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A Slow Tease

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Kate had been stressed out for a few months now, work was mental and things weren’t going well. The more stressed she became, the more she withdrew from her life outside of work. Friends, family, even lovers started to see her less and less.

One of her previous lovers, Jack, had gotten worried so came down to visit for a weekend. Kate was looking forward to seeing him and finally relaxing a little. They had known each other for years and were very close friends. The sex had been mind blowing as well, and they remained close even after the benefits ended.

They spent the day out, walking around shops and catching up. On the way back to Kate’s Jack finally said, “I’ve brought some tools with me. I think you’ll enjoy them tonight.”

Kate was surprised but smiled. “Tools” meant cuffs, toys and possibly more. “Oh? That sounds like fun” she replied.

When they arrived at the house Jack pulled a silk blindfold out of his pocket. Without a word Kate turned around and allowed him to wrap the blindfold over her eyes and tie it behind her head. Jack led her to the bedroom and slowly undressed her, unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as he moved in close to her neck. His breath have her goosebumps and she felt her nipples harden against her bra as his hands moved around to undo the clasp, freeing her gorgeous DD tits from the bra and teasing her already rock hard nipples with his fingertips.

Kate allowed a quiet moan to escape her lips as Jack pushed her down onto the bed. Lifting her arms over her head, he deftly bound her wrists with the handcuffs he had placed there earlier. Satisfied she was staying put, Jack concentrated on removing the rest of her clothing. Slowly pulling her short skirt and panties over her hips and down her legs before throwing them aside.

“Now I can get to work!” He said and Kate could hear the mischievous smile in his voice.

He ran his fingertips over her neck, down her chest, coming close enough to her nipples to see them get harder, but not close enough to touch them. Down one side of her breast, across her stomach and up the other side, all the while watching her chest rise and fall as her breath quickened with the promise of his fingers on her nipples only to be denied the sensation she craved.

Jack’s touch moved down Kate’s body, slowly tracing every inch of her stomach then circling her belly button, wider and wider each time until his fingertips grazed the top of her already moist pussy. He felt her gasp as he Kayseri Escort lightly drew a line down each side of her lips. He lingered for a moment and leaning closer, he blew cool air over her exposed crotch. Her shiver made him smile.

He continued his journey down her thighs, trailing her inner thighs gently before moving outward and massaging her outer thighs deeper. Slowly massaging down her legs to her feet and before beginning to work his way back up pausing to grab something.

He slowly moved up Kate’s body and pinched each nipple, rolling them between his thumb and fingers. His hands were quickly replaced by nipple clamps, applying just the right amount of pressure to make Kate moan. The new sensation had Kate writhing in her handcuffs and Jack enjoyed the view as Kate’s breasts bounced, her nipples tethered together with the chained nipple clamps.

Jack slowly trailed his fingers down her taut stomach and past her wet pussy, feeling the heat emanating from her. Starting at her knees, he began teasing her inner thighs again, circling with his thumbs and slowly climbing up her thighs. As his hands moved up Kate’s thighs, Kate settled down, emitting quiet moans. Jack had always loved making Kate moan…

Jack’s fingertips finally reached the apex and began gently massaging Kate’s swollen lips, careful not to intrude into the folds which he could see were slick with her juices. Kate raised her hips slightly hoping to feel more of his fingers, but he was careful not to allow it. She moaned in protest but lowered her hips back onto the bed, parting her legs wider to show her throbbing pussy off to Jack.

“Would you like more?” Jack asked as he smiled.

“Mmm, please.” Kate replied, the need in her voice undeniable.

Jack slid his thumb into Kate’s hot, parted lips and swept up the length of her pussy finally finding her swollen clit. Kate’s sudden intake of breath told him what he needed to know and he began rubbing in circles, slowly at first, increasing pressure with each rotation. Kate couldn’t control herself any longer and moved her hips in time with Jack’s thumb, grinding against him.

As Kate enjoyed Jack’s thumb rubbing her clit he grabbed a metal vibrator and pushed it deep into her dripping pussy, turning the speed up a few notches. Kate gasped in surprise from the cold metal deep inside her, which felt amazing but she welcomed the vibrations and began moaning loudly.

Jack left the vibrator inside her and continued to concentrate on Kate’s clit. Kayseri Escort Bayan Removing his thumb, he leaned in closer and blew on it for a moment before flicking his tongue over and sucking her clit into his mouth. He ran his hands up and squeezed Kate’s breasts as she writhed beneath his mouth. Jack began sucking harder, flicking his tongue over her most sensitive spot.

Kate’s hips and back arched up in response to Jack’s touch. He could feel her getting close to orgasm even though she didn’t say, and backed off on the sucking, swirling his tongue gently around her clit before lapping at her juices around the vibrator still inside her. Kate settled down and moaned in frustration, but Jack saw the smile on her lips as he looked up.

Pulling the vibrator out of her he turned it up a few more notches as far as he could and teased Kate’s puckered ass with it. The vibrator was slick with her juices and her pussy was dripping so the vibrator slid in her tight little asshole easily. Jack knew how much Kate loved anal and her groan of pleasure as he pushed the 6 inch vibe all the way into her ass made his cock twitch with excitement.

Jack had been hard the whole time he had been teasing Kate but hearing her automatic response was incredible, especially when he was the one causing it!

“Is that nice?” He asked her mildly, trying to hide his enjoyment.

“Mmm yeah, it feels so good!”

With the vibrator now safely inside Kate’s ass Jack slid back up her body, positioning his hard 8 inch cock against her wet pussy. He rubbed the head around her clit as his tongue flicked over her still clamped nipples, her neck, her earlobes; moving from one side to the other with each stroke of his cock against her.

Kate’s moans grew and Jack felt her lifting her hips, attempting to reposition herself so his now throbbing cock could enter her. He pulled his hips up, just enough to break contact.

“Now now, be a good girl!”

Kate whimpered as he slowly made contact again, this time rubbing his cock up and down the length of her soaking wet slit. Kate moved her hips in time with Jack sliding up and down her crotch with his thick shaft.

“Please fuck me Jack, I need you inside me!” Kate begged him as she let out a low growl.

This is what Jack had been waiting for, he loved making her beg!

Moving back, he deftly flipped Kate over onto her stomach and pulled her knees apart. Kate knew what was coming and lifted her hips inviting him in as he thrust all 8 inches Escort Kayseri of his cock deep into her tight pussy.

Jack paused and removed the vibrator from Kate’s ass before sliding his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. Jack groaned as his cock went in to the hilt and Kate did the same as she was filled. Jack started pumping in and out of her tight little hole, speeding up more quickly than he’d originally planned, but it felt too good to stop. All the teasing had taken its toll on both of them and there was a palpable need for them both to orgasm now.

Kate moaned in time to Jack’s thrusts and soon it just become one long, low moan as Jack fucked her hard and fast. He gave her ass a hard spank as he continued fucking her and she stopped moaning.

“Fuck me, Jack, fuck me, spank my ass, make me cum now!” she practically screamed.

Jack knew what would push her over the edge and it wasn’t anything she was demanding. He spanked her ass with one hand as his balls slapped against her clit with each hard thrust of his cock deep inside her pussy and pushed his middle finger deep inside her tight asshole without breaking this rhythm.

“Ooooh, fuck yes!” Kate exclaimed through her moans as Jack’s finger started pumping in and out of her ass in time with his cock filling her pussy. Jack felt both her holes tighten around him and knew she was about to cum. Thrusting deeper he knew he was filling her completely and could feel his own orgasm building.

Kate’s moans filled the house as her orgasm exploded around Jack, both her pussy and ass clenching tightly around his cock and finger. The sensations pushed Jack over and he felt his cum start to fill her pussy as he continued fucking her covering his cock with the mixture of their cum.

Jack waited until he was sure he was empty; that every drop of cum had filled her pussy. As he slid out of both her tight little holes his cum, mixed with her juices, oozed out of her pussy and slipped down over her clit and lips.

He moved up the bed to unlock her cuffs and as he set her hands free she found his cock and started licking it clean. Easily taking all of it in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around and over every bit of his now soft cock ensuring she got every drop of cum. She loved the taste of her juices mixed with his cum.

Jack slid his hand between her legs and covered his fingers in the cum he knew was still there, escaping from her pussy. Kate eagerly licked his fingers clean, repeating until all the cum was gone. Jack removed the nipple clamps and blindfold, massaging her nipples to get the blood flowing again. Lying next to Kate he gave her a kiss and held her.

Kate was glad Jack had decided to visit, she hadn’t felt so relaxed and content in months. Sometimes a slow tease and a good fuck was all you needed.

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