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A Quiet Encounter

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Big Tits

He heard her car pull up and rushed to open the door before she could even knock, eager to feel her touch. She walked in and smiled, dropping her things to the floor and kissing him passionately without saying a word to him. This was how they liked to begin. Her showing up to his hotel rooms and him being fully undressed by the time she arrived.

This was just the latest rendezvous of their long-standing and seemingly unending affair. They would make time to see each other and please each other physically then part ways. She would go back home to her husband and children and he would return to his solitary existence of constant business. They never let their separate lives affect what they had with each other though. They cherished every second and every touch. There was no world outside of the room when they were together.

As they kissed she reached down and grabbed his manhood. He was so excited she could feel his pulse in it as if it had its own heartbeat. Her touch always did that to him. He could never resist her. He was her slave just as much as she was his.

They walked over to the bed, never letting each other go, and before he could react she was on her knees taking him into her mouth. He moaned passionately. There was no other woman on Earth that could make him feel the way she Konya Escort could. She was a goddess to him. When he felt he could no longer take it he stood her up, and made her stick out her tongue so he could suck it. He always liked to taste her tongue after she sucked on him, it turned them both on.

He kissed her neck and collarbone as they worked together to get her shirt off so he could reach her breasts and her fully erect nipples. He teased them with the tip of his tongue and sucked them while he lifted her skirt and lowered her panties. As he kissed his way down she grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him back up, wanting to feel him inside of her before anything else. He happily complied and soon they were moaning together in ecstasy. He was where he belonged, in his favorite place in the world. Thrusting as if his life depended on it, striking their pelvic regions together like a guillotine attempting to split her in half.

She cried out, overwhelmed by the feeling of joining in body with the only man that also stimulated her mind and soul. Tears began to flow freely from her eyes as she scratched and grabbed at him, punching his chest and grasping at the covers like a mad woman.

He pulled out and flipped her over roughly. Reentering her and losing himself Konya Escort Bayan in the act, grunting like a primitive beast, his moan a war cry to honor the gods of love and war. He reached forward and grabbed her hair and neck, pulling her head back to get a better grip on her throat with his powerful hands. He pounded her relentlessly, enjoying the sight of her cheeks bouncing with his every stroke.

He was the first man on Earth and she was the first woman, discovering the purpose of their sex organs for the first time. They were the last two members of a dying race, struggling to maintain their species. They were young lovers giving each other their precious virginities and an old couple making love for the final time. The world’s rotation depended on their coupling and they would not fail it as long as they both survived.

He resisted the urge to explode within her and pulled away, licking her soft entryway as if apologizing for his brutal treatment for her. She breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath but failing as his mouth made her feel like flying. He wrote his name on her with his tongue, as an artist would sign his greatest work of art. He breathed life into her as if she was drowning and she came close to drowning him with her juices. The warm liquid flowed down Escort Konya his throat as her legs quivered and she retreated, unable to handle the sensation of being touched anymore.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to him, spreading her legs and climbing back into her temple of pleasures. This time they went slow while looking each other in the eyes. His strokes were long and deep, ensuring she would feel every piece of him. She hugged him close before tapping his shoulder, signaling him to roll onto his back and let her take control.

She began slowly, the warm embrace of their private parts coaxing more moisture from her body. He moaned and hand his hands from her knees to her backside, grasping it firmly and guiding her back and forth on him. Before long she began to lose control and rode him like a rocket into space. They witnessed supernovas and black holes together as they strode the heavens. It was like dying and being born all over again when they climaxed together, crying out in unison.

They lay together for a while, unable to disconnect themselves. They kissed lovingly and smiled while catching their breath. They looked at the clock and sorrowfully saw that their time was up for this session. He helped her put her clothes back on and they both laughed at the quivering weakness in their limbs. That signaled a job well done for both of them. There was a small kiss as she headed out the door. After a few moments he received a text message:

“I needed that. My body feels amazing.”

He smiled and replied. “Until next time.”

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