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A Shepherd in France Ch. 02

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Author’s Notes:

‘A Shepherd in France — Ch. 1 and 2’ is a continuation of ‘The Shepherd of Ashburn Court — Parts 1 through 5’. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


A Shepherd in France — Ch. 2


Chapter 9

Ben stood next to the vehicle he’d be driving on the next part of their vacation and felt a shiver trickle down his spine. Words to describe it? Brown…ish? Oddly shaped? A metal box with too much glass. Wait! He had it! A fish tank on wheels.

He never really pictured himself as a van person. Kidding aside, he liked the idea of ferrying kids to baseball games or even soccer but really saw himself doing that in a SUV.

He turned to look at Gabriella who was looking far too pleased with her selection. She looked at Ben and saw his dismay.

“Oh really Ben! It’s just a car! A very practical car for the next section of our trip!”

“I think you’d call this a van, not a car. At least I think it’s a van,” he finished in a mumble as he looked once more at the hideous thing.

“It will hold most of the luggage plus four people while we drive to our destinations and once we’re there we can all fit in it to do our day trips,” she explained. When his expression didn’t change she snorted and patted him on the arm. “Just wait! You’ll fall in love with this car by the end of the trip.” She walked back to the second vehicle they’d rented, a sporty little sedan, to speak with Catherine who would be driving that car with her daughters.

Ben walked over to the van and looked for the door handle. He located a recessed spot and discovered it was the handle. He sat in the driver’s seat, which was pretty comfortable he had to admit, and made himself familiar with the controls. He spotted a few small differences but they’d be easy to get used to. It had a manual transmission which he had no issue with once he figured out where they hid the reverse gear.

As he waited for Gabriella to finish giving Catherine and Sophia directions to their first destination he sat back and wondered if Tina and Lucy were already on the plane. They’d almost been late as something had delayed Gabriella from joining them on the curb outside the hotel this morning. When he asked she just shook her head at him with a frustrated look so he let it go.

Tina had been good when they parted at customs. He’d been worried that she would have a relapse of her anxiety but she kissed him sweetly, told him to enjoy himself, and told him to be careful.

Lucy pressed her body against his and also gave him a sweet kiss. Then she walked with Tina into the security zone.

Gabriella pulled him back to the present as she hopped into the front passenger seat.

“OK, we’re clear on our directions. We can keep in touch with our cell phones but if we get separated they know where we will meet up with them. Let’s go!” She smiled a Ben. He looked back to the middle seat and saw big grins on the faces of Miriam and Daniel.

Ben got them out of the rental lot and away from the airport. Soon they were on the A series highways and made their way around Paris to the A6 south as their final stop of the day would be Beaune. For the first little while Daniel kept tabs on Catherine’s car but she proved that she could easily keep the fish tank, as Ben had dubbed their van, in her sights.

As much as it pained him to admit it, the van drove really well. It was responsive and had power. It was a smooth and quiet ride. If only he didn’t feel so much like a goldfish in it. He glanced over at Gabriella and she had a small satisfied smile on her lips.

Her phone chirped and she glanced at it. “Sophia is asking us to stop at the next gas station for a bathroom break,” she said. Ben nodded.

Twenty minutes later he pulled off and guided the van into a mostly empty parking lot. He turned off the engine and got out to stretch. Three spots away was a very nice black SUV. He looked back at the fish tank with a frown then heard a bark of laughter.

“Yo! What the fuck is that?”

He looked over and saw a young man, maybe mid-twenties, dressed in the latest trendy casual wear with a big, expensive gold watch on his wrist. From the accent Ben pegged him as a New Yorker. He was standing, hands on hips next to the SUV staring back at the van with a huge grin on his face. He gestured to the others in the black vehicle to come out to take a look at the van. Three other similarly dressed men opened their doors and started to laugh. Loudly.

They saw Ben standing next to it and the first one held up his hands in surrender. “Sorry Bro but that’s one butt-ugly car!” His friends all laughed harder and Ben just frowned. He couldn’t argue with them but felt an odd compulsion to defend the van.

Gabriella walked around to his side and gave him a hug and pulled his face down to give him a kiss. That made Malatya Escort him feel better. He smiled at her twinkling eyes and she walked away towards the building passing the SUV without so much as a glance in their direction. The men watched her pass and the laughter dimmed to chuckles. Miriam and Daniel raced by after her.

Catherine had parked on the far side of the van and walked around the front to stand by Ben. She gave him a deep kiss which lingered just a little. She grinned at him and followed Gabriella. The laughter stopped as the men watched the tall, beautiful blond walk past. Ben smiled as he watched the sway of her hips. She was putting on a little show for him.

He felt fingers gently turning his chin as Sophia leaned against him to give him a kiss. Short and sweet as was her smile and she followed her mother.

The bros gaped as Sophia elegantly walked past in silence.

Rachel stood before Ben looking at his lips hungrily. He smiled and leaned down to give her the sensual kiss she’d come to crave. She pulled back with eyes closed biting her lip and gave his chest a couple of gentle pats as tingles raced through her body. She turned and rushed after Sophia to catch up to her.

Megan gave Ben a kiss on the cheek and ran after her sisters.

The young men looked at Ben in silence as he leaned back against the van and gave it a happy little pat.

They all took a second look then climbed back into their big black SUV. They left the parking lot quietly.

A few minutes later Daniel raced back to Ben’s side and handed him a bottle of cold water. He had one too.

“Thanks!” Ben said.

“So did Mom and the others put them in their place?” Daniel asked.

Ben grinned figuring it had to be something like that. “Yes, she sank their Battle Ships.”

Daniel laughed and climbed back into the van.

Ben leaned back against the van with his eyes closed and let the morning rays of the sun sink into his skin to warm his body. He felt someone leaning against him and opened his eyes. Happy green eyes looked up at him. Gabriella felt good against him. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she responded.

“Ready to go?”

“Get a room you two!” Catherine quipped as she walked by with her smiling daughters.

Ben kissed Gabriella’s forehead as she pushed up from his chest. She smiled and went to her side of the van.

He got them back out onto the highway and they made their way towards the first stop on the journey, Fontenay Abbey which was near a town called Montbard. Daniel had his guide book out and read aloud that it was the oldest preserved Cistercian abbey in Europe. He gave them a history lesson on it. The drive was long so they made a stop in Auxerre for lunch and Daniel took some pictures of a huge church rising up above the roof tops of the surrounding village. He informed them it was named Abbey of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre. They still had a little more than an hour to drive to get to Fontenay Abbey so they had to skip going inside the huge building much to Daniel’s disappointment.

Once they pulled into the parking lot of Fontenay Abbey Daniel’s enthusiasm was back. They took a guided tour and Daniel captured some amazing images. He took a series of portraits of Catherine and her daughters individually and as a group standing by one of the beautiful window wells. The ornate glass made a lovely backdrop and the soft light coming through lit them beautifully. The architecture was also delightful and he got many shots of the unique touches in the buildings as well.

Their next stop was just half an hour away. The small village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain was featured in the movie Chocolat and the McGovern sisters were adamant that they visit the place where one of their favorite Hollywood hunks once roamed. It was a very pretty old village and Ben enjoyed walking its streets but there wasn’t much to see and the sisters had to squint to see its resemblance to the movie. Hollywood magic had done its work very well. Maybe too well. The ladies felt vaguely disappointed.

Miriam found a store that sold anise flavored candies which were once made by the monks who lived there. They all tried one and Ben was surprised to find a tiny anise seed in the center.

The day was getting away from them and they still had another hour to drive to get to the chateau they were staying in just outside of the small town of Beaune. They piled back into their vehicles and moved on.

Their accommodations for the night was a fully refurbished chateau. They had four rooms on the top floor. Gabriella would share a room with Ben for the night and the others would double up though Miriam and Daniel had a room with two single beds.

Once they got the bags loaded into the rooms they all got into the van and drove into Beaune to have dinner. They had reservations at a restaurant which used a beautifully converted wine cellar as its dining area. The atmosphere was lovely and the food was top notch. Ben and Daniel were the only Malatya Escort Bayan ones who didn’t partake of the wine and once dinner was over the group went for a little walk through the town. The road and sidewalks were smoothly polished stone so the rubber tires of passing cars squeaked and squealed. Daniel discovered he could make his running shoes squeak as well and teased his sister by making the noise around her. Gabriella finally had to intervene.

They went back to the chateau and then their rooms after the ladies got their kisses from Ben.

He and Gabriella retired to their lovely room and Ben dropped his weary bones back on the large bed. The driving took a lot out of him and it had been a long day.

Gabriella took her dress off and climbed up Ben’s body as he grinned at her. She undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled it open. She smiled hungrily as she looked down at his broad chest. Then she leaned down to kiss his nipples. He jumped and gave her a hot look. She pushed back and undid his belt and pants, tugging them down as he lifted his hips. While she backed off the bed to pull off his pants and underwear Ben took his shirt the rest of the way off. Gabriella stood at the end of the bed looking at his naked body. She reached back and undid her bra and slipped it off. Ben’s eyes were immediately drawn to her full breasts. Her nipples were stiff and standing at attention. She slid her panties down slowly keeping her eyes on him and his cock began to stiffen and grow. Her smile widened at her effect on him.

She crawled back onto the bed and slowly kissed her way up his legs. Each time she pressed her lips to his skin his cock surged. Ben was breathing heavy by the time she reached the top of this legs and he was fully erect. Gabriella marvelled at how big he was and how hard she’d made him. A thrill ran down her spine knowing this was for her.

She reached forward and lifted his heavy balls in her hand and Ben moaned. She dipped her head and kissed them, feeling the heat of him, feeling them move in her hand. She ran the tip of her tongue over them and Ben sucked in his breath. She felt his cock jump in reaction becoming harder still. Her face was flushing with her need for him. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and Ben moaned once more and she ran her tongue across it. She switched to the other ball and Ben’s hips lifted slightly as he whispered her name.

God, she wanted him so much right now. She could feel her wetness dripping down her inner thighs. Releasing his ball she ran her tongue up the underside of his cock and Ben gasped. She lifted his cock and pressed her lips to the thick head. She tasted his precum and felt the heat against her soft lips. Gabriella slipped her tongue out and ran it over the head. Ben’s hands slid into her hair and she took him into her mouth as far as she could.

“AAAAAAHHH! Fuck! Oh my god, Gabriella!” Ben gasped.

She pumped him into her mouth a few more times running her tongue all over his hot skin. Ben was moaning her name over and over.

Gabriella only had one more condom left as she hadn’t had a chance to pick up more or replace the ones she’d ‘borrowed’ from Rachel. She rolled it over the head of Ben’s cock and used both hands to roll it down over his shaft.

She stretched her body over Ben’s and looked up into his fevered eyes. “Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me hard!” His eyes instantly sharpened and he grinned fiercely. He rolled them over so he was on top and kissed her deeply. She sucked desperately at his tongue as she felt the pressure of his cock aligning with the entrance of her pussy. He pushed forward, sliding deep into her, making her cry out in pleasure. The sensations exploding through her body were intense and uncontrolled. He pulled back and thrust forward once more reaching her depths. Gabriella’s eyes rolled back as her senses started to slip away from her. She clung to his back and Ben pulled back and rammed forward faster and faster, his pelvis slapping her clit again and again. Gabriella crested and squeezed her eyes shut, gasping as the wave of intense pleasure coursed through her nerves. Ben continued to drive himself into her. Her orgasm went on and on, growing in magnitude, and she lost muscle coordination. Ben finally reached his climax and drove himself deep one last time, grinding against her. Her body convulsed through one final enormous surge and she sank back to the mattress.

Ben’s mind was spinning from the intensity of his own release. He gently pulled himself out of Gabriella and she moaned in protest as spikes of pleasure shot through her trembling pussy. When he was clear he carefully moved her outstretched arm and dropped down on the bed next to her.

They rested quietly, letting the glow slowly fade.

“Oh my god Ben! What you do to me!” Gabriella finally managed to say breathily.

“It’s what you do to me as well!” he smiled.

She rolled her head over to look at him and saw his smiling face. “I must have done something right Escort Malatya in my life to be so blessed,” she sighed happily.

Ben rolled up on one elbow and looked down at her satiated expression. She looked truly lovely and he leaned down to gently kiss her full, plump lips. “I can’t imagine how I ever deserved to be this happy.”

Her smile was brilliant and tears beaded up in her eyes.

“Hey, no tears!” he gently scolded her with an exaggerated scowl.

“I love you so much!” she whispered.

The heartfelt confession knocked Ben off his emotional equilibrium and tears came to his eyes as well.

“I can’t express how much I love you. There just aren’t words,” he said, his voice rough with emotion.

He kissed her and she kissed him in return until they were gasping. He saw she was exhausted so he pulled her against him and shut off the lights. He relaxed as he felt her soft breasts pressing against him. He was a lucky man and his inner voice could go fuck itself.

Chapter 10

The chateau served breakfast in a beautiful room on the main floor or you could have it outside at tables in the courtyard. Ben and Gabriella were the last ones to arrive from their group and found the others in a cluster of tables outside. Gabriella was moving a little gingerly this morning and Catherine struggled to keep the grin from her face. Ben quickly did the rounds then went inside to get some food for them both.

Catherine moved to sit next to her friend and leaned in. “You’re glowing extra bright this morning but moving a little slow!”

Gabriella looked around embarrassed and shushed the blond. “We were a little too energetic and I’m just a little tender.”

“Worth it?” Cat asked.

“GOD YES!” Gabriella gushed then went crimson as her outburst was much louder than intended. Sophia and Rachel looked over curiously and caught the meaning pretty quickly. Their grins were wide.

Cat stood up as Ben had returned with a tray. She helped place the contents on the table and then leaned in and gave him a sensual kiss. A few other guests looked at them curiously.

“Good morning!” he smiled as she took the tray from him. She smiled and walked back into the chateau.

Gabriella and Ben had their breakfast and everyone went back to their rooms to brush their teeth and bring the suitcases back to the cars. They checked out and were on the road early. They had a two and a half hour drive to get to Annecy to visit the Gorges du Fier which was reported to be stunning.

The drive was pleasant and Gabriella dozed as they drove.

Ben woke her as they pulled into the parking lot. Catherine drove in a minute later and they gathered at the entrance. Gabriella was smiling as Daniel was so excited and Miriam picked up on his excitement. Ben and the rest had no clue what to expect. They paid the entrance fee and made their way out onto a walkway bolted to the wall of a deep gorge. Water had carved its way between the stones and the platform they were viewing it from was high above the river below.

Daniel was in awe of the beautiful scenery and took shot after shot. He also got some pictures of the others cautiously making their way along the path. Miriam walked hand in hand with her mother as both were a little nervous of the height. Catherine, Rachel and Megan had no issues with the height but Sophia was in a bad way. She was not keen on heights and felt the platform bounced just a little too much. Ben held her hand and that seemed to calm her down.

They saw evidence of just how high the water reached in the gorge and that was a little frightening.

Daniel was gushing with excitement when they reached the end and asked if they could go through again. Sophia’s face showed how little she thought of that idea. She thanked Ben for coming to her ‘rescue’ and kissed his cheek.

Their next stop was Chamonix which was in the French Alps and was only a little more than an hour away. The scenery was amazing and made the trip feel much shorter. They parked and discussed what they would like to do. From the parking lot they could see a cable car going up the mountain. Gabriella spoke with the woman selling tickets for the cable car and discovered the temperature up on the Aiguille du Midi, a multi terraced building at close to 4,000 metres high was pretty chilly and she recommended they wear long pants and fleece which could be purchased in the village.

They wandered into town and made their way into a few shops. Everyone got a fleece jacket or sweater and a nylon shell to keep the wind out. They carried their finds over to a restaurant and had lunch.

Ben noticed Sophia was quieter than usual and kept glancing up at the mountain as the cable cars made their way up and down.

“You don’t have to do this if it makes you nervous,” he said.

“No! I want to do this! I want to!” she said firmly and forced a smile on her face.

He looked at her seriously and she patted his hand. “Thank you Ben. I’ll be fine.”

After lunch they walked back to the cable car station and bought tickets. The cable car in the station was full but they were first in line for the next which they were told would be in twenty minutes. Ben kept his eye on Sophia and she seemed to be relaxing so he felt better about that.

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