit teasing. I had to admit that I was enjoying Gloria licking me and she seemed to enjoy my first foray into lesbian pleasure. I had a feeling then that it would not be the last time I enjoyed Gloria. Now she had my address I was certain she would drop by more often. Fine by me because she was as hooked on dog loving as me. It was getting late and she told escort bayan me so had to get home. It was a pity because I was really enjoying our time together. She got dressed, we kissed passionately and she left, waving goodbye to my boys.

It was several days later when I got home from work, feed my boys, had dinner and prepared for some fun. I mean I got naked and went to let Goldie and Rocket into the house. There was a knock on the door. “Shit” I said under my breath. I hurried into the bedroom and put on my dress again with nothing underneath. I figured, see who it was and send them on their way. I opened the door and there stood May and Stan. I said hello and May said “Stan said we hadn’t officially met you. So we thought we would just pop in. Not a bad time?” “No” I said “come in. Nice to finally meet you”. We went into the lounge room and they sat on the couch. “Can I get you something to drink” I said. “Oh no that is ok” May said.

I sat in a lounge chair opposite. Stan was staring at me without blinking. It was probably because my nipples were pressing against my dress. May and I were chatting away but Stan was just nodding. Poor bugger probably had an erect. I crossed my legs exposing yards of thigh. May knew what I was doing and she smiled. We chatted about this and that. She asked about the dogs. “Oh I love them to bits” I said “they are a great comfort”. “You live alone?” she asked. “Yes May. My boys give me all the companionship I need” I replied. “Well nice to meet you” May said “we must be going”. They stood up and I noticed a bulge in Stan’s jeans. I had a feeling May would get some attention when they got home. As for me, as soon as they left I let Goldie and Rocket into the house and spent the rest of the evening being pleasured by them.

Post ***********…….

May contacted after that visit to thank me. It was the first Stan had humped her twice in one night. He was probably thinking of me but she didn’t mind.

May and Gloria decided to come on different days. May on Saturday afternoon and Gloria on Sunday afternoon. That way we don’t have three women wanting two dogs. Much better.

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