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A Quest for Privacy

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I had seen her all summer. Seen her and secretly admired her. This beautiful woman in the nice summer cabin over at the hillside, charmingly overlooking the east end of the long beach. Since I didn’t know her or her family – and neither did my parents – I got used to think of her just as the ‘cabin lady’.

She must have been in her mid- thirties, a dark blond, classical type beauty, just the kind of woman that got me drooling all over. For I was that kind of girl, no question about it. I hadn’t seen her family there before, so they obviously had their first season out here this year.

Compared to my parents they were quite a bit younger. Their children were even too young for school yet, something that clearly allowed them the liberty of coming here to relax even way longer than most other families. My parents were quite well off, and because my father ran his own business in pharmaceutical consulting, he had the possibility of moving most of his necessities out here when tings got right for it. He installed a broadband connection, an IP phone, fax machine and took his laptop from the office downtown. Then he could manage quite a lot from his special ‘office’ while we enjoyed the sand and the beaches and the water and all the other possibilities that the area offered.

I myself was actually quite a bit too old to be going out here all the time. I must admit that I’d come so far that the city-life was a lot more tempting in many ways. But on the other hand I could understand that my parents didn’t fancy me running around without anyone at all keeping an eye at me back in town. Still, no matter what, there was no way around the fact that a lot of this understanding of mine actually came from my interest in the beautiful blond family mother in the hillside cabin at the other end. If it wasn’t for her, they’d probably had a hard time bringing me along like this year after year.

And why would I, a young lady just turned eighteen, the young and aspiring Lois Miller, find any interest in such a woman?

The answer is quite simple really. At least to those who know the way I am and the way I feel. Even though I had felt the attraction even before that, the whole thing was set off by a single event that rocked my soul more than anything that ever happened to me before. And since that was the first time I was faced with the real me, I take it something even close to it will never happen to me again. Not to such an extent, anyway.

My younger brothers had ran off to swim somewhere over at a dainty little playground close to one of the beach hotels on the other side of the bay. They liked it most of all over there, although I found the whole thing exceptionally silly and boring. I didn’t feel like swimming either, so I decided to take a walk along the beach and possibly get a glimpse of my secret goddess as I passed by her cabin.

It was a nice, sunny day with just the right kind of breeze that kept the sand from getting too warm, so I could walk along just above the waterline and enjoy its dry, powdery essence as it slipped between my toes. That’s one of my favourite things, something that can prompt me to just keep on walking, sometimes much longer than I originally planned.

Anyway I soon passed by the cabin, and noticed that the cabin lady’s car was gone. All in all the place looked quite deserted, and after a little bit of hesitation, I decided to stroll up and have just a little peek. After I got up on the little lawn, and I knew that I was trespassing already, my heart started hammering the way it always does when I know I do something I really shouldn’t be doing. I was still outside of the little wooden fence though, so nothing could be that wrong after all. Only that the little gate down to the beach was wide open, as usual, and it was just a small step to kind of slip through and then just accidentally happen to be up between the tight, beautifully cut trees forming a small ‘jungle’ around a cutely plastered path up to the terrace and the house.

I was just thinking about the possibility of having a peek inside when I heard a sound. A very faint and distant sound. A kind of muffled humming, almost like if somebody should be running a food processor or something far away. Then there was a different sound… I couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first. But then I heard it again. The unmistaken sound of a deep moan.

All of a sudden I got totally shaky all over. Small creaking sounds accompanied the initial ones, and I suddenly had a vivid picture rolling through my mind like a megaton loader. Could it be…!?!

I sank down to my knees, partly from fear of being noticed, but most of all because my legs all of a sudden felt too numb to support me. I sat motionless for a moment as I tried to figure out what to do now. Instinct told me I should crawl back and get the hell out of there as soon as possible. But the images Göztepe Escort that had flown through my head made that a completely unthinkable notion.

Instead I started the opposite direction, practically crawling almost soundlessly along the plastered path in the direction of the sound, with my suppressed breathing and hammering heartbeats the only things so uncontrollable I felt they might actually tell on me from far away. The humming got more distinct as I got closer, and so did the moans that seemed to grow out of the regular background of heavy breathing. It was a woman’s voice all right. And I kept whispering to myself over and over again to let it be her. Let it be her. My mystery cabin lady! The woman of my wildest and most heated dreams…

Very slowly I peeked out from under a tightly grown hedge, and was able to see the outer part of the small terrace. My heart skipped several beats as I spotted an elegant leg, shining moistly in the sun.

I stiffened like I should have had 5000 volts through my body! It was impossible to breath as shivers of ice-cold fear ran down along my spine.

The leg wasn’t more than about four feet away, its red painted toenails sending stinging reflections into my eyes! It relaxed casually on the wooden floor, just jerking lightly every now and then with the ripples running through the entire body.

The humming sound was much stronger all of a sudden; its mute steadiness muffled by a regular cadence of some light extra load, nicely matching the movement of the toes visible in front of me. And I knew exactly what that extra load was. My heart now hammered so violently I got afraid that alone would betray my hide. On trembling arms I lowered myself all the way down into the low-cut grass to get a little bit better view through the leaves of the compact hedge.

I still couldn’t see much though. The green wall of leaves was way too compact. It protected me from being spotted obviously, but it didn’t take long until curiosity got the better of me. Slipping just a tiny little bit further out, I could at least get a glimpse of her profile. Still it was hard to make out the whole scene, but suddenly a flash of reflections helped put things straight. There it was again. A bright, shiny spark in the intense afternoon sun, almost absorbed by the thick layer of leaves, but still. Wet and shiny, kind of metallic and cold in texture, like a knife, or a sword… or a gun! Associations kept floating over my mind, seemingly without any rational reason. Because I knew exactly what it was; exactly, no matter the derailing images clouding my crippled logics.

She moaned again. Much deeper this time. The jerk in her leg more powerful. The metallic object, the humming device sending out the sparkling reflections, seemed to drive her pleasures higher as time went by. I finally let the realisation flush over me, gasping breathlessly as I absorbed the undeniable fact of what the woman of my secret dreams was doing. It was so… wild, so completely outrageous… so beyond anything I could possibly have imagined. I mean… I know that even beautiful women do it, at least from time to time. But still… somehow… still it was mind-bogglingly wild to realize that this particular woman, in this particular place, at this particular time… would do something like this.

There was no way I could possibly resist it, I just had to crawl a little bit further out, getting more of the wonderful scene into view as my eyes nearly popped out of my head in my efforts to suck in every last detail of it all. Now I could see almost everything through just a fairly thin layer, and again I really had to struggle to withhold a gasp of excitement.

“Ohhhhhh,” the woman suddenly groaned, shuddering lightly in response to a particularly intense surge of pleasure. Then she whispered something else that I couldn’t quite catch as her head seemed to sink back to the side again, leaving her golden locks flooding freely over her shoulders.

She continued guiding the glistening dildo in an almost inconspicuous bob up and down over her clitoral shaft, letting the sticky tip all but touch into the opening of her vagina as she did. Then she sighed deeply and drew her lower leg up all the way onto the armrest, opening herself even more to the humming instrument of pleasure. With feverish eyes I saw the elegant fingers adjust the position of the vibrator ever so slightly, making the silvery tip slip just a little deeper, pushing the swollen outer pussy lips brazenly to the side as it worked wetly along the pink flesh deep within.

A spastic jerk in a slim thigh flashed down to her buttocks and made the dark anal opening convulse delightfully as the ripples of pleasure soothed the fabulous body.

Then I heard that whisper again. That same unrecognisable word. Almost like a hiss. Kind of drowning in her shuddering sighs and moans Göztepe Escort Bayan as she clearly approach her final crisis.

And again. “Ooooohhh… ssssss… Oh Loiiiissssshh…”

‘Lois!!’ I stiffened again. ‘Lois!’ My name!! She was whispering my name!! Or was there somebody else around called Lois too? With my heart nearly bursting out of my chest I scanned through my memory for somebody else of that name, but really couldn’t think of anybody. Maybe it was somebody she knew from her hometown? Or from any place else, for that matter…

“Ohhhh Lois… come… oooooohhhhh”

Who could it be? Again a kind of numbing sensation starting deep in my belly seemed so spread like a wispy fog throughout my body. There really was a possibility – very little, but still – that it could be me. Me, imagine! We had been introduced, and had chatted together on the way to the little supermarket, as well as on a few other occasions. She should know my name by now. And somehow the looks she had given me on a few of these occasions kind of gave me a gut feeling about it. Yes… it really could be me. All of a sudden the hope and realisation kind of flushed in over me. So much I felt that if it wouldn’t be so, I’d be totally devastated for the rest of my life!

As my thoughts roamed through all the situations where we had met – and all my fantasies of our erotic meetings – I recalled this one time when we talked outside the supermarket. The time when I had bought my favourite tropic juice – the one that nobody seemed to like but me – and was enjoying it on the bench in front of the entrance. She had come by with her grocery bags, dressed in that green summer dress of hers – actually just a kind of knee-long tee shirt with a tiny red belt around her waist – and bumped them down on the table in front of me to do some rearranging. As I took a deep sip she stopped to look at me and got a strange twinkle in the corner of her eye.

“You like those sweet juices, don’t you?” Her face transformed into that gorgeous smile of hers.

“Uh… yes.”

“Mmmm yes… you’re practically made for them!”

At the time I didn’t have a clue what she meant, but now it struck me with full force. Of course! She had seen my eyes. Brazing all over her face, her legs, her tits and ass as soon as she was in sight. Hungry and audacious like any boys’. I thought she hadn’t noticed, of course. But she had, just the way I noticed the boy’s eyes on my own body from time to time. You feel it even when you don’t see it. That’s just the way it is. And still I was the one too stupid to know…

And she hadn’t just noticed my stare. She had liked it! There was even a chance that she had been dreaming of me, fantasizing about me, wanting me. Or wanting my mouth, maybe. At least that was what I was really hoping for. Because that’s what I had been dreaming about giving here all this time. My devoted oral service. The best I could give to an extraordinary beautiful and deserving lady.

I met her beautiful eyes. Saw the glowing passion in the depths of them, almost close enough to see my own mirror in their moist, reflective blankness. Then I stiffened. I met her eyes…

Suddenly I realized that she was looking at me! Staring right down at me as I peeked up from under the hedge! Her little friend was still humming, but she had stopped her massaging motion with its tip as she sat motionless, clearly in a state of laming shock as she realized she was being watched.

And still… if she was in shock, she managed to conceal it remarkably well. She must have been extremely close to her crisis, judging from the way her hips had started bucking spastically, and the only noticeable change beside the hand holding her silvery friend was the absence of those small, but very telling movements.

I gasped and felt a cold shudder running down my spine. I was dead meat, no doubt about it! I could just see my parents paying up a major fine at the local town hall, telling me I wouldn’t be left alone for a single second for the next half year, at least.

I was as lame as she was, unable to move a muscle as I kept looking stiffly up at her eyes. I had never ever been caught so totally in the act before. Not even close. Never been so frightened, terrified, severely petrified and scared gut-drained shitless as at that very moment.

Several minutes passed like this without any of us moving a muscle. Not until she got a slightly tensed expression on her face and moved her hands to switch of the vibrator. Her extinguished passion had maid the humming stimulation almost painful.

“Lois…” she whispered, still breathing heavily from a combination of shock and fading orgasmic build-up. “I – I didn’t see you…”

My lips moved, but I was totally unable to produce a single sound in response. I tried several times, but there was no way I could form any meaningful Escort Göztepe sentence the way my throat tightened into a knot, almost choking me in its mental consternation.

There was another moment of silence. Ms Brown’s tits kept rising and falling deliciously as she continued breathing heavily in an effort to calm down and get in control again.

I finally got around to form at least partly recognizable words again, and knew the heat was on me to try to say something for an explanation. As though there was anything at all to explain.

After trying to come up with any kind of credible excuse, I scrapped that idea, and decided to stay bluntly by what I had done. She could report me – or shoot me. There was still no way I could tell her anything to get me even the slightest bit off the hook. Instead I started stuttering out the next thing that just happened to blow across my mind.

“I – If you want… you can… switch it on again, and… continue.” I was hardly able to speak from the affection of having her gaping pussy lips just inches away from my hungry lips. “I mean… it must be terrible to be interrupted this way… I suppose…”

She looked down at me for a second, seeing me swallowing hard in nervous anticipation, obviously unsure of how to respond to my offer. Then all of a sudden, her other hand came down to twist the shiny device on again. As it started it’s familiar humming once again, she slowly put the tip back down into the right groove at her swollen clit, where it had done its tricks all up until the brutal interruption.

Slowly I started crawling further until I was up at the terrace in front of her. At first it seemed to make her tense up again, but then I noticed some visible signs of relaxation as she slowly started responding to the feelings generated by her little mechanical lover again. Her thighs contracted spastically and a low gasp escaped her as the sensations then hit with full force. The hand holding the glistening tip in position started trembling lightly, and the knuckles whitened as the grip hardened with the intensity of the stimulations.

I could see small, almost milking movements of the pink interior between the soaked inner pussy lips, revealing the rapid approach of a fierce orgasm. Thighs and belly continued pulsing and convulsing delightfully in front of me as she drifted towards the peak with no possibility of holding back.

The shyness from a moment back had evaporated completely, and she squeezed her eyes hard shut as her hips started making small, involuntary bucking movements towards the pleasure device driving her on. I opened my mouth automatically as I slowly moved closer, unconsciously awaiting the squirt of precious elixir I was hoping to catch onto my tongue as her orgasm exploded. She seemed to be completely oblivious to me or anybody else, focusing fully on the approach of her imminent crisis as I held my gaping mouth just centimetres from her pulsing slit. We were both in paradise, both determined to make the best out of the eruption that was going to blow us away like nobody had ever been blown away before.

Suddenly the cell phone on the table sprang to life, the vibrations sending it sprawling over the wooden surface with a rattling sound that violently crushed the breathless atmosphere of blind lust that had built between us. We both jumped in shock. It could just as well have been an atomic bomb going off ten feet away.

We needed a few seconds to get around before we even understood what had hit us.

The lady again switched off her instrument of pleasure and shook her head in confusion for a moment before she got grip to flip over to the side to reach for the phone. In the process the moist vibrator slipped off her belly and fell down through a hole in the terrace floor. She tried to grab it, with the result that she almost lost her balance, nearly sending the cell phone the same way.

A quick check on the display made her bite her lip before she pressed the button to answer.

“Hello… oh… yeah… yeah… Oh no… nothing… Just sitting in… I was just going to…. What? Already?” She looked down at me with disappointment written all over her face. Then she sighed a couple of times before she suddenly seemed to get an idea.

“Okay, darling. I was just going for a run along the beach. Was planning for a long one this time. Don’t count on me for a good couple of hours, okay. Can you handle that?”

The answer clearly indicated that to be no problem at all, and there was a tangible expression of relief on her face as she hung up and looked down at me once again. I was still lying between her legs, my mouth still agape from awaiting the squirts of her orgasm.

“Shit! We’ll never be able to recover it from under there. Not in time to finish this anyway,” she groaned, fervent frustration written all over her beautiful face.

I gulped. The thought had hit me immediately, but I felt sure I would never be able to put it into words. Still, if it was ever to be, this was the crucial moment.

“I – I… uh…” I coughed breathlessly and felt my cheeks glow furiously from embarrassment. “I – I would… love to… uh… help you… to do it for you…”

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