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A Real Sugar Daddy

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A Real Sugar Daddy

My name is Jake and my story begins about 6 years ago when I had just graduated from college. It was very difficult to get a job and so I decided that I might have to move to another state if it comes to that. Anyway after many disappointments I was finally rewarded for my hard work when I got a job with a small marketing firm. The only thing is that I had to move closer to my work so I would not have to travel so long to get to work every day. So I got my things organised and was ready to move from my aunt’s home and I was so happy. I knew renting would be rough but I was ready for a challenge. I had already made arrangements for an apartment that would suit me and so I arrived Saturday morning.
Monday morning I was up early for it was my first day of work. When I finished my first day I had to do some shopping and so I did. Upon arriving home to my new apartment I met Mrs. Petes who is my landlady. By the way my apartment is part of a small lodge right next to a fabulous house that belongs to some rich dude. So after about 3 weeks of working and settling into my new neighbourhood I realised that the entire area is resident to mostly older folks and so I did not bother. When I got my first salary I was not too happy because it was just enough for my bills and save just a little. I was surviving but not too happy. As the months passed by I thought that I have to maybe get a second job. One Saturday afternoon after work I decided that I’ll go to the mall and get some groceries and as I was in the vegetables section I noticed an older caucasian man looking at me and when our eyes made contact he turned and continued his shopping. Eventually he and I braced up at the Banana section and I had to say something. “Hey there, have we met before, because I noticed you a while ago?” he replied “I don’t think so”. So I said “anyway, my name is Jake” and he replied softly “nice to meet you Jake”, “my name is Brad”. So we had basic men talk and went our separate ways.

About 2 weeks later I was about to go jogging after work when as soon as I came out on the pave outside my apartment I saw the gate of the posh house next to me open up and a black suv rolled out. I thought to myself “wow, that’s a nice ride” and turned my head and started to jog down the road. As I was making a right turn the same black suv pulled up next to me and I stopped immediately and the window rolled down and to my shock it was Brad. We were both surprised to see each other and quickly found out that we are neighbours. We chat for about 10 minutes and he drove off.

Now Brad is a very sophisticated man, maybe about 58-60. Since I now know that he is the one living in that posh house next to me I figured his family must by happy and so my boring life continues. Finally, the long awaited Easter weekend arrived of which I had no work from Friday to Tuesday. Yea baby 4 days home is golden. On Friday after I did my laundry I decided that I’ll hang out in my small balcony and have some drinks and chill to some music on my I-pod. About an hour later I saw Brad gate open and he walked out this time and came straight over to my balcony and I quickly offered him a drink and he opted for water instead. Brad and I became friends and shared phone numbers and soon I learned that he actually lives alone. He is divorced from his wife for almost 12 years and has two kids, Jack (29) and Tom (27). Both his sons live out of state and so he lives alone. As the summer arrived Brad invited me over for a few drinks on one Sunday afternoon.

I was totally amazed when I walked into his house. His house was so beautiful and so full of expensive furniture and electrical appliances. As we sat in his lounge room I then learnt that Brad is a retired Director for a leading marketing firm in the city and so he knew I was working for a marketing firm before we met and that is why he was looking at me in a friendly way at the mall a few weeks ago. Apparently my boss and Brad are good friends. Brad is a cool man and so he and I got really close to the point that he started to tell me about his live in butler. Apparently his butler is not too good at his job and so he was looking for someone new. Weeks passed by and I kind of saw Brad like a father to me since both my parents passed away when I was 9. Brad and I became so close that he started to come over to my home for drinks and even dinner sometimes. Christmas was soon around the corner and Brad sadly told me that his sons are not spending the holidays with him and so I felt bad for the guy. Now as for myself I will not be travelling back to my aunt’s home. So I gladly told Brad “why don’t you I spend the holidays together?” He was so happy and quickly agreed. A few days later Brad called me up and told me that he bought something for me and when I went to his home to collect it that is when I saw that he had bought me a Gold Rolex watch worth gaziantep escort about $600. It was too much for me to accept but I eventually did. As the days go by Brad started to buy me all sorts of nice things. We even went shopping and he bought me some really expensive clothes. Brad was turning out to be the rich best friend I never had. He also saw in me the son he never had.
I must admit, there were times when we drink together I would check out his body. He was in reasonable shape for a man his age. Very friendly and loves a good conversation. One afternoon after work I asked Brad to come over for dinner and he agreed. When he came across we ate and started to drink a few beers. We continued to talk until Brad asked me a shock question. “Have you ever had sexual feelings for another man?” he asked me. I was a bit nervous but told him that I have fantasised about cocks sometimes. He smiled and said “me too, I have always wanted to try it out but too shy I guess”. We had a couple more beers and what happened next took me by surprised. Brad went to get a beer in t the kitchen and when he returned, he was completely naked before me. I gulped down about half my beer and in a moment of sexual arousal I froze in pleasure. Upon seeing Brad walking towards me naked with his sweet manhood in view I felt a sudden tickle all over my body. He walked over to his chair and sat down. I said “maybe I should get naked as well?” He agreed and I slowly took my clothes off starting with my shirt then jeans followed by my boxers. My cock was semi hard but as soon as I sat back down and looked at Brad’s body, my cock rose to its full 7”. I got so horny and he was looking at me. His cock was semi hard but he was sure looking sexy. He had a nice body, beautiful uncut cock. He was just sexy.

We tried to carry on our conversation but we were too aroused to speak and so I got up and walked over to Brad and stood in front of him while he was sitting down with my fully erected cock sticking straight at him. He just did the expected and held my shaft and stroked it a few times real slowly and finally he swallowed my sweet cock in his warm mouth. It was the first time for both of us. We were nervous but surely not shy. There were times while he sucked on my cock that his teeth would graze by cock head, which is very unpleasant but after a while he settled and found a rhythm. The thought of this older man blowing me was unbelievable. I loved every moment and so was Brad. He kept moaning and sucked and licked like he was born to do it. I passed my hands through his hair and massaged his head and neck while he pleased me. After a few minutes of intensity I held his hand and invited him lay back on the sofa and parted his legs and I knelt. As I positioned myself between his legs my heart was racing like crazy and was in a trance that I did not want to stop. As I started to stroke his cock, it felt so warm and soft in my hand. He was relaxed and said “Jake, I love you”, I felt special when he said that and straight away I lowered my head and took his rod in my mouth. He was wet with pre cum and it tasted real nice. His cock filled my mouth and I gagged a little and I myself was making contact with his cock head and my teeth but soon settled in and found my rhythm. It was the first time sucking a cock and I must admit it was fantastic. As I pleased him I was massaging his balls and he was combing my hair with his hands. We were bonding and we were making passionate love.

After a few minutes of blowing Brad I raised my head and told Brad “let’s go to bed” and he agreed and we got up and walked over to my bed and I layed him down on his back and I climbed on him and we were now in the 69 position. We were both doing things we had only fantasized about. Me sucking on his cock and he was sucking on my cock as well was so intense. We both were in ecstasy to the point that we did not want it to end. As I was blowing Brad I was beginning to feel tickles up my spine and I knew that I was going to blow my load soon. I popped his cock from my mouth and I said to Brad “I am going to cum, do you want it in your mouth?” he replied “I am about to cum as well, would you take it in your mouth?” We both agreed and went straight back to enjoying our first cock. The sensation all over my body was taking control of me and as I was getting closer to my orgasm I started to suck faster and so did Brad. Both our speed picked up and as I blew my load in Brad’s mouth I suddenly felt his cock twitched in my mouth a few times and he sure had a load. I almost choked but the feeling was too intense and I swallowed his loads of sperm. It tasted salty but I loved it and so did Brad because he kept milking my cock and as soon as our orgasm subsided, I rolled off him and turned around and we cuddled for a while and quietly fell asleep.
We woke up about 2 hours later and being so exhausted from the most amazing orgasm in my life I was already semi hard but Brad was not able to continue because it was too much to ask for from a guy his age. I was a little disappointed, in fact we were both disappointed but we promised to work it out. We got dressed and I walked Brad home and we kissed liked lovers at his front door and I returned home. The next morning Bard rang me up and asked if we can spend the day together. I actually spent the entire day and even spent the night with him. We slept in the same bed and he gave me another amazing blow job. We wanted to fuck so badly but I was not going to fuck him and not being able to experience his hot rod in my love hole and so we set a date. We planned for a weekend about 6 weeks away. During that time Brad would use to build up his health and stamina. As for me I was not in trouble with erections. Even though I was not being fully satisfied because I wanted to feel his manhood in me I had to be patient. I had to enquire about his diet and so I now took interest in making sure Brad was healthy not just for sexual reasons but that he should be healthy.

I started taking him with me in the early mornings to exercise and also I asked his butler to change diet. About 3 weeks after his lifestyle change he told me that he feels more relaxed and calm and he is even feeling horny at times. I was getting excited hearing him boast but he was my friend and I was happy for him. So we were only 3 weeks away from our date and little did I know until Brad told me that the date we set for us to take each other’s virginity was the day of Brad’s birthday. I was excited because I know we would have a good time. Days before our special date we decided that we’ll take time off from each other and prepare and miss one another for a bit to build up more excitement.
It was a wonderful morning as I woke up feeling real good and energetic. I went jogging and had a light breakfast and as the day went by I thought to myself “I wonder what Brad is doing”. I relaxed for the entire morning since it was Saturday and no work for me. I was eager for the night to arrive. For the entire day I was tempted on many occasions to jack off knowing that I was going to get some sweet fuck later in the night. It was now 5pm and I started to get ready and was done by 6pm. My heart was beating a little bit fast but I was more excited than nervous. I walked over to Brad’s and as I opened the door, all lights were off but only one which was in the dining room. Dinner was all set and as I got myself a drink I saw Brad coming down the stairway all dressed up and looking neat and special. As he drew closer I put my glass down and hugged him and then we kissed like lovers do. Then I wished him happy birthday and we then had dinner. After that we went into the lounge and it was amazing. Brad had it dressed up with lots of candles and flowers. We sat down and had a few laughs and drank some wine and finally we went back into the dining room and as we looked into each other eyes we both knew it was time and so he placed his hands on either side of my waist from behind and we made our way upstairs to his bedroom. As I opened the door the room had a large bed and some candles. It looked so romantic and straight away Brad removed his shoes and socks and sat down on bed. I did the same and sat next to him and we made a toast and kissed after and then we got all wild and sexual.

After we kissed he stood up and removed his shirt and then his pants to reveal a red lace panty. It was beautiful to see him standing in front me like that and I immediately stood up and took my clothes off and I was naked and I slowly started to rub his cock and then slowly pulled his red panty off and his cock sprang forth like a bunny. I layed him down on his back on the bed and I went straight for his cock. As I swallowed his hard meat and sucked it he was moaning and groaning. My cock was already hard and dripping pre cum but I continued to blow him. After a few minutes he held me and guided me to lie down and he started to suck on my hot cock. His warmth and body contact sent chills all over my body and I was having the time of my life. After about 5 minutes he stopped and said “I am ready Jake, take my cherry now” With that said I got up and guided him to go on all fours into the doggy position. As he bent over his pink anus was clearly visible and I quickly bent down and started to rim his hole with my wet tongue. He loved it so much and I was more than glad to please him. I then took the KY he had and rubbed it all over my cock and around his entrance. As I positioned myself behind him I asked “are you ready?” he gave the word and I slowly and carefully started to push forward. Soon I felt his anus opening up and he was moaning in pleasure. I then made my way in his tight hole and stopped and pulled out. I repeated this for 5 more times until I was able to bury my entire cock in his tight ass.

I felt like a champion. I had my cock buried in this tight ass and I started to slowly fuck him and he was surely in pleasure and pain at the same time. But he kept saying “oh yes Jake, this feels amazing, I feel full and oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, fuck me please”. The more he spoke the more I was increasing my pace. My cock stretched his anus to the fullest and I felt the walls of his ass clamping around my cock. It felt great to have my cock buried in Brads’ ass. As I fucked him he asked me to let him ride me and I pulled my cock out his ass and layed on my back and he hovered over me and slowly straddled my wood. Since he was now on top, as my cock went up his ass as he lowered himself he gave way and dropped on to me and started to bounce up and down. This was a great fuck I thought to myself. As the time went by and the pleasure increased for both of us I was now ready to blow my load. I then guided him to lie on his back and I climbed over him and sank my cock in his now loose anus and started to fuck like an animal. He loved it like crazy and within seconds I started to shoot loads upon loads deep into his ass. As his ass milked my cock of every drop of sperm I slowly pulled out to a slimy pop and saw my sperm slowly oozing out his hole. I just rubbed it all over his ass and took a good lick off his anus.

I then asked Brad “so how was it?” He said “you have to try it to know” and with that said I quickly got on all fours into the doggy position and Brad moved behind me. My heart started to race and I got nervous. As he started to rub the KY around my virgin hole and worked it in and around I felt more relaxed and got really horny. I was happy that brad was rock solid and he then moved down and started to suck my ass hole. It felt amazing and I started to make little shouts and moans of pleasure. It got so intense that I told Brad “I am ready darling, fuck me now, put it in”. I then felt the head of his cock pressing against my opening and soon I felt the head make its way in and suddenly a whole 3 inches went in and the pain was so intense combined with waves of pleasure. I started to cry out in pain and pleasure saying “oh yes, ohhhhhh, yesssssssss, more Brad, more, fuck me”. I felt so stuffed and full. I felt his cock stretching my hole to its fullest but the KY made a lot of difference. He then started to fuck me slowly and that is when I went into over drive with pleasure. I grabbed a pillow and sank my face into it and Brad was now giving me the fuck that I had so craved for all my life. As he pounded me in and out, in and out, I noticed a certain heat building up in my ass and it felt so fantastic. After a few minutes of ramming me he pulled out of me and layed down on his back and immediately I sat on top of him and held his cock in position and slowly lowered myself on to his cock. As I felt his cock stretched my ass in a new position I felt so in love with Brad. The thought of a lifelong fantasy being lived out was special for both of us. I then started to bounce up and down on his beautiful wood and in minutes I felt a rush of pleasure up my spine and knew I was going to have another orgasm from Brad fucking me. I quickly slid off him and layed on my back and parted my legs and he moved between me and pushed his cock back in my ass and continued to slowly fuck me. I was in a trance of pleasure and suddenly I felt waves upon waves of pleasure all over my body as I started to shoot my sperm from my semi hard cock. I never knew this could happen but it was sure happening to me. The intensity sent me into a trance and then Brad started to pick up his pace and I knew he was ready. I buckled his waist and in a few seconds he started shouting and groaning very loudly and he started to shoot loads and loads of his juice in my hole. It felt great to have him in my ass and letting him cum in me. After a few minutes he pulled out and I felt his juice slowly running out my hole. He then started to clean my anus and licked me clean. We then took the bottle of wine next to the bed and had a few glasses and we went to sleep hugging like lovers.

We began to have sex more regular and I would fuck Brad on a regular basis but I had to content with him fucking me at least twice a month. I was happy with that and so our relationship blossomed. Eventually Brad asked me to move in with him and he fired his butler and we live together. Whenever his sons would come to visit him I would get an all expenses paid vacation from Brad and when I returned Brad and I would exchange gifts and make passionate love. Today Brad and I still live together and I now manage my own marketing firm thanks to Brad and all his support. He is older now but we still make love like the way we started. But he sure loves my cock and now he wants me to fuck him more often. I now get it once a month and we are seeing a specialist for Brad to use Viagra. I can’t wait for his manhood to represent and take me to new heights.

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