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A Rendezvous or Just a One-Night-Stand

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A Rendezvous or Just a One-Night-Stand of Passion?

He was handsome, appeared genuine and honest, but, Sara supposed that was what every woman wanted to think about an available man she had just met and was attracted to quickly.

His name turned out to be Ken. He was a soldier, a Marine for the U.S. Military. He fought for our country during every war in the last 25 years including Iraq. Sara thought that he must have been such a brave man fighting all those battles that a common citizen only reads about or listens to on the news. Wars that American don’t support. Sara knew Ken was honorable, while modest and polite. “It wasn’t as bad as people think,” he commented but Sara was sure they had to be terrible especially after stories she had heard from her students who were discharged from Iraq.

All Sara could picture in her imagination was this tall and handsome man in his Marines uniform, decorated, armed and worldly, perhaps, a younger man, fearless and courageous. Ken was at least six feet tall without an ounce of fat on him. His shoulders were broad and his smile was wide and his teeth sparkled. It seemed like older men approaching 50 were so out-of-shape these days so this man was a treat to stare at with her lusting eyes and her lustful appetite that she had suppressed for several years now.

Sara was widowed, alone, on vacation in Las Vegas for a few days and needing to make up for lost time. She wasn’t used to seeing an adult man in Santa Barbara anymore who took care of himself and was in such great physical shape in latent life. It wasn’t like the forties or fifties were that old nowadays. She wasn’t sure of Ken’s age. His hair looked white in the sun so she thought he was probably younger than he looked but he had no wrinkles. He was probably younger than her but she was sure they were close in age by their conversation but she couldn’t tell how much younger he was than her. Sara looked much younger than she was and if a man didn’t ask, she didn’t tell. The last few years had worsened her health but she had always taken care of her skin and stayed out of the sun with her milky white complexion.

Sara had gone down to the Jacuzzi to sooth her aching muscles and back. It turned out that Ken had to. As he pulled the chaise lounge up close to her bathing in the Jacuzzi away from anyone else, Sara was pleasantly surprised. She smiled at the man and said, “Are these your kids in the Jacuzzi?” She astounded herself at that suggestive, leading question. She was wondering if he was single, so that’s why she asked, wondering if he was traveling alone or with his wife and family but she wasn’t usually so forward or direct although it was just a normal question.

“My kids are in South Carolina,” Ken replied. Sara was relieved to hear that but she still wondered whether he was with a significant other as she peered at his wedding finger and noticed that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

“That’s a long way from Las Vegas,” Sara said. “What brings you to the City of Sin? (Las Vegas where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas).

“I’m here on business with the Marines,” replied the good-looking man. “I’m here for two weeks. I was in Las Vegas for five months last year but like anything, it got old,” replied Ken but without a look of fatigue.

Sara treasured Ken the minute she sought eyes on him. She caught herself just staring at him and looking deeply in his eyes as he spoke and she only half-listened. He spoke about how he was retired from the Marines but still worked for the Military.

“What do you do?” asked Sara with intrigue.

“I’m an event planner,” Ken replied. “I plan events for the military across the United States and the headquarters is here.

Sara and Ken continued to make small talk. Ken liked to do most of the talking and she was relieved. She was usually the one carrying on the conversation. She didn’t say too much about herself but tried to make it clear that she was traveling alone and had met a couple in Las Vegas from a previous trip. It was a birthday reunion of sorts. While they were talking he did mention a wife and Sara was wholeheartedly disappointed but that didn’t discourage her or hasten her interest in Ken.

It wasn’t like Sara to be interested in a married man but Ken sure didn’t act like he was married. He was interesting, a good conversationalist and still interested in life. He didn’t act as if he accepted life at this point or was sedentary. She wondered how he could travel alone so often and not fool around. Well, that question could probably answer itself.

Sara had been trying for several years to hold her self together after the funeral. The first year was the hardest but she still hadn’t moved on with her life or a relationship. She kept busy, kept the wine flowing and adding any distraction she could to escape the deep-set pain she was feeling since her husband died from cancer. She wasn’t going to let her true feelings show now, or even let her guard down so she kept smiling and laughing as Ken Kuşadası Escort spoke and joked around. She didn’t bring up Paul in the conversation.

“It’s about 4:30,” Ken said. Happy Hour starts in about an hour. They continued talking but Sara knew she needed to leave and meet her friends by 5:15 p.m. She just didn’t want to get out of the Jacuzzi yet.

Sara didn’t tell the stranger that it was her 50th birthday yesterday but she did make sure to mention that she was staying at the hotel an extra night.

Sara had taken a bad fall in the parking lot going to dinner last night with her friends. They had a few drinks before they left for dinner and it had been a long celebration day before that happened. She showed Ken her scraped and bruised arm. The Jacuzzi had seemed to ease the pain quite a bit but it was one of three bad falls she had taken in the last two weeks due to a modification in her blood pressure medicine. She was on the third different prescription that kept giving her dizzy spells and her ankle must have slipped out of place last night. Sara felt old physically but not mentally.

Sara didn’t take her eyes off Ken and he didn’t seem to take his eyes off of her. She was pretty sure that all Ken was concentrating on politely was her low cut black bathing suit and voluptuous cleavage.

“Did you say it’s about 4:30?” Sara asked not keeping track of the time her self.

“Well, it’s about a quarter to five by now,” Ken replied.

“I should get going then. I need to shower and need to get dressed. It was nice meeting you. Maybe I’ll see you upstairs,” Sara remarked. She treaded getting out of the Jacuzzi to grab her towel and robe with her hind side facing Ken. She didn’t want to know if he was looking so she walked away slowly in her bathing suit and quickly started to talk to the woman lying across from her. She thought to herself, ‘He’ll either like what he sees or not.’ The rest was out of her control.

“I wish the pool was outside,” noted the stranger; however, Sara wasn’t going to stay to hear her complain about anything else. She was elated still from talking to Ken and she wanted to hold on to that feeling till she went upstairs to shower and then to the bar to meet her friends hoping she would speak to Ken further later in the night and maybe… Well, she wasn’t going to dream too much further.

If possible, Sara felt as if it was much more than just a change encounter meeting Ken that day. She at least hoped that it would be more than just a casual meeting or passing. She felt silly but they just seemed to communicate on the same wave length. They had a lot in common as they spoke during the brief time by the Jacuzzi. They must have spoken for an hour but it seemed like less time because the conversation flowed so easily.

When she hopped in the shower, Sara began to fondle herself and rub soap on her breasts. It had been too long since she had sex and it felt good to fantasize about Ken. She grabbed the razor and first shaved under her arms, then each leg and then her pussy. As she felt her naked pussy, she wished she had brought a vibrator with her so she could bring herself to climax in the shower because her fingers weren’t enough.

Sara put on a low-cut black blouse and black jeans. She wore a lace black bra and panties hoping she would be able to show them off later.

As she pressed the elevator button, she looked around for Ken but she didn’t see him. Her friends were waiting for her at the bar and she sat in between them. “Do you want the end seat, Sara?” James asked. “No, I’m fine,” replied Sara not really thinking ahead that she wasn’t making herself very approachable if Ken did want to talk to her.

Sara saw Ken in line for a drink at one point but he didn’t acknowledge her. She turned to Anne and mentioned to her that she had met the man in line at the Jacuzzi. “OMG, Sara. Get him over here,” said Anne. As Ken stood at the counter in back of them, Anne kept looking over at Ken. “Stop that, you’re embarrassing me,” said Sara. “He’s just not that into me. He’ll work his way over if he is.” Sara was disappointed. She wanted to invite him out with them for the evening and dinner but she was too shy to make the first overture.

A few times, Ken threw some quick comments over to Sara but he never got up to talk to her. The drinks kept flowing and Sara quit thinking about him as she was engrossed in the other people around her and joking with the bartenders Elena and Mary that she had met on a previous trip.

Then, as she saw Ken leave the bar, Sara was disappointed. She said goodbye to him and thought he was leaving the bar pretty early but probably going out with his military buddies.

Sara, Anne and James went out to dinner about an hour later and all Sara could say was that Ken was just not that “into her” when Anne brought him up to her. That’s what she assumed and wanted to believe so that she didn’t feel hurt or rejected.

Sara and Ken’s paths had crossed a few times Kuşadası Escort Bayan at the hotel the first day and the minute she met him she knew he was married and from out-of-town. She was looking for a man like him, but not a one-night-stand and she thought her chances to get together with Ken were over. So, she thought.

They seemed mesmerized by each other’s glances, first in the lobby, then as he arrived at the Jacuzzi and then at Happy Hour. But Sara was a hopeless romantic. Nothing happened and that was that.

Sara dreamed of him that night as she lay in her bed and visualized his silhouette at the pool, his bright eyes and refraining smile, his robust personality and his interest in her apparently but she guessed not very genuine.

The next day, Sara went to the pool again around the same time as the day before but Ken wasn’t there. The Jacuzzi looked murky and smelled but she went in it anyway to make use of the jets and warm water. Then she went into the pool to swim laps. She was pleasantly surprised when Ken walked in. As he grabbed a towel, she told him about the Jacuzzi. He didn’t say much and she was disappointed even though he had blown her off the night before.

Sara thought her chances were over with Ken and she was disillusioned. She left the pool quickly. She went to Happy Hour anyways that night alone because her friends had left in the morning and she had stayed an extra day. She sat at the end of the bar, with casual jeans and a light blue t-shirt to match her eyes but no make-up. ‘Screw him,’ Sara thought to herself. Her intentions were to relax and visit the Las Vegas strip alone, perhaps see a show and have dinner later that evening. Maybe she would go see Chippendale because she had thoroughly enjoyed seeing ‘Thunder Down under’ another trip when the dancer pulled down his underwear standing on her table and motioned to kiss his ass. She did and had the stories to prove it.

Those were her tentative plans and her only intentions for the nighttime.

Sara figured Ken probably met gals at a bar or hotel on every business trip a million times before. She was being unrealistic that she might mean something special to the man on a little vacation. She didn’t go out-of-town to hook up with someone but, for some reason, at the bar that evening she had hoped for something different. She and Ken kept catching eyes and he kept making stupid conversation across the room again that made her laugh.

As he stood up and came beside her finally, she listened to him, engaged in their conversation and ordered them drinks on the house that were still free. She offered him to take the seat next to her that was now vacant. Sara didn’t even see the couple leave that she was speaking to earlier.

Ken sat down and they chatted as Sara kept catching inquisitive glances from the bartenders Elena and Mary.

She listened to his stories, not sharing too much about herself again. Sara knew she wanted to be with Ken for the evening, but she didn’t want just a one-night-stand. She really didn’t think about it. She wasn’t the kind of girl to return home with tears from a rejected one-night-stand but she wasn’t a young girl anymore. She could do what she wanted to do. She expected more from this honorable military man but she knew he was married and she was vulnerable and single again and what would her friends think. She was probably naive, wishing the impossible, a life and a chance for her once again. How foolish she was and how silly her thoughts probably were, too.

By now, Sara was feeling no pain and her boundaries had been surrendered by alcohol. She was drinking a few cosmopolitans that were oh, so good! As she listened to Ken’s stories that were taking a sexual undertone, they laughed and flirted with each other. He started talking about how champagne poured on a woman’s pussy during oral sex always works. It had been so long since Sara had her pussy eaten properly.

“I have a bottle of almond champagne in my room,” Sara offered. “That would work,” said Ken. He carried on talking more about sex and they started sharing intimate secrets but it all became a blur quickly. Sara patted Ken on the left cheek and she asked him if they were going to have sex tonight? “Maybe,” Ken replied. Sara was surprised at how brazen she was but she knew she wasn’t leaving for home tomorrow without making love to this man first.

“Why don’t you go to the bathroom or something so I can talk to the bartenders?” As Mary and Elena kept wording that he was a regular, Ken followed her command and went to his room. “Tell me about him you guys?” asked Sara. “Is he a player with everyone?” “No,” replied Elena. “He’s always here on business but he pretty much keeps to himself with the guys.”

Sara was glad to hear that and was relieved. She had listened to too many sexual military escapades and she wasn’t sure what to think but she thought she could trust her instincts. She went to the bathroom herself and as she was coming back to the bar, Escort Kuşadası she saw Ken take the elevator down to the first floor. The bar was on the third floor. She chuckled to herself. He looked nervous so she looked over the banister until he noticed her and she summoned him over.

“I took the elevator to the first floor,” admitted Ken. “I thought you were ditching me,” commented Sara and she touched the side of her ass to his. Without wasting any time, Ken asked, “Your room or mine?” I guess he did like that pat on both cheeks, earlier and then now. “I have my dogs with me. Let’s go to yours,” said Sara. “Room 927 and Ken walked away.

Sara went back to the bar. “What did you do, get rid of him,” asked Elena? “Yeah,” I chased him away,” replied Sara. “Okay, I’m leaving now. See you next trip. Come give me a hug, you guys?” asked Sara. Elena was already at the end of the bar with her arms extended. “I’m going to his room,” Sara said. “See you next trip!” “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” laughed Elena.

Sara went up to the ninth floor not even stopping at her own room first. As she knocked on the door, she didn’t know what to expect. Ken closed the door behind her and began kissing her passionately. When they came up for air, she looked down at his cock and it was erect and large under his Bermudas. “It’s dark in here,” she said nervously expecting to sit on the couch and get to know each other a bit alone together first before sex but Ken wasn’t wasting any time.

Ken led her by the hand towards the bedroom, showing her the bar first and then pulling her inside the bedroom of the suite and began kissing her overpoweringly again. It had been so long since she was kissed so intensely. She thought men her age just were not interested in much kissing anymore or foreplay or affection. But, not this man.

The lights were shining brightly but their never seemed the right moment to ask Ken to dim them. Sara surprised herself and pulled off her jeans and panties together, left them on the floor and stepped out of them swiftly. As she was doing so, Ken hurriedly pulled off his shirt and they sunk onto the bed. As they kissed, Ken’s middle finger was in her pussy probing her to her delight and then in no time his experienced tongue licking her wet and frigid pussy. She quickly relaxed and Sara was in ecstasy.

Sara grabbed Ken’s erect cock and devoured it into her mouth fervently sucking the full head and twiddling the tip of her tongue in the center, rubbing his foreskin up and down and sucking downward as he moaned. He asked her several times that night if she “liked doing that” in his Southern accent and she did especially on Ken’s long, sturdy and handsome cock. Sara never really thought much about the physicality of a prick but Ken’s was special. It was sure pretty.

As he climbed on top of her inserting his hard cock inside of warm pussy, Ken penetrated her deeply but never came. He wanted to make it last and he did.

In between they talked about their lives and how his wife didn’t like sex very often. Sara knew it was true. A man couldn’t have this kind of passion and be ignored and she detected a glimpse of rejection in his eyes as he spoke. But then again, wasn’t that every married man’s excuse for cheating, she wondered?

Sara understood that 25 years of marriage was a long time and couples frequently weren’t having sex as much anymore. But Ken was as loving and affectionate enjoying every moment of foreplay with her and she was too. She kept looking at the bright lights and the bright room but it didn’t matter.

Ken commented on the fact that Sara said she didn’t like getting on the top of a man but that was his favorite position. She felt indebted to this man and said she would try. As she climbed on top of him, she fit his inflexible cock into her soaking pussy and began pounding her hips into it. She propped herself up with her hands to her side and her tits were swinging back and forth. Then she slid her hips downwards onto his cock and grabbed her breasts rubbing them together. “Cleavage,” Ken muttered breathlessly and so she squeezed her breasts together being turned on by his eyes staring at them. As she propped her hands back on the bed leaning towards him, Ken started sucking her nipples and devouring her tits. This was a man who knew what to do with tits. She began sucking his lips out of breath as she continued to throttle him. He lowered her back onto the bed and they lay beside each other exhausted but not finished.

“We could have done this last night?” Ken said repeatedly.

As the hours passed, the sex seemed to never stop. Sara couldn’t believe Ken’s stamina and she was sure he didn’t need any pill to help him but she wondered how he stayed so hard without coming trying to please her over and over again.

As they lay beside each other he turned her over. Sara got on her knees and propped her ass up into the air as Ken’s cock entered her, probing her pussy and stabbing her deeply inside with his unbreakable cock. She moaned in rapture and delight as he entered her deeper and finally they both climaxed in unison. As he slowly pulled out, they both were out of breath and his strong hands were rubbing her tired back upwards and downwards. As they rolled over in unison their lips never parted.

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