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A San Francisco Affair

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I was to do a piece on one of San Francisco’s most popular band members for a magazine. Our first meeting was very casual and he told me to join him at his apartment later that day. I jumped at the chance to spend some down time with the musician responsible for an innovative kind of rock. I wore very casual clothes and he greeted me in nothing but loose white cotton pants.

I got my first look at him up close and he looked as amazing as he sounded. He invited me over to a soft Oriental carpet draped crookedly over the vast hardwood floor like an oasis. We sat cross-legged on it and he turned on some Led Zeppelin quietly in the background.

Bob pulled a joint off the small antique table near the rug and sparked it up. After deftly stopping all the runs in it with a moistened finger, he passed the fat wet thing to me.

“So what’s being a travel writer like? You been many places?” A slow, almost stoned grin reclined across his features as he struck up the conversation.

“Oh, I’ve been here and there.” I said all breathy, huge clouds of blue smoke escaping my lips.

“Ever been to India? I hear they do some weird shit down there. Kinky shit. I’d like to get down there sometime.” He took the joint from my hand and reached over to ash it in an ornate ashtray on the table. I lay down on the rug and studied its intricate pattern.

“Yeah. It wasn’t the most kinky assignment, but I managed to stir up some trouble while I was there.”

“Cool.” He sipped something from an exotic glass. “Want some horchata?” He passed me the glass swirling with white milky liquid. I gulped it down to soothe my cottonmouth. I already had several thousand kinky thoughts enter my head, so I imagined the rice milk was a glass full of come, contributed to by several horny travelers being entertained in some lavish Indian palace. Bob noticed my display of passionate lip licking as I let a few drops of the cool, sweet liquid linger on them. He raised an eyebrow.

“Is it working already?” I had told him pot made me a little amorous. What I failed to mention was that it wasn’t just a ‘little’. It made me so fucking hot I could already feel his cock sliding across my tongue.

“Yep.” I replied. He cleared his throat and readjusted himself, scooting a little Escort Bayan closer to me on the rug.

“So, do you get a body high, or what?” He looked very curious. I grinned and scooted closer to him, sitting up and pulling my shirt off. He looked even more curious. I loved the Sixties.

“Yeah, but it’s more than that.” I started playing with one nipple absentmindedly. “My imagination gets a little clearer, and the colors get a little warmer, so I start imagining all these really sensual scenes and I guess that just turns me on.” I had my nipples fully hard and pinkened. I was beginning to flush and my heart started thudding, but I wasn’t nervous. I could feel his energy rise. Bob had a huge, incongruous hard on, pitching a circus tent in his loose cotton pants. This intrigued me. I slid over to him and buried my head in his lap, breathing a hot rhythm on the tip of his cock through his pants. He moaned and reclined back to allow me more room.

Still puffing the joint, he slipped his swollen member out of his waistband and began to stroke it gently. I thought that would’ve made a great picture; the sexy young songwriter reclined on pillows against the wall, shirtless, nursing on a huge joint and fondling his huge cock. I was so fucking turned on. I asked him if I could light some incense and he said I could only if I took off my jeans. I did, and since I was going commando like usual, I was naked against the warm air. I went a step further and took my hair out of its barrettes, letting it float around my shoulders and ripple down to my belly. Bobs’ cock jerked a little and he raised an eyebrow, grinning a wolfish grin. I lit the incense.

When I turned back around I saw Bob had a glistening droplet of precome resting at the tip of his huge member. I licked my lips and got down on all fours, crawling across the thick, soft carpet toward him.

“May I ask what you’re doing?” He said between joint loads. “I mean, this seems kinda unconventional.” He sat up and I straddled his waist, resting his warm cock between us as I wrapped my legs around him.

“I couldn’t help it. Remember, I warned you.” I gave him an innocent smile. Bob grinned again and licked his lips.

“Do you do this with all your interviews?” He breathed, smiling.

“Only Escort the ones I like.” I grinned.

He took a huge drag off the joint and exhaled softly into my mouth. I closed my eyes and inhaled, feeling his warm moist breath and the brush of his lips. I turned my head and exhaled, and when I turned back, it began. He kissed me deeply, showing no sign of inhibition or pretence. Bob wrapped his arms under my ass and lifted me onto his bed. He crawled over me and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking it gently. I was almost dripping wet. I thought I’d go insane if he didn’t shove his throbbing cock into me soon. But he took his time, building me up to an unbelievable high. As he licked my nipples, he slid one hand between us. He placed his member in between the folds of my pussy, moisture gathering and sliding the head deliciously on my clit. He thrust his hips slowly and gently, rubbing the length of himself against my sensitive clit in a slow rocking motion. Each time he rocked his swollen cock head pushed against the base of my pussy, opening me even more. He slipped the head up and down, just penetrating me up to the rim of his head.

“Please fuck me, I can’t wait anymore!” I breathed into his parted lips, pausing to brush the inside of his mouth with my tongue. I wrapped my legs around him again, dug my heels into his smooth, perfect ass and drove him hard inside me. He moaned loudly. I gyrated my hips and slid him in and out like a corkscrew, tightening my muscles around him. His eyes got big as he watched me. I smiled and closed my eyes.

I pumped him into me hard and he let me direct him, giving out a little growl each time I squeezed my pussy around him. I pushed him up to a kneeling position, placed my ankles on his shoulders and closed my legs, tightening the grip around his member. I could feel every curve and vein as the tip of his cock licked inside my slick pussy. He pushed it deeper and slid his hands under my hips, changing the angle of his hot penetration so his fat cock head would rub my g-spot. Bob moved my hips with his strong arms, pulling himself into me and sending me to that familiar thirst, sweet ecstasy. I contracted my muscles and shook like a leaf when I came, and he watched me with wide eyes. He threw his head back and grunted, Bayan Escort pushing himself faster and deeper, reaching the back of my pussy. I felt his cock lurch and jump inside me and I knew he was about to come. I slowed him down to a stop with him still buried deep inside me. I squeezed my muscles tight, ebbing his ejaculation. Then I flipped over onto my stomach and he took the cue to enter me from behind. I rocked into him, grinding my ass and hips against him.

As he thrusted I reached between my legs and gently squeezed his warm balls. I bent and reached back even further to rub his sensitive asshole. He gave out a little cry of surprise then groaned even louder and I smiling, knowing he probably had never had that done before. I rubbed the sensitive gland between his ass and balls with my thumb, and tickled his asshole with my fingers. Bobs’ knees began to shake and he was almost laughing in ecstasy. He gave me a good smack on the ass and I cried out, grinding even harder on his cock. He twisted a nipple gently, steadying himself with one hand on my ass. As he pinched I came a second time, shattering glass with my screams. He rubbed that hand down my sweaty back and barely touched my asshole as I came, which made me shudder and clench around him. He pumped faster and cried out and I pinched his balls lightly as he shot hot come deep into me. Wave after wave of thick hot semen coated my pussy and I came a third time. Our vocal passions filled the air and I could’ve sworn the music swelled along with us.

We slid to a stop and he stayed inside me. I felt his cock jerk a little as it softened as if shrugging off the last threads of sweet come. He collapsed over me, dropping light kisses over my back and then my ass as he slid out. His cock head was huge and felt like a retracting arrow as it popped out of my dripping pussy. I almost came again.

I laid on the carpet soaking and he dried me gently with a towel. He opened a French door and let a rare, warm San Francisco breeze cool our skin. He laid next to me and kissed me lightly, tickling my lips with his. Then he lit up a clove cigarette and breathed its sweet smoke around me like a mist.

“So what are you going to put in your article?” Bob asked half-jokingly.

“Nothing that isn’t completely flattering. The truth.” I grinned. “But this never happened.”

“I’d like it to happen again. If that’s not bending reality too much. Please say you’ll see me again.” He kissed my hand.

How could I resist?

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