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A Replacement for Susan Ch. 04

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I got home about four and was surprised to see my mother was home already, she doesn’t usually get in till after six. I found her in the kitchen for the second time in as many days, possibly only wearing her bath robe.

‘Another tough day?’ I asked.

‘No, a bit on the quiet side actually. How about you?’

‘I guess you could say I’ve been busy.’ I said with a smile.

‘With Diane or Anne?’

‘Diane, but the day isn’t over yet!’

‘Don’t tell me you’re seeing Anne later as well.’ She asked.

‘No some one else.’

‘Not Susan!’

‘What is it with mothers and Susan?’

‘Mothers? Diane’s mother has said something hasn’t she!’

To this day I’ve no idea why I told her about Mary but I did and was extremely surprised by her reaction.

‘The little bitch!’

‘Pardon?’ I asked her.

‘Mary, she was always a flighty piece.’


‘Yes, when we were at college she worked her way through the entire football team and not one at a time if the rumours were true.’

‘Wow. So her self sacrifice isn’t all that noble then.’

‘Noble my fanny.’

‘Well mom that does put a different slant of things.’


‘Well I’m meeting Mary later, she’s told me I can use her as long as I promise to stop seeing Susan and take it easy on Diane.’

‘Define ‘use her’.’

‘Exactly that, as in having sex and doing the things I did with Susan.’

‘And you’re going along with it?’

‘I wasn’t until Diane got wind of the deal.’

‘I suppose she blew a fuse.’

‘Quite the reverse, she told me to take her up on the offer and really let myself go, she even text her mother pretending she was me, to set up tonight.’

‘Christ Paul. Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into?’

‘There’s the thing, I can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t quite right. But then again I also can’t turn down the chance to screw the mother of a girl I’m seeing, men just aren’t programmed to resist that kind of thing.’

‘Very funny. What makes you suspect something isn’t right?’

‘If I knew that I’d know the answer. Maybe it’s the way she made the offer or the how she winked at me the first time I met her. But now you tell me she was a bit loose when she was younger, it kind of makes a little more sense.’

‘A bit loose is an understatement as I recall.’

‘You’re thinking I shouldn’t go aren’t you.’

‘Well there you would be wrong. I’m with Diane on this one, let yourself go, if she wants you to use her, the least you could do is oblige her. Slap her face for me if you get the chance.’

‘Just her face?’ I asked with a smile.

‘Her bum too then.’

‘Ok mom.’ I said, ‘For you and Diane I’ll bite the bullet and meet up with Mary but if it all goes pear shaped I’ll know who to blame.’

‘You can blame it on what you keep in your trousers, the same as all men!’

‘I’ll let you know how it goes.’

‘I’m actually looking forward to that.’ She said as a text arrived on my phone. It was from Anna letting me know she was free later! I told her I was unfortunately busy. She text Escort Bayan back asking if I was seeing Diane. Showing the same lack of self control I had with my mother I let her know who I was seeing. She rang ten seconds later asking for details! I took the call in the kitchen, in a perverse way I wanted to see if I could shock my mother (even more).

‘Why are you seeing Diane’s mother?’ Anne asked with no preamble.

‘She has offered herself up as a sacrifice as long as I promise not to see Susan again or abuse her daughter.’

‘You told me you weren’t seeing Susan any more!’

‘I’m not.’

‘Mrs Summers doesn’t know that I take it?’

‘You know I think I may have forgotten to mention that to her.’

‘What’s the deal, is she going to put out or something …more?’

‘She’s seems very keen for me to use her, so I’m going to say a lot more.’

‘Well I hope you know what you’re doing, what if Diane finds out?’

‘She already has and set up this evenings date.’

‘You’re kidding me!’

‘She set it up and told me to enjoy myself.’

‘I was going to ask if you wanted to come around tomorrow afternoon but I reckon you’ll still be recovering.’

‘I’ll have recovered by then, about two?’

‘Two is good, any requests?’

I smiled as I looked across at my mother who was studiously not listening to our conversation. ‘I want you to be wearing just a dressing gown when you let me in and have some rope handy.’

‘Have fun this evening but save some for me.’ She said as we ended the call.

‘Such a sweet girl.’ I said to my mother, ‘I don’t think I ever thanked you for introducing me to her and Diane?’

‘So that was Anna who by the sounds of it wasn’t put out about you seeing Mary either.’

‘She wasn’t or by the fact that I’m seeing Diane as well as her.’

‘I just can’t figure out young girls of today.’

‘It’s not just young girls you know, you’d not call Mary young or the woman Simon is seeing.’

‘Not Simon as well, I always thought he was such a polite young man.’

‘Simon is polite but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying what’s available while he can or for that matter being with a woman who knows what she wants. Maybe if you took a young lover… do you want me to have a word with Simon?’ I said as I dodged out of the room and went for a shower.

I was showered and changed by seven and went out early to get a burger and drop in on Simon. I brought him up to speed and received his best wishes for my meeting with Mary.

At eight I knocked on Mary’s door and was impressed by how smart she looked. She never spoke as she let me in as per my instructions which I found a terrific turn on. She was wearing quite a short dress, which showed off a lot of her ample cleavage, bare legs and heels. I followed her through her lounge to the stairs and then up to what I assume was a guest bedroom. Once we were inside it she closed the door behind us, I noticed the curtains were all ready drawn. The bed was a double with old fashioned bedstead type head and tail boards, it wasn’t hard to imagine Mary tied spread eagle upon Escort it.

Mary waited by the bed, watching me. For my part I sat on an easy chair and looked back at her.

‘Take your dress off.’ I told her and felt my dick twitch when she began to do just that. Any paranoia I’d had about this evening was swept away as she peeled the dress off her shoulders to reveal her black bra encased tits and then her soft, not quite flat stomach. She let the dress fall to her feet and then stepped out of it. Her panties of course matched her bra. I told her to turn around and enjoyed the view enormously.

At that point I still wasn’t sure I could go though with it, beating her or for that matter even treating her badly. But the facts spoke for themselves. Mary hadn’t asked me to be gentle with her, quite the contrary. My own mother had asked me to slap her face and bum even her own daughter had told me to ‘let myself go’.

‘Mary this is your last chance to back down. Take the rest of your things off when you’re ready, if you have anything you’d like to say, you can say it now.’

As Mary reached behind her back to unclip her bra she said. ‘Diane knows you’re here doesn’t she?’ I was speechless for a few seconds as my eyes feasted on her great looking rack, I found it hard to believe they weren’t fake.

‘She does. It was she who sent you the texts.’ I replied as Mary seductively slid her panties down her legs, as she stood up straight again I was able to see her neatly trimmed bush for the first time.

‘It doesn’t change anything.’

‘My mother knows I’m here too, she told me to slap your face.’

‘What are you waiting for, a boy should always do what his mother tells him.’

‘She also said I should smack your behind.’ I told her as I got up from the chair. As soon as I was standing I slapped her face, maybe a little harder than either of us was expecting. Mary hardly blinked just looked at back at me, blankly almost. I slapped her face again with my other hand and stepped back to look at her again.

‘Find me something to tie your hands with.’ She quickly pulled a cord from a dressing gown which hung on the back of the door and handed it to me. I told her to turn around and tied her hands together behind her back. When they were secure I reached around to grope her tits which felt real enough. I bent her over and did my mothers bidding, her bum was soon bright red and my hand also tingled from the abuse.

Never having been with a woman older enough to be my mother I had no idea what her pussy would feel like. For some reason I figured she’d be loose and dry. I pushed my hand between her legs and had quite a surprise when I found her to be tight and wet. I pushed her face down onto the bed and had a closer inspection. As I gave her an internal examination with several of my fingers, for some reason the realisation hit me, that I could do what ever I wanted with her. Moreover it was obvious Mary actively wanted me to.

I quickly noticed, the rougher I pushed my fingers into her cunt the more her moans let me know she was enjoying the experience. I slapped her cheeks Bayan Escort a little more which appeared to make her squirm with pleasure.

I told her it was a shame the others couldn’t see her now. ‘Maybe next time I’ll bring some one with me.’ Then slapped her hard between her legs a few times, each slap made her moan even more. Time to fuck her I decided and wasted no time in pushing my jeans down enough to accomplish that aim.

As I thrust into her I pulled on her right shoulder enough to expose her right boob which I slapped continually until I shot my first load of sperm into her. An experience which completely drained me, leaving me exhausted yet more fulfilled than I could ever remember being. For her part Mary lay motionless on her spare bed, looking for all the world like she had past out.

I lay beside her catching my breath for maybe five minutes after which I got up, straightened my clothing and went to the toilet. When I came back she still hadn’t moved. I took out my phone and took a photo of her as she lay stretched out on the bed with her bum hitched up a little and her hands still tied at the wrists. Another of her red bum cheeks and then a crude close up of her pussy. I undid the cord on her wrists and slapped her bum one last time, which made her start, then left basking in the contented feeling you only get when you know a job has been really well done.

I was early picking Diane up so I waited in the café happily going over the events of the past few days in my mind. Diane found me and straight off wanted to know how my evening had gone. In response to her questions I showed her the photos.

‘Hey you really did give her bum a good hiding, she’ll not be able to sit down for ages!’

‘My poor hand is sore too you know.’ She took pity on me and kissed my palm to make it better!

‘I hope you saved some for me, I’ve been thinking about you all evening, can we park where we did the other day.’

‘I don’t know, I kind of promised your mom I’d not corrupt you.’

‘Very funny, listen if we don’t get there soon I’ll be dragging you into an alley.’

Feeling that she truly was a friend in need I decided to accommodated her wishes. The sex was almost a repeat of last time. I pulled up, pushed my seat back as Diane practically jumped onto my lap.

It wasn’t lost on me for a second, as she lowered herself onto my erection, that less than an hour ago it’d been buried up to the hilt in her mother’s cunt. As Diane humped me like there was no tomorrow I pushed her top and bra up and sucked on her firm nipples.

‘Oh God I needed this.’ Diane moaned. ‘Bite me harder… slap my bum like you did to my mother.’

I did as I was told. I may like to be in control but I also enjoy being with a women who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t slow on telling me what that is. As I sank my teeth into her nipples I slapped her bum as hard as I could. Diane’s orgasm was ferocious in it’s intensity, I swear it lasted for a couple of minutes. When it subsided she collapsed onto me.

It was ages before she came back to earth. When she did we kissed and made out in my car a little before I took her home. On her doorstep we again kissed briefly but deeply before I made my own way home.

In the next chapter his girl friends gang up on him and his mother seems intrigued and then aroused as he recounts the session with Mary.

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